The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1180

“Teacher, are you okay?”

“…Aiya, it hurts!” Zhang Baiyuan wu wu said twice, “Where is the old man’s wine? Quickly bring the wine to the old man!” “

“We are already sending someone to arrange.”


The doctor who walked to the screen moved his ears, as if Hearing King Ning’s connivance, he cast an extremely sharp line of sight.

“Your Highness, do you remember what the old man explained? If you want Old Mister to be fine, don’t be too indulgent. Drinking and big fish are taboos.”

Elderly frowns said.

“Hey, old fart, at the same time a person stepped into the coffin, so I can’t do it in time–Aiya, the old man is so painful.”

Zhang Baiyuan sees Ning With a hesitation on his face, Wang knew that the wine he was about to get might have slipped away again. He was so excited and anxious that he yelled at him, but he also affected the wound and made tears in his eyes.

“Zhang Old Mister, you should be self-aware. You can save a life because the North Kingdom is eager to retreat. Do you know how heavy your injuries are? It’s a miracle that you can survive. Now.”

Elderly said seriously.

Zhang Baiyuan blew his beard with anger, and the wool was blown up and down by the Spiritual Qi he spit out, but Elderly felt that he should say it all, and then left with his little helper. There is really no cloud.

“Master Old Zhang, it is better for you to relax a little.”

Ning Wang coughed twice and said with a straight face. It was indeed inconsiderate that he had asked someone to move the wine just now. To blame, he himself did not see the seriousness of Zhang Baiyuan’s injury in the first place.

“Hey, Qin Family boy, you are bullying the old man, you are going to be sent by heaven.”

“…” King Ning simply didn’t answer.

Zhang Baiyuan stared at King Ning angrily, but it didn’t have a very good effect. King Ning had already called the guards and ordered him to stop the wine.

“Qin Family boy, you can’t do this…I’m just a half-bucket Grandmaster. Without wine, I can’t use my strength.”

“Old Zhang, you This is ridiculous…”

Wang Ning concluded that Zhang Baiyuan was lying. How could there be a Grandmaster who can only exert his power by drinking? This subverted his usual common sense.

Although Zhang Baiyuan explained bitterly, King Ning just didn’t believe it.

This is understandable, after all, Zhang Baiyuan didn’t believe it when he first heard it-no, it’s better to say that he at first simply didn’t realize that he was already a Grandmaster.


“The old man thought that even if he couldn’t please Canglin, he wouldn’t be so embarrassed. He didn’t expect…Beijing University Imperial Teacher is really the name is not in vain. It’s too strong. Even the Imperial Teacher of Beiguo University can’t beat him, so how can I avenge his highness?”

This was originally Zhang Baiyuan’s inadvertent sigh and disappointment. Language.

However, the two words revenge aroused King Ning’s nerves, and his expression suddenly became severe, because he knew that the highness Zhang Baiyuan said was not referring to himself, but to an already existing Passing away, was once a “taboo” with high hopes.

“Come here.”

Wang Ning called for the guards while Zhang Baiyuan just stared at the ceiling in a daze, completely unaware of King Ning’s actions. If he realizes it, I am afraid there will be a misunderstanding.

“His Royal Highness, what is your order?”

The guard came next to King Ning and got down on one-knee kneels.

“Go, empty this yard, no one can approach without permission, understand?”


The guards took their orders and left behind the screen like the wind, as if they had never appeared before. King Ning never underestimated the abilities of his Imperial Brother, and he was also very wary of “Night Walk”. Zhang Baiyuan may just sigh here casually, but after a few days, this sentence may succeed Qin Yu’s desk, Ning Wang has to guard.

──If it’s okay in other places, this is the Ning Palace.

Qin Yu is a very suspicious person, and he is even more vigilant for those brothers. King Ning knows that there must be a lot of “night walks” in his mansion. He had the ability to remove these threads, but it was a problem that it was difficult to catch all of them. In that case, it would be better to let them stay, so that Qin Yu can feel at ease.

However, in order to avoid Zhang Baiyuan’s misrepresentation, King Ning could only order these people to be expelled. He probably still has the identities of those thread eyes, which Qin Shiyu helped him find out, which should be credible.

“Master Old Zhang, speak carefully.”

“What is Shen?”

Zhang Baiyuan blinked as if he didn’t realize what he said just now Something.

“The Eldest Imperial Brother matter is beyond mention.” King Ning said with a sigh.

