The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1193

“At the moment when Master Canglin had already left the battlefield, she issued an order to let the general you find a way to take down Ninglan City… Master Imperial Teacher predicted that Qin Shiyu might have led troops deep into the back of our waiting area. This means that once Qin Shiyu succeeds, the Hua Dynasty will fully counterattack. At that time, I will wait for this kind of sandwich to be crushed by the Hua Dynasty.”

The deputy said casually, but his eyes It seems quite solemn.

“I know everything you said–I know everything!”

Ajislan patted his thigh, feeling aggrieved.

“Isn’t I just thinking about it all night? It’s almost morning now, isn’t there no way? Hey! What can I do, face this coward!”

“The wall is definitely not no stronghold one cannot overcome.”

Facing Ajislan, half complaining, half reproaching him for being ignorant, the deputy general’s expression became serious.

“We have enough artillery ammunition, as long as—”

This sentence was interrupted by a rush of footsteps.

The door curtain was lifted, and a soldier ran in and knelt down in front of Azlan.

“Report, the You Prefecture army in the rear has an abnormal move and is advancing here!”

“You Prefecture army?”

Ajislan raised his voice , “That group of mobs want to fight Lao Tzu?”

“General, although the You Prefecture army is not the elite of Northern Domain, it is also the soldier of Northern Domain…The soldiers of Northern Domain have high battle strength, yes Don’t let us look down upon.”

The lieutenant reminded him calmly.

Ajislan glanced at him impatiently, and then asked:

How many people will you mobilize in the You Prefecture army? Where is the Yancheng garrison?”

“The You Prefecture army has at least tens of thousands of numbers and is well-equipped. It has already approached Yancheng again! They opened their positions and seemed to want to launch a fierce attack on Yancheng!”

“Tsk! “

Ajislan was so annoyed, his eyes were cold. He could not vomit a sulky breath, like a stabbing in his throat.

“At this time!”

“General, time can’t wait, we must also launch a fierce attack on Ninglan City!”

Finally unable to maintain the plain expression, he leaped anxiously on his face and rendered his entire blinking expression in a blink of an eye.

“I know!” Ajislan Jing light flashed.

Suddenly, he felt very strange. Obviously, the momentum of the North Kingdom’s offensive is clear, but why in such a short time, the entire battle seems to be completely reversed.

“Damn it, Old Thief Heaven is making trouble again!”

Ajislan’s expression is fierce, he is not obedient or obedient, naturally there is nothing to curse.

“Report ──!”

A wave of unsettled waves has risen again. It must be used to describe this situation.

Another soldier rushed in, one-knee kneels in front of Ajislan. Arislan clenched her fists suddenly, made an expression of what’s wrong, and urged the other party to say:


“There is a change in Ninglan City, Nan The city gate is suspected to be opened!”


Ajislan thought he had heard it wrong, but the tortoise shell was closed tightly but suddenly opened. It is quite strange to think. .

“General!” The lieutenant had the same idea.

“OK! OK!, listen!”

Ajislan waved his hand, picked up the cloak on his chair, and put it on his body.

“Raise the flag, let’s see if the city wall of Ninglan City is hard, or our knife is sharp!”

The roar echoed in the camp.

The man gave an order to declare the whole army to attack.


“What is this?”

I originally thought that Ninglan City was going to open the north gate to fight to the death with its own side, but it was waiting for Aris When Lan ordered the entire army to attack, and then rushed to the south gate with a small group of troops, he found that the city gate was indeed opened, but Zhenbei Mansion did not go out of the city to meet.

They all stayed at the city gate and waited in full battle, putting on a posture of “please enter the urn”.

Anyone who saw it thought that there would be a trap inside, but Arisye was ultimately a lion in the North. After a short period of hesitation, he ordered the whole army to charge.

But the mind that really makes him intangible is behind.

The soldiers of Zhenbeifu who stayed behind the city gate had almost no resistance and fled into the city. Ajislan felt more and more that this was a trap, but he still led his troops further.

Then, about 20,000 soldiers from the North entered Ninglan City from this city gate. After seeing the official mansion of Ninglan City from a distance, radical changes occurred.

The Hua Dynasty soldiers ambushing in the alleys of the building gush out like a tide.

