The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1185

“The opposite party sent someone over and said that as long as the rebel generals be beheaded and their heads are exchanged, they can be lightened.”

Yes, Jialan’s eyes are like Looking at a corpse, there is no ups and downs or feelings.

“Master Saintess, you…”

At the moment of being surrounded, the Western Region Allied Forces sent people to shoot a large number of arrows tied with flyers. If you leave the rebel generals and surrender, you can leave the past alone. This is a typical psychological warfare tactic, but it is undeniable that it is very effective. The soldiers of the Moon Wheel and Loulan Armies have been shaken, and there are more begin to stir.

It took him a lot of effort to reluctantly suppress the matter, but he did not expect Jia Lan Union to mention it here.

“I’m Saintess anyway, am I? I have to give some pointers to qualify for this title. Don’t the iron player want to share your adversity with you? I just told her not to be like this, she doesn’t have to take her dísciple is also brought into the dead place that’s all.”

Jia Lan said with a smile while playing with her nails. She was smiling obviously, but Alexei felt that her face was distorted and her eyes were filled with thick darkness. With a chill in his heart, he stepped back and reached a position where he could easily touch his saber.

That is almost instinctive defensive action.

He naturally knows that even if he has Three Heads Six Arms, even if there is an army of thousands of people behind him, he is also impossible to be any opponent in front of him. Killing him is as easy as pie.

“The countries of the Western Regions must be in chaos again.”

Jialan is regretfully sighed, and there is really no regret at all.

Alexei suddenly thought that the Secret Sect that most of the people of the Western Regions believe in may not be holy and noble in itself, otherwise, how could it be possible for Jialan to be so distorted?

“I think that the countries of the Western Regions are in chaos. Those kings are definitely not willing to be hostile to the Hua Dynasty. People who are a little bit sane know that it is unwise to be hostile to the Hua Dynasty. They are just A step that’s all. As long as the master craftsman is willing to leave with dísciple, there is still room for negotiation, right?”

At the end, Jialan aimed at Merlele. The girl didn’t respond much, but the ripples in her eyes had already betrayed the fact that she had been shaken.

Milele may disdain to do some things, but she still has a whole Mohist family pressed on her body, and she cannot let these five thousand Mohist elites die here. She also suffered from no way, and wanted to join forces with Alexei to fight to the end, in order to fight for a glimmer of survival.

However, Jialan now says that this is not necessary.

Being able to reduce losses as much as possible is a huge temptation that Merlot cannot refuse.

“Ms. Artisan, do you want to betray your faith?” Alexei asked loudly.

It took him all his life to bring the family back to glory. He hasn’t enjoyed enough yet and doesn’t want to be that victim. Yes, at first, he shouldn’t agree to his king’s leadership, and he is only to blame for being too greedy and seeking a higher position.

Yes, greed hurt his king, and it hurt him.

“Okay, I think the time is about the same. I have to take the dísciple of Secret Sect back. I think Sect Master will claim to be deceived by you. Everything is the same as Secret Sect. It doesn’t matter, Secret Sect will only express deep regret about this.”

With a smile, Jia Lan lightly turned around.

She was really happy, she looked so happy, even a little excited, and her cheeks were flushed with excitement.

Next, as if thinking of something, she raised her small face slightly, pressed her index finger against her chin, and gradually tilted her head, as if thinking.

“By the way, should I go out and tell them aloud, as long as you are obedient, you can have a way to survive?”

Jia Lan’s gaze glanced over, and her face sank inexplicably In the darkness, his smile split to the corner of his forehead.

“Hey, it’s so interesting, I really want to see how many people are willing to die here for glory, willing to give up their lives for you who are in high positions-well, how many can there be What? How many people would be willing to be stupid?”

For a long time, Alexei couldn’t say anything.

His body trembled because of the cold from within the body, as if he had seen the worst things happen. Betrayal and betrayal and death.

“Master Saintess, why did you kill me?”

“Well, because I don’t like this very much. Imitate the dog and steal chicken, it’s really amazing. Disgusting… It’s disgusting!” In the middle of speaking, Jialan’s expression suddenly became disgusting and gloomy, like a black silhouette.

