The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1183

Suddenly there was heavy snow.

Amidst the wind and snow, the entire group can only press down its head and bend its waist and move forward with difficulty. No matter how arrogant people are, they can only move forward here. If it were not for the guards with spells, they would not even be able to ride on horses.

The wind and snow are too big.

Obviously, at the scale of thousands of people, Sue Kirin can’t completely protect him with Formation. He can only take a little trick and use Formation to resist the wind and snow and bear for the team to move forward. Part of the pressure.

But the more serious problem is that the temperature drops quickly.

If you don’t find a place to stay as soon as possible and start a fire to keep warm, many people will be frozen to death. Even if people can stick to it with thick enough clothes, horses can’t.

“Hey, it’s time to find a place to stop!”

Just opening his mouth to say this, Sue Kirin’s mouth was filled with a big mouthful of snow. After she finished shouting, she immediately retracted half of her face into the thick scarf.

Snow covered her. She no longer knows how much snow has been shaken off, but every time she shakes off, new snow will soon be added, and she is too lazy to get it. Of course, she is a Grandmaster, this wind and snow cannot affect her health.

But just not far in front of her, the leader of Her Highness the Princess is already too cold to bear.

If it hadn’t been for Sue Kirin’s charm in her arms, she would have long been unable to hold on. But the charms are limited, and it is not a permanent heater, so that sooner or later it will be troublesome to go before the snow.

“Yu’er, Xue Zunzuo makes sense. The wind and snow are too big to take risks. I know you are anxious, but if you want to go your own way, it may be counterproductive in the end. Even if we make it through the wind successfully Xue, everyone may not have enough physical fitness to fight!” Princess Ning also agreed, and persuaded Qin Shiyu to let everyone rest first.

Although they traveled in the wind and snow for only half a day, they marched under such a heavy pressure on their bodies. The physical exhaustion can be imagined, let alone the fact that they have gone so far alone, simply not Have a good rest.

Qin Shiyu did not speak for a long time.

Suddenly, Sue Kirin realized how anxious and nervous this Princess was.

She marched so eagerly to get the upper hand, hoping to reverse the outcome in one fell swoop. Sue Kirin was thinking that Qin Shiyu must have noticed what he and Princess Ning said.

“Then please take care of the emperor.”

Finally, Qin Shiyu compromised and allowed the army to rest.

It’s hard to weather the wind and snow as far as the eye can see. Obviously it is not a good place to camp. After receiving the approval, Princess Ning took a few people to find a suitable place to camp.

While waiting for Princess Ning’s return, the army also slowed down their marching speed to avoid being separated from Princess Ning in the wind and snow. However, it may take some time to find the right place.

Sue Kirin rode his horse to Shui Yuner’s side, just to see him rubbing his hands with breath.

“Is it cold? Xiaoyun.”

Shui Yuner laughed, “It’s fine.”

Sue Kirin looked at her up and down, indeed She is not cold enough to need help. Then, she looked back at the brigade and saw that many soldiers were more unbearable than Shui Yun’er.

“…This snow is really annoying.” She wrinkled her nose.

“Isn’t it…”

Qiqiqi on the side said.

She is the thinnest dressed person in the field. This is related to the relationship between her Five Elements and the fire, so Sue Kirin didn’t say anything about her.

“Kirin, let me see the situation of Elder Sister Li.”

Qi Qiqi seems to be quite worried about Li Wanting, who is at the end of the team and is responsible for the transportation of weapons. The wind and snow definitely have a lot of influence on the transportation of military weapons. She may be afraid that Li Wanting will not be able to cope with it. After all, Li Wanting is not very capable of dealing with sudden occurrences.

“Go ahead.”

Sue Kirin waved his hand.

“Well, I will go back as soon as I go.”

Qi Qiqi headed towards Sue Kirin and Shui Yuner nodded respectively, and rode her horse back. Sue Kirin shook his eyebrows, and a few more snowflakes fell.

Qin Shiyu ahead is silent, seeming to be thinking about something, but also looking for a way out in the wind and snow. Sue Kirin and Shui Yun’er looked at each other, knowing how much pressure she was under.

