The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1186

There is a word called causal cycle.

There is a saying, plant good causes to get good results, plant evil causes to get evil results.

Milele doesn’t believe in this word and thinks it’s all nonsense. Of course, cause and effect are necessarily related, but the good and evil of cause and effect are not necessarily related.

However, if there is no necessity, it means chance and accident.

Milele thought, this is probably an accident, but after all, there is no cut weeds and eliminate the roots.

So, the misty silhouette standing on the road, alone blocking her and thousands of people, which one is the reason for the appearance of the other party? Mo Lele couldn’t understand.

“──I have come to get back my things.”

In the narrow path, the pure white silhouette stands alone, and a pair of purple eyes is burning with a faint light. Mo Lele and the mechanic behind her were clearly reflected.

There are fishes in the North Ming.

The only Great Grandmaster in the Hua Dynasty.

Now that there are many Great Grandmasters in the Hua Dynasty, the once and only Great Grandmaster is still not inferior in it, and even looks like a crane in a flock of chickens.

She is still strong.

However, to isolate one person before Mo Lele and thousands of mechanics is too much to look down upon.

“Do you want to return my sword?”

Mo Lele stood up in front of Mo’s dísciple’s uneasy eyes and asked Beiming there is a fish. Beiming Youyu stood here quietly, letting the wind rushing into the narrow valley shake her clothes.

“I didn’t think about it, but you actually used your companion’s head in exchange for the Mohist’s detachment-yes, after all, you are the one who can sneak attack from behind.”

Bei Ming There was a fish who laughed out loud, and there was a sense of sarcasm in the cold voice.

She touched the side waist that was cut by the sneak attack last time. The wound there has basically healed, but the matte skin that grew out of the skin still cannot be completely integrated with the skin beside it, as if It reminded her that Lingyue Valley was destroyed and she was betrayed again.

“all’s fair in war.” Melale’s response was cold.

She looked towards Beiming Youyu with deep feelings of reluctance in her eyes. The death of her own master has a certain relationship with the girl in front of her, and she wants revenge if possible.

But at the same time, she knows that revenge is not in this kind of sneak attack. Only by just and honorable defeating the opponent head-on, can you be happy and comfortable.

She can’t.

She is also involuntarily, but these are not excuses. She would not move out to discuss with Beiming Youyu, let her be considerate of herself.

This battle may have been unavoidable-as her price for betraying the Western Regions, but also for her as a price for succumbing to the Imperial Court.

“Master, that…”

The ghost girl who was guarding behind Mo Lele said uncomfortably.

Milele didn’t let her finish speaking, so he shook the head to her.

“The retribution will never happen. I don’t know how many people are bound by this chain. I can’t hide it.”

“We can help you.” The ghost girl volunteered.

Milele shook his head.

“You can’t just look at the front, but look around you more.”


The ghost girl looked surprised.

She slowly raised her head, looked all around, and finally saw another silhouette at the top of both sides of the narrow path. It was Bei Xiaolu, she recognized it at a glance.

“Didn’t expect originally thought that even if there were fish in Beiming, even if they did not die, Bei Xiaolu’s injury would not survive long. Didn’t expect both survived. It’s a mockery.”

Milele smiled with self-deprecation, the ghost girl wanted to say something to comfort her, but she didn’t know what to say.

“She chose the narrow road for no reason. The formidable power of the fish in Beiming’s arrow is enough to smash both sides and cause collapse. Once the high walls on both sides collapse, the falling stone fragments are enough Most of the dísciple was knocked into meat sauce.”

Milele narrowed his eyes, his expression becoming more solemn.

“The older the ginger, the hotter the ginger, and now we are in the middle of the narrow path, we can’t advance or retreat.”

“…” The ghost girl was cold in her heart.

She is still too naive, far from Milele’s imagination.

“If Monan is there, there may be some way.”

Mo Lele continued with a scream, regretful and hated her own powerlessness. She possesses the power of a master craftsman, which can rival the Grandmaster, but her brain is far from that of Monan.

“Master, I am really not suitable for being a master craftsman…” Mo Lele murmured, “But Mo Family, I will definitely help you hold it.”

Step on your feet.

A black shadow spread from under her feet, just as her shadow no longer obeys orders, distorting and depicting other shapes without authorization.

The sound of gears twisting in the mechanism sounded.

Gradually, the shadow bulged and wrapped around Merlele’s body. There is another bulge next to her, depicting the shape of a coffin box.