The two armies entered a fight at close quarters situation in the blink of an eye, and were caught in a melee. Due to the existence of streets and buildings, Qingqi, the most proud of Northland, could not fully perform. At the same time, many fortifications were built in the city. By virtue of the fortifications, the Chinese soldiers were the more fought the more stronger.

The cry of killing shook the sky, and the broken limbs and arms fluttered like garbage, dragging bloody ripples after another. The horses fell down, sobbing and breathless, and one body after another fell on the street.

“Kill! Kill these northern dog thieves!”

The soldiers of the Hua Dynasty yelled frantically, even if they were injured, they still gave the enemy no matter how big or small they were injured. Damage. Even if both arms had been broken, they still used their mouths and feet to attack the soldiers in the North, like crazy.

It’s really hard to imagine that this was the defender of Ninglan City who was still hiding in the city. This fierce resistance was indeed far beyond what Ajslan expected. What he didn’t understand was why Ninglan City wanted to open the city’s sect master.

Does that mean you are going to fight yourself?

This is a fierce battle that can be called a beast fight. The soldiers on both sides fell faster than blinking.

At the same time, the soldiers from the North also launched a bombardment on the high city wall of Ninglan City. The sand and rocks on the high wall kept peeling off, and then quickly recovered in a burst of yellow brilliance. This seems to be a long struggle, depending on who can’t hold on first.

More and more soldiers from the North are pouring in at the southern city gate.

However, they were unable to reach the core of Ninglan City, and they were all dragged by soldiers from the Hua Dynasty to the southern part of the city. Obviously, the official residence of Ninglan City was close at hand, but they just couldn’t figure it out.

“Listen to Lao Tzu’s orders!”

Several lives were lost when Ajislan’s hands fell. He didn’t know how many people he had killed, he just felt There was a burst of excitement, happy that the Hua Dynasty soldiers rushed over to die.

“I will open the way, follow up!”

Ajislan is no longer entangled in the chaos, although he is satisfied with it and feels happy.

He turned the horse’s head and galloped out. As the rider under his seat leaped high, he crossed a line of defense composed of Chinese soldiers. Then, he danced wildly with the halberd in his hand, destroying everything in front of him—whether it was a living thing or a dead thing—forcibly to open a way. Upon seeing this, the soldiers of the Northland immediately organized the troops to follow.


There was a strange noise shaking the sky.

With the government as the center, the land extending to the left and right suddenly rises high, forming two earth walls.

Then, stone cones and soil pillars continuously appeared on these city walls to shoot at soldiers in the north. These are indiscriminate strikes, and everything that was hit, whether it was the buildings of Ninglan City or the soldiers of the North Kingdom, was punched out.

“General, the south city gate is closed!”

“Damn it, I guessed it!”

I was trapped.

Ajislan had a foreboding that this was a trap, but after several days of suffocation, he could not help but rushed in when the south city gate was opened.

But such a large-scale spell shouldn’t last long.

Ajislan ordered the soldiers to stand up. Although their shields are not strong enough, as long as they borrow some skills, they still play a role.

As he had guessed, this rain of stone arrows did not last long, and it was almost exhausted in a quarter of an hour.

Then the Hua Dynasty’s offensive was replaced by soldiers from Zhenbei House.

I don’t know if the tunnel was dug early, or if they were hiding in the dwellings, the Hua Dynasty soldiers who had just retreated like a tide suddenly shot out from various positions. In the midst of the killing sound, tens of thousands of soldiers from the North Kingdom fought at close quarters with the Hua Dynasty defenders in Ninglan City.

“Kill out!”

Arisma ran on his horse, slashing left and right with the weapon in his hand, no one could survive where the halberd blade went. He is like a tiger deep in the flock, unstoppable.


Ajislan pulls the horse to a halt, and the horse’s front hoof is raised. He squinted his eyes and stared at the petite silhouette ahead. The black hair on the other side was like a military flag.

“Sue Kirin, are you finally showing up?”

A girl blocked his way.

Arislan laughed heartily, once again drove the horses to run, dragging the eucalyptus and letting its halberd blade spark bursts of sparks on the ground, rushing towards the petite girl one by one.

Countless stone cones were pierced between each other.

This is the girl’s reaction. Ajislan waved the halberd and smashed the stone halberds pierced from the ground, and rushed towards the girl with a wild laugh. He was going to vent his sullenness here.

Faced with the irresistible man, the girl stretched her right hand silently.

