The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1182

“Qin Shiyu aims at the royal court. If the Western Regions really retreat and fall into a civil war again, the pressure on Qinglun City will be drastically reduced. Whether Zhenxi Mansion rushes to the Northern Domain or drives away Bharat, right As far as the Hua Dynasty is concerned, all can solve the danger of the Northern Domain. In this case, the North Kingdom has few chances to win. Qin Shiyu wants greater results, only the sword is directed at the royal court!”

After saying this, Cang Lin suddenly knocked down the brazier beside her.

The firewood fell on the ground, and the luxurious carpet was quickly lit, and the fire spread all at once. But in the huge camp, more than a dozen people didn’t even react, all of them indulged in the cold words with shocked faces.

It took more than ten seconds before someone realized the existence of the flame and quickly called the soldiers outside to put out the fire. The entire camp suddenly became chaotic.

The fire burned bigger and bigger, reflected in the blue eyes, reflecting a twilight red.

She is like being in a fire sea, the flower of destruction, desolate and strangely beautiful. This is a flower full of regret.

People all over the world say that Canglin is cautious and has nowhere to enter.

But, she knew she was not, because she made the worst decision-a decision that would ruin everything, that is:

-Send troops together with Bharata and the Western Regions Hua Dynasty.

Too urgent.

These words linger in her mind, regretting the fire and wanting to burn them all.


Men rarely come to this well-groomed garden.

But regardless of whether the man comes or not, the garden must be dressed brightly neat and tidy, otherwise if the garden owner is on a whim and sees a rude face in the garden, the gardeners may be lost. Killed.

So, they prune flowers and weeds every day all wind and rain unchanged, so as not to lose their jobs or even their lives because of a moment of indolence. Yes, in that wall, everyone lives so depressed, because everyone may lose their lives by making a small mistake.

And their dedication is not necessarily an insurance move, because the weather is fickle, and the mood of men is the same.

“Prosperity, drag the insider in charge of this garden and beat him to eighty.”

The man is just a flirtatious sentence, and he takes the life of the manager in charge of the garden. Eighty rods may still be bearable on some people who have practiced martial arts or those who are physically strong, but on an elderly eunuch, it is extremely deadly.

Fugui didn’t understand why Qin Yu gave this order suddenly, because this garden could not pick out any bones in his eyes, but he didn’t know if there was anything he didn’t notice, so he just kept faithful. Just execute the command.


He replied, waved and summoned the little eunuch who was guarding further behind, and asked him to convey the emperor’s dictum. Presumably tomorrow morning, Fugui will never see that eunuch again.

Qin Yu didn’t say much, just standing in front of a group of brightly blooming flowers without any movement. His gaze was not on the flower, but slightly lifted, as if looking at the sun at the other end, hidden behind the dark clouds.

“Rich, what do you think of this garden?”

Qin Yu asked suddenly.

“Your Majesty’s imperial garden is naturally the best in the entire Hua Dynasty.”

Fugui was surprised. I don’t know why Qin Yu asked this, but still quietly and carefully Reply.

“Can’t fault anything?” Qin Yu asked amusedly.

Fugui couldn’t answer this question for a while.

He just didn’t understand what went wrong in this, which caused the managing eunuch to bear the eighty big board.

“en?” Qin Yu pulled back his gaze from the other side of the sky, staring at Fugui expressionlessly, “Why don’t you speak?”

“The slave doesn’t know.”


Fugui directly knelt down, prostrate oneself in admiration.

Sometimes, not knowing is also a sin, he really doesn’t know what went wrong here.


Qin Yu’s eyes turned cold, and he kicked at the rich. Fortunately, he had never practiced martial arts, and he didn’t have much strength in this kick.

The great eunuch did not even dare to exclaim, for fear that he would be implicated.

“It’s true that I can’t find any mistakes, but this is the mistake.” Qin Yu didn’t care about wealth.

Just after Fugui thought that his life was saved, he heard Qin Yu say so. He looked up blankly, wondering what this sentence meant.

“I am a supreme emperor. You are a gardener who cooks the garden so that I can’t make any mistakes. Is it implying that you have a better vision than me? Perfection does not necessarily mean The best, it is said that if Great Accomplishment is missing, only some shortcomings that I can pick out are good things.”

As Qin Yu said, he stretched out his hand to pick a flower and lifted it. The legs squashed the stem of the flower and rubbed it for a while.

“Even if there is only one dying flower and a willow, I will not punish him severely. He has done it long enough, and the economic accumulation has made him perfect enough, but I don’t like it. No People with shortcomings are never good subordinates.”