About a quarter of an hour later, Princess Ning rushed back with the soldiers. They found a hill ahead. Qin Shiyu ordered the army to move there, and it took another two quarters of an hour to finally arrive at the place that Princess Ning said.

Set up the camp, and everything is in place. It is another two quarters of an hour.

In order to reduce the time spent, all accounts are set up, not at all, and a single account is shared by more people, so as to save the time of setting up accounts. , Otherwise two quarters of an hour may not be enough for them to build a camp.

“It’s too slow…”

Qin Shiyu murmured like this before entering the camp.

At this time, Princess Ning and Shui Yun’er just took off their cloak and slapped the snow on it, while Sue Kirin was called by Qi Qiqi to light the brazier.

The wind and snow hit the cloth camp, causing the whole camp to shake, making people wonder whether the camp will collapse at any time. Despite the noise, Qin Shiyu’s words are still very harsh.

“I know you are anxious, but you don’t even look at the weather.”

Sue Kirin said with a curled mouth.

The brazier in front of her blazed ablaze under the light of spell, and her face was dimmed. The little snowflakes hanging on her cheeks began to melt under the temperature of the brazier, and the dim tent became bright because of the burning of the brazier.

“It is not whether I am anxious or not.”

Qin Shiyu took off his cloak, the snow on it had already soaked the cloak. Since the bed hadn’t been set up yet, she could only throw Cloak on the ground casually.

“This blizzard disrupted my entire plan.”

Qin Shiyu was a little irritable, but helpless.

“Although it is often said that there is an unpredictable situation in the sky, I did not expect to encounter such a heavy snowstorm when I was about to arrive…”

“This is also not It’s about the way.”

Sue Kirin spread his hands.

She can understand how frustrated Qin Shiyu is, and she herself feels more or less anxious. After all, the entire group is in the depths of the North Country, and at any time there is a risk of being found out and being encircled.

However, the weather is really helpless, and Sue Kirin can’t stop the wind and snow. “Yu’er, be patient, maybe the wind and snow will stop soon. It’s no use to be anxious here. Why don’t we think about what should be added to the raid plan.”

Qin Shiyu said nothing.

It took a while before she sighed under people’s attention.

“Ning Aunt Wang, do you have a map on your body?”

“I have it on my body.” Shui Yuner answered first.

She took the map of Northland out of her arms and spread it out on the ground. Maps made by parchment are not afraid of moisture on the ground, so there is no need to move them on the table.

Several people gathered around the map.

This map is rather crude, but Qin Shiyu did his best to get it. In this era, maps are important strategic information carriers, and each country has strict custody of fine maps. The map was originally of little significance to Northland, because there weren’t many cities in Northland, so the map was originally quite simple, and it was kept in the hands of important officials in Northland, so Qin Shiyu could get it even simpler.

However, at least there is a rough record of the royal court and most of the terrain.

“Our location is probably here, still some distance away from the royal court… Our road goes too far, even if everyone has horses, it will take a long time.”

Princess Ning pointed to the map and said.

“If it weren’t for this blizzard, we would be able to reach the royal court of the North Kingdom at most the day after tomorrow.”

Qin Shiyu’s face became more condensed after listening.

Don’t say it’s her, Sue Kirin and Shui Yun’er feel that time has been delayed. The night is long and there are many dreams, and Sue Kirin always feels that there is a probability of growing branches.

“Ning Aunt Wang, if you start from Bei’an City and go straight to the palace, how many days do you think it will take?”

“From Bei’an City?”

Qin Shiyu’s question was a bit abrupt, and Princess Ning was stunned for a few seconds before repliing with uncertainty:

“This…I guess about five days–if all It’s the case of the cavalry and marching at extreme speed.”

“If it is the elite Eagle Guard, this time should be shorter by one day to one and a half days.”

Qin Shiyu He made a supplement and got the approval of Princess Ning.

At this time, Shui Yun’er seemed to be aware of it, and asked in surprise:

“His Royal Highness, are you afraid that Canglin will be aware of it?”


Sue Kirin was frightened and almost knocked the brazier next to him.

If Cang Lin really finds that Qin Shiyu is running away and is already on the way to attack the North Country Base Camp, she will definitely deploy troops to surround Qin Shiyu. At that time, not only is deeply trapped in a tiger’s den, but also surrounded. That is no longer a desperate situation that can be described as nine deaths and still alive.

