The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1190

“Er, do you think I am different?”

Qin Yu turned back to the bookshelf again, as if the book on it made him difficult to choose.

“Could it be that I have been a bit thin recently?”

Qin Yu mentioned this, and Qin Mu found it true. Qin Yu seemed to be really thinner than before, but it was not obvious, so Qin Mu didn’t notice it the first time.

“Father is in trouble?”

Qin Mu found this opportunity and tried to please Qin Yu. It was almost an instinctive reaction, even if Qin Mu had no plans to inherit the throne in that legal way.

“hmph,” Qin Yu coldly snorted, “Er, this is a well-known question?”

“Erchen dare not.”

Qin Mu Pretending to respond in panic, but did not leave the seat and kneel. Since he made a certain determination, his mentality has changed somewhat.

“Father’s worries are just a three-sided problem that’s all.”

Qin Yu turned around and looked at Qin Mu again, without comment. Maybe it’s an illusion, Second Prince always felt that today’s eyes lacked a little bit of sharpness and brilliance, and they became a little bleak.

He thought to himself, this may be understandable.

After all, everything went wrong, plot against Wu Family failed to achieve results, and was attacked by the Three Kingdoms again. He was sure that the memorials piled on Qin Yu’s case every day would be enough.

“The child may be able to share the burden for the father and the emperor.”

Qin Mu changed his name to child instead of calling himself a minister, which means a change of position from a courtier to Child, which means that official business becomes private.

“Why do you have to share your worries?”

Qin Yu coldly refused, just as before.

Qin Mu’s fist hidden under the table was clenched once, and then loosened again. He is already not in mind. At this time, Qin Yu threw a report to Qin Mu in front of him.

“Father?” He didn’t know why, because he didn’t have the qualification to open this report.

“Let’s see.”

Qin Yu waved his hand impatiently, and finally pulled out a 36 Stratagems from the shelf and read it. Qin Yu not only emphasizes politics but also military affairs, so there are many art of war on the bookshelf.

Qin Mu hesitated for a while, then opened the report and read it carefully. This was his first time, he was a little excited, and he might be able to bury himself in these affairs every day in the near future.

Already very fast.

But his excitement was quickly replaced by other emotions──

“Father, this is a happy event!”

Qin Mu revealed With an expression of surprise, he put down the battle report in his hand, “The Western Regions retreat, suspected of civil strife, and the Prince of Bharata Peacock was killed by Zi Xuanzi, defeated like a mountain… and there is only one Northern Kingdom left. The Northland is nothing to worry about!”

He was very happy from the bottom of his heart.

Although Qin Mu felt that this battle could make Qin Yu a little disgusting and reduce his prestige, no one wanted to take over the mess, and Qin Mu was no exception.

“A good thing?” Qin Yu laughed, “A good thing is indeed a good thing, but…”


Qin Mu frowned.

Qin Yu closed the 36 Stratagems and returned to the desk to sit down. Although the two were facing each other now, Qin Yu stared at the cup of tea on his case.

“Jiu’er and King Ning have to do meritorious service again, how do you think I should award the reward? Jiu’er is good, but King Ning…my emperor’s brother is already not rewarded. There is also Gong Family , Gong Family is loyal and courageous for three generations, and the three generations of military exploits have been rich enough, and I can only give him the title of knighthood and the title of a national duke.”

He finally raised his eyes and stared at Qin Mu deeply. Look.

“The Northern Domain can still be stable after being raided by the North. Jiu’er even led his troops at the forefront. It can also be seen how solid the Northern Domain has been managed by their three people over the years. Oh, it is solid to the outside world, The same goes for the inside.”

Qin Mu was silent for a while.

He suddenly realized that once he became the throne, Northern Domain would also be a big problem. King Ning has a lot of work, and his nine sisters, Qin Shiyu, are a difficult master. Once they disagree with their own rule and strike back, can Imperial Capital’s existing forces stand it? Even though there are still three towns, only one of these three towns has expressed their support for him, and the remaining two have remained silent so far.

Yes, if King Ning is ambitious, the situation will become more complicated.

Thinking about this, Qin Mu already had a case in his heart. It is not only necessary to remove all obstacles to enthronement, but also to remove the unstable elements after enthronement. He needs time to sit firmly in that position.

“Okay, why did Er’er come today?”

With this question, it seems that Qin Yu already wants to chase people, so that’s why I introduced the topic Back on track. Although the topic changed a little abruptly, Qin Mu switched it quite smoothly.

“Didn’t the sons and ministers bring some good things to share with your father two days ago? What do you think of your father?”

“Nothing to show courtesy, or steal or steal.”

Qin Yu won’t eat this set, gaze as if a torch.

“Let’s talk, what did you commit?”