“It’s disgusting.” She said coldly.

Alexey was speechless for a while.

When he questioned and so on, he forgot that he might also ask him why he betrayed the league. He is not qualified to ask this question.

“Damn it!”

Alexei picked up his scimitar and slammed it forward. The simple desk couldn’t withstand his blow, it broke in two and collapsed to the ground.

“Aiya, the general, is this taking the table out of breath? This can be considered bullying the weak.”

Jia Lan said with a smile.

Alexey stared at her fiercely, breathing heavily. He couldn’t smash the body of Saintess in front of him, and insult him in every possible way. But he can’t beat the opponent, he can only hide all his sullenness in his heart.

“Would you like to try?”

Jialan smiled strangely as if she had read the man’s thoughts. Her cheeks were scary red, and her breathing became messy and rapid. She touched her hand from her upturned face all the way down to her chest, and back to her neck.

She gently wrapped her hands around her neck.

“Would you like to try struggling–struggle embarrassingly and try to cut my neck with your knife?”

This man is crazy, this is Ah Lexer’s first thought.

But in the next second, he realized that it was impossible. Jialan is the Grandmaster with the highest defensive power in the world, even if his knife is made of the best Damascus steel and made by the best craftsmen. The sharp blade that is responsible for forging may not necessarily be able to break through Jialan’s defense.

But, what if?

Alexey found that he had such a naive idea, but he couldn’t convince himself that it was absolutely impossible. The instinctive desire to survive was rejecting him to deny this probability.

Like ghosts and gods, Alexei could not stop the impulse in his heart.

Try it, what if? This kind of thinking drove him forward, and he didn’t realize that Jialan’s smile was getting more and more weird.

Finally, he stopped in front of the girl. In the reflection of the girl’s crazy eyes, the man saw that he gradually raised the knife in his hand. The knife was aimed at Jialan’s neck, and then he ruthlessly chopped the scimitar in his hand.

The knife was cut accurately on Jia Lan’s neck.

“Hello, Jia Lan Senior?” Mo Lele stared in surprise.

A bloodstain on Jialan’s white neck gradually appeared under the blade. Alex was unbelievable, but he couldn’t restrain the ecstasy in his heart. He had the illusion that he could really kill Jialan for a moment.

However, that’s all.

No matter how much Alexei adds gravity, the blade can’t go deep even one inch. He simply raised the knife again, and slashed again forcefully.

One cut after another.

He slashed more than a dozen knives, but he still couldn’t cause more serious injuries on Jia Lan’s neck, let alone cut Jia Lan’s neck. Alexei used his full strength with every cut, and he was a little unsustainable after more than a dozen knives. He gasped for breath, and muttered: “Why is cutting constantly…”

“You are too bad.”

Milele, who has been on the sidelines, has seen through the truth.

Alexey is impossible to injure Jialan, and the slightest injury that will occur is Jialan deliberately released water. She was playing tricks on Alexei and taking pleasure in it.

After a few seconds, Alexei finally understood, his face was ashamed.

“What? It’s boring.”

Jia Lan sighed disappointedly, stretched out her index finger to wipe the blood from her neck, and then gently wiped it on her lips. As a result, her lips appeared sharper.

“Men who don’t last can’t please others.”


Alexey was very angry with a smile. But the despair in his eyes has gradually become apparent.

“It’s almost there. There is no fun to squeeze from you.”

Jia Lan said boredly, and then took a chair to sit on it, yawning Come. Alexei could only look at her in disgust, but helplessly.

Suddenly, there was a crisp breaking sound.

He looked down but found that his scimitar had cracked, and then it fell into countless fragments-it was like his last hope.

“Okay, what about the master craftsman?”

Jia Lan really wants to squeeze out the fun that the person in front of her can bring to her.

“Master Master, what Jialan Venerable Master said is not without reason.” The maid at the side of Mo Lele also said aloud.

From her standpoint, she must not want to sacrifice herself here.

Milele seemed a little hesitant.

