The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1184

“The point is, after this blizzard, how much of the projectile can be used.”

Qin Shiyu said as if pouring cold water, but no one thought she was doing negative things. , Because what she said is true. It’s a big matter, and the worst must be considered.

“I have already asked Elder Sister Li.”

Qiqiqi took the initiative to raise it, as if she had been aware of the related issue.

“Elder Sister Li said that it is still good, but once the blizzard has passed, it will be hard to say after the snow has melted. The water vapor is too high, and the gunpowder may be difficult to ignite. Elder Sister Li did not carefully check the inside of the gunpowder bag. After all, there are waterproof measures on the outside of the gunpowder bag. Once opened, moisture may invade.”

The conversation between smart people is probably like this. With the topic, others can constructively continue the topic. In the discussion, it is not difficult to answer the conversation, but the difficulty lies in making the topic constructively meaningful.

“Spell can be used to get rid of moisture in this part,” Sue Kirin touched the chin, looking at Shui Yun’er, “Xiao Yun can do this work, and he is very good at it.”

Qin Shiyu hearing this also looked towards Shui Yun’er.

“Can the younger sister help?”

Shui Yun’er smiled and nodded. She is good at Water Element Spell, and her accomplishments are not bad, so she simply makes something to get rid of water vapor She is more than competent in the technique.

“Then leave it to you.”

Qin Shiyu made a decision, and his eyes fell on the map again. Frankly speaking, there were no chairs and a few people were squatting. It was really a rude, but they didn’t see it, and no one cared whether the scene was funny.

“As for these two big camps, they are easy to handle. You can start first to be strong.”

“Start first to be strong?”

A few people Looking at each other, Qin Shiyu’s thoughts that he might want to attack the two military camps again appeared in his mind, but he felt that it was impossible.

“Wait ──!”

Sue Kirin suddenly divine light flashed, remembering that he and Qin Shiyu sneaked into the enemy’s formation and assassinated the enemy generals. Without Cangling, these military camps Sue Kirin really come and go freely.

“It seems that you have thought of it.” Qin Shiyu giggled, his eyes revealed a strange light, “The army says this thing is solid, but let them become birds of love. The crowd is also very important. Just break the key to the connection between them.”

“Yes, the stall will fall on me again.”

Sue Kirin suffers With her face spread out, Qi Qiqi cast a sympathetic gaze at her.

“Anyone who has the ability to work hard is a wise saying, Sue Kirin.” Qin Shiyu doesn’t feel any owe to others at all.

“Yes, yes, after all, you are an Imperial Family, so I am getting used to it.”

Sue Kirin wrinkled his nose and said, somewhat unhappy. She personally doesn’t dislike Qin Shiyu very much, but there are fatal essential differences between the Imperial Family and others, which inevitably lead to conflicts in various concepts and ways of doing things.

This is a matter of standpoint, and thinking from the standpoint of others is a matter of speaking of which is simple and extremely difficult to do, and many situations are not allowed. Division of labor and cooperation is the only way to make the world move forward actively, so everyone needs to play their own role and is not allowed to change positions casually.

“Don’t say anything.” Qin Shiyu said much more lazily.

In normal times, she must say a lot of silly things, but she should not be in that mood at the moment. Sue Kirin is a little depressed and wants to say that he will not do it, but this little child’s way of making a temper should obviously not appear here.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, can I not do it?”

Sue Kirin, look left, look right, Qi Qiqi Shuiyuner, there are many Heavenly Jade palace dísciple accompanying team. Although she could not make all the promises of returning home safely, she has the obligation and responsibility to protect these people as much as possible.

“However, you can’t follow this time.”

Sue Kirin put the shame on the front and warned Qin Shiyu not to mess around.

“Yes.” Qin Shiyu did not insist, “Last time this palace insisted on keeping up, because I was afraid that you would not recognize those generals, but this time this palace also has no seal on these defensive generals. Like, naturally I won’t follow it.”

“I will follow.” Qi Qiqi unexpectedly volunteered.

The eyes of several people turned back.

“Although Kirin is a Grandmaster, he is a person after all, and I have at least some self-preservation. I definitely won’t be a drag, but I can also help.”

“Yes.” Qin Shiyu agreed.