“Father, look at what you said, so the child will be sad…” Qin Mu pretended to be heartbroken, “The child minister is just Seeing that the emperor is tired and he happens to get a good thing, he will share that’s all with him. How come it becomes the trick of chasing fame and fortune?”

“Isn’t it true? “

Qin Yu responded amusedly, but didn’t say more. He didn’t seem to want Qin Mu to say any more, and said first:

“But the stuff is good, it has a refreshing effect.”

“So I will let people give away more. Some come here.”

Qin Mu said with joy on his face and said quickly. Qin Yu glanced at him again, then opened the memorial and reviewed it.

“It’s up to you.”

After a long time, he answered Qin Mu.


There are many noble houses on the outskirts of Chang’an.

Owning a mansion in the suburbs of Imperial Capital is a status symbol. The mansion here is not to be bought with money, but also to have a certain rank and status.

If a businessman buys a big house, but the man who lives next to him is the Duke or an Imperial Family, what should it do?

Some things can’t be done only with money.

However, everyone knows that among these powerful and powerful houses, there is a big house that belongs to the big boss. In his capacity, he couldn’t own a mansion here. His status is a slave, this is a lowly status inferior to a businessman.

However, even if he was a slave, he was also the closest slave to the emperor.

Shooting a dog does not look at the owner, it will only cause trouble to the upper body, so the eunuch has become a member of the owner of the imperial capital suburban mansion. And wealth has always been very low-key, because he understands that he is only relying on Your Majesty’s prestige to get in this circle, but recently he has been uncharacteristically for some reason.

He even called the nursing home.

A total of eight hundred and ten nursing homes guarded the entire mansion. If other people are fortunate enough to visit, they will find that this low-key exterior and the actual luxury inside is actually three steps at the moment.

Furthermore, those who have not patronized this mansion for a long time run extremely hard these days.

It was night, he also came to the mansion before the curfew in the palace. No one knows the reason, even the maids and eunuchs who are transferred from the palace do not know why Fugui has been uncharacteristically lately.

But no one dare to ask.

Curiosity kills cats. They are not even as good as cats. If one speaks too much, it will lead to a killing disaster. After Fugui arrived at the house brother every day, he rushed to the heavily guarded courtyard for the first time, and tonight was no exception.

No one knows who he is hiding inside.

After the wealthy entered the courtyard, he nodded the heroic guardian of the courtyard. He is actually a general of the Guard army, so rich and honorable dare not make random attempts in front of him.

After passing through the moon gate and coming to the depths of the yard, the rich and honour slowed down the hurried pace, changed into a slow but generous pace, and continued to approached the room.

After a while, he finally reached the place and knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

There was a calm voice.

That was the voice of the man who should have existed in the Imperial Palace.

Fugui opened the door cautiously and walked in with small steps. He walked to the desk based on his memory, and was about to kneel down for peace, when the other party threw a question.

“What’s the situation?”

The rich and the wealthy hesitated, but decided to kneel down before talking.

“Yes,’Your Majesty’ he hardly has any weak spot.”

There was a sound of closing books and borrowing things. Wealthy raised his head slightly and saw Qin Yu put it down The memorial in hand. Almost every day’s memorials were brought here by the wealthy when they left the palace and handed over to Qin Yu for processing.

Of course, there is a lot of money for wealth and honor, but he knows that once it is discovered, it is more than a capital crime.

“Some people say that it only takes For a month or so, and he has learned my manner for more than 20 years, how can there be a weak spot?

Qin Yu as it should be by rights said.

Fugui slowly stood up, complied, and picked up the teapot to pour new tea for Qin Yu. Qin Yu naturally holding a tea cup and took a sip.

“Today Second Prince His Royal Highness saw him again. “

“oh?” Qin Yu uttered a single tone with interest, meaning that he rubbed the rim of the cup profoundly, “Er’er has found anything inappropriate.” “

“Second Prince seemed a little skeptical, but it was quickly dismissed. “Fugui said in retrospect of today’s situation.

“…Hmph, I don’t know what he is so familiar with me, so he is paying attention. “

Qin Yu propped his head with one hand and stretched out his index finger to rubbed the temple. “This is today’s battle report. “Wealth and honor respectfully put the battle report on Qin Yu’s case, and then said:

“Maybe Second Prince is just filial to Your Majesty that’s all. “

“filial piety? “Qin Yu laughed mockingly, “Do you use poison to be filial?” “

Seeing Qin Yu seems to be a little bit displeased, wealth and wealth remain silent. Qin Yu frowned and opened today’s battle report. As a result, wealth and wealth brought up a stack of memorials and put them on the case.

“I can’t spare a moment. “Qin Yu is a little bored.

