The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1194

“It’s too late, Ning Aunt Wang.”

Qin Shiyu didn’t want to pour cold water, but it should be the case-and it will definitely be the case.

Princess Ning gritted her teeth, her eyes still full of firmness. Even if she was in a desperate situation, her firm will not to give up easily made the light in her eyes show no sign of fading.

“Yu’er, give up now──”

Princess Ning could not finish her words.

Because the sound of horseshoes came from behind.

As long as you look over there, you can see two black shadows coming here. It is the army of the North Kingdom and the murder weapon of the Hades Death God.

The two armies must have been ambushing somewhere long ago, waiting for this army of only a few thousand people to enter the tiger’s mouth, Qin Shiyu can understand even with his feet, they are already trapped. In the dead, get into real trouble, unable to extricate itself.

“Qin Shiyu, you are the one who lost.”

I don’t know when, Cang Lin, who was sitting on the snow-white giant wolf, has come to Qin Shiyu’s From a distance, throw this sentence lightly. Her voice was not loud, but she traversed the turbulent wind raging across the land and rushed into Qin Shiyu’s ears clearly.

“Yes, my palace is defeated.”

Qin Shiyu let out a long sigh.

She must not be graceful, even in the face of death, she must be graceful, otherwise she will lose the dignity of the Imperial Family and be ashamed of the world.

“You don’t say that as long as you give up your weapon and surrender, you won’t kill, do you?” She asked mockingly.

Qin Shiyu felt very cold, even in the violent storm and snow. With every breath, the body would get colder, so that the moment she left her words, she had the illusion that she had lost her temperature.

“They may still have a turning point,” Cang Lin looked at the thousands of troops quietly, then swept across Princess Ning and Qin Shiyu with a light line of sight, and finally stopped on Qin Shiyu. “But the two only have a dead end. What this seat can do is to make you die less painful that’s all.”

Yes, Cang Rin can capture thousands of remote evil heavy riders and use them as a certain This is a bargaining chip, but for the two people, Princess Ning and Qin Shiyu, she does not allow them to leave alive. If they do not die for a day, it is undoubtedly nurturing a tiger to invite calamity. She didn’t dare to look down upon Ning Bufei or Qin Shiyu.

Qin Shiyu──This young Hua Dynasty Emperor Ji came up with such a bold strategy to raid the Northern King’s Court. You can’t guard against it, like a superior assassin’s hands at any time The deadly dagger thrown. This is undoubtedly the most terrifying type of person. Even if Cang Rin can’t attack the Hua Dynasty, he can’t let Qin Shiyu live.

She is alive for one day, and for the North Country, she will be that vicious dagger that doesn’t know where it will come from.

“It’s terrible.” Princess Ning whispered.

Qin Shiyu also has the same opinion.

They came here when Sue Kirin and Qi Qiqi went to disrupt the North Country Camp. They planned to join Sue Kirin and Qi Qiqi later, that is, they do not have a Grandmaster here at the moment.

In the face of several times–even dozens of times as large as one’s own, even with the help of advanced organs and weapons, there is no Grandmaster to deal with the opponent’s Grandmaster, and it is about to fall into a situation of being surrounded. It is a situation without any vitality.

──Perhaps, only one death can compensate for this time misstep, Qin Shiyu thought.

“Yu’er, don’t give up!”

When Princess Ning saw the dimming light in Qin Shiyu’s eyes, she immediately shouted at her. Qin Shiyu woke up suddenly and looked at Ning Bufei blankly.

The hero of the female middle school has pulled out her long and short guns to alert the enemy’s every move.

“Think quickly, use your head to quickly figure out a way, and take the responsibility of leading us to death. Even if you crush your head, you must figure out a way.”

Princess Ning stared at Qin Shiyu diagonally and berated her.

This is undoubtedly a rebuke in the ears of others, but Qin Shiyu knows that the other party is encouraging himself and not letting himself indulge in the blankness of defeat.

But that feeling is really uncomfortable.

Qin Shiyu bit her lower lip, and even bit her lower lip so hard, the skin of the palm of her hand was already cut between the clenched fists. Her lips are bleeding, and her palms are also bleeding. The blood-red warmth and pain can make her temporarily sensible and clear, and will not continue to sink.

She toured the battlefield, looking for the possible victory.

She sees no hope.

But, if it is the opportunity to struggle on whilst at death’s door──

“Ning Aunt Wang, we break through the encirclement and break through the encirclement to the east.”

