The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1188


Bei Ming Youyu didn’t say anything, but there was another black iron heavy arrow like a short spear in her hand. This is probably the weapon she used to understand Merlot.

Also, Milele thought.

Since she has achieved nothing, it is meaningless to stay in the world. She had long wanted to go with her own masters and craftsmen, perhaps this was a belated liberation.

She closed her eyes and waited for death, but a faint smile appeared on her face.

However, the death has not fallen yet.

First, there was a rush of footsteps, then the sound of physical crashing into someone’s arms, and──


Hearing loudly.

What happened? Merlele didn’t know what happened.

After a while, after hearing the multiple and dense footsteps, Mo Lele eyes opened.

Her eyes widened.

──The eyes are full of shake and shock.

I don’t know when the ghost girl who has gone back and forth will arrive, struggling to hug Beiming Youyu’s side waist. The fish’s position in Beiming moved a few steps to the side, showing how much power the Ghost Girl had used.

Well, she almost tried her best.

Presumably the leg mechanism was damaged, and the girl knelt on the ground. The effort beyond the acceptable range just now made her lose the ability to stand.

But it’s not just her who worked so hard for Mulele.

──There are also thousands of engineers.

They had already walked a long distance, but they followed the Chinese Sparrow and returned. They took the weapons they could use in their hands and pointed them at Beiming Youyu’s back vigilantly.

“Hua Que…you…”

Merole struggled to support her body. She couldn’t use her lower body, so she could only rely on the strength of one arm. Thousands of people in black clothes are crowded in this narrow channel like the tide of black. Their eyes are full of unyielding and a touch of fear.

In spite of this, they did not stay away.

“Master, please don’t give up, we──”

Hua Que cried and urged Mo Lele, “You think it can be replaced in my mind, but…but ……” She seemed to be clumsy with words, and she opened her mouth several times and couldn’t find the right words.

But her eyes are quite firm and full of desire.

As far as she is concerned, she must just want to retain that’s all that Merlele has died. She must also know that Beiming Youyu wants to kill Mo Lele in front of her is still easy, even if you add thousands of mechanics, it probably won’t help.

They can’t stop Beiming from having fish.

It’s just that they all come back to do their useless work, they are just eager for a glimmer of survival.

“──It’s enough.”

It seems that the patience is exhausted, Beiming Youyu grabbed the hand of the Chinese sparrow, and pulled it away without seeing how hard it was. . The Chinese sparrow seems to be trying its best to resist, but the power is far less than Beiming Yuyu.

Finally, a fish in Beiming moved aside, and the Huaqueu, whose feet were unusable, fell to the ground in embarrassment. When Mo Lele saw it, he blurted out:

“There are fish in the North Ming, you said you won’t hurt them!”


Bei Ming Youyu glanced at Mo Lele coldly.

“What I said, I naturally remember.”

Milele seemed to be unbelieving, and shouted:

“My life is yours Take it, but you are not allowed to hurt them!”

The remaining power is only words.

Milele can only threaten each other palely. Even if the other party had a killing intent, she would no longer have the power to stop it. She can only bark there like a bereaved dog-no, she is not even as good as a dog, because now she can’t even bite Beiming’s fish.

“I have recovered what you owe me.”

But Beiming Youyu said so.

“Huh?” Mo Lele raised her head in surprise.

“You don’t want my life?”

“You hurt my waist. I have both principal and interest reclaimed it. What’s the use of your life?”

Beiming Youyu replied coldly.

paused, she said another word softly, which only Mo Lele could hear. After all, she lightly glanced at Hua Que, then turned around and jumped up lightly, landed on one side of the two high walls, and landed beside Bei Xiaolu.


Milele looked at her back for a long while speechless.

Hua Que came over and wanted to help her, but seeing that she was so seriously injured, she didn’t know how to proceed, so she wept anxiously.

Suddenly, Mo Lele understood – Beiming Youyu didn’t want to kill her at all. If the other party really has a murderous intention, the Chinese sparrow is basically impossible to get closer. Powerful like a fish in the North Ming will not be aware of the proximity of the ghost girl and the thousands of Mo family.

“…It’s really ironic.”

Obviously he has made up his mind to meet death, didn’t expect even this little liberation failed to usher, Mo Lele fell back again On the ground, I covered my eyes with my left arm, blocking the tears that shouldn’t exist.

However, Beiming Youyu’s last words echoed in her mind inexplicably.

