The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1177

“Uncle Xia grandfather!”

Gong Tianqing yelled to the two eagerly, but now she was the only one to face Ajislan alone. And the shadow of the man has melted her body in.

The man is already here.


Gong Tianqing turned around to cut out the right hand sword, but was easily picked up by the man with two fingers. She tried to draw a sword but was unable to move even a little bit, her eyes widened.

“Silly little girl, see what you do…”

Arislan’s eyes widened strangely are bloodshot, like a red spider web Similarly, the silhouette of Gong Tianqing is reflected, and the reflection is fragmented because of the red silk.

Well, it’s just like a man wants to break a girl into pieces.

With the feeling of facing death, Gong Tianqing’s body tightened, and she continued to draw the sword meaninglessly, even slashing the left sword.

As it should be by rights, her left sword did not achieve any effect.

Ajislan let the girl struggle and did not take any further action. The girl was so close to herself that the Hua Dynasty soldiers on the front of the city did not dare to attack with organ weapons.

He is now like a man enjoying the last struggle of his prey.

“Struggle, struggle, and then despair, let you feel the feeling of Laozi slipping away triumphantly. Then it feels like losing your life!”

Ajislan laughed Up.

──I smiled excitedly.

Gong Tianqing stopped all his movements like falling into an ice cave.

“Hey, mad dog!”

I don’t know when, as if peeled from the darkness, a silhouette went around behind Ajislan. She drew out the straight sword hanging horizontally behind her waist and slammed it at the back of the man’s neck.

“Go away, stinky lady!”

The man didn’t even look at it, and directly forced out the Spiritual Qi within the body, shaking Xia Xue away like a strong wind. Xia Xue let out a scream and flew out.

Next, there was a sharp sound of breaking wind.

An arrow shot from the side, Ajislan released the hand holding Gong Tianqing’s right sword, and quickly raised it to grab it.

It was an arrow shot by a Chinese soldier.

Taking this opportunity, Gong Tianqing once again swung her right sword and took Ajislan’s throat. Two feet are hard to beat four hands, even if the opponent is a Grandmaster, there should be some weak spots! With this hope, Gong Tianqing watched her sword get closer and closer.

She saw the tip of her sword bitten by two rows of teeth.

“Wha…” She gasped.

He even said it! Gong Tianqing had a cold heart.

As if spitting, Ajislan threw away the sword he had bitten, and at the same time cut off the bow and arrow in the right hand, using half of it to go to Gong Tianqing’s right leg. Poke away! The blood splashed out instantly.


Gong Tianqing let out a scream, and her body immediately tilted to the right. The half of the arrow would definitely penetrate her leg, but it shouldn’t hurt her bones.

“It hurts, isn’t it?”

Arislan’s face looks sinister, and the anger in his heart can be seen from this.

“Don’t be afraid, this is just the beginning. I want to make your heart worse than death.”

He doesn’t mean to have tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex at all.

Gong Tianqing gritted his teeth to endure, and while pulling back, he drove the already condensed golden sword to shoot at Ajislan. The man does not hide, the Spiritual Qi around his body gathers pressure, forming a translucent white shield.

The golden sword hit it, like a moth fighting a fire and hit it to pieces.

He step by step chased Gong Tianqing, and his pace was slow, but he also gave others a stronger oppression, especially the big halberd being dragged by him, sparking on the ground. Gong Tianqing retreated and then retreated, trying to block the opponent with the Qi sword.

But this is destined to be a futile effort.

However, as the distance between the two of them has widened, the soldiers can finally use organ weapons and bows to support Gong Tianqing. Of course, whether it can penetrate the Spiritual Qi of Ajislan’s overbearing body is another matter.

Even if several parties launched a fierce attack on Ajislan at the same time, they couldn’t stop him. It can be seen from this that when he and Gong Jing duel just now, he did not use all his strength.

“A bunch of ants…”

Ajislan smiled harder, and the corners of her mouth seemed to be open to the corners of her eyes.


Gong Tianqing had a sudden sharp pain in the wound on her right foot. She couldn’t get enough strength at the moment of landing, and she fell to the ground. When Ajislan saw it, he said:

“Run, keep running, don’t stop–“

In the middle of speaking, he disappeared suddenly.

Gong Tianqing blinked her eyes several times, but her mind did not keep up with the situation. In front of her, there was a huge rock pillar lying across. It slid suddenly from the side, hit Ajislan, and sent him far away.

You can see the silhouette of Ajislan being shot into the air.

