The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1187

Fortunately, Mulele thought.

If the shield is not a sandwich composite structure, otherwise she will have to peel off even if she is immortal under this arrow. But fortunately, it is still too early. She has not had time to escape from the stone wall, and another arrow rain falls.

She was forced to defend.

The problem is that Beiming Yuyu is likely to repeat the same trick again. In order to prevent the opponent from accurately hitting the place where the shield is damaged, Merlot drives her ink tank to deform.

It was a box like a crossbow.

In the next instant, a large number of arrows shot out from it, scattered randomly in all directions, trying to put pressure on the fish that came from nowhere.

But this is not at all with good results.

Even if the coverage area is large enough and the arrow density is high enough, Beiming Youyu still has the ability to keep shooting, and her body style is unique in the Hua Dynasty.

However, this situation has improved after Merlot changed the strikes with gunpowder inside. The blast wind and smoke generated by the explosion not only hinder the vision, but also affect the stability of the arrow.

Taking advantage of the drastic reduction in pressure, Merlele immediately controlled the back mechanism to jet Spiritual Qi, and quickly escaped from Beiming Youyu’s firepower coverage, pulling up into the air.

The ink tank ejects the array mechanism component.

Milele captured the fish in Beiming with a sufficient height advantage, and at the same time, the several groups of organ components shot out also arrived, and they bite with the connecting components protruding from her Battle Armor’s right arm.

Black’s long barrel appeared in front of people instantly.

Milele did not dare to neglect, and immediately turned the barrel to aim at the fish in Beiming. The red light of the muzzle was condensed, and a torrent of light rushed to the north of the sea. Beiming Youyu swung around to prop up a beautiful full bow, bursting out with a dazzling light.

Then the white light cut through the space.

At the moment it leaves the string, the arrow resembles a white flash of light, like a moth battling the fire directly against the tip of the dumped red light. The arrow is unusually strong, dispersing the flow of light like a flying watershed.

As a result, countless red trickles scattered and turned into distorted lines and random strikes.

Boom booming──!

The stone wall was hit in many places, then cracked and collapsed.

The arrow finally dissipated in the light flow of red, but the fish in the north was no longer in the original position. She pulled up to a height equal to Merlele, and shot an arrow at will. Merlele smashed the white arrow with his left arm armor.

Another white mist burst.

Milele once again lost the sight of Beiming Youyu. She did not stay in place, because it would become passive, so she moved left and right to avoid.

Sure enough, a few more arrows came.

She was there just now and the arrow was hitting there. If Merlele moved slowly for a beat, she would definitely be hit by the arrow.

Milele once again injected Spiritual Qi into the barrel of his right arm.

She activated the mechanism inside, changed the cannon into shot mode, and fired at the visible place. In an instant, flying sand running stone, red projectiles covered all directions like rain, like a gust of wind through the forest.


Beiming Youyu knocked his mouth impatiently, and shuttled in the rain of red bullets with extremely flexible movements. Her figure was like a mist, and she couldn’t get any red.

Her white is still spotless.

Beiming has fish and even has room to counterattack, shooting arrow after arrow at Merlele. Of course, these casual arrows are not at all formidable power, Merlot can resist with Battle Armor alone.

The bursting continues.

The ink tank below has a new movement. He stretched out several barrels, “boom~ boom~ ──” and shot out dozens of projectiles. Beiming Yuyu realized that there was a full shelling of formidable power below, and immediately pulled away and flew back.

A few shots hit precisely where she was just now, and then exploded.

It didn’t hit any target, but it could explode strangely, making Beiming Yuyu unexpected. Her figure was blown out by the blast wind.

Then, there were a few more arrows that were as thick as a young man’s body and stopped on Beiming’s retreat. The shells of those arrows popped out, sprinkling a large amount of gunpowder pellets, and the smoke that lifted up completely swallowed Beiming Youyu’s figure.

“It’s so difficult.”

Milele knows that this can’t hurt Beiming Youyu, but the cannon in his hand has melted because of overheating. She stretched out the crossbow hanging on the back of the Battle Armor, and launched a random shot at the dust ball while driving the ink tank to deform again and firing a new weapon.

She loves to use it, and the spear that can change the weight flies into her hand like an arrow.

After receiving the euphorbia, several metal plates flew out of Merlot’s back, surrounding the place where the dust ball was. In an instant, the invisible restriction took shape, clearing the Spiritual Qi in the entire airspace.