“Wait, Xiaoqi, you can follow along—”

“Kirin, it’s too late to get me out of the business, isn’t it? I’m all here.” Qi Qiqi has nothing. Don’t give in.

Sue Kirin saw her eyes firm, knowing that it would be useless to say anything, so she closed her mouth depressed. However, she also knew that she had underestimated Qi Qiqi, after all, the other party was already in the heavenly realm ── the youngest heavenly realm in history was still on her head. Yes, Qi Qiqi has never been the one who can only hide behind and be sheltered by others.

“Then decide like this.”

Qin Shiyu has a feeling of quick sword cuts through tangled hemp.

“Ning Aunt Wang, where is Zhen Guowei’s intelligence?” She then turned to Princess Ning and asked.

Princess Ning nodded lightly, “en.” in a positive tone, and then took out a pile of things wrapped in waterproof cowhide from her arms and handed it to Qin Shiyu. Qin Shiyu unwrapped the package, revealing the files inside.

“This is a list of possible, and some appearance characteristics.”

Qin Shiyu was prepared.

Sue Kirin took the list she handed out and opened it with Qi Qiqi. This document contains a lot of content, and there are some northern generals painted on it. Of course, the Hua Dynasty’s style of painting that only talks about gods will not be mentioned for the time being. Below the portrait, there are some features, such as the description of height and the name, etc.

After reading it briefly, the two decided to do the research later, and Qi Qiqi finally collected the information. Then, several people discussed some more things, unconsciously it was late at night.

The wind and snow have not stopped.

This evening is destined to be quite long, because the wind and snow that ravaged the wilderness has not ceased.


“Come too fast, come too fast…”

The man paced back and forth in the tent.

Named Alexei, as the highest military officer of the Loulan Kingdom, he is extremely troubled at the moment. There is no other reason, but the coalition forces of Moon Wheel and Loulan were surrounded by the coalition forces of the Western Regions. Moon Wheel and Loulan were coerced and lured by the Chinese dynasty, and joined forces with Secret Sect to try to withdraw and counterattack the western countries when the Western Region Allied Forces launched an offensive against China. However, this incident was accidentally exposed in advance and eventually led to a fall. He was chased by tens of thousands of soldiers who were originally friendly forces, and then caught up in front of the city wall of a Western Region country, and was surrounded.

Such a big movement should have been left uncovered. He had already exposed his preparations, but with the help of the two countries’ elite soldiers to break through the countries as fast as possible, and then deploy heavy defenses on the narrow road to react. The coalition forces of the Western Regions should have been able to provide them with as much time as possible, but the coalition forces of the Western Regions came too fast.

So fast that he could not build enough fortifications at the exit of the narrow passage.

Even with the aid of the advanced organs of the Chinese dynasty, under the impact of the Western Region Allied Forces that are not afraid of death, the line of defense that has not yet been built will soon be broken.

In the end, thousands of elite soldiers from their 20,000 Western Region Allied Forces and the Chinese Dynasty were even surrounded.

It can be said that he was caught and revealed. No matter how he thought about it, he couldn’t come up with a convincing excuse to explain this matter. After all, three or four countries have fallen, the Royal Family has been arrested, and they are still acting together with soldiers from the Hua Dynasty.

How to explain this?

On the other hand, all the generals of the coalition have no trust in him. Even if he has a barely reasonable explanation, the other party will definitely not believe it.

The other party has issued an ultimatum, asking Moon Wheel and Loulan to abandon the military force and surrender, and asking the generals to plead guilty for kidnapping themselves. Alexey knew that once he tied himself up and pleaded guilty, he would only end up in a different place.

Moreover, because of this exposure, Moon Wheel and Loulan have fallen into a diplomatic dilemma. Once this force is annihilated here, these two countries will probably follow in the footsteps in the future and be wiped out on the map.

Among them, Secret Sect is the best.

The believers of Secret Sect are almost all over the Western Regions. The support of those crazy believers is enough for Secret Sect to survive this conflict. Moreover, Jialan is the only Grandmaster in the Western Regions. No one dares. What about her. Once Jialan is lost, the Western Regions will be at a disadvantage among several countries.

“By now, the general has no need to worry, right?”

A sweet voice sounded.

Alexey stopped pacing, turned his head and looked towards the golden haired girl sipping hot tea gracefully across the desk. Jialan seemed to be very happy, without any sense of tension or disappointment that the plan revealed.