“Your Majesty is Heaven’s Chosen Son, caring for the rise and fall of the Chinese dynasty, naturally it is impossible for a moment to be idle. In this world, only Your Majesty can make the entire Hua Dynasty run as usual. “

“Make a flattery. “

Deeply stained with Zhu Mo, Qin Yu sighed as he corrected the memorial and said:

“I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. If you leave Zhenhua Dynasty, it won’t work. If I get up, I am also a prince of failure…”

Fugui thought, Qin Yu just said that’s all, how could this supreme emperor let go and change the Imperial Court system? Only by concentrating power, his throne will be stable.

“Er, what is he doing again? “

Qin Yu seemed to ask carelessly.

“Second Prince was just to reminisce about the past, but he secretly inquired about the good thing he sent him for not take. “

“Isn’t it a good thing?” “

Qin Yu snorted fiercely again, “What then? “

“After the person revealed that he had taken, Second Prince volunteered to send more. “

“Look, this is the dutiful son in your mouth. “

Qin Yu slapped the table angrily, and the ink in the inkstone suddenly spilled out, staining the memorial that was unfolding and was being reviewed. The rich and honour shouted Your Majesty for your life, and then bowed to the table. Before the case.


Qin Yu did not make a sound for a long time, and seemed to be sulking.

I don’t know how long it has been. , Fugui heard the sound of holding the pen and saw Qin Yu’s footsteps leaving the seat.

“…Did he follow what I taught him? “

“Say it, and it’s natural. “Fugui knows the inside story, and he doesn’t think about it before answering.

“That’s good. “

Qin Yu put all his weight on the backrest and collapsed on the chair.

“That’s good…” He repeated it again.

“Your Majesty, there is something unknown about the minion. “

The wealthy and wealthy walked around behind Qin Yu intimately, massaging his discomfort. He is already familiar with Qin Yu, Qin Yu narrowed his eyes comfortably.

“You don’t understand, why do I want Er’er to realize this? “

“Yes. “

Wealth and honour knew that Qin Yu had taboos and suspicions about Northern Domain King Ning, but he did not understand why he had to expose this matter to Qin Mu.

” The second son, he is concerned about the throne, he does not want to sit on an unstable throne. In fact, the new emperor’s accession to the throne was also the most unstable time for the throne. In order to secure that position, he had to defend against King Ning – no, if he was a little smarter, it would be my good emperor’s brother to do it. “

“Your Majesty…” Fugui held his breath, lowered his voice, “Your Majesty intends to borrow a knife…” He dared not say any more.

” Come to force it, isn’t it a stain on me? It’s up to two children to force them, and then I will come out to deal with the aftermath. Isn’t that doing two things with one stone? I will not be stigmatized, and I can handle my good emperor properly. “


Wealth did not dare to ask.

He didn’t even dare to see what kind of expression Qin Yu was like at the moment.


“The time has come. “

Qin Yu seemed to sink into the water, and the voice that came out was muffled and vain.

“After the Northern Domain fights the Northern Domain, the soldiers will become weak. Time is the best time. “

***The wind and snow not at all stopped as Qin Shiyu wished, but at least it weakened.

After a short rest night, Qin Shiyu They have made the decision to go ahead in the snow. They have no room to drag on, even if it goes before the snow, it would not be a wise choice.

Qin Shiyu is like that.

If you want to fight against each other, you will beat the opponent to death, go your own way, and bet a lot. Yes, if Qin Shiyu is a military strategist, it is not that she is a big gambler. .

If you win a gambling, you will win a lot. If you lose a gambling, you will lose the game.

At this stage, Qin Shiyu has already lost half of it. One day, many people left the team. They couldn’t bear the severe cold of the environment, and they fell because of the loss of temperature.

In the beginning, there were only one or two sporadic, and now there are dozens of them. There are even as many as a hundred people.

The most terrible thing is that these fallen soldiers cannot be left alone. Firstly, this will affect morale, and secondly, this will also apologize for their loyalty, so it is best to take one person and one person. Mode.

As it should be by rights, these people have lost their battle strength. Whether they can live or not is still a matter of ambiguity, so Qin Shiyu didn’t plan to take them to the battlefield. He planned to save After the wind and snow, find a place to settle people properly.

Undoubtedly, abandoning people here means letting them fend for themselves.

But it’s better than ever. They brought them to the battlefield and asked them to be nine deaths and still alive. That is no longer a survival rate that can be described as a glimmer of survival. It is almost ten deaths without life.

In desperation, I can only That’s it.

──Yes, in desperation, they can only reluctantly move forward, looking for the chance of victory in the snow.

“Report, two more fell Up! “

“Report, the horses don’t want to go! “

“The report, the wheels are stuck in the snow. Unable to move even a little bit, someone has already pushed! But the snow is too deep, the car may not be saved! “

Several bad news after another.

All these news will be transformed into invisible boulders, weighing heavily on Qin Shiyu’s shoulders. Everyone knows, If this continues, this army of thousands of people – this sword of slant will most likely not reach the enemy’s body in the end, and it will be broken in this blizzard.