As if attracted, a large number of stone fragments were stripped from the ground, floating down unnaturally, entangled into a spiral, as if being blown by the wind, condense the stone in the girl’s hand sword.

next moment, the Euphorbia collided with the stone sword.

There was a shock between the two clashes, and the nearby dust flew away.

──What Ajislan didn’t know was that a large army of Zhenbei Palace had left blatantly at the east gate. With the continuous stone wall walkway that suddenly rises, they easily break through the encirclement and penetrate deep into the border of Northland.


“It was in the calculation, but my palace was defeated.”

Qin Shiyule stopped riding while riding, half reconciled He gritted his teeth in disbelief.

Seeing her stop, the army following her also reined in their horses and stopped neatly on this thin snow-covered hoof.

Less than a mile or two away is the royal court of the North Kingdom, that looks magnificent and inexplicably crude. The North Kingdom learned from the Hua Dynasty to build, but due to lack of resources and no relevant economy, the city can be said to be built in a mess.

The continuous city wall varies in height, and there are signs of repairs and additions in many places. This is obviously not a good relationship at the beginning. Even if it looks like this, it is still strong enough to be underestimated.

──But this is not why Qin Shiyu stopped.

It was the first time that she saw the royal court of the North Kingdom. It was true, but she had already understood from all kinds of intelligence beforehand. What really stopped her was the area in front of the North court with countless black spots. Densely packed “shadow”.

That is the army of Northland.

They put up an army formation facing this side, and the appearance of waiting in a serious formation is obviously as if they had known that Qin Shiyu would lead a surprise attack.

Where is the problem? Qin Shiyu was thinking.

Those scouts finally confided in the process of losing their blood. Sue Kirin and Qi Qiqi had sneaked into the army camp guarding the northern king’s court and quickly assassinated a large number of commanders. In order to save time, Qin Shiyu and Princess Ning led the army quickly past the North Country Barracks at the same time, and before they could react, they quickly assembled organ weapons and artillery against the royal court.

The whole action was as fast and sudden as lightning, like a clear thunderstorm.

If this is the case, how can anyone hold up an umbrella in advance? Qin Shiyu didn’t understand, she was stuck in it, unable to extricate herself, and she didn’t respond when Princess Ning called her.

And the answer was revealed when the woman at the other end who had tamed the giant wolf, name shakes the whole world slowly appeared.

“The game is missed…No, it is not fast enough.”

Qin Shiyu sighed to the sky.

She finally knew which link went wrong. It is not a question of speed, or arrangement, nor a question of planning. These are not the main points. The point is that Qin Shiyu underestimated Cang Lin.

No, it may not be that she underestimated Cang Rin, but that she was overly conceited.

──Why does she think that Cang Rin can’t detect it, and why does she think that Cang Rin should not be able to keep up even if she does?

Even in the face of wind and snow, Qin Shiyu still arrived here within the estimated time after several hardships, but Cang Lin rushed back to the royal court one step earlier and deployed his troops to resist the assault.

At the same time, she even made use of the two northern military camps in the palace guarding the palace.

If this is not the case, how could Sue Kirin and Qi Qiqi succeed in creating chaos there and sending out star smoke to inform Qin Shiyu to lead the army? Of course, it may be acting.

In any case, this will not hinder the fact that it hits Qin Shiyu’s heart directly, that is, everything is detected by Cang Rin, and the other party even beating somebody at their own game. Had it not been for the chaos of the big camp, Qin Shiyu would definitely lead his troops back or find another chance to win.


Qin Shiyu was suddenly pulled by someone, and finally came back to his senses. The person tried so hard, she was tilted to one side.

“Aunt Ning?”

Qin Shiyu looked up blankly, but saw that Princess Ning did not know when she had come to her side.

She was the one who grabbed Qin Shiyu just now. Suddenly, Qin Shiyu saw a battered and exhausted shadow reflected in Princess Ning’s eyes. It took a while for her to realize that the face with all of her desolate hair sticking to her face was her own.

Ah, what a mockery, Qin Shiyu laughed bitterly.

“Yu’er, it is not suitable to stay here for a long time, we have to hurry up later.”

The face of Princess Ning is solemn and stern, very ugly, and it is also mixed with deep anxiety. She was about to order the army to retreat, and Qin Shiyu looked back, and the face of the army who followed him to here was full of anxiety and despair.

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