This team of only a few thousand people will definitely end in annihilation.

“I have asked myself to be as imperceptible as possible, but sometimes it is not only when there is sufficient evidence to determine something. Some people can just use some clues to infer the big things. Part of the face, Canglin is OK, and Canglin is also OK. Know yourself and know your enemy, may not be able to emerge victorious in every battle, but you can gain an advantage in many things. I am familiar with Canglin, and Canglin is definitely the same. Familiar with this palace, this palace and her have fought more than a hundred times in Northern Domain.” It is what Qin Shiyu said that could not tolerate any optimism and naive comfort, so the expressions of the few people present They were all quite solemn, and the atmosphere became dull.

As if trying to break the solidified atmosphere, Qi Qiqi walked in from outside in a red dress, immediately took off her cloak, and complained:

“The wind and snow are too big. If this continues, the transport vehicles of the agency weapons may not be able to hold them. Elder Sister Li is going crazy–Uh!”

Half of the complaint , Qi Qiqi was shocked to realize that the camp was no longer the three of her, Shui Yuner and Sue Kirin, but Qin Shiyu and Princess Ning.

A faint redness appeared on her cheeks when she was shocked.

“His Royal Highness Princess Ning, I’m sorry, please forget my gaffe.” She apologized quickly.

However, it is too late.

The bad news she brought made Qin Shiyu’s face even worse.

Once Qin Shiyu missed the battle and died, or was captured, it was a heavy blow to Northern Domain. On the other hand, due to the wind and snow, the news between them and Bei’an City has been cut off, and there is no way to know the situation at that end.

Communication symbol?

Wind and snow weather often disturbs Spiritual Qi and has a certain impact on spell. Therefore, in such heavy snow, the communication symbol cannot achieve such a long-distance call.

In other words, they are like moving forward in the dark.

“If you go forward in the wind and snow, it will take two to two and a half days at the fastest. This is still the case without any accidents, but the direction does not matter, after all, Compass can still be used.”

Qin Shiyu murmured.

“Hey, Qin Family Jiu’er, do you really think Canglin will be aware of it?”

Sue Kirin frowned and asked, this is the most worrying thing.

“Whether she noticed it will soon be known. If she really noticed it, the vigilance around the royal court will definitely increase, so this palace will initially choose a section of the road, I just want to avoid these problems as much as possible.”

“Even if Cang Rin strengthened the police, he might not have thought that you would go around such a section of the road?”

Qin Shiyu nodded, and then explained:

“Cang Rin knows this palace, knowing that this palace focuses on a quick word, because only fast enough can the sword moves be executed. The strategy of with side stroke. This is a kind of inertial thinking. My Palace has slightly used this, but the question is whether he can hit the palace and retreat before Cang Rin really rushes back.”

paused, Qin Shiyu made another conclusion.

“This is no longer a strategic competition, but a gamble.”

People feel heavy on her words.

But Qin Shiyu did not take their feelings into consideration, and in the next instant he threw a boulder on everyone again:

“If the snow keeps going, we will definitely lose. “

Qin Shiyu is resolute and decisive, so there is no room for questioning.

But before the snow stopped, they didn’t have a good way. They had to wait and resign. This was what made them feel most depressed. If there is no snow, they can still act quickly to buy time, but now the wind and snow are all over the sky, a sense of powerlessness is spontaneously growing in their hearts.

“Snow can’t be manipulated, but we can’t waste this time…”

In the end, Shui Yun’er said with a wry smile, which made everyone from the dullness and anxiety Slightly dizzy. “Shui younger sister is right,” Qi Qiqi patted her hand gently, “Let’s discuss how to deal with various possible situations at that time.”

Compared with Shui Yun’er and Qi Qiqi, both are more direct, Princess Ning directly Start the action:

“There are two difficulties.”

Princess Ning took the conversation, and extended the hand drew two small circles on the map.

“According to the business people’s situation, the two places are the big camps guarding the royal court, and there should be garrisons inside. If Cang Lin is really aware of it, before she arrives, this Two places will be the biggest obstacles. Although the royal court in the North is a city, it is far less thick than the walls of the Hua Dynasty, so the city wall is actually easy to solve.”

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