At the other end, there was mist bursting from the hands of the fish in Beiming.

The mist twists and turns into a bow shape, drawing a beautiful solitary line, which looks like a waning moon, reflecting the sun.

Almost at the same time, the dust settled.

The mud-like ink color peeled off Merlele, and the girl underneath had already put on the black Battle Armor, and the ink tank beside it appeared and opened, and countless cold lights were pushed from it. Came out.

In the hands of Beiming Yuyu, a white longbow has been added.

“This matter is only about you and me. The Mohist disciples should have no deep hatred with you.”

There are plates unfolding behind Molele’s Battle Armor, spitting out red light spots.

That is the compressed Spiritual Qi.

“Milele, ah Milele, there are no innocent people in the world,” Beiming Youyu chuckled, “But it is true that I do not have any enmity with the Mo Family itself. One thing belongs to one thing, I too I won’t be so crazy here.”

“So, I would like to thank Beiming Senior first.”

Milele relaxed secretly.

A gentleman deceives others, and this principle applies to Beiming Youyu. What she didn’t know was that Beiming Youyu didn’t care about the lives and deaths of these thousands of people. She only killed or not killed in a single thought, and there was no reason at all. She didn’t want to attack those organ teachers, because she didn’t want them to hinder their dying counterattack, and she also remembered her feelings of destruction of Lingyue Valley.

Sometimes, she can feel Mo Weiyang’s helplessness and hardship.

“Take someone a step forward, quickly return to base camp, and tell Menan what is going on here. He knows better than me what to do.”

The situation is about to happen.

The two confronted each other but no one moved first, as if waiting for the other party to confess the matter properly.

“No, I want to follow the master.” The ghost girl shook her head and refused. “Hey, Hua Que, your life has just begun, so there is no need to pay me to fold it here.” Mo Lele was only halfway through speaking, only to find that she had no persuasive power at all, so she immediately changed her words: ” Of course, I won’t wait and die. Heavenly Thunder Sword is still charged and I won’t necessarily lose. You stay here will only become a burden, and I can’t fight with all my strength. I promise you that I will do my best to survive.”

“But…” The ghost girl was still not relieved.

“Don’t you believe me?”

When Mo Lele asked sternly, the ghost girl panicked.

“I… I naturally believe in you, the master.” She lowered her eyes and whispered something like the master is really cunning.

Mo Lele talked to his throat but couldn’t speak.

She somewhat understands how Mo Weiyang thinks of herself. The ghost is like her own bloodline. In any case, Mo Lele doesn’t want the Chinese bird to suffer here with her.

“Okay, let’s go.”

Milele ordered.

The maid did not act immediately, instead she looked at Merlele a few more times, as if she wanted to print her silhouette in her eyes. After ten seconds, she nodded to Mo Lele and turned to explain the matter.

Next, she shoulders the important task of bringing these organ teachers back to the Mo family.

Beijing Youyu waited for all of this quietly, watching the organ normal brigade pass by the two, watching them look worried at Merlele, watching them slowly leave here.

“Bei Ming, no matter what kind of enmity and hatred we have between us, but I have to thank you for this matter today.”

Mole Le said quite solemnly .

“People are involuntarily in the rivers and lakes. You and I understand this sentence.” Beiming Youyu said lightly.

“So, no more words.”

Milele laughed, his eyes lit up with fighting intent. She pulled out a long metal structure that was difficult to tell from the ink tank. Driven by the mechanism, the metal structure instantly combined into a giant sword.

She holds the giant sword in both hands and poses.

“The sword I owe you is on my body. If you want, you can take it yourself.” Mo Lele shouted loudly.

Beijing Youyu no longer speaks, and responds with actions. Raising his hand, he shoots an arrow, blowing the horn of battle. This seemingly casual arrow was quick and anxious, like a shooting star, and came to Mo Lele in a blink of an eye.

Milele did not swing a sword.

A metal plate flew out behind her to block this arrow ──When the arrow hit the plate, it was like a water arrow hitting the lake water, and it instantly melted away.


Being Ming Youyu sees the brilliance of spirituality circuits on the plate, and knows that the essence of the plate is a simple prohibition. She then stretched out a full bow, the brilliance in her hand gathered.

A series of string sounds continue to excite!