“Master Saintess, what can you still be so leisurely at this time?”

Alexey is not blaming Jialan, but the other party is so lighthearted, and But I was extremely distressed, making him a little psychologically unbalanced that’s all.

Different from Cang Rin, Jialan is not a decision-making role originally, and she does not share any thoughts on breaking the game, which is understandable.

“I should have more fun in suffering, or is it that the general is so upset that he can think of any way to break the enemy?”

Jia Lan smiled disapprovingly, as if everything was with her It doesn’t matter. Alexei is frowned, his face revealing blatant displeasure.

“That shouldn’t be just waiting to die.”

He really didn’t understand how his monarch could agree with such a stupid plan.

Frankly speaking, if this counter-attack plan is put on his desk, he will definitely refuse it if he does not even think. He knew that the bait was too big, even if it only had a success rate of 20 to 30%, the generous return was enough to influence the decision of his own monarch.

The King Loulan is not a very clever monarch, nor is he a very capable one, but his ambition is higher than the sky, and the Hua Dynasty probably saw this point before entering.

Too damned! Alexe knocked fiercely on the table.

Jia Lan thought it was funny, and made a silver bell-like laugh.

“The general is a funny joke,” Jialan looked at Alexei with a grin. “The only people who are waiting to die are the general and the generals under your soldiers.”

“… “Alexa froze suddenly.

“You’re right? You play with iron.”

As Jialan’s eyes turned, she fell on the black robe girl in the corner. She was black all over her body, except for the red socks on her legs that were of a different color. Next to her stood another maid who looked slender, and the two of them stood silently.

“Master Saintess, don’t forget that Secret Sect is also surrounded by many people.”

“What’s the matter with me?”

Lan responded quickly and decisively.

For a time, Alexei speechless. He wondered if Saintess could really give up Secret Sect and leave alone, right? It may be impossible for others, but the willful and ruthless Secret Sect Saintess is in front of him.

Frankly speaking, apart from the strength of the Grandmaster, Jialan no longer has the aptitude that can be linked to Saintess.

“Is there nothing to say about the Hua Imperial Emperor?”

“Your Majesty will not admit this matter.” The Mohist god craftsman finally spoke.

Alexei suddenly felt a scorching heat in his stomach, and his anger was rushing up his esophagus. He held back his anger, gritted his teeth and asked:

“The Mo family would be willing to be an abandoned son?”

Since a while, Mo Lele casually said:

“I am different from Jialan, so naturally I will not give up my own dísciple. I have the intention of joining forces with the general, but whether it can break through is still unknown.”

Milele’s language is suppressed.

She simply didn’t want to be involved, but because she couldn’t resist the pressure from the Imperial Court, she agreed to participate in such a stupid plan and become the eagle dog of the Imperial Court.

There is no way, she still has a heavy burden handed over by her own masters.

Can get Merlot’s response, Alexei can feel a little relieved. If Merlot is also like Jialan, then the Moon Wheel and Loulan coalition forces that have lost the Grandmaster battle strength will become very impossible to withstand a single blow.

“Playing iron, it seems that you are quite loyal.”

Jia Lan said a little unhappy.

“I have thousands of elite craftsmen of the Mo family staying here. As The head of the family, how can I say escape? It’s Jia Lan Senior. You, as a Saintess, can easily Give up Secret Sect’s disciplines, I can’t learn how to bear your heart.”

Jia Lan smiled more happily, and raised the tea cup in front of her, half covering her lips. “Secret Sect is different from you. If Secret Sect dísciple has no intention to fight and is willing to leave automatically, I think the generals of the Western Regions would be very happy to see it. After all, Secret Sect has the special status of Secret Sect.” /p>

Milele hearing this frowned, what Jialan said is not unreasonable. There are many followers of Secret Sect, and the countries of the Western Regions have to weigh when they want to use Secret Sect. If Secret Sect is unwilling to fight to the end and is willing to leave here, most of the generals in the Western Regions will be happy to see it.

Of course, they will certainly have grievances in their hearts, but they can only swallow this sorrow.

“Speaking of which, I remembered one thing.”

Jia Lan showed a mischievous smile, but there was no slight smile in the look towards Alexey Mind and feelings, only things like mud are indulging in deathly silence.

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