The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1191

“The whole army rests on the spot.”

After she gave this order, she leaped off her horse anxiously. Princess Ning conveyed her order first, and then got off the horse.

There are also Shui Yun’er and Sue Kirin, who also dismount.

Under the escort of the soldiers, the scouts quickly came to Qin Shiyu and the others, and those who were kicked unconscious by Qi Qiqi were given special treatment. He was carried over. of.

The northern scouts were swearing aloud, but because they were in northern Chinese, not at all, they understood what they were scolding. However, from the situation of Qin Shiyu and Princess Ning frowning unhappily, they must be scolding those unbearable vulgar words.

“Shut up.”

Qin Shiyu stepped forward and directly slapped the man who looked like a scout Captain. She beat her very hard with that palm. She was not weak in martial arts, and the man’s face was tilted to one side directly after the palm.

The man turned around again angrily, yelling again.

Then, Qin Shiyu took another palm.

Cold again.

Another palm goes down.

Swear again.

One more palm…

This situation lasted five or six times before the man finally stopped speaking, just staring at Qin Shiyu fiercely. His cheek was completely slapped.

Next, Qin Shiyu said something in Northern Mandarin, gu lu gu lu, as if he was asking the scout Captain about something.

The scout Captain just snorted and spit out a mouthful of saliva mixed with water.


Qin Shiyu silently looked at the new stains on his shoes and raised his hand to stop the soldiers who were so angry that they wanted to smash the Scout Captain into pieces. , Leave the word “no harm”.

But is it really good?

Qin Shiyu turned around and pulled out Princess Ning’s saber, so abruptly that even the holder of the knife could not even react.

“Yu’er?” Princess Ning shouted in surprise.

Qin Shiyu did not respond, and turned his body back again, thrusting the sharp blade in his hand into the man’s lower body. The knife pierced between the man’s hips, and blood splashed out. But it didn’t seem to be in the middle of the red heart. The man just held his breath, his eyes twitched.

“This is what you should return to Palace Master Qi.”

Qin Shiyu said coldly, and then slammed the man’s thigh after pulling out the knife! The sharp blade pierced the man’s right leg easily, igniting the blood flower.


The man’s face was distorted with pain, and tears came from his eyes.

He swears again, as if this is the only way to relieve the physical pain. Qin Shiyu didn’t have any sympathy, but coldly twisted the horizontal knife, causing the wound to expand further.

She asked again in Beiguo, which seemed to be the same question.

Even if it hurts any more, the man seems to have no intention of telling the truth, just cursing there. Qin Shiyu became impatient and drew the knife out, but did not question the man again.

She beckoned to Sue Kirin.

“What are you doing?” Sue Kirin wrinkled his nose.

“Cure him later, no traces can be left.”

After speaking, Qin Shiyu turned to another person. She questioned the opponent again in Beiguo, and after getting the opponent’s disdain and spurning again, the horizontal knife in her hand poked the opponent again, still poking the thigh.

The man didn’t confide anything either.

The third, the fourth, and the fifth…Qin Shiyu seemed to go on trial one by one like this, but in the end no one answered her question.

Yes, her ability to torture is still a bit worse.

Sue Kirin was thinking whether to think of an idea, Qin Shiyu walked back again, plunged the horizontal knife into the snow, and the blood on it spread out all of a sudden Come.

She didn’t know what she said again in Beiguo dialect.

This time it was a little different. The scouts who stubbornly showed panic expressions. Although they restrained them one by one, they did not escape Sue Kirin’s eyes.

“What did Qin Shiyu say?”

Sue Kirin transferred to ask Princess Ning.

Princess Ning replied expressionlessly: “‘If you don’t answer, let the living bleed too much and die!’ This is what Yuer said.”

Sue Kirin for a while Speechless.

“It’s psychological oppression.” Shui Yun’er smiled bitterly and answered.

“…So they will say it?”

Qiqiqi looks a little unbearable, but it’s just a expression that’s all on her face, she is also sensible , Will not really run out to intercede for these enemies.

“Of course it works.”

