The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1181

“Sue Kirin is not in the city.”

This is what Cang Lin said when she said, “Qin Shiyu is not in the city either.”

How did she determine this? The generals looked at each other. When they launched the onslaught, it was because Cang Lin guessed that Sue Kirin was not in the city. At the time they had no doubts, but now they are different. It seems that people’s thinking is still very self-conscious.

“Imperial Teacher, didn’t you speculate that Sue Kirin might have gone to support Ninglan City?”

One of the generals stood up and asked everyone what they care about most A little bit. Since there were speculations early in the morning, why did they raise them at this time?

“I thought about it for a long time and felt something was wrong.” Cang Rin’s answer was simple.

“What’s wrong?”

The general who stood up was surprised, and the other generals sitting behind also had similar expressions. None of them understood what was wrong. Sue Kirin is not in the city. What else can I do besides supporting Ninglan City?

“Supporting Ninglan City is a very bold thing, which is in line with Qin Shiyu’s strategic characteristics.”

Cang Lin spoke quietly, without sadness or sadness on his face. Hi, there are no ups and downs, but there are imperceptible ripples in those blue eyes.

After the audience listened, they felt that there should be no more problems.

Cang Rin seemed to catch the doubts in their hearts from their expressions, and proactively said:

“But then Elderly had a problem.”

“What’s the problem?” Alluo asked puzzledly, “Bei’an City hid this hand, but it wants us to suffer a great loss, so as to boost morale.”

“Beian City is King Ning The morale of the base camp has always been very high. You can’t see their desperate appearance, right?”

Without waiting for Cang Rin’s answer, another general jumped out to question Alor. His relationship with Allor has never been very good, but he cannot deny that his argument is correct.

The Elderly hasn’t appeared before, and the people in Bei’an City are doing their best to fight. There is no morale loss at all. As long as King Ning is still alive, the soldiers in Bei’an City will not be lost. Morale, because King Ning is their belief.

──Just like Canglin is the soul of the North Kingdom.

“That one was obviously later.”

Cang Rin almost used a resolute and decisive tone.


The generals stared at each other again, not knowing where Cang Rin came to this conclusion.

“Since Qin Shiyu dared to take Qin Shiyu away, Ninglan City may not be as simple as his request. Since Elderly came later, it means that Qin Shiyu bet on the entire Bei’an City. Ninglan City can fall, because it is already a lone city, but Bei’an City is different, she can’t tell the importance of it.”

It’s hard to hear Cang Rin say so much.

Perhaps it means to sympathize with each other. The enemy who knows best will always be the enemy of the enemy, so Cang Lin is very familiar with Qin Shiyu, and Qin Shiyu should also be very familiar with Cang Lin.

“Qin Shiyu knows that I am cautious.” Cang Rin said, “A little uncertain or troublesome, I will think more, and she is almost the same as the adventurous person. So, click here Presumably, she wanted to take advantage of the fact that she didn’t dare to attack the city easily, and was taboo about Sue Kirin’s spell. It was understandable that she wanted to liberate Ninglan City before she realized it. However, Ninglan City It’s not big enough.”

For a long time, only the stern voice echoed in the camp.

The generals couldn’t intervene. They didn’t even know how Cang Rin evolved the topic and speculation to this point, because they actually didn’t even know whether Sue Kirin and Qin Shiyu were in the city. Everything is all speculation.

Everything has cause and effect.

If the original cause does not exist, countless results are just in vain. Dare to make guesses on this basis when there is no final decision, and give a certain amount of trust. This may be the fundamental difference between them and Cang Rin.

Cang Rin is cautious.

However, she is definitely not without her boldness. Dare to think is her boldest.

“Not big enough…?”

The generals thought about this topic, and there were not many answers for a while. If it were not for Ninglan City, Qin Shiyu wanted to liberate the entire Northern Domain.

However, if Qin Shiyu really leaves from Bei’an City──and slips away under the eyes of the army on both sides of the North Kingdom, it proves that she will not bring too much force, otherwise the North Kingdom will definitely be Noticeable. Just like this, Allor didn’t consider the probability of crossing mountains and ridges in Bei’an City when he deployed his defenses. What kind of usefulness can that short thousands of troops play? Moreover, even a few thousand troops may not be able to cross that high mountain!