Qin Yu threw the flower in his hand onto the head of the rich and honourable.

“So rich and rich, you are doing better and better now, and you know more and more to be worldly-wise and play safe. You know you are now half dead in my eyes. Already?”

As soon as this sentence fell, riches and wealth trembled.

He took office and died because of a mistake, so he acted cautiously and made no mistakes as much as possible, but now Qin Yu tells him: “You may be a little very good. I have already killed you. Meaning.” For a while, wealth and honour only felt cold all over his body, and the most logical saying that accompanied the monarch is like the companion tiger appeared in his mind.

“The slave is convicted, and the slave is convicted!”

The rich and wealthy kowtowed, begging for mercy in fear.

Qin Yu stared at him speechlessly, watching the flowers falling on his head slowly fall to the side, coldly snorted again. He turned his head back with his hand, and said dullly:

“Before, you, a dog slave, would ask me when I came to a garden that I didn’t often come to, and I would try to inquire about the content of the secret report. Don’t dare.”

Indeed, Qin Yu rarely visits the Imperial Garden. He simply doesn’t like to see these flowers and plants. If the ministers are not stopping him, he even wants to transfer the funds for maintaining the Imperial Garden to others. Place to use.

And today, he did not come here on a whim.

The cause of the incident was an extremely urgent letter sent through the “Night Walk” channel. After Qin Yu read the secret letter, he flies into a rage and swept all the things on the book case to the ground, and the cups and saucers were broken to the ground.

Then, he came here without saying a word. “There are some things that I can’t take the initiative to say, it is not in line with the way of the king, but if you ask offensively, after I scold you, it will be different if I inadvertently mention a few words, do you know what I mean?” /p>

Huh? Fugui was surprised and lifted the head, only to find that Qin Yu had turned his back to him, as if he hadn’t said anything just now.

Suddenly, Wealth understood.

It is the supreme emperor, so I am extremely lonely. No matter how high the status is, a person may also need someone who can talk. So Fugui accidentally asked some questions before, and Qin Yu didn’t punish him heavily, but said a lot.

Well, Qin Yu is also a mortal that’s all ── There is no other time when I am more of a wealthy person than at this moment to realize this.

“Your Majesty……” For a long time, the riches and honours wanted to speak but stopped.

Qin Yu glanced at him with a hate iron for not becoming steel face, sighed heavily. He plucked another flower and discarded it on the ground, seeming to relieve a certain emotion.

“The secret report was sent urgently by Jiang Runzhi.”

“Zhenxi Great General?” Wealthy asked tentatively.

Qin Yu snorted unhappily:

“hmph, a rice bucket.”

“Did the Western Regions be defeated?”

Fugui stood up hesitantly, and raised another question so that the topic could continue. He also knows it. It is not a good thing to be too cautious. Of course, if it is too impudent, it is not a wonderful thing. By the side of the king, only the four words “just enough” can make people survive.

Even if the master is trying hard, he has to feel bad, asking for trouble, the master may feel comfortable, because they also need to vent, and to be the object of venting at the right time is also a slave. Some cultivation.

“The battle was lost?” Qin Yu chuckled, shook the head, “The battle went too smoothly!”

“Dare to ask Your Majesty, what’s wrong with the smooth battle? “

“The war is so smooth, my abacus can’t be beaten.”

Qin Yu sneered, “Jiang Runzhi’s rice bucket constrains such small things as the Western Regions army.” It can’t be done.”

“Is your Majesty plan exposed?”

“The Western Regions are already retreating, quite suddenly, and without resignation Apart from the fact that the collusion between Moon Wheel and Loulan and I was revealed, what else could have caused them to retreat so happily? The anti-war emperor of the Western Regions is a decoration and has no right to speak at all, and any country in the Western Regions The country’s masters are unable to control the overall situation. You said that besides the plan to be revealed, what reason is there for them to withdraw their troops?”

“If it is really the plan to be revealed, just rely on the strength of Jiang Great General’s hands, simply nothing There is no way to contain the army of the Western Regions…”

Wealth did not mean to fight for Jiang Runzhi, but he had received favors from each other before, so he subconsciously said so.

“hmph, collect money, help people eliminate disasters, riches, riches, and riches, have you not lived in the big house you recently bought in the suburbs of Beijing? I will come to live with you in a few days when I am free. How was it in the last period of time?”

“If Your Majesty is willing to come, we will naturally be lucky for Sansheng!”