“It seems that Master Artisan wants to die here with thousands of dísciples of his own!” Jia Lan giggled.

“Shut up.”

Milele said in a deep voice.

“Master Artisan, although I can’t guarantee anything, but if you are willing to join hands with me, I–“

“Shut up!” Melale didn’t let Alek Stop talking.

She is obviously already in a kind of extreme contradiction, the expression on her face is uncertain in the situation where the heavens are fighting. But it is a matter of time before she makes a decision, depending on how long it will take.

Finally, she has a response.

She responded with actions.

Milele just extends the hand. The maid on the side understood what she meant, and took out a telescopic sword from her arms and handed it to her master.

When Alexei saw that the other party took out his sword, he knew that something was going wrong.

What’s even worse is that his only weapon was shattered just now, he is already defenseless.

“You were teased by the emptiness of hope, you must hate it now, right?” Jia Lan showed that sweet smile again, her face flushed again, “Repent? Hate? Desperate? Does it feel wonderful? Do you want to try to struggle again?”

Milele’s eyes cast a shadow.

She doesn’t want to follow Jialan’s intentions, and she hates her extremely in her heart. However, she was involved involuntarily and could only step by step to lean against the man whose eyes revealed despair.


The man seemed to remember that he could still call for help.

However, it was too late. Melalek knew what he was thinking, and immediately stepped out. The burst speed made her approach the man in a blink of an eye. The sharp blade in his hand penetrated the man’s throat with no difficulty. , Stuck him wanting to blurt out the call for help.


The man looked at the sharp blade that pierced him in horror, and watched a lot of blood spurting from it. He realized that his life was passing fast, waving his hands and feet wildly.

Milele did not show any mercy, and immediately swept aside with a sharp edge.


The head fell to the ground, and the man watched in surprise as his body was still waving his arms there. It took ten seconds to watch it slowly fall down. There was another muffled noise. The moment his body fell, it also knocked his consciousness to pieces.


Milele looked at the man who had lost his life silently.

She stood in a daze for a while, until Jialan clapped her hands suddenly, she came back to her senses and looked towards the girl with a cheerful face clapping her hands.

“If there is another time, I will definitely not work with you again. I hate you.”

“It’s a shame…”

Jia Lan paused the smile on her face, next moment expression sighed quietly.

“But by coincidence, I don’t like you either.”

“…a nasty and twisted woman.”

“Each each other.” Jia Lan Wei He turned his head and smiled sweetly, “I also hate women with knives behind them.”

“What do you know?”

Milele was poked to the pain. , Suddenly roared. Her cry caught the attention of the outside, and there was already a voice calling Alexei, a sign of commotion.

“It seems that the interesting things end here, and the next troubles are left to you. I have pointed out the way to you, and the responsibility of Saintess has ended everywhere.”

Jialan stood up leisurely, patted her clothes, as if there was something unclean on them.

“Aiya, it seems that this skirt is also terrific.” She noticed some blood stains on the clothes, and pursed her mouth unhappily.

The sword in her hand was still dripping blood, and Merlele looked at the girl’s appearance, and her disgust was even worse. No, part of those disgust is self-disgust. She has fallen into such a situation, and her own compromise is also “indispensable.”

What a mockery, Mo Lele sneered.

The curtain of the camp at the other side was lifted, and Jialan walked out leisurely. You can see the soldiers outside who are wondering what happened here, quietly giving way for her, and they haven’t learned that their general has died here. However, it is still unknown whether they will be heartbroken or secretly relaxed after learning the news.

──Someone started after all!

It’s like someone igniting a flame. This spark will surely start a prairie fire soon. Even among the elite soldiers, there must be some people who don’t want to die. Now that Alexei is dead, a single thought will surely emerge in their minds:

“Kill all the generals and give them to the Western Region Allied Forces. In exchange for a glimmer of survival!”

The person who single-handedly contributed to a kind of chaos filled with betrayal has already retreated leisurely, but this is after all a farce that’s all, if not Moon Wheel and Loulan are greedy, how can they push a joint battle into the abyss of cannibalism?

“It’s all a farce…” Mo Le sighed bitterly.

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