The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1179

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Old man is to death! Tap and tap…Why are you so violent? You are also a girl, can’t you be gentle? Don’t your Husband have any opinion on you–Ah, Kill! Hurry up! Don’t look at you, kid, and quickly get the wine for the old man!” As soon as Qin Ju walked into the yard, he heard heart-piercing shouts from inside.

He recognized that it was Zhang Baiyuan’s voice.

On a pillar in front of the door, a donkey named “A Yuan” with a bad temper was tied. It is lying on the ground leisurely at this moment, seeming to enjoy the host’s screams from the room.

“Go, get the wine.”

Ning Wang sighed and ordered to follow the guard on his side. After the guard responded, he turned and left Zhang Luo.

“His Royal Highness, this old man is a strange man…He is obviously injured like this, and he still wants to drink, is it the reincarnation of a drunkard?”

The remaining guard Shinobu Can’t help but say.

He didn’t forget that when Elderly was carried back, he had a machete stuck in his body, a long spear that was broken in half, and the bloody sight of several arrows.

At the time, he thought that Elderly might be immortal or partially disabled, and didn’t expect still screaming out of breath.

“This is my mentor…” King Ning said with a wry smile.

Even if he hasn’t seen him for many years, Zhang Baiyuan still has that temperament. Ever since Qin Xian–his Imperial Brother died–this Elderly has disappeared. He thought that the other party was already dead. Now he was riding a weird donkey, and he needed help most. Appeared when.

For a moment, he felt that his brother in heaven took care of him.

“This old man is your Royal Highness’s teacher?” The guard was obviously surprised.

Ning Wang was un’ed, walked through the moon gate, and continued to the room.

“Not only that, he is also the former Instructor of Xie Xie Zhongqi…The Blade Technique of Xie Xie Zhongqi was improved by him.”

What happened? The surprised expression on the guard’s face seemed to have this meaning.

“I heard that this old man is from Heavenly Jade Palace.”

“It is true.”

“Then there are two in Heavenly Jade Palace. The Grandmaster is here.” The guard said in his heart.

He is still young, just in his twenties, and being able to stand beside King Ning as a guard at his age shows his ability out of the ordinary.

“Want to apprentice?” King Ning asked briefly.

“Naturally have this idea, only by becoming stronger can you do more for your Highness.” He said.

Ning Wang’s indifferent expression, continue to move forward.

The guard next to him has killed countless enemies just now, and is also a first-class player. He has made a lot of military exploits. If he intends to visit Heavenly Jade Palace, Qin Ju would not mind recommending him.

“It’s this matter, I try to talk to Palace Master Qi.”

Qin Ju finally agreed to introduce him to the guards when he raised his hand and knocked on the door of the room. The young guard was extremely surprised and quickly thanked him on one knee.

“Get up.” King Ning shook his head and smiled bitterly.

Next, he knocked on the door of the room.

In the case that Zhang Baiyuan didn’t want his life to contain Cang Rin, the whole army of Bei’an City counterattacked, and after thousands of lives were lost, the army of the North Kingdom was finally forced to retreat. However, as a great hero, Zhang Baiyuan suffered many Chuang, stayed in the room for treatment.

For this, King Ning should come to visit, even more how Zhang Baiyuan still has the grace to teach him.

The one who came to open the door was a young man who was brow beaded with sweat. He is the doctor’s assistant, and King Ning knows how serious the situation is when he looks at him like this.

“How is the situation?” Ning Wang asked.

The young man originally wanted to salute King Ning, but King Ning did not expect to raise questions first, making him a little bit dilemma.

“It’s okay, the situation is critical, and etiquette is not important.”

Seeing King Ning said this, the young man no longer cares.

“The situation of Old Mister… Mr. said that although Old Mister was injured in many places, his body was strong, and he also carried the gold creation medicine of Heavenly Jade Palace. Mr. said, the gold of Heavenly Jade Palace Innovative medicine is already the best medicine in the entire Hua Dynasty to eliminate Medicine Valley, so it shouldn’t be life worry for the time being, but… Mr. said, Old Mister injury obtain is not light, I am afraid it will be difficult in a short time. Go to the battlefield again.”

Ning Wang’s eyes turned dark for a while.

Zhang Baiyuan is the only battle strength that can match Cang Rin, but he can no longer go to the battlefield, which will naturally increase the pressure on the defenders again. However, he didn’t force too much, because Zhang Baiyuan had already helped them through a difficult time. If he hadn’t arrived in time and contained Cang Rin in time, the Northern Kingdom would probably have taken Bei’an City, and King Ning himself might have become a dead soul.

“Can this king see Old Master?” Ning Wang said.

“This…Your Majesty, wait a moment.”

The young man looked embarrassed. It was all because of the strange temper of the doctor invited by King Ning. For this reason. The doctor was a vagrant doctor who traveled around the world and saw many cases, so he was more capable than the imperial doctor in the palace. King Ning could only tell him to stay in Bei’an City for two years.

The most gratifying thing about King Ning was that the doctor remained in the city after the war was lit, trying his best to help the injured. By the way, the boy was also an orphan saved by the doctor here. The teenager has been a teacher for about a year, and he has achieved little success.

“Mr. said, your Royal Highness King Ning, you can come in, but please don’t talk too much with the patient and let him rest, otherwise Mr. may drive you out.”

The young man seems to have become accustomed to the strange character of his Master. Even in the face of King Ning, he didn’t dare to say that except for a little hesitation.

“This king knows.”

Wang Ning agreed with a wry smile, and began to miss his wife in his heart.

Compared to himself, his wife is more able to please the doctor. Perhaps as the other party said, his wife is very much like his dead daughter, but in fact, he really cares about who age It is not necessarily larger.

Under the guidance of the teenager, King Ning entered the room, and after going around the screen, he soon saw Elderly lying on the bed, crying without tears.

“Master Old Zhang, I haven’t seen you for many years, you are still the same.”

King Ning took the lead to say hello, and at the same time, Elderly who was packing the medicine box by the bed told him There was a warning look. This old doctor was naturally warning King Ning not to overwork the patient.

Wang Ning smiled bitterly at him nodded, saying that after he understood, the other party looked back and continued to pack his things, and the boy also went to help.

“Are you looking at an old man joke, right?” Zhang Baiyuan looked unlovable and deeply disgusted. If it weren’t for his naked body and wrapped in white cloth, he might have to beat his chest for a while.

“Teacher, you have misunderstood.” King Ning smiled bitterly.

He took a close look at Zhang Baiyuan’s situation and found that he was really injured all over his body. It seemed that he was still slightly inferior to Cang Lin. Frankly speaking, King Ning really doubts whether anyone can survive this kind of injury, but Grandmaster’s physical function is very comparable to ordinary people, so perhaps it is understandable that he can survive.

“Teacher, I haven’t seen you for so many years, your body is still strong…”

Therefore, King Ning generalized and felt a little sorry.

“Tough fart, it hurts me to death—hiss!”

I am afraid that the pain is involved, Zhang Baiyuan suddenly sucked in a breath of cold air, his face twisted stand up. King Ning stood up in fright and looked at Zhang Baiyuan nervously.

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