They don’t understand.

“What is the opinion of the Imperial Teacher?”

“There are only two important cities in Northland, one is an important stronghold for the Chinese dynasty, and the other is where the royal court is located. “


Alo took the lead in exclaiming, and the other generals also looked shocked. No matter which example Cang Rin gave was an important existence in the North Kingdom. The former is okay, the latter is equivalent to the northern power center of the Imperial Capital of China!

Even if the North Kingdom is almost fully committed to attacking the Chinese dynasty, these two cities still retain tens of thousands of defensive powers. Even if Qin Shiyu likes the sword moves with side stroke, she fights with small strokes, but she Do you really dare to think about these two cities?

Most people don’t believe it.

However, none of them dared to stand up and say this impossible, as if something was closing their mouths in the dark.

“Imperial Teacher, if you really target these two towers…”

“You can only choose one of the two.”

Cang Rin shook his head and said corrected.

Alo was silent for a while, and then said:

“However, both cities have defensive forces. How can Qin Shiyu bring thousands of troops to charge?”

“You never thought that she dared to bring a thousand people to charge your position, did you?”

Cang Rin’s rhetorical question made everyone present speechless.

When they knew that Hua Chao actually charged with a small force against the position, their first reaction was that Qin Shiyu was crazy, just like the first time they faced Qin Shiyu. At that time, they paid the price of tens of thousands of soldiers buried in the North, and this time they are likely to have to pay a certain price – at least in Cang Rin’s eyes.

“Also, she has Sue Kirin by her side.” Cang Lin added.

“But, no one knows which one Qin Shiyu aims for?” A general stood up.


“Does she really dare?” The generals were still discussing in a panic, making it clear that they still couldn’t easily believe the matter itself. It’s too detached, and they don’t understand how like a heavenly steed, soaring across the skies is necessary to think of this aspect.

If Qin Shiyu really intends to infiltrate the second city in the North, it is of course not good news.


Interrupt the generals The one who continued to talk about was an eagle guard who stormed into the camp.

With the sound of the scimitar tapping with rapid footsteps, he walked straight to the forefront and placed the small box in his hand under one-knee kneels in front of Cang Rin.

“Imperial Teacher, this is Yancheng’s urgent letter! Just delivered by Dark Crow!”

“Bring it,” Cang Lin said.

Under the stern gaze of the generals, the eagle guard slowly stood up, walked to Cang Rin and passed the box in his hand. This box was obviously just removed from Dark Crow’s back, and the side with the shoulder straps was still warm.

Cang Rin opened the box, took out the secret letter inside, and read it quickly. She reads very quickly, so her brows frowned suddenly. The small change of Cang Lin frowned, but it caused anxiety among the generals.

“Dare to ask the Imperial Teacher, what is written in the letter is unfavorable news?” A general asked courageously.


Cang Rin just put down the secret letter, summoning the silver soul next to him, and let it go to the brazier to burn it with the secret letter.

“Sue Kirin took reinforcements to support Ninglan City. Arislan was repelled, and a new city wall was built outside Ninglan City.”

She went on Explain the content of the letter.

The generals were not surprised when they heard it, but sighed in relief, because Sue Kirin’s appearance in Ninglan City proved that she was impossible to follow Qin Shiyu to raid the two northern cities.

However, Cang Rin’s face without much emotional ups and downs has a grave expression.

“Imperial Teacher Lord?” Allor tried to call Canglin.

All the generals sighed in relief, and they said: “I said no!” “Scare me!” “Even Qin Shiyu is impossible to be so bold!” , But Cang Rin didn’t respond, so Aluo made this call.

“It’s not good.”

Cang Rin’s brow furrowed tighter, “Qin Shiyu is impossible to save only one Ninglan city. An isolated city is of little value. With supplies, even if Ninglan City is liberated, it cannot be defended forever… She wants to bring Ninglan City’s troops to support here? But as long as I transfer my troops, it is still a stalemate, and Bei’an City is also in a state of lack of supplies… Want to stand in a stalemate with us along some unknowable road…?” Cang Lin muttered softly.

The turbulent camp gradually quieted down, because everyone wanted to hear the harsh muttering clearly. This was obviously good news, but Cang Lin still couldn’t relax.

