The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1189

“Why is Sue Kirin messing around with her?”

Bei Ming Youyu stopped again, and under Bei Xiaolu’s dissatisfied gaze, she raised her gaze slightly, looking into the distance, as if she was watching The little girl who doesn’t know where she is.

“Sue Kirin, Sue Kirin, she’s a hard-talked person, don’t you understand until now?”

A word with a touch of warmth.

Bei Xiaolu stayed for several seconds before sighed with him.

“Yes, she is a soft-hearted ghost, and she doesn’t know that soft-hearted is actually going to be bullied…” She smiled bitterly.


In the depths of the Martial Demon Realm, the flames of war continue.

But the battlefield is not concentrated, but has become a scattered small group of battles. The controller behind the Bharat is indeed the Prince Peacock. After his death, Bharat’s army can almost be described as “defeated like a mountain”.

However, Bharatanatyam is not only the prince of Peacocks.

Under the governance of Prince Peacock, the huge country is still full of talents. Although it took some effort, the Bharatiyah side could barely prevent the defeat and stabilize the situation a bit.

The problem is that the Chinese side will not allow Bharata to have any respite.

The Wu Family forces of tens of thousands of troops in Zhenxi Prefecture and the active power of the martial monsters dominated by Xihe are pressing forward. Now that the altar is destroyed, the Bharatiya side is under tremendous pressure and has to fight and retreat.

Bharata’s odds of winning are very low.

Without the altar, the attacks of the gods and witches would not be able to reach this side. They could not resist the appear and disappear unpredictably Zi Xuanzi, nor could they cope with his decapitation strategy. After the death of a large number of commanders in Bharata, the army of Bharata had already retreated to the edge of the Martial Demon Realm.

If you retreat, you will be the border of Bharata.

However, it may take some time to deal with the aftermath to completely drive the Bharata army from the realm of martial arts, but the Chinese side believes that the victory is set.

As if an appointment, Zi Xuanzi received the letter from Bai Ze in this situation──

“Zhao Jibei, there is a letter from you “

Zi Xuanzi walked into the camp, and the black cat sitting there quietly eating food suddenly reminded him.

“Faith?” Zi Xuanzi was taken aback.

That letter must have arrived when he was patrolling the battlefield just now, killing the Bharat Commander. Today, the black cat has no mission and stays at the base camp almost all day. She should have accepted the letter.

Zi Xuanzi took off his coat and put his sword next to his bed.

“Who sent it?”

“There is a seal from the academy, maybe it was sent by the academy.”

Neither did the black cat head He raised his mouth and took a sip of the hot soup, then raised his chin towards Zi Xuanzi’s bed, “Your dinner is there. You can eat it whenever you have time.”

Zi Xuanzi glanced in the direction pointed by the black cat.

The soup has vegetables and meat, and the rice is also served in a big bowl, still steaming. It should have been served not very long.

“It seems that my beloved knows that the trail is coming back…”

Generally speaking, if the person is not there, the food will not be served. If you miss the meal, I can only go to the stove soldier Zhang Luo by myself, but now the food has been served, it must be the request of the black cat.

“Counting the time, it’s almost time for people to serve it.”

Drinking the soup, the black cat sighed and said:

“And This is not the food of Zhenxi Mansion.”

“en?” Zi Xuanzi blinked and sat down beside the bed. He picked up the rice bowl and picked up a green vegetable to eat. “These foods are prepared by Martial Monsters. Isn’t it? Zhenxi Mansion has always been in charge?”

“It is said that Xi and Senior feel that the food is not good.” The black cat explained.

“so that’s how it is.”

Zi Xuanzi nodded, the food in Zhenxi Mansion is really not very good-no, it should be said that the food in the army is not very good, because The army’s first consideration is transportation and storage.

The black cat at the other end has finished eating.

She wiped her mouth, then stood up and took out a box from her arms. The little box had two straps, which were obviously removed from Dark Crow. Since Zi Xuanzi successfully destroyed the altar, the dark crows of the Hua Dynasty were ready to take off to deliver letters.

“I’m afraid I’m not urging the trail to register, the academy still doesn’t look at the current situation as always…”

Zi Xuanzi took the box from the black cat, but the latter did not stop there. Leaving, as if waiting for Zi Xuanzi to tell her the content of the letter.

Seeing this, Zi Xuanzi laughed.

