The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1192

“Uncle Xia?”

After the three Gong Family glanced at each other, Gong Tianqing was still the questioner.

“There is movement outside.” Xia Xue said impatiently.

“Something is happening?”

The expressions of several people also became serious.

“Let’s go check it out.”

Standing next to Yinping, who hadn’t joined the discussion for a long time, volunteered and turned around and walked outside the house. She seems to feel ill at ease, the reason is not difficult to guess, but it is nothing more than worrying about Qin Shiyu’s safety.

Although they are masters and servants, they are also better than sisters.

“His Majesty Nine has this sword guard, it’s really fortunate for Sansheng…”

Gong Jing sighed under her voice.

Then the situation happened–


A soldier rushed in.

If it weren’t for the silver screen to react quickly enough to avoid sideways in time, the two of them might have to crash into a ball.

“Someone outside claimed to be Shuji Baize and asked to see you in the Great General Palace!” The soldier one-knee kneels anxiously and reports loudly.

“Baize Senior?”

Gong Tianqing was very surprised. She stood up and even knocked down the chair under her. Xia Xue at the other end also looked shocked, wondering how this book-eating goat who should have stayed in the forbidden library came here.

However, there may not be anything worthy of caution. It cannot be ruled out that it is the spies of the North Kingdom pretending that Bai Ze wants to disadvantage Gong Jing. To be on the safe side, Gong Tianqing took the initiative to point out:

“I will see the situation.”

Bai Ze once stayed in Heavenly Jade Palace for a period of time, Gong Tianqing naturally Recognize each other.

“I’ll go together too.” Xia Xue rarely helped.

Gong Tianqing was nodded toward her, and the two walked out side by side, the silhouette disappeared behind the screen.

The two walked out of the yard and passed through the moon gate, and then they saw a group of soldiers who looked like enemies and were a little confused. The soldiers noticed the arrival of Gong Tianqing and Xia Xue, and greeted them at the same time, and automatically stepped aside.

The silhouette with the horns suddenly appeared.

“Baize Senior!”

Gong Tianqing recognized him at a glance.

“You can go first.” Xia Xue said immediately, “This is indeed

Although the soldiers could not let go, they still disbanded in place, like a tide. General retreat, only the two guards returned to the moon gate and stood there.

“Bai Ze Senior, what’s the matter if you come here? “

Gong Tianqing asked with courtesy and made a gesture of please.

“If I can, I don’t want to run around like this. “

Bai Ze was grumbling and walked straight in.

Gong Tianqing and Xia Xue looked at each other, and they realized that Bai Ze was in a bad mood.

Shu Ji’s mouth is also very poisonous, and her temper is strange. With their rank and status, there is no room for refutation. They feel more or less a headache when they think about it.

However, they have no choice but to keep up.


“grandfather, this is the master of the forbidden library of Xianyizhuang Academy-Shu Ji Bai Ze. “

After returning to the study, Bai Ze casually found a place to sit without introducing himself.

Under Gong Jing’s puzzled eyes, he took the initiative to pour tea for Bai Ze Gong Tianqing, who is responsible for the matter, quickly introduced. The injury on her body has not been recovered. She looked a little painful after standing for a long time. She smiled a little reluctantly.

“You are injured. “

Bai Ze noticed this, but the expression on his face did not change.

“If you are injured, go to rest. “She said something unexpectedly next.

Gong Tianqing “Uh! “With a cry, I don’t know what to do with the teapot.

“Hehe, it turned out to be Lord Shuji from the Forbidden Library. “Gong Jing laughed and stroked his beard. “The old man had heard about it. Today, I finally saw the grace of Lord Shuji. It is really fortunate for Sansheng.” “

“No more polite words. “

Bai Ze was a little cold, and raised Erlang’s legs.

She picked up her pointed chin and pointed at Xia Xue.

“Xia Family patriarch , I wronged you. “

“Huh? “Xia Xue was a little dumbfounded and couldn’t keep up with the situation.

As a result, Bai Ze glanced at the teapot in Gong Tianqing’s hand, and the meaning was obvious.

“Bai Ze Senior, forgive me for my ears… You mean to let me act as your maid? “

Xia Xue pointed to her nose with an unbelievable expression.

“Is there any problem?” “Bai Ze sighed heavily, “I have traveled thousands of miles to help you, but I don’t even have a cup of tea?” This is how you treat guests? “


Xia Xue’s eyes twitched with anger, she hehe smiled.