Sue Kirin understands it, and gestures:

“For example, I am holding a sword to stab you. You may not be too scared, but if the sword that I stabbed you is very slow and slow, you will gradually feel pressure, right? Uneasiness will accumulate, which leads to fear.”

“It’s like putting delicious food in front of my eyes, but not letting me eat it!”

A black cat’s head emerged from Sue Kirin’s hood and said like this .

“You have nothing in your mind except eating?”

“Next, it’s time…”

Shui Yuner expressed worry.

After all, it is one’s own side that is passive at the moment. If they don’t ask for the corresponding information in time, they may not be passive anymore.

“Ning Aunt Wang, send scouts to search all around. They can’t just tell the truth. Moreover, we can also get some information to know that some of the information these scouts confided is True or false.”

Qin Shiyu was considerate.

If you can’t judge the truth of the situation, then the other party’s false information may lead to a dead end. Qin Shiyu couldn’t let this happen.

“The balance is dumping here, my palace must take this opportunity.”

Looking at the white sky ahead, Qin Shiyu stretched out his right hand to the sky , And then squeeze the palm of your hand tightly as if you want to grab something.


There was a rustling sound from the bushes next to it, breaking the silence of the night.

It doesn’t look like natural wind.

The two guards in front of the Moon Gate in the core courtyard of the Ninglan City official mansion looked around vigilantly, but they couldn’t see any strange signs. Their eyes fixed on the sound source, and indeed they saw that only the bushes were noisy as if they were being stirred by something. The friction between branches and leaves is even more weird at night.

Because it is a period of intense warfare, the retreat is approaching, and the guards are quite cautious.

“You stay here, I will see the situation.”

One of the guards mustered up the courage to say to his companion. “Be careful yourself.” The companion nodded solemnly, re-holding the gun in his hand.

Guarding the shoulders of the patted companion, he erected a long spear and walked cautiously to the place where the noise stirred the bushes, the silhouette half floating and half sinking in the dim night.

“Who is where?”

The guard asked in a deep voice, without receiving any response. The branches and leaves of the bush were still shaking, like bells blown by the wind, but the guard squinted and saw no trace of the murderer.

He simply used a long spear to stab the bush a few times to test to see if there were any people hidden in it—especially from the North.

There is no stabbing feel.

“Hey! Look at the wall!”

He was wondering when another guard behind him suddenly reminded him in shock. At the same time, he caught the weird light under his eyes, and he quickly raised his head to see the dim light of candlelight from the wall.

“What’s this–“

There was no time to fully confide in the suspicion, and something “broken” on the wall.

A lantern with a wooden frame emerged from the inside, and then the handle. This shouldn’t be something that emerges from the wall, like a slam gun pierced by others, passing by the guard’s ear. Before the guards could react to stay away from this weird thing, a white silhouette came out of the wall–like a potato that was uprooted by a leaf that was grabbed by someone.


The guard sat down on the ground in fright.

The visitor has gray rectangular eyes, turning his head and looking at the fallen guard, pursing his nose in displeasure, snorted.

“This is my mistake. I don’t remember that there must be heavy guards here.”

“You…who are you?”

The guard found The visitor had horns on his head, and the clothes all over his body looked like a dancer’s dress from the Western Regions. At first glance, she thought she was from the Western Regions.

But as long as you look closely, you find that the face of the opponent is somewhat different from that of the Western Regions.

It’s not like a person from Northland.

At this time, another guard also reacted and came with a gun to support him. Together with the guard who had just stood up, he surrounded the uninvited guest.

“…Ignorance is really terrifying.”

The girl knocked on the ground with the handle of the lantern, the expression on her face was helpless and unhappy.

“That’s enough.”

The two guards glanced at each other.

There are only two people, and there is always one who can muster the courage. The guard who just stood in front of the door and did not come over asked harshly:

“Who are you?”

Perhaps perceiving the movement here, a large number of soldiers guarded by the moon gate continued to gush out, encircling women in a blink of an eye. The women didn’t take it seriously, and even brushed their long and thin hair.

The gray hair dangled lightly under the moonlight, as if some moonlight spots were shaking.