“It’s not right…something is wrong.” She felt so intuitively.

“Go ask Sue Kirin what kind of spell he has used. Sue Kirin mainly uses thunder and fire spells. Ask her if she was the master of these two spells at the time.”

Yingwei was surprised by Cang Rin’s command, but he still took his orders immediately.

“Imperial Teacher, do you suspect that Sue Kirin is a fake?”

After a little thought by a general next to Alo, he got this amazing speculation.

“How could it be fake? There are not many spell users in the Hua Dynasty, there are—wait, there is a Yu Yao!”

Alo was halfway through. Feeling wrong.

“General Allor, Yuyao has always had a bad relationship with the Imperial Court and Heavenly Jade Palace. How could she show up here and give a helping hand to Northern Domain?”

” Before the national disaster, how can you tolerate personal enmity?”

Allo retorted.

He didn’t believe that Cang Rin’s guess would come true, but past lessons told him that most of Cang Rin’s situation was right, and Sue Kirin appeared in Ninglan City for some reason. Make him a little uneasy. He didn’t understand why not Ann, but he felt that way.

“Imperial Teacher, if this Sue Kirin is fake…” Allor stopped talking.

“Qin Shiyu must not be in Bei’an City, she must aim for a bigger goal.”

Cang Rin’s assertion is rare in an extremely serious tone. The generals felt bad, because Cang Rin rarely used this tone.

“Has the people who went to investigate around Bei’an City come back?” Allo asked.

Cang Rin also cast his sight on the general standing at the very end, who was patrolling the surroundings of Bei’an City.

“Part of it has returned.”

The general’s eyes were a little worried.

“Anything to find?” Allo asked.

“Not yet.” The general responded very quickly, but he then showed a look of hesitation, “But…”

A general who was not very patient “Hey!” There was a cry:

“But what? Can’t you say it all at once? I’m anxious.”

“Okay, well,” the general seemed to make up his mind. “There are some Strange rumor.”

“Rumor?” Allo raised his eyebrows.

“Yes, it is said that the Western Regions have retired and are caught in civil strife. The main reason is that Secret Sect and the Hua Dynasty are colluding… It’s going to be prosperous outside. But I think this may be to shake us. Morale is nonsense, so I ordered them not to mention it.”

In an instant, Cang stood up suddenly.


Her expression turned from solemn to cold, and her eyes shone with extremely sharp light. It is really rare for her to be so excited, and Allo and other generals dare not be surprised.

“Imperial Teacher Great──”

As a representative, Allo naturally stood up and asked, but before he finished asking, Cang Rin cast a dazzling look at him .

“Alo, send someone to write to ask about the situation in the Western Regions.”

“Imperial Teacher, the Western Regions impossible will retire—”

“Impossible is the greatest impossible.”

Cang Rin replied quickly, and ordered: “Go, summon the eagle guards to rectify, and three thousand elite troops!” She gave another order.

After that, she responded to Alo and said:

“The Western Regions are not an iron block, but they are temporarily ceased to fight because of external forces… If the Hua Dynasty really allows the Western Regions Several countries benefit, and counteract it… This is not impossible. Secret Sect Sect Master is a very ambitious person. Secret Sect has expanded so much in these several decades. It is definitely not the result of the willful and lazy Jialan. She is just a sharp gun, and the person who played the gun is still the Secret Sect Sect Master!”

Everyone present hearing this fell silent.

There is no room to refute what Cang Lin said, because the Western Regions were still in a state of civil strife in the early years.

The two generals stayed for a while, and then they ran out.

“Imperial Teacher, wait a minute! What if you guessed wrong?” A general walked out, interrupting the panic present, and the attention of others was drawn.

“If the Western Regions retreat, our news is impossible slower than the Hua Dynasty. If it really retreats, we should receive news.”

“This is all One round.” Cang Lin asserted.

Allor suddenly realized:

“If the Hua Dynasty had really colluded with the Western Regions long ago, they would have known this situation a long time ago… No, it doesn’t make sense, then they Why don’t they make a fortune in a muffled voice? They even plot against the Western Regions?”

Alo said this, and suddenly the whole person was frozen as if frozen.

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