The pure white fox demon finally said this:

“It seems that your death date has not yet arrived, and you still have someone to defend.”


“Are you not going to kill her?”

Beijing had a fish to land, so Bei Xiaolu asked angrily.

“What’s the point of killing her?” Beiming Youyu casually glanced at Bei Xiaolu.

The injury on Bei Xiaolu’s body has not yet been completely recovered, and traces of slight bulging can be clearly seen around her waist, which is caused by several layers of white cloth and medicine wrapped around her waist.

“Then why are you fighting her?”

“She owes me a sword, and I just ask for that sword back that’s all. Respect, right? “

“Where’s the old lady?” Bei Xiaolu jumped in a hurry, “Didn’t you say that you will get it back for me?”

“I also got it back for you “

After finishing speaking, Beiming Youyu gently stepped forward and walked to the spot that had been agreed with Bai Ze. Bei Xiaolu panting with rage followed her and walked with her in a trot.

“hey hey hey, my old lady was nine deaths and still alive at that time!”

Beijing Yuyu dealt with the annoyance of Bei Xiaolu expressionlessly, lightly said:

“She is also nine deaths and still alive, and my waist is about to be broken, but she is a ghost, and may be stronger.”

Then she stopped suddenly.

Beijing Xiaolu didn’t expect it, so he took a few steps before he stopped.

“If you want to kill her, go by yourself.”

“My old lady wants to do it too! But haven’t you seen that group of mechanics come back again? My old lady is not as capable as you , Isn’t it courting death to rush in like this? The old lady is impulsive, but she is not so stupid as she is going to die by herself!”

“Then it’s over?” Beiming Youyu dropped this sentence, Wei Wei Raised the corners of his mouth, and took another step. Bei Xiaolu scolded his mother with anger, making it clear that he felt that he was being teased.

She was sulking.

There is another piece of loess in front of her, and she can’t even see a tree. The more she thinks about it, the more she gets angry, she blurts out: “Then what is your enemy of Lingyue Valley” “

There are fish in Beiming that are obviously complexion stiffened.

Maybe I feel that I have somehow recovered the debt I was teased just now. Bei Xiaolu wrinkled his nose and seemed a little happy.

“Milele didn’t get involved.”

The words of Beiming Yuyu are very brief.

“So you are going to find Jialan to take revenge next?”

Beiming has Yuyu paused, and then shook his head. Bei Xiaolu was a little shocked by her answer and blinked several times. She quickened her pace and stood in front of Beiming Youyu.

“Lingyue Valley’s revenge is not revenge?”

“I and Jialan are destined to be insoluble in water and fire, and I have no intention of being tolerant enough to forgive each other’s actions… However, I am already very tired…Maybe my remaining power is only enough to be used in one place.”

“Where to use it?”

“Rebuild Lingyue Valley. “

Bei Xiaolu was stunned.

Some people just want to find the culprit and revenge after everything is destroyed, but Beiming Youyu wants to rebuild the destroyed things.

“I have been entangled by too many grievances and grievances in my life…too much, too much…I have missed a lot because of this. There is an old saying, when is the time to report the wrongs, if I kill today Mo Lele, he will one day, I or others in Lingyue Valley will die in the hands of the organ teacher. Everything has a degree, and I can’t let the hatred continue just because of my fate.”

Beiming Youyu’s eyes have shallow ripples, and the things that have been missed by people encountered in this life flash through their minds like lightning, only that face—the face of Qi Return to Origin for a long time Do not leave.

She killed Ye Lingmen──Master of Qi Return to Origin, but the other party chose to forgive her. She is not imitating each other, she is not great so far, she also hates Jialan deeply.

However, she still has a protégé dísciple who lives in all directions. She should rebuild Lingyue Valley first.

“Didn’t expect you to be so great.” Bei Xiaolu’s tone is very complicated.

“That’s not great, it’s just cunning.”

“Cunning?” Bei Xiaolu puzzled.

Bei Ming Youyu hooked his mouth and smiled.

“Don’t give anyone an excuse to avenge me anymore. Isn’t this cunning and what is it?”

Leaving Beiming Xiaolu who is still thinking, Beiming Yuyu insists With a smile, he quickened his pace a little. When Bei Xiaolu reacted, she had already walked a long distance, so she ran to catch up again.

Now, Beiming Youyu finally couldn’t help laughing.

“What are you laughing at?”