In her thoughts, the other party would definitely not stay in the ban for a long time, so the propulsion device behind it has begun to accumulate power. She aimed at the moment when Beiming Youyu was out of the “ban”.

However, a second passed.

Two seconds, three seconds, four seconds… There is no fish in the North Ming without any movement, and the mist is about to settle, as if the fish in the North Ming has disappeared there.

Where is it? Mo Lele looked around all around, looking for a fish in Beiming. She also expanded her perception as much as possible, but still couldn’t catch any clues.

There is a fish in Beiming as if it disappeared here.

Milele searched the visible range, but did not see the silhouette of a fish in Beiming. She doesn’t think the other party has fled, but where can she go? Merlot can only brake statically.


There is a rumbling sound that penetrates the atmosphere.

The profound iron heavy arrow pierced the atmosphere and shot out from the dust mass that had already dispersed for most of it. Mo Lele knew that he was in the game, and immediately swung his halberd to fight.

The halberd blade and the black iron heavy arrow collided fiercely.

When the sparks burst, Mo Lele increased his strength before smashing the black iron heavy arrow. At the same time, the second arrow struck in the same direction.

Merole’s arm armor sprayed out the compressed Spiritual Qi, and moved horizontally to the right, avoiding the second arrow.

Then, the pushing device on her back was fully activated, and the light stream of red shot into the sky like a giant’s blood column. Merlele accelerated explosively, turning into a lightning-like red shadow to strike north where there was a fish.

After passing through the dust and mist and dispelling it, Mo Lele approached in front of Beiming Yuyu in a blink of an eye.

Milele is very confident of her explosive speed, Beiming Youyu did not react, and even failed to react to Merlele’s approach.

There is no change in Beiming Youyu’s expression. Merlele did not give the opponent any chance to react, and the built-in spirituality circuit of Euphorbia was activated, prompting the transformation of Euphorbia.

She swung her halberd to cut a fish towards the north.


Milele took a deep breath.

Although Euphorbia succeeded in killing Beiming Youyu with one knife or two, it still didn’t have a hitting feel. She really caught the breath of a fish in Beiming. Mo Lele was puzzled. When she saw the fish in Beiming’s silhouette and the smoke dissipated, the spirit bow did not dissipate with it. Then she understood where the breath of fish in Beiming came from.

It is the breath remaining on the bow.

Bei Ming Youyu gave up her weapon.

“You are still a little tender!”

The voice came from behind, and when Mo Lele wanted to turn around, his whole body bent forward and fell for a long time. .

“There is a fish in the North Ming, when are you…”

Milele reluctantly turned his head and saw that a fish in the North Ming had stepped on his back. She twirled her body to shake the opponent off, but the opponent grabbed the metal structure of her back like a wing, as stable as Mount Tai.

Difficult! Mo Lele couldn’t get rid of the opponent, and backhanded his halberd back.

Beijing Youyu bounced the blow with its tail, then twisted the tail, filled with Spiritual Qi, and plunged straight into Merlele’s back. Even with the Battle Armor body, it is no match for the tail of Beiming.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh). She couldn’t maintain the flying posture, and Beiming Youyu also got worse, and when she flipped her wrist, a heavy arrow of profound iron appeared in her hand.

She clenched the arrow tightly and jabbed it down!

The Battle Armor on Merlele’s back was already damaged, and this arrow easily pierced her body. The blood splattered out, and Mo Lele exhaled again in pain.

“Get down!”

Milele shouted frantically, twisting his body like an insect, trying to get rid of Beiming Youyu. But the other party’s tail stuck in her within the body, the more she struggled, the more serious her injury became.


Beiming Youyu stretched out his left hand speechlessly, the spirit bow that was about to fall to the ground once again turned into a mist and disappeared into the air . Next moment, Ling Gong returned to Beiming Youyu’s hands.

The pure white demon uses the tail as the “anchor” to fix it behind Merlele, propping up a beautiful full bow.

Shoot an arrow!

The arrow hit Merlele’s back and exploded. A fish from Beiming succeeded with one arrow, and another arrow shot frantically at the Battle Armor on the back of Merlele.

The skin under Battle Armor is already blurry.

Presumably, without a few arrows, you can penetrate the solid body of Merlot. Mo Lele knew that this would not work, and endured the pain, twisting his body harder.