“It seems that Master Shuji’s frame is getting more and more It’s big. “

“I don’t have a big air, but I am sulking and want to vent, otherwise I will not sleep well. “Bai Ze is also direct enough.

Seeing that the two seem to be giving tit for tat, Gong Tianqing hurriedly finished the game.

“Bai Ze Senior, I will give you immediately─ ─”

Gong Tianqing tilted the teapot again, wanting to be held by Bai Ze with one hand.

“I asked you to rest, didn’t you listen? “

“This…” Gong Tianqing also became embarrassed.

“haha, Master Shu Ji cares about old man’s granddaughter so much, old man is also very pleased. “

While speaking, Gong Jing got up and left the desk. Then, under the surprised eyes of people, he took the teapot in Gong Tianqing’s hand and filled Bai Ze with tea himself.

“How is this? “Gong Jing said with a smile.


Bai Ze was speechless for a while, but took a sip of tea, which means that the matter has passed. Gong Jing It’s enough respect to pour tea for her personally. She doesn’t want to mess around here, just that’s all in her heart.

“Dare to ask the Palace Great General, look at the posture of Ninglan City, yes Want to retreat and meet King Ning in Bei’an City, right? “

Bai Ze went straight to the topic.

Gong Jing was taken aback for a moment before nodded and said yes.

“If you guessed it correctly, this is Qin Shiyu Plan, right? “

The question Bai Ze asked Gong Tianqing, her gaze has moved away.

“It is indeed the tactic of Her Highness the Princess. “

Gong Tianqing responded cautiously, and at the same time, she took a seat in the vacant seat next to her.

“You must have received news from Qinglun City and the Martial Demon Realm. “Bai Ze asked again.

“Indeed. “

This time Gong Jing answered.

“In that case, why should General Gong continue to retreat?” “

Bai Ze took another sip of tea, squinting his eyes when he put down the tea bowl and knocked on the table. The people present were silent for a moment, and for a while they didn’t know how to respond. “There is a Grandmaster here. , This strong city cannot be defended for a while. Now that the pressure in Qinglun City is slightly reduced, they will surely support it soon. It may not be a wise move to abandon Ninglan City now, and I have already informed Zi Xuanzi to go north, presumably it will be soon at his speed. “

Zi Xuanzi? Unexpected name, Gong Tianqing, holding his breath.

“Master Shuji means, let us guard Ninglan City? “Gong Jing asked cautiously.

There happened to be a free seat next to her.

Even if Bai Ze’s rank and status are high enough, this is not the capital that can be used to arbitrarily discuss military affairs. Jing was able to ask for details, which shows the nature of his accepting opinions.

Gong Tianqing and the others are accustomed to Bai Ze’s advice, and it’s supercilious news.

“Not only to defend, but also to attack. Only defend with a shield. The shield will be pierced one day. “

Bai Ze used a metaphor, simple and clear.

“Bai Ze Senior wants us to counterattack? “Gong Tianqing seems to understand.

“Does it work with You Prefecture? “

Xia Xue no longer cares about Bai Ze’s attitude just now, and is lost in thought.

“How can I cooperate with You Prefecture?” “Bai Ze denied Xia Xue’s guess.


Gong Jing asked with eyesbrows raised, half shocked and half puzzled:

“Does Master Shu Ji still want to go further north? “

“Cang Rin will not be a fool, and he is also impossible. “

Bai Ze did not face to answer, but simply answered this sentence that seemed to have nothing to do with the status quo. Several people took some time to think about it, and there was a color of surprise on their faces.

“It seems that you also understand. “

Bai Ze chuckled his lips and smiled.

” Bai Ze Senior is saying that Cang Lin is probably already aware of the strategy of His Highness Nine, and has made some kind of response? “

Gong Tianqing asked in a trembling voice.

The matter is very important, and Qi Qiqi and other people whom Gong Tianqing cherishes almost perform the seemingly whimsical work with Qin Shiyu. How can Gong Tianqing not be anxious about the task.

“Whoever will not think, Qin Shiyu will send a special team to attack the royal court of the North. Well, even you should not think of it. “

Bai Ze said leisurely, suddenly accentuating his tone.

“But can Cang Rin really not notice? “

No one can answer this question, because no one can say whether Cang Rin will notice.

“Everyone is impossible to think of. This premise is undoubtedly gambling. Cang Rin should have been aware of it, and although the season has entered spring, there may still be wind and snow further north. Qin Shiyu is smart, but he is definitely not a panacea, and there will be moments when his luck runs out. “

After finishing speaking, Bai Ze patrolled everyone with a reproachful sight.