It has not yet been fully formed, and it will take some time for the two armies approaching from behind to form a complete circle with the army formation in front, and encircle these thousands of people.

“Abandon everything that can be thrown away, and ride all horses to break through. Give up defense and attack, just rely on speed to break through.”

This is the only way Qin Shiyu thought of .

“Let it die and live, give up everything just to survive…” Princess Ning sighed deeply, and then showed a sad smile, “I can only say that it really fits Yu’er. Character…”

Next, she held up the long spear.

“Raise the flag!”

──and shouted so loudly.

Her voice echoed in the battlefield, and the soldiers of the Hua Dynasty took their orders instantly.

“His Royal Highness Nine is destined to give up everything that can be given up, leaving only the necessary materials. We break through-we break through and go home!”

All has become in vain.

The soldiers of the Hua Dynasty may be desperate or unwilling, but the military order is still heavy. They immediately executed the order to abandon the excess siege supplies. In just a blink of an eye, they had completed the task, and under the leadership of Princess Ning, they turned their horses around and ran to the east.


Cang Lin silently watched everything happen.

She didn’t need her command at all, and the cavalry group in the Northern Army immediately screamed and screamed, slamming the horse under the seat and rushing out.

A torrent of iron knights ran across Cang Rin, and the wind it brought up disturbed her hair.

In the rising dust, Cang Rin snatched the long spear from the northern cavalry who passed by and aimed at Qin Shiyu who was left behind.

“Yu’er, you──!”

At this time, Princess Ning noticed that Qin Shiyu was not at all to keep up, and turned around and called her loudly.

“What are you doing, don’t hurry up!” She wanted to stop her horse and hover and come back to meet Qin Shiyu.

“Ning Aunt Wang, take someone and go quickly.”

Qin Shiyu did not look back, but responded loudly. Her voice was crushed in the mess of horseshoes, and it was hard to hear.

“My palace is going to hold them here.” Then, she spread out her hands, as if she wanted to borrow a single person to stop the chasing soldiers from the North. However, the cavalry of the North Kingdom had already passed by her, and Cang Lin was the only one who stopped her.

How to defeat a Grandmaster? Qin Shiyu thought to himself that something was wrong with his head.

However, she has to find ways to hold the Grandmaster, and only in this way, she can follow without regrets until now, and now the guys who need to struggle on whilst at death’s door get down to win the glimmer of survival.

“Yu’er!” Princess Ning hesitated for a while.

The Qingqi from the North has pointed his bow at her, throwing a torrent of steel. Facing the rain showers like a shower, Princess Ning’s long and short spears spun and bounced off the arrows like a rapidly spinning windmill.

However, there are too many.

Furthermore, an army cannot be unowned, she cannot give up the army that has been with her for a long time. She can only give up Qin Shiyu, and she also understands Qin Shiyu’s intentions and motives.

I can’t let everything be in vain as if above her, she urged herself.

I don’t know how much courage was used and how much regret was lost in the future. Then she once again accelerated her horse to catch up with the soldiers of the Hua Dynasty who had taken the first step.

Seeing that she finally made up her mind to stay away, Qin Shiyu temporarily sighed in relief. As long as I stay here for the North Country’s income or kill, the North Country’s willingness for the small army will more or less be reduced. Of course, she couldn’t hold it for a long time, she could only hold it for a short period of time-some people would say that this was useless work and a sacrifice in vain, but Qin Shiyu really had no choice.

In this case, I can only stick to it.

She narrowed her eyes and stared at Cang Rin before her.

The Imperial Teacher who had already aimed at her with a long spear with his hand also looked back in silence.

“Come on, Canglin…” Qin Shiyu drove his weak arm, drew a sword he had never used before, and spurred his weak legs to stand firmly, “Dare to be with Ben Gong Yi fight!”

Yinping, I’m sorry, I might break my promise to you! Qin Shiyu raised the sword in his hand and pointed it at Canglin, with a wry smile on his face. It was a smile that wanted to cry.

Shui Yuner once said that she has never lived like a Princess. Qin Shiyu answered her at the time that even if she had not lived like a Princess, she would have to die like a Princess.

So, even more how is you who lived so long as Princess?

Qin Shiyu must die like a Princess, and give everything back to the people who made her, the soldiers who defended her, and the Imperial Family and the earth that gave birth to her.