“I’m Shuji Baize, quickly call your general to see me.”


One of the scholars raised a question. He has never heard of this name.

So, after all, Shu Ji is actually a legendary figure. The world knows about Xianyizhuang, but there are a lot less who know about the academy, and there are very few who know about the forbidden library and Shuji.

“So talking to you ignorant people is really tiring…” The woman murmured impatiently, “You should let Beiming Youyu come with me… Hmph, forget it, if I miss that one and three moments, I will become a sinner instead.”

“Hey, why do you shout your guy?”

A guard shouted and asked .

Bai Ze was in a bad mood, but when he was dealt with like this, his expression suddenly became gloomy.

“Begging for a fight.”

She scolded fiercely and raised her lantern to hit the talkative guard. The guard was taken aback and quickly set up a long spear to resist, but how could he withstand Bai Ze’s strength?

He was directly knocked out and fell to the rear embarrassedly, crying embarrassedly on the ground.

The guards got nervous and set up their weapons one after another. They found that the woman in front of them was probably still an expert. It is true that Bai Ze does not know martial arts, but after all, he is a Grandmaster, and the physical function alone is not comparable to ordinary people.

“Let me say it again, quickly let your generals come to see me. If the fighter is delayed, who of you will be responsible?”

Bai Ze is too lazy to explain.

The guards discussed spiritedly, but when they saw Bai Ze standing there, it seemed that there was not much hostility. One of the guards was sent out to pass Gong Jing and the others.


Tomorrow morning is the execution time of the retreat plan.

Almost everything has been prepared, but we shouldn’t take it lightly. We need to discuss more to see if there are any mistakes or omissions. In view of this, Gong Jing, Gong Lan Ping, Gong Tianqing and the others are still awake and reconfirmed their strategy overnight in the study.

“Although we can easily break out of the encirclement through the spell of the Snow Lord, the question is whether our strategy of intercepting the enemy is effective after breaking out.”

In front of the desk, Gong Jing pointed out muffledly.

He is still worried about the safety of the people.

“Adoptive Father is right. This time is different from the past, but we are marching with the people… The speed at which the people can march is the key to victory or defeat.”

Ning Lanping, who was sitting opposite him, agreed, and then changed the conversation:

“However, Ninglan City has been impossible to defend for a long time, so I can only fight to the death, otherwise I will sit and wait. There is no difference.”

“Aiya, Mo Yinggong Great General likes to gamble passively?”

On one side, he was manicuring his nails and sitting on the bed with his legs folded. Xia Xue smiled and interrupted, her tone full of mockery. Sitting on the side of Gonglanping, Gong Tianqing suddenly became embarrassed. The wound on her leg was not fully recovered, and her face was still pale, looking very pitiful.

“Miss Xia, the old man knows what you mean…”

Gong Jing’s body is even more depressed, and he also understands that whether it is sticking to it or taking the people to break through Gambling, but one passive and one active. Everyone on the march knows that it is a wise choice to take the initiative. When forced to deal with any changes, there will always be a weak spot.

“Grandfather, don’t worry too much.” Gong Tianqing finally said, “Since the You Prefecture army has approached the back of the northern army, our pressure must be much less. Here it is. Under such circumstances, the army of the North will not really be chasing after them. They may be more inclined to accept Ninglan City.”

Gong Tianqing’s statement is not unreasonable.

“This is a little hard to say.” Xia Xue sighed on the side, “A city where all the warehouses and materials are burnt, is the attraction really enough?” “Um…” Gong Jing said in a deep voice. “This is the old man’s misconsideration. We can leave certain supplies and let them make a dilemma.”

“The question is how much to leave?” Xia Xue’s question was as acute as ever.

“It’s Miss Xia who gave me more opinions.”

Jing is still hot, and Gong Jing laughed and stroked his beard in such a response, but it made Xia Xue show her self for a while. A begging expression.

Gong Tianqing almost didn’t hold back a laugh when she saw Xia Xue’s boring loss.

But before they discussed how much supplies should be left, Xia Xue suddenly stood up, frowned and looked towards a certain direction.

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