“Moreover, you are too dependent on her. “


People were speechless, but Bai Ze continued without mercy:

“She is just a person that’s all , And it’s only twenty. Is it really appropriate to put all the pressure and hope on her? “

This question set off a long silence.

In the study room, there were only the small breathing sounds of people and the sound of the candlelight swaying. Yes, they can’t refute Bai Ze’s words, because everything is just as she said.

Qin Shiyu became famous in the first battle a few years ago, and in the past few years he has repeatedly made contributions in Northern Domain. It is precisely because Her youth, she has become a living legend in the Northern Domain, so many people ignore that she is actually only a person, but a very young maiden.

And what she faces Yes, it is the Great Imperial Teacher in the North, a wise man who has lived long enough.

Why do everyone think that Qin Shiyu can bet successfully? This idea was originally a strange thing, but no one realized it This incident.

“I propose that the general leave Ninglan City where the soldiers are guarded, and while waiting for Zi Xuanzi and reinforcements to arrive, send heavy troops north. “

Bai Ze broke the silence, and the opinions left behind were like thunder.


Gong Jing looked at Gong Tianqing, then looked at With Xia Xue and the others, no decision can be made in a short time.

“Beijing Youyu has already taken the first step to clear the way for you to meet Qin Shiyu. Although she is a Grandmaster, even with the power of Sue Kirin, it is still not enough to resist the power of the entire North Country. For the sake of safety, Gong Great General, you can’t just pin all your hopes on Qin Shiyu, do you understand what I mean? “

Bai Ze said this sentence quite strictly and cautiously.

Not waiting for their answer, she said again:

“Yuyao just wanted to Everything is back on track. If this track is the Hua Dynasty’s tragic victory and you lose Qin Shiyu, what should you do? “

No one can answer Bai Ze’s question.

They suddenly remembered one thing. Although Yuyao may not be their enemy, he has never been their companion.


“Does Gong Jing really plan to be a coward? “

First, there was a muffled roar, and then the sound of a large number of objects falling.

Ajislan swept down all the objects on the table and paced back and forth in the camp. , Seems very anxious.

Several days have passed since Gong Jing held on to the city wall of Ninglan. Gong Jing would have been very calm at first, if it weren’t for Ajislan. He ordered an all-out attack, and he would simply not have any battle with Ajislan.

But now, the city wall of Ninglan City is more than doubled, and the North Kingdom’s climbing equipment cannot reach it. , Even if you use siege equipment to blast, the city wall will recover in a short time. Ajislan has almost nothing to do with this wall.

“Go to his spell! “

Ajislan yelled and punched the table in front of him. The table couldn’t bear his strength, and it suddenly shattered.

“General, you take this table out of breath I can’t be considered a hero…”

A calm voice intervened.

Ajislan looked up and saw that his relative, adjutant came in at some unknown time. Standing by the curtain of the camp, he looked helplessly.

He was the one who cleaned up the aftermath! The adjutant seemed to have this meaning on his face.

“No Heroes? Lao Tzu also wants to be a heroic old man, but the other party does not give a chance. When an Old Tortoise turtle hides in its shell, Lao Tzu does not come out whether he knocks or scolds. What should I do? You are so smart, but you are here to teach Lao Tzu! “

Ajislan is obviously very angry, with swear words in his speech, and his tone is also very aggressive. “The general can go deep into Ninglan City alone and slaughter the opponent’s entire city. Isn’t it solved? You can not only respond to Master Canglin’s order, but also let off your sullenness. It’s really one move, two gains. “

“You want Lao Tzu to die?” “

Ajislan’s mouth was crooked with anger.

Although he was proud of his life, he was so stupid that he went straight to the opponent’s base camp. The opponent also has a Grandmaster, so even if he breaks in. , Once caught, you will easily fall into a deadly situation of being surrounded.

“Damn! “

Seeing his adjutant shrugged “Then it will end”, Ajislan angrily returned to the chair and took a seat. In front of his feet was the broken table and other objects, he The more I look at it, the more depressed.

“I still respected him as a man and said that he was sturdy, but he couldn’t live or die… I just see how long the old fart can last. I don’t believe him. The closed doors left tens of thousands of people starving to death inside. “

“General Ajislan, this is not what the end general wants to say, but the end general has to remind you of one thing.

The lieutenant said again in the plain tone of “I will call you cold next.”

“If you have a fart, let it go!”

Ajislan’s eyes twitched, and he almost didn’t hold back a punch. However, he knew that this lieutenant was always rational and calm.

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