The wind gently stroked her long hair touching the ground, like the softest last stroke.

“…Qin Shiyu, you are proud of your life, and you should be graceful in death.”

Cang Rin said lightly, and there was a kind of respect between the lines.

“I have fought with you in Northern Domain for many years. If it is not hindered by the position, maybe I can become friends.”

Qin Shiyu laughed, there is something inexplicable The sense of liberation, the body finally stabilized. She held her hand, her sword, her leg, her heart, and her will.

“──No, we are impossible to be friends, because I am Emperor Ji of a country.”


Cang Rin, ” Only faith can’t win.”

She disappeared from where she was.

No, it’s not that she disappeared. She moved, but the speed was too fast. Qin Shiyu’s dynamic vision couldn’t catch it at all – so maybe it was just lucky to be able to block the blow.

Qin Shiyu was only aware of a piercing golden sound.

A huge impact penetrated along the arm. Her right arm was broken and several sections were broken. The intense pain rushed into her pain pocket, and the pain made her eyes burst into tears.

Tears blurred her long sword that was shot into the air.

When Ding Guoji fell backward, she saw her only weapon being thrown into the air. She almost fell to the ground with a knock, and another shock penetrated her back, oppressing her internal organs, causing her to spit out all the air in her lungs in pain.

The sword of the hit child spun down.

The sword fell on the back of her head, cutting off Black’s hair, and then suddenly shattered. A burst of silver shavings passed away with the wind.

“Qin Shiyu, you were born lucky.”

Although Cang Lin didn’t try his best just now, but it was enough to kill Qin Shiyu, the other party reacted unbelievably. Come over and block the blow. It’s not so much due to instinct and intuition, as luck is more appropriate.

However, luck is also the time to use up.

Qin Shiyu lying here is the best proof.

“Isn’t this as it should be by rights?”

Qin Shiyu propped up his upper body with his left arm in order to slightly reduce the opponent’s condescending height. She coughed up several mouthfuls of blood, and ravaged her with intense pain that she hadn’t experienced since she was born.

The bones all over the body are crying.

She has no possibility of blocking Cang Rin’s next blow.

“This seat will bury you thickly.”

Cang Rin held up the long spear and slammed Qin Shiyu down. It was inevitable. Qin Shiyu didn’t even close her eyes to welcome death. She watched as she turned into a flash of light, and she watched the blue light that suddenly appeared.

is a talisman.

The long spear stabbed on the blue dome that suddenly swelled, and the spear tip and the blue light collided violently.

“…” Cang Lin is frowned, adding more strength.

Under the continued increasing force, the tip of the gun finally penetrated the blue dome, exploding a large number of blue light spots. The amulet was fragmented, and there were no obstacles between the long spear and Qin Shiyu.

──Except for the bright red.

“──Sue Kirin, you hate you so much!”

The crying screams and accusations broke into the battlefield untimely, Broke into between the two.

And the red shadow immediately followed.

Like a flash of red light, even if Cang Rin wanted to poke a long spear, the opponent was already close to her eyes, and the red almost filled her eyes.


Cang Lin was forced to pick up the long spear to meet her.

The gun hit the flames, drove straight in, and finally ran into the hard thing. The flames of crimson burned his face, the heat assaults the senses.

Cang Lin squinted his eyes and finally saw the silhouette hidden behind the flame.

The black hair is wrapped around the flames, and the small face with some teardrops in the corners of her eyes is exquisite. The girl is like a Phoenix born around the flames, noble and full of oppression force.

When the gun and the sword clash, the first thing that can’t hold it is the gun in Canglin’s hand. It was reddened by the flame, and it might melt into molten iron in the next instant.

“Qiqiqi…” Cang Rin recognized the person’s identity, and at the same time tilted the long spear in his hand, pointed back towards him, and removed the flame-wrapped blade of the opponent.

After Qi Qiqi landed, she quickly turned around and cut out another sword, but was easily blocked by Cang Lin.

“His Royal Highness, go back!”

Qin Shiyu looked at Qi Qiqi in surprise, and didn’t expect the other party to risk his death to rescue. She subconsciously wanted the other person to leave, but she didn’t forget to prop up her body and backed away while coughing.


Cang Rin unloaded Qi Qiqi’s sword again, and turned back to a spear thrust towards Qin Shiyu, dotted with cold light, and the hot spear tip was blinking. Arrived at Qin Shiyu’s throat.

However, the flame rolls from behind.

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