“What can’t be mentioned? God knows and I know, you know I also know, what can’t be said? Old man is not afraid of Qin Yu’s despicable villain, at worst, there is nothing to say. “

Zhang Baiyuan used to be the guardian of the former Crown Prince Qin Xian. His idea of ​​revenge for Qin Xian is understandable. King Ning did not know what to say for a while.

The two were silent for a while.

“How did Master Old Zhang survive?”

Ning Wang thought Zhang Baiyuan was dead, so when he appeared in front of him, he was also quite shocked. Had it not been for the crisis of war, he would have wanted to ask this question.

“The old man also thought he was dead, and it was Senior Brother who saved the old man.”

“Senior Brother?”

“Return to Origin That old fart, who else can?”

Zhang Baiyuan said disdainfully, he has always hated Return to Origin. However, it’s not the kind of disgust that really doesn’t get along with each other, it’s more like a kind of awkwardness that’s all.

“Is there another thing?”

“He knew that His Highness was in trouble, so he came and went as soon as possible. At that time, I was chased by the guard of the town. Those Great Commanders Still clinging to it, if it wasn’t for Senior Brother Qi’s secret help, the old man would have died a bone.”

From Elderly’s reminiscence staring at the smallpox, he was not without gratitude. .

“Qi Senior was the only flying fairy for hundreds of years. The truth is true.”


Zhang Baiyuan sat up in shock. But because of the injury, he fell heavily in the next second, and shouted again in pain.

“Feifeixian, the old fogey soared?” Zhang Baiyuan asked despite his pain all over, but still gritted his teeth.

“Master Old Zhang didn’t know?” King Ning couldn’t hide his surprise. “After the old man was rescued, the Senior Brother allowed the old man to go as far as he could. The old man wanted to avenge his Highness, travel around the world, challenge all kinds of experts, and want to improve himself. He didn’t expect this I walked far away and lost my way. If it weren’t for meeting Qin Family Jiuer and our Little Junior Sister in the Far North City, the old man would not be able to come back!”

so That’s how it is, Wang Ning thought this would make sense for how Zhang Baiyuan survived and how it is only now.

“Many of the Imperial Brothers are in the Northern Domain. Master Old Zhang can visit a little bit when he is free. I think you must have a lot to say… However, Master Old Zhang still hopes to be cautious. , There are Your Majesty’s eyes everywhere.”

“You have a conscience. Among Qin Family that many sons, you and your Highness are the most benevolent.”

Zhang Baiyuan is not a fool, and he knows how such a sensitive former Crown Prince club survived. King Ning must have done a lot of effort behind his back.

“What about benevolence?” King Ning sighed faintly, his eyes were dim and dark, “Only ideals and beliefs cannot survive that dispute. Neither King nor Eldest Imperial Brother That kind of’evil’.”

“Winner is the king, loser is the villain?”

Zhang Baiyuan snorted disdainfully, “But, that’s not right.”

“right and wrong is never the point.”

“Then make mistakes again and again?”

Ning Wang did not answer, this question is too sharp .

right and wrong is more of an ideal pursuit that’s all, weak are prey to the strong winner is the king, loser is the villain, maybe it is the operating principle of the real world. Resources are limited. If you want to have more, plundering has always been the most effective means.

“This king also had ambitions,” King Ning looked down, with a plain expression, “but the world is not naive, as long as you have ambitions, you can show your strengths.”

“… …”Zhang Baiyuan clenched his fists, “Even if it is true, the old man will not recognize his throne.”

“This is the end, why do you want to make waves again?”

Wang Ning looked towards Zhang Baiyuan’s gaze, with sorrow hidden deep. Zhang Baiyuan knew what he meant and was silent for a while.

“The overall situation has constrained a lot of people. Didn’t expect you to be constrained. Some things are not right or wrong, right or right. There is never a compromise. Compromise, sometimes too A kind of cowardice.”

“But it is also a kind of selfishness.” Ning Wang said in a deep voice.

“Selfish?” Zhang Baiyuan snort disdainfully, “Selflessness is the biggest lie in this world, no one is unselfish, no matter you or me or that person, or those who are called Saint. Only with self-awareness, as long as they call themselves “I”, no one is unselfish.”

Ning Wang was choked by words.

In an instant, the air seemed to solidify, and it settled and became heavier in this space, turning into speechless pressure on Ning Wang and Zhang Baiyuan, just as they wanted to resist certain reality and helplessness Things, but there is no way to start.

This feeling is very frustrated and uncomfortable.