“The earth also has emotions, anger, sorrow, and joy, unfortunately, it seems to be angry.”

The voice of “Sue Kirin” came from behind, Gong Tianqing turned her head to look. I saw that the petite girl didn’t know when to come by her side. She was already in the girl’s sea of ​​flowers.

Betuan Ajislan crashed into the group of soldiers in the northern country, blowing up huge smoke and dust.

But he appeared again soon, the anger on his face burning more violently. He didn’t know what he was scolding, Gong Tianqing couldn’t hear him from too far away.

To be sure, he seems to want to fight again.

The organ weapons on the head of Mingming City have suppressed the soldiers of the North Kingdom. By virtue of its high degree of advantage, the North Kingdom has almost no power to fight back, but Ajislan has no intention of withdrawing troops. He is not a sensible general, Gong Tianqing came to this conclusion, and it is not a good thing to release at this time.

The right foot is still aching, and the blood is constantly flowing out of the wound, but she still reluctantly stood up, turned to the side of “Sue Kirin”, and whispered:

“Yuyao Senior, Ajislan, he has lost his mind, and may plan to fight to the end…”

“It’s okay.” Yuyao interrupted Gong Tianqingqing and said Worried, “In an army, there will not be all irrational people.”


Gong Tianqing was startled.

There is no need for her to ask, because the answer will be revealed soon.

Star smoke rose one after another in the main formation of the North Kingdom, blooming in the sky, that was the signal for the North Kingdom to retreat. Who gave the order? It was definitely not an order from Ajislan, that is to say, it might be an order from other generals in the Northern Army.

Yes, other generals who keep their sense.

Ajislan seemed to be very dissatisfied with this, but the Northern Army did not know the details and was already retreating in an orderly manner. In such a situation, Ajislan can no longer act arbitrarily. If he is not reconciled, he can only retreat. I saw him waving the spear in his hand indiscriminately, cutting out one lone light and hitting the air and the ground, seeming to vent.

Although this scene is funny enough, Gong Tianqing didn’t mean to laugh at all.

She sighed in relief.

Then, the whole person collapsed to the ground.

“It’s…it’s it.”

“If it’s half done, it’s done.”

Xia Xue said jokingly and came When he got to Gong Tianqing’s side, he stretched out his hand to her. Gong Tianqing smiled bitterly, shook the hand back, and stood up under the pull of the opponent.

“At least half of the success.” Gong Tianqing is not greedy.


“so that’s how it is…”

Gong Jing sighed, half-lying and half-sit on the bed of Luohan.

This is the city gate located in the south of Ninglan City. In the fierce confrontation with the Northland just now, the castle tower inevitably suffered some damage. There were traces of the cannonballs on the roof, and a large crack appeared. At the corners, there were also traces of artillery fire, which was hollowed out.

There are also a lot of arrows sunken into the pillars on the wall, and the windows are also leaking.

In this room, a group of high-ranking officials from Ninglan City, including Gong Tianqing and the others, gathered. Gong Jing was seriously injured. He was half-naked and his upper body was being treated and bandaged by the doctor. His wound is long, but not deep, and should not be fatal.

The doctor said, to deal with this wound properly, the real trouble is the complications.

However, how much Gong Jing can listen to is another matter. If he continues to go to the battlefield, he will definitely not care about his physical injuries. For this, Gong Tianqing knew nothing more.

That’s why I finished telling everything I planned, Qin Shiyu’s order and all other things that needed to be explained to Gong Jing, Gong Tianqing couldn’t help but persuade with concern:

“Grandfather, don’t underestimate these sword wounds…Little Ancestor Master said that if…inflammation occurs, it is likely to cause very serious consequences.”

Gong Tian Qing couldn’t remember the wording, so she spent some time thinking about it.

“Grandfather knows what Qing’er said—hiss!”

Gong Jing was obviously very happy to receive her granddaughter’s care, and she was about to laugh. But it may be that the doctor started a little hard, which affected the wound. Before he could finish speaking, he took a deep breath.

“grandfather, are you okay?”

Gong Tianqing was so frightened that Huarong was pale, and she stood up abruptly, but forgot the injury on her leg. She groaned in pain and fell back into her seat again.

“Look at you, if you have time to care about others, why not care about your own injury first.”

Looking at the golden medicine spilled on the floor, Xia Xue laughed out loud . She was helping Gong Tianqing apply medicine, but she didn’t expect that the other party would suddenly stand up and knock down the medicine in her hand.