Bei Ming Youyu’s hand is very fast, and in a blink of an eye, several arrows shoot out. These arrows bloomed suddenly in the middle of the flight, like a flower scattered and shooting petals.

A large number of light arrows filled Merole’s eyes.

Milele knows that simple prohibition cannot completely block such a large number of arrow strikes, so he rushes out directly. The organ device behind her spouts the stored Spiritual Qi, and the jet stream forms a red river.

The girl’s helmet also dropped the mask to protect her face, and she turned into a flash of lightning.

Beiming Youyu continuously aimed at the approaching light with seven arrows, but they were all in vain. The arrow shot into the fire wave and then shattered abruptly. She didn’t take the blow, and soared into the air.

“It’s not over yet!”

Although Mo Lele is fast, she also has a big charge. Seeing that there are fish in Beiming, she casually resolves her full charge and reverses it. The sword plunged into the ground to slow down. She twisted her figure with the sword as the axis, threw away a few black shadows biting the fish towards the north.


Beijing Youyu knows very well the mysterious weapon, and plucks the bowstring and shoots down the black shadow coming from the arrow.

Unexpectedly, those black shadows exploded after being hit, exploding circles of black dust. The black dust was quite strange, and it spread out in flakes, like a dark curtain blocking between the two.


A fish in Beiming lost her trace of Merlele, looking around to find it. He could barely perceive his breath, and he didn’t know what strange method the other party used.

Suddenly, there was movement from directly below a fish in Beiming.

There are a few holes through the dark curtain, something is biting from the north. She instinctively raised her hand to shoot, and shot down the attack. It was discovered that those strange daggers were actually long after those daggers exploded again, exploding a new dark curtain.

It’s been counted, Beiming has Yu thought.

At the same time, a few more daggers shot from the side. Beiming Youyu did not raise the bow to meet the attack this time, but avoided those daggers with a deft posture.

However, those daggers are different from the previous ones.

The dagger suddenly exploded as soon as it passed the Beiming Yuyu, and the huge blast wind and formidable power simultaneously pressed the Beiming Yuyu in different directions. There are fish groaned in Beiming, turning the majestic True Qi tail to offset the impact.

Even so, she lost control of her body shape for a while.

“Let’s end this!”

Milele’s roar blew up from the sky, and a fish in Beiming barely raised his head, but saw black spots suddenly appearing under the Sun Wheel, dragging them A big sword wrapped in lightning dropping from the sky.

It seems that Beiming Youyu can’t adjust its body shape in time to avoid it, so it can only hold up its bow and arrow at the crucial moment and charge up a blow. The arrows scattered at the moment they left the string and bit towards Mo Lele.

Milele didn’t hide, and ran directly into the arrow rain.

The Battle Armor on her body gave her second only to Jialan defensive power, and even hardly resisted all the arrows, and came to Beiming Youyu in a blink of an eye. Bei Ming Youyu opened his eyes in surprise, this chain of offense was a little bit beyond her expectation.

But it may be fatal.

Milele slashed with a sword, and immediately exploded a lot of lightning. Beiming Youyu’s figure was cut in two in it, but Mo Lele was surprised that he didn’t have the touch of a hit. After turning around, he saw Beiming Youyu’s broken body suddenly shattered and exploded a lot of mist.

Milele’s vision was stained by white, completely losing visibility.


This move can be regarded as a cure for the other’s body. Mo Lele knows that this place shouldn’t stay for a long time. Out of the red arc of light flow.

She only got out of the fog when she found herself trapped by another thing.

Countless light arrows are floating in the air, surrounding Merlot in almost all directions. As soon as Merlele stepped into this trap, which was arranged for an unknown length of time, these arrows shot at Merlele quickly.


Two shields spread out on Merlot’s arm armor. She shrank up and hid in the shield to withstand all arrow strikes. Bumpy bump──! The explosion sounded deafening and disturbed the Spiritual Qi in this area.

Fortunately, her shield is strong enough.

The arrow’s attack failed to penetrate through her shield and Battle Armor. While taking on the arrow’s strikes, Merlot slowly drew back. At this moment, she felt that her figure was suddenly subjected to a huge impact, and for a while she lost and flew out to the side.


She dragged the tobacco, bumped into the high wall beside her, and sank deeply. A few stones peeled off the cracked wall, and Merle stood up on the wall, only to realize that his shield had been penetrated, and a heavy black iron arrow was stuck in the middle.

It must be a deadly kill hidden in the rain of arrows.

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