The one who broke the silence was──


A guard rushed in without notice. The person who came was not someone else, but The young guard who followed King Ning just now. He ran in energetic and bustling, one-knee kneels next to King Ning.

Ning Wang and Zhang Baiyuan both have a bad premonition.

“Say!” Ning Wang blunt.

“The spies from the front report that there is an abnormal movement in the southern camp of Northland.”

King Ning’s expression sank, “Northland wants to attack again?”

” This…”

The guard hesitated.

“Don’t hesitate!” King Ning shouted impatiently.

“A Qingqi with thousands of people in the North Country Camp has left and went west.” The guard was taken aback and answered quickly.

“To the west?”

Is it Ninglan City? King Ning wrinkled his eyes.

If it weren’t for the situation in Ninglan City, how could there be any changes in Daying in the south of Northland? But just a few thousand Qingqi is too few, unless Cang Lin is also inside.

However, Cang Lin leaving here easily is equivalent to half liberating Bei’an City. If only Ninglan City was attacked, Cang Lin shouldn’t have acted so anxiously.

After all, King Ning couldn’t easily judge what these thousands of Qingqi were going to do.

He can’t care too much.

“Go, send a dark crow to inform Ninglan City and You Prefecture, so that they can be more vigilant.”

Thousands of Qingqi say less and no more, and no more, but Enough to play a subversive role in an evenly matched war, King Ning can only ask other places to be more vigilant, not to follow the way of these thousands of people.

“Qin Family boy, after going west, turning north and going up is the border of Northland, which is also the fastest route… Will Cang Rin notice anything?”

Zhang Baiyuan suddenly proposed.

Wang Ning looked over blankly, and met Zhang Baiyuan’s profound vision.

Did Cang Lin discover what Yuer meant? Frankly speaking, as long as you dare to think, it is actually not difficult to guess Qin Shiyu’s possible actions. Her style of acting has always been extremely fixed, but some people thought of it, but they felt impossible that’s all.

But, how can Cang Lin be so expectant?

The King Ning cannot easily determine.

“Master Old Zhang, how are you──”


Until King Ning finished speaking, Zhang Baiyuan replied solemnly. Intuitively, this kind of unfounded speculation should not have been taken into consideration, but Zhang Baiyuan is a martial artist ─ a Grandmaster.

Grandmaster’s intuition can explain the problem.

King Ning’s expression became more solemn, he turned his head and said to the guards:

“Send someone to the nearby village to see if there are traces of the North Kingdom. Must look carefully and ask. Don’t regret any suspicious traces.”


The young guard walked away, turning around and leaving without nostalgia.

Wang Ning watched him, suddenly feeling nervous. Going deep behind the enemy line and intending to conduct a beheading operation, Qin Shiyu is a big bet. If Cang Rin really catches the clue and leads the team to intercept him personally, Qin Shiyu will definitely fall into the situation of nine deaths and still alive. She went deep into the tiger’s den, in the tiger’s den!

“I hope Yu’er’s luck is still there.”

King Ning could only pray like this.

Even if he had doubts, he could not send troops to support him, because in case Cang Rin didn’t notice it, but he sent troops to support him, he would definitely be aware of it with Cang Rin’s wisdom.

Listening to the destiny is Ning Wang’s least favorite word.

But now, he must not use the term.

──It’s only resignation.


Things go back to earlier. Cang Lin ordered the withdrawal of troops, and the northern kingdom retreated like a tide. With the presence of Cang Lin, the soldiers of the North Kingdom had different execution capabilities. This retreat called Bei’an Cheng and there was no time to think about whether to order a pursuit.

“Didn’t expect a Cheng Yaojin suddenly! It’s hateful, Bei’an Cheng is already within reach!”

In the coach’s camp, Allo slapped his thigh.

Several generals also felt the same, and made unwilling words one after another. Among them, some of them did not understand why Cang Rin suddenly withdrew his troops, and cast questions to Cang Rin sitting on the main seat from the corner of his eye. Look.

They have never questioned Cang Rin’s decision. Even if they did, they just hid it in their hearts. For the first time, they questioned Cang Rin’s decision with action. This may be the first time in history.

Even if the defenders of Bei’an City and the evil heavy cavalry desperately resisted, trying to fight to the death with the will to fight against the water, there is the strange Elderly and King Ning’s personally going into battle, but as long as they are willing to make some sacrifices, Bei’an City Should still be able to win.

So, they were very strange about Cang Rin’s order, hoping to get an explanation, after retreating their troops, they endured until Cang Rin held a meeting.

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