He opened the box and took out the letter inside. After opening the letter, he found that the person sending the letter was not the academy, but the “Shu Ji” Bai Ze.

“Senior Ji is the book.”

Zi Xuanzi said in surprise.

“The sheep?” The black cat blinked, “Why did she find you?”

“My lover, don’t call Shuji the’that sheep’ Ah…this is a very disrespectful thing, Master Shuji──”

“I see.”

It seems a bit troublesome, the black cat interrupted Zi Xuanzi Preaching. Zi Xuanzi scratched his head, not knowing what to say. After all, it was the first time he was admitted to the dísciple, and he was not very good at teaching.

“Hurry up and see what is written.”

Seeing that Zi Xuanzi was still thinking about how to preach, the black cat pretended to inadvertently urged. Zi Xuanzi naturally noticed the other’s thoughts, but Bai Ze wrote to himself, maybe there was something important. He decided to focus on the letter first.

Densely packed is written on the palm-sized letter paper.

Zixuanzi’s eyes can only see the contents clearly. Most of the things written in the letter were related to the recent situation, and when Zi Xuanzi saw that the Imperial Court was likely to be colluding with certain countries in the Western Regions and conspiring with the Mohist family to murder Beiming Youyu, he frowned.

The black cat was very curious when he saw it, but he couldn’t intervene in questioning.

Zi Xuanzi continued to read, but his expression became more and more serious and serious.

“If the book Senior Ji is not wrong, the Nine Highness is really bold…”

“His Highness?” The black cat frowned slightly, “Qin Shiyu? ?”


Zi Xuanzi sighed, then handed out the letter paper. The black cat stared at the letter paper in front of him without knowing it, and it took some effort to understand what the other party meant, and accepted it with a complicated expression.

As soon as the letter was removed from his hand, Zi Xuanzi’s body shrank at a speed visible to naked eye. The clothes on his body suddenly became extremely loose, and he could only hang on his body.

“The trail may have to take a trip.”

Zi Xuanzi, who has recovered to the appearance of a boy, said bitterly. “It’s all people who love to call people, the trail has only finished Bharata’s business, and we have to rush to the Northern Domain… Well, who understands the hardship of the trail?” He grumbled.

Black Cat’s reading speed is very fast, which may be because she only chose to focus on it.

“hmph, you are unwilling on the surface, but in fact you are very happy. After all, there is a chance of hero saving the beauty.”

As he said, the black cat cautiously took the letter paper to the brazier Go, pass the letter paper into the fireworks. The flame ignited a corner of the letter paper and quickly burned it to fly ash.

“Hero saving the beauty is good, but I seem to be a bit jealous…”

Zi Xuanzi said with only one eye open.

The corners of the black cat’s eyes twitched visibly, and turned his head fiercely and stared at Zi Xuanzi. He is too damn! Seeing the innocent expression on the other party’s face, the black cat really wanted to punch him and skewed him.

Zi Xuanzi knew that he could not overdo it, so he smiled triumphantly and continued to work hard. It didn’t take long before he wiped out the food.

“My apprentice, help Xiaodao pack up.”

Leaving this sentence aside, Zi Xuanzi walked outside. The black cat stayed for a few seconds before quickly getting up to follow. She opened the curtain and called to Zi Xuanzi, who had already walked some distance.

“Hey, Zhao Jibei, where are you going?”

“Isn’t the trail going to the Northern Domain?” Zi Xuanzi turned around and said with a wry smile, ” Xiaodao’s impossible wants to walk to walk, how can I explain to Xi and the girl, General Jiang, and Xiaodao’s disciplines?”

“Are you going to leave now?”

The black cat frowned and looked up at the sky.

The setting sun has fallen, and it is also falling on the earth at the beginning of the night, the sky is already dim. Even if you want to rush to Northern Domain, it’s not too late, right? She thought.

“The situation is urgent.”

Zi Xuanzi sighed and walked back again.

“If the Nine His Royal Highnesses really committed a risk, this is a fight to the death with no leeway. Although the trail can leave the next day, but if the time is short, the situation will deteriorate. Not gratifying. Now we have no room to lose too much.”


The black cat is speechless.

She is actually quite unspoken. As for Zi Xuanzi’s going to Northern Domain, she can fully understand that she is more or less worried that he will be overworked.

She was destined to be unable to confess in front of Zi Xuanzi, it was too difficult.

“My dear, you have been following the trail for many days, so stay here to rest. If you want to replied a lesson first, the trail will tell Junior Sister about it. It should be a small problem. Go back on the trail.”