Beijing Youyu smiled strangely, Bei Xiaolu was a little frightened.

“I used to think that you were just an impulsive child, but the appearance of your trot is interesting.”

“Huh?” Bei Xiaolu felt that there was a fish in Beiming. Stupid.

She raised her eyebrows suspiciously, but when she saw that there was a fish in Beiming, she smiled happily, her tail shook, and her ears flicked. Suddenly, Bei Xiaolu felt that the women in front of her were a little different, but she couldn’t tell the difference.

──However, she had never seen Beiming Youyu smile so happily.

Bei Xiaolu was a little dumbfounded for a while, even though she was of the same sex, Beiming Youyu who laughed so happily was still amazed by her.

“cough cough,” Bei Xiaolu deliberately brought his fist to his mouth, “didn’t expect you to laugh too!”

“I laugh a lot.”


Beijing Youyu smiled slightly, as it should be by rights answered.

“That’s different.” Bei Xiaolu waved his hand. “You used to laugh as a smile, but I always think that is the result of extreme restraint. You laugh so freely-at least, my wife is the first I saw it the next time.”

“Maybe people will change and the moon will be round.” Beiming Youyu replied disapprovingly.

Bei Xiaolu frowned, but he didn’t know what happened to Beiming Yuyu. Well, I am afraid that only Beiming Youyu knows the answer to this question.

The two walked another section of the road, getting closer and closer to the place agreed with Bai Ze.

“Speaking of which, did Shu Ji write a letter to Zi Xuanzi a few days earlier?”

Bei Xiaolu suddenly remembered this.

“Yes.” Beiming Youyu replied briefly.

“That…” Bei Xiaolu hesitated for a while, “Do you know what’s written in it?” She seemed curious, but also nervous.

“I know.” Beiming Youyu glanced at Bei Xiaolu, “What’s the matter?”

“She didn’t write in the letter about her injury, did she?”



Beiming Yuyu was stunned for a while, who would have expected that Bei Xiaolu would care about this.

“Are you too self-aware?”

“Uh…” Bei Xiaolu was a little frustrated, “No, I just don’t want to lose to him again that’s all .”


“No, Zixuanzi Sue Kirin and the old lady had similar status before, but first Sue Kirin and then Zixuanzi, they It’s all a Grandmaster, and my old lady is still wandering in the great world, which is shameful enough. If he knew that my old lady was seriously injured and was dying, he would definitely laugh at my old lady.”

“You are injured , He should be worried.”

“But my old lady is fine now!” Bei Xiaolu pointed out as it should be by rights.


When there are fish in Beiming, there will be times when they are speechless, such as now. She tried to think about it, although she was not sure that Zi Xuanzi would laugh at Bei Xiaolu for this, Sue Kirin definitely would.

Thinking of Sue Kirin’s smile, leaning forward and backward, a few fine sweats suddenly appeared on Bei Ming’s forehead.

“Senior Ji did not write about your affairs anyway. The space is limited, she is not bored to this point.”

After a long pause, Beiming Youyu jokingly adds a sentence :

“But it is not certain whether your’biography’ in the academy will have relevant records.”


Bei Xiaolu Frozen, his face paled instantly. She is well known for her face, otherwise she would not make a bet with Sue Kirin. After losing the bet, every time she faces Sue Kirin and asks her to be elder sister, Seven Orifices gets angry.

“It’s already happened, so don’t think too much. You have to go back to Qinglun City, don’t you?”

“My mother is going back, but you don’t Going?” Bai Ze had already ordered Bei Xiaolu to return to Qinglun City as soon as possible to deal with Beggars’ Sect and the search for Lingyue Valley dísciple. In order to cope with the possible situation of the opposite species, Bai Ze will also go along, but now it seems that Beiming has the fish not to follow.

She just said “you”, not “us”.

“Next, I will go to Canglin to collect debts and bring back our great hero by the way.”

“However, Qin Shiyu will really go crazy enough to go deep into the North. “

Bai Ze once mentioned this speculation that Qin Shiyu is likely to bring a lone army to the North, in order to succeed in the first battle. In Bei Xiaolu’s view, this was an extremely unwise choice, because the lone army went deep into the enemy’s base camp, which was undoubtedly dying.

“Shu Ji said yes, that is yes.”

Bei Ming Youyu seems to believe this.

Although Bei Xiaolu has doubts, but when the other party talks about it, she can’t question it anymore, because that will not lead to any results or consensus.

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