Anxiously Not only Qin Shiyu, but she is definitely the one who is most anxious.

She has that heavy responsibility! Qin Shiyu bit her lip, resisting anxiety, and continued to lead the team forward. Her legs and feet are already frozen, and the hand holding the rein is protected by gloves, but it is still not unconscious-maybe it is too hard, or it may be really cold.

Qin Shiyu dealt with various emergencies, comforted the restless soldiers as much as possible, and drove them to move on. Sue Kirin became more busy, and her spell was able to cope with various situations well.

The car was stuck in the snow and couldn’t move forward, so she went to help lift the car; if someone lost the temperature again, she went to do some emergency measures; if there were horses that didn’t want to go, she went to use The spell forces the horses to move forward.

Without her, the entire group doesn’t know if they can stay here.

──But her ability is also limited.

She cannot ensure that the team of thousands of people will continue to move forward safely.

Sue Kirin knows that if this goes on, she will undoubtedly seek destruction, but even she will not be at this moment. Let me remind you again, because that doesn’t help, it can only increase Qin Shiyu’s pressure and increase the anxiety of the team.

So, Sue Kirin silently does what he can.

The road ahead is still a vast expanse of whiteness, no one knows how far the road ahead is.


The so-called sudden love to joke with others .

It must be the scouts of the North Country. They should have come out to investigate. After surmounting the not-short hills, the snow suddenly weakened a lot, as if the hills replaced Qin. Shigure and the others blocked the wind and snow.

As a result, their vision became clearer.

The first thing they saw was the small team. Really It’s hard not to notice, because even if the scout team is wearing snow-white animal fur clothes, once “snow” is the background, they are like a few ink dots on white paper, which are obviously dazzling.

But for them, it must be the same for the more people at this end.

──No, it should be even worse.

Qin Shi The rain entire group must be like ink that is constantly oozing out on the white paper, quickly dyeing most of the white black. That is no longer glaring to describe.

This encounter is too surprising.

this The scout team who came and talked loudly and said that they didn’t know anything–but from their smirking expressions, they were probably talking about women–the scout team froze in an instant, and Qin Shiyu’s party could not react well.

In the end, the first action was the scout team. They were well-trained. When they saw Qin Shiyu and the thousands of people behind her, they immediately turned around and ran.

At this time, Qin Shiyu and the others discovered that some of them were relieved, and now they are running away in embarrassment, and even the filth has not been recovered.

But there is no denying that their response was correct.

Qin Shiyu reacted, knowing that if they were allowed to escape, it would lead to serious consequences. This was originally a surprise attack, and if the other party took precautions, even their only surprising advantage would be wiped out.

Don’t wait for Qin Shiyu’s order──

“…too dirty eyes!”

Qi Qiqi’s cheeks are terrifying red, she is thin-skinned at first , How can you be comfortable seeing this thing. She scolded fiercely and drew the sharp blade in her hand.

As the cold glow flickered, she rushed out on the ground.

A snow exploded where the snow was trampled, and she turned into a red shadow and chased after the scouts who fled in a hurry. Even if they are elite soldiers, facing the Wu Family genius elite, Qi Qiqi, who is seen as a famous name, is definitely not an opponent.

Qi Qiqi is like a wolf among the sheep.

She didn’t even use sword sheathe, but instead used sword sheathe. While moving from side to side, all the scouts were beaten down in no time. They were almost unable to resist, and in a blink of an eye they all lay on the ground and screamed.

But it’s not over yet—

“Tell you to show me that!”

Qiqiqi walked up to one of the scouts and faced him The following is a kick. The other party immediately screamed in pain, and the sorrow resounded across the sky, and the man covered his painful kick, and fainted.

Seeing this, Sue Kirin also instinctively clamped his legs. “Go, tie them up.” Princess Ning gave an order.

Several cavalry behind her fell and rushed out, holding ropes and other things to rush over, and all the scouts Qi Qiqi defeated were firmly tied up.


While waiting for the soldiers to escort the prisoners from the scouts, Princess Ning took a few steps forward and came to Qin Shiyu’s side. The snow here is much smaller, and Qin Shiyu has already taken off the hood.

She tossed her terrifying hair.

“I know.” Qin Shiyu said, narrowing his eyes.

The direction they are moving has always been correct, but some subtle deviations can lead to ten thousand li apart. Meeting a scout here means that there must be a settlement in the Northland nearby.

The difference is whether these scouts are patrolling routinely or on purpose. If it is the former, it means that Qin Shiyu is already quite close to the core of the northern country, because in the northern country, only the core areas will be routinely inspected by scouts, because the northern country is a country where people are separated; but if it is the latter, Perhaps things are going to be bad, indicating that the place where these scouts belonged has already been aware of certain circumstances and has taken warning.

Whether it is the former or the latter, Qin Shiyu must also respond.

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