Up to this time, Zi Xuanzi still gave priority to Black Cat.

“…I’ll go together too.”

After speaking, the black cat returned to the camp.

Looking at the gradually falling curtain, Zi Xuanzi could not react for a short time.

“Wait, you have to follow the trail?”

When he came back to his senses, he opened the curtain and walked in, and said in disbelief. At this time, the black cat was already packing, but it was not Zi Xuanzi’s luggage that was packed first, but hers.

“What’s the problem with dísciple following the Master when entering the room?”

“This…” Zi Xuanzi was a little dumb when asked.

He thought about it and found a reason.

“But the trail is going to meet with His Highness Nine, and there is Snow Maiden next to His Highness, don’t you hate Snow Maiden?”

“This is between me and her It has nothing to do with you. Is it because I hate her, do I have to hide from her?”

Black Cat’s answer is quite difficult to refute.

Zi Xuanzi scratched his hair again, showing helplessness. He didn’t think it would be dangerous for a black cat to follow him. He just thought that a black cat would follow him for many days and it should be tired, so he worried that she might be overwhelmed.

“Anyway, let me follow, or I’ll ran away from home.”

Black Cat said a bit outrageously, but he didn’t know how horrific he was at the moment. Irrational and naive, but Zi Xuanzi is not very good at dealing with such things.

He was silent for a while.

Finally, he let out a long sigh, hinting at his submission.

“──Let’s do it.”

hearing this, the black cat couldn’t help raising his mouth.

“Xiaodao will give an explanation at this moment,” Zi Xuanzi sighed again, “Luggage and so on, please.”

After that, he retired.

Walking on the road to find Xihe, although he has been sighing, but anyone can see the faint warmth and comfort on his face.


Qin Mu felt that there was a slight discrepancy between the man in front of him and the impression.

In spite of this, he couldn’t pick out the discrepancy. It was just a very ambiguous feeling. He ultimately blamed his long-lost relationship with the other party.

“Er’er, what can I do today?”

Qin Yu stood in front of the bookshelf, seemingly selecting books for reading.

“Father is uncharacteristically today. He didn’t bury his head in the mountain of memorials…”

Landing on the guest seat at the desk, Qin Mu sighed. Qin Yu glanced back at him, and ordered to stay aside. The superintendent who looked down at the floor said: “Rich, give me tea.”

At the request, he beckoned to the maid outside. One of the court ladies cautiously served Qin Mu a cup of hot tea. She didn’t know what kind of tea it was, and there was a hint of wine while the aroma was overflowing.

“Father, there is wine in this tea?”

“The drinking method from the Western Regions, the black tea is infiltrated with some spirits.” Qin Yu didn’t look at it. Come over and answer.

“So, the minister there will have a good taste.”

Qin Mu picked up the hot tea and smelled it first. The smell of wine in the tea was fresh, and he was surprised before taking a sip.

“It’s really good flavor!” He cried out in surprise.

This is not flattery, but the mellow wine aroma in the tea fragrance. In addition to being fresh, it also stimulates the taste buds quite and peculiarly.

After taking another sip, Qin Mu put down the teacup.

He lifted his gaze slightly and spied Qin Yu’s back. His father’s emperor is not much different from the last time he saw him, but once he connects with the time before, there are some things that seem to be different.

“Father, has something happened to you recently?”

Qin Mu asked curiously.

Suddenly, there was a strange noise next to him, and Qin Mu looked at it and realized that it was because the wealthy and wealthy accidentally knocked down the side vase.

The precious vase broke all over the place. Qin Mufu was frowned, wondering how this slave was so careless, but he couldn’t immediately reprimand him. It depends on the owner to beat the dog. Wealth and wealth are the people around Qin Yu, so he can’t overpower him, because if it is too serious, he will commit the crime.

However, although wealth and qualifications are not old, it is not right to make such a low-level mistake. Qin Mu felt strange, and heard Qin Yu say coldly:

“Fugui, don’t you pack it up?”

“Yes.” Fugui immediately went down to collect the vase fragments.

Seeing here, Qin Mu was suddenly relieved.

Qin Yu is a harsh person. I don’t know how many people in the palace were put to death for making him unhappy, but they were quite tolerant to the big prisoners around him. The same was true for the rich and honorable last term, and there were even rumors in the palace that Qin Yu was better than Longyang.

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