“Sorry, Uncle Xia…”

Gong Tianqing was scolded, she shrank her body like a pet, and dropped her head. Occasionally, in front of Qi Qiqi and other elders, she would still show her previous lack of confidence, like a small animal.

“…It’s just hard for me.”

Xia Xue had a bitter face, coldly snorted bent over and picked up the medicine bottle. There is still some Jinchuang medicine left in the bottle. She uses these medicine powder to continue to help Gong Tianqing apply the medicine.

“Hold it down.”

Seeing that the side of the wound was covered with medicine powder, Xia Xue held the broken arrow that almost penetrated Gong Tianqing’s right leg. Gong Tianqing gritted her teeth, grasped the handrail tightly, and then nodded.

Xia Xue pulled out the arrow without saying a word.

Gong Tianqing tensed and stiffened, and there was a sound of friction between her teeth. One can imagine how painful it was. Moreover, the arrow was broken, and Ajislan still used an uneven fracture to poke into Gong Tianqing’s leg. Some of the wooden thorns hooked out a little flesh, and some were left directly in the wound.

Xia Xue said about Renren again, and then squinted her eyes and carefully picked out the wooden thorns from the wound with a red needle. This process was quite painful, and Gong Tianqing’s eyes were so painful that tears broke out.

The opposite Gong Jing was very heartbroken when she saw this, but she was also overwhelmed. The medicine powder spilled on his wound, which was quite painful. However, he fought for a lifetime and suffered more serious injuries, so he could stand it anyway.

About a quarter of an hour later, the wounds of the two were treated one after another.

Gong Tianqing seemed to have experienced a great battle, her forehead was covered with cold sweat, now she was panting.

“You are lucky if you didn’t hurt your bones.” Xia Xueping said flatly, “If you hurt your bones, you won’t have to walk for a while.”

That A doctor named Gong Jing Bandage came over and took Xia Xue’s words.

“The girl used the Heavenly Jade Palace’s golden medicine, so there is no need to worry about the recovery of the wound, but the girl should pay more attention to recuperation and try not to let the wound get water or dirt.”

“Thank you, doctor.” Gong Tianqing thanked him with a smile, “but don’t worry about the doctor, our little Ancestor Master is good at healing wounds, and you only need to use the’spirit’ later.”


The doctor obviously doesn’t know the magical effect of spell.

Gong Tianqing didn’t explain much, and tried to stand up.

The wound is still painful, and the movement is not very convenient, but as long as you bear it a little bit, it will not hinder the movement too much. If the real Sue Kirin is here, her wound must be almost healed.

Unfortunately, there are not too many ifs in the world, so she can only use simple charms to stick to the wound to speed up recovery and protection.

In the following time, the doctor turned to treat other people and got busy here.

“Qing’er, what about Xue Senior?”

Gong Jing didn’t see the silhouette of “Sue Kirin” in the room.


Gong Tianqing showed an embarrassed expression. She didn’t know if she should explain that Sue Kirin was not the question of Sue Kirin. She decided to answer first:

“Little Ancestor Master, she should be on the roof.”

She pointed to it, where she could feel the breath of “Sue Kirin”.

“so that’s how it is.” Gong Jing nodded, calling the lieutenant to help him up. “The old man has to thank Xue Senior first. If Xue Senior arrives in time, Ninglan City will No guarantee.” After speaking, he sighed.

“grandfather, wait a minute!”

Gong Tianqing stopped the old man.

Gong Jing looked at it suspiciously, “What’s wrong?”

“The little Ancestor Master was very expensive just now, so grandfather is better not to bother.”

“so that’s how it is.”

Gong Jing agreed with this statement, so he sat back where he was. Gong Tianqing secretly sighed in relief. Although Yuyao pretends to be impeccable, his way of speaking is the only weak spot. Gong Jing has seen Sue Kirin once. If he talks, he might be aware of it.

Of course, this is not something that requires absolute confidentiality, but it is quite troublesome to explain.

“grandfather, this is a letter from your Highness.”

Because of inconvenience, Gong Tianqing had to hand over the paperwork he took out from her arms to Xia Xue, for her to pass it on In the hands of Gong Jing.

“His Royal Highness meant to let the old man abandon the city of Ninglan and bring the army from the northern government to join the King of Ning?”

Gong Jing did not spend much time reading the letter and proposed Such a question. It should have been clearly written in the document, but he still had this question, which proved that this order was more or less unconvincing for him.

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