Fugui doesn’t think that he can keep the matter of buying a house Qin Yu simply didn’t make any excuses or begging for mercy. It has been several months since he bought the mansion. If Qin Yu really wanted to pursue it, he is now impossible to be alive.

“Your Majesty, since the Western Regions have retired, the Northern Domain will definitely be under pressure. This is actually a good thing.”

Wealth and wealth said with comfort.

Qin Yu closed his eyes with disdain.

“A good thing is naturally a good thing, but the territories that we have already available for a long time are lost. Although the land of the Western Regions is barren, it is better than the ghost places of the North. The Western Regions are strategically important. “

Wealth is not quite clear on these strategic situations, so I don’t comment on it. He finally knew why Qin Yu flies into a rage just now. The original plan of the Western Regions had failed.

“But one thing is funny.”

“Is it funny?” asked the rich and wealthy inexplicably.

“There have been rumors in Qinglun City and even the Northern Domain that the Western Regions have retreated.”

“Isn’t this common?”

“Time No, Jiang Runzhi knew he heard the rumors before the Western Region army withdrew. Are you strange?”

“Can anyone predict the destiny?” Fugui was deeply surprised.

“Not everyone is Yuyao.”

“What does Your Majesty mean?”

“Moon Wheel and Loulan only moved away. Ten thousand troops, even if someone suspects, they dare not easily assert that the enemy is currently. The Western Regions are retreating too fast, and the rumors are spreading too fast. It is about to reach the Imperial Capital, and it must not be a few days. I’m about to celebrate with the people everywhere.”

“…Is someone helping the retreat of the Western Regions?”

Under the influence of ears and eyes, wealth and wealth also know some twists and turns, just cost After a few seconds of thinking about time, he came up with the deep meaning of Qin Yu’s words.

“Most of the rumors came from the merchants, and our Jiuer

“Speaking of which, how did my brother take care of it?” “

“You are definitely more careful than taking care of the emperor. “Rich and honor said half jokingly.

“It’s so good! “Qin Yu nodded in satisfaction, “He is too thin, let him eat more, he is about to come in handy. “

Qin Yu looked up at the sky, as if talking to someone in the sky.

“This time, don’t let me down again. “

This sentence with a little questioning meaning, lightly wandering in the garden, with the light and dark in the eyes.


Qin Yu stayed in the Royal Garden for half an hour before he had any intention of leaving.

“Your Majesty! “

Qin Yu walked out of the moon gate of the imperial garden with his wealthy talents, and an imperial guard walked over at a fast pace, one-knee kneels in front of Qin Yu.

“What’s the matter? “

“Your Majesty, Your Highness Second Prince has something to see. “

Fugui heard that Second Prince was coming, and he looked towards Qin Yu with a panicked look, but Qin Yu’s expression didn’t have any ups and downs, as if everything was expected.

“It seems that it is not only me who is anxious, not only Cang Lin, but also my good son…”

He uses it very lightly, so light that only riches can hear the voice whispering. Riches Recalling what Qin Yu had said before, my mood suddenly became complicated.

“The guard, did Second Prince say he came for something? “Fugui asked actively.

Qin Yu glanced at him without any comments.

“Second Prince said that he had found some rare and good things from Southern Wilderness and wanted to share it with Your Majesty. “The guard replied.

“Your Majesty, what do you think? “Hmm…” Qin Yu groaned and closed his eyes. His expression was floating with some indescribable emotion, which looked quite complicated. Even if he was mentally prepared, when things happened, it was Qin Yu. I can’t be calm.

“Let him wait, I still have something to deal with, and I will call him again later. “

“Yes. “

The guards didn’t notice anything wrong, and took the order.

Looking at the back of his departure, Qin Yu waved his hand, and the wealthy and wealthy will disperse all his followers. . In front of the moon gate, only the master and servant women are left.

“Are everything ready? “

“Replying to his Majesty, you are short of Your Majesty’s seal. “Wealth and honor almost answered quickly.

“Very good. “

Qin Yu nodded, and then sighed up to the sky:

“It seems that my brother is having a bad life. After a few days, he should be reduced to his appearance. Up. Follow him, be careful in everything, and never show any weak spots. In the past few years, I have failed enough, do you understand? “

Wealth and wealth only feel that Qin Yu’s sight is terrifying.

“The minion will never let Your Majesty be disappointed again. “

Fugui prudently agreed. He knew that this was something he had to do perfectly. Any mistakes or omissions would not only cause Qin Yu to pay his wife and break the army, it may cause more serious problems. He told himself that he must not fail.

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