The point where her back was pierced by the tail suddenly expanded, and the tail came loose.

Milele seized this opportunity to spin and cut out a halberd.

However, Beiming Youyu grabbed the wing-like structure on her back, and was thrown out following Merlele’s turn. The huge throwing force caused Beiming Youyu to directly forcibly pull off the similar structure it had caught.

Despite the heavy losses, Mo Lele still believes that being able to get rid of Beiming Yuyu is a great fortune in misfortune.


Beiming Youyu turned around and wrapped her bow around Mo Lele’s neck. With a huge swing on her body, the sharp bowstring entered the ink. In Lele’s neck, a bright red blood flower exploded.

Milele immediately stretched out her left hand to hold Beiming Youyu’s right foot to prevent her from breaking her neck by the momentum of her throwing away.

She vomited a mouthful of blood, and the spear of the right hand was chopped off to the north by a fish.

Beiming Youyu slapped his palm and hit the Euphorbia precisely. He wanted to slap the Euphorbia away from the path with a knock from the side. This halberd only cut away a few strands of her hair.

As the hair was scattered, Beiming Youyu’s other hand stretched out and grabbed Mo Lele’s halberd hand.


Milele knew that he was entangled again.

But even more unbelievable is yet to come, Beiming Youyu’s figure suddenly swelled, and the huge pure white fox instantly filled Merole’s vision. She opened her mouth, which was big enough to swallow an adult, and slammed into Merlot.

Milele retracted the halberd at the crucial moment, and slashed towards the big mouth of the blood bowl, but he slowed a half step and was directly bitten by the right hand by the opponent.


Beiming has the power of fish to increase the bite, and Merlele’s arm armor instantly deformed and cracked. The cracked and inwardly warped piece of metal sank into Merlele’s arm, and Beiming has the sharp teeth of a fish next to it.

next moment, Beiming Youyu turned his head vigorously and directly tore off Merlot’s right hand.

Milele’s upper right arm and lower arm only had a few pipes and broken wires, and this last connection was also torn off because of the fall of the forearm.

Her arm fell weakly to the ground.

Milele reluctantly left the white fox’s side, but saw the white fox’s body turned into a white mist and exploded. She was shrouded in white mist again, and her perception also lost the place where there was a fish in Beiming.


From now on, Mo Lele recognizes that there is a gap between himself and Beiming. This battle has a very low chance of winning, not only the back propulsion device was irreparably damaged, but also the right arm was lost.

She is willing to retire.

She knew that this time was a death fight and should not have the intention to retreat, but her instinctive desire to survive told her to run away, and there was a promise to the Chinese sparrow.

Just, can she escape?

Milele felt at a loss in the whiteness, as if he had been entangled in death.

“…You are distracted.”

Milele was awakened by soft words from behind.

She turned around, and the appearance of a fish full of bows in Beiming’s eyes was carved into her eyes. Then, she was pulled out of the entire world. The silhouette of the fish in Beiming quickly shrank, and it took a few seconds for Mo Lele to feel his body plummeting downward.

She tried to adjust her posture, but she couldn’t help her.

──Something blocked her within the body mechanism.

She slammed into the ground before she could check her body. Touch──! A huge impact penetrated through her body, and Merlot opened her mouth and spit out a bloody atmosphere. The ground could not withstand her impact, and it was sunken and cracked.

Milele couldn’t control her lower body, even if she tried to prop up her body with her hands, she failed. She looked down half of her body with difficulty, but saw five profound iron heavy arrows pierce her body, nailing her to the ground.

The mechanism inside must have been destroyed in a mess.

“It’s over.” Beiming Youyu lightly landed in front of Merlele, staring at her unemotional. Mo Lele raised her breath several times before finally opening her mouth and saying:

“winner is the king, loser is the villain……”

Rest your head on the stone again.

“I have lived long enough. Originally, when the master died, I should have gone with him. I didn’t make any sense to survive, and I failed to bring the Mo Family to prosperity.”



“Quickly, stop me.”

Milele laughed mockingly.

In the end, she still failed to play any role. The master made her survive, she couldn’t survive, bring about one’s own destruction, she wanted to inherit the responsibility of the master and take up the Mo family, but she couldn’t escape from the shackles of the Imperial Court.

──She really did nothing.

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