The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1178

“Yes, your Highness means that instead of defending an isolated city in Ninglan, it is better to shrink your troops.”

“It is indeed an order from His Highness, this old man ashamed of being inferior… …”

Gong Jing sighed and put the papers aside.

“Where’s Lanping?” Next moment, he asked about things that had nothing to do with what was being discussed at this time.

“Uncle, his words, he should be leading people to clean up the battlefield.”

“hmph, he is also conscious.” Gong Jing suddenly snorted seriously.

It seems that for Gong Tianqing, Gong Jing is more tolerant, and for Gong Lanping, he is much more serious.

“His Royal Highness, did she say what to do with civilians?”

A question that seemed casual.

Gong Tianqing’s heart suddenly tightened, knowing that Dao Palace Jing would ask about this. Fortunately, she was prepared, so she took a deep breath and replied:

“His Royal Highness did not include any handling of civilians in the order.”

Gong Jing shook the head disappointedly. .

“His Royal Highness is good, but she will abandon other things that are not important to her for the so-called overall situation. His Royal Highness only thinks about a lone city in Ninglan City, and she can’t defend it to the end, but she has never thought about it. If Zhenbei Mansion withdraws troops, what should the civilians in the city do.”

Gong Tianqing was silent for a while before saying:

“Grandfather, Your Highness did not explain anything about how to deal with the civilians. Things.”

“You just–huh?”

Gong Jing suddenly thought that Gong Tianqing wouldn’t say anything again, because it didn’t make sense. There must be something else. After thinking about it for a while along this line of thought, Gong Jing suddenly realized.

“Qing’er, what do you mean…”

“Exactly.” Gong Tianqing nodded, “Since your Royal Highness has not explained, then take the people away, we should It’s okay to settle down the people.”

Gong Jing looked happy, but collapsed on the ground like she was tired. Will it be unclear? He kept rubbing his eyebrows and said:

“If His Royal Highness really ignores the people, it would be embarrassing to the old man.”

“I think His Royal Highness really ignores the people. It means that General Gong still has to worry about how we should explain to her when we retreat with the people.”

Xia Xue poured cold water.

“Uncle Xia!”

Gong Tianqing called her with a little dissatisfaction, but Xia Xue did not give up. She was coldly snorted first, and then lightly pointed out:

“What I said is the truth. Your Royal Highness obviously did not consider the life and death of the people in Ninglan. Although she did not say anything to death, we have a choice. , But if she becomes accountable afterwards, this is also a question that has to be considered.”

“This…” Gong Tianqing was speechless.

She had to look towards her grandfather with helpless eyes, indicating that the responsibility might really be shouldered. However, Gong Jing didn’t mind very much.

“The responsibility lies with the old man.”

In this case, Xia Xue said nothing more.

She doesn’t want to be responsible, but the relationship between Heavenly Jade Palace itself and the Imperial Court is not very good. It is rare that a Ninth Princess is close, and she does not want to offend her too much.

“So, can you talk about your plan?”

Gong Jing cut to the point and asked Gong Tianqing seriously.

“Grandfather, how many people are left in Ninglan City?”

“Less than two thousand.” The lieutenant replied under the motion of Gong Jing’s eyes.

Gong Tianqing groaned, and Xia Xue looked at her profile with a cautious look:

“It’s a bit less than we thought, but it’s still not a minority. “

“Let’s act according to plan.” Gong Tianqing replied.

Next, she asked again:

“grandfather, how many cavalry are left in Zhenbei Prefecture?”

“About five thousand.”

“What about the horses?”

“Counting the substitutes, there should be eight thousand.”

“Fortunately, there are a lot of horses…” Gong Tianqing Obviously relieved.

After that, she expressed a serious expression:

“grandfather, I would like to ask you to send to Ninglan City to prepare for the retreat. For the elderly and weak, women and children can be transported by horses. …Please use all the spare horses, and let some ordinary soldiers take the old and weak women and children on horseback, while the remaining infantry will go first along the walkway built by the little Ancestor Master tonight, and the cavalry will be the back. Let’s burn our weapons. We have to pack as light as possible and bring only the necessary supplies and food.”

“So…” Gong Jing stroked his beard, “Speed ​​is the key.”

“No, breaking through the encirclement is the real key.” Gong Tianqing corrected.


Gong Jing blinked in surprise.

“As long as we break through the encirclement, we have more room to fight. We can fight and retreat, which is different from being trapped in a siege and waiting to die.”

“so that’s how it is ……” Gong Jing agreed, and then showed an expression of sigh, “didn’t expect old man granddaughter is also grown up, able to catch the key…It’s really the rear waves of the long river drives on those before… …”

“grandfather, what are you talking about?”

didn’t expect her grandfather will suddenly applaud, Gong Tianqing bowed her head somewhat sorry to cover it The flushed face.

But she couldn’t hide her satisfied smile.

At this moment, Gong Lanping just came back and stepped into the tower. Gong Jing moved his gaze over and shouted to him:

“Lanping, come here.”

“Adoptive Father?”

Gong Lan Ping was a little confused, but saw Gong Jing’s eyes fixed on Su Wan on his side.

“Don’t introduce it now?” Gong Jing asked in a deep voice.


Gong Lanping was taken aback, but he understood, and quickly pulled Su Wan and walked to Gong Jing. He was quite flustered. Several times he tried to speak but ended in failure. What he finally said was──

“Adoptive Father, this is Su Wan…I am the one of child’s favor, please also Adoptive Father went over.”

“Come over—” Xia Xue deliberately dragged the tail sound. “Others don’t know. They thought General Xiaogong bought something rare for the Great General. Xianbao.”

Although there is some distance between the two, Gong Lanping can still hear Xia Xue’s whispers.

“Uncle Xia, uncle is already very sorry, please don’t tease him!”

Gong Tianqing stood on Gong Lanping’s side and couldn’t see Xia Snow hit a person when he’s down. Naturally, Xia Xue didn’t mean to be guilty, she was bored around her hair and indulged in her world.

Gong Lanping still panicked even more because of her words.


“Not bad.”

Gong Jing looked up and down Su Wan, nodded, and seemed very satisfied.

“Since Ping’er likes you, just do it with you.” He said aggressively. Gong Lanping showed an expression of surprise, but for a moment he didn’t know what to say, so he had to look at Su Wan and share each other’s joy.

“Okay, just put your children’s personal affairs aside.”

Gong Jing cut to the point and put on a serious expression. Gong Lanping knew that it was indeed not the time to talk about his children’s personal affair, and he immediately corrected his expression.

“Adoptive Father, please say.”

“Go, pass the order for the father, so that the whole army prepares to retreat. On the other hand, the people will leave it to the government to handle it. They must organize the people as soon as possible. After two hours, we have to leave until late at night.”


In Gong Tianqing, discuss countermeasures with others. At that time, Gong Lanping was at the scene, so naturally he was not surprised by Gong Jing’s order.

Gong Jing seemed to want to stand up, and Gong Lanping immediately reached out and supported him.

With his support, Gong Jing walked to the window. Looking out from there, you can take most of Ninglan City in the entire scene.

“The old man has to give up after guarding the city for so many years. It’s a mockery…”

He let out a long sigh.

Perhaps because the weather has warmed up, his breath did not form a white mist, but it echoed gently in the house.

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