The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1195

“Heaven Rotating Brake!”

Qi Qiqi kicked up on the ground, spinning her body in the air, the sharp blade dragged the violent flames, and the wheels turned into flames and sharp blades rushed behind Cang Lin. She came quickly and in a hurry, Cang Lin had only a weapon in his hand, so she had to fight back again.

Like Storm of Swords, the Tianli Sword slashed on the long spear several times in a blink of an eye. The shattered flames burned Cang’s clothes and body, but could not hurt her. itself. The majestic True Qi covered by her body is as solid as a city wall, and the fire chips cannot burn it.

Even if the other party can’t hurt him, he must be entangled and can’t make Cang Rin easily get his wish. It’s really annoying.

“Like a fly…”

Cang Rin was a little impatient, his left palm was printed like electricity, and he passed through the storm of flames and hit Qi Qiqi with one palm. physically.


The flame that had already reached her body was quickly thrown away with Qi Qiqi’s scream, Cang Lin turned back to face Qin Shiyu again, the girl had already taken advantage The opportunity was taken a few steps away.

But the distance is still not long enough.

Behind Cang Rin, the red shadow of the flame hit the ground a few meters away like a cannonball, bounced on the ground several times, and rubbed the ground for a long distance before finally stopping.

The sword of Tianli fell next to Qi Qiqi, and she immediately reluctantly supported her body, but the northern soldiers who came to the consciousness had already surrounded her. She must have been unable to harass Cang Rin anymore.

“Your Highness, squat down and hold your head!” Qi Qiqi shouted.

Qin Shiyu squatted down for a while, and hugged her head as Qi Qiqi said.

Cang Lin was also taken aback immediately.

Then she lifts the head abruptly.

“The sky is flying!”

The violent blue sword light cuts down from the sky, like a waterfall flying down.

“…Sue Kirin!”

Cang Lin roared, and became excited uncharacteristically. The long spear in his hand pierced upwards. The tip of the gun filled with Spiritual Qi directly hit the sharp edge of the sword light, and the sword light seemed to be lifted up, twisting like an arch.

The dazzling light obscured the silhouettes of Cang Lin and Qin Shiyu.

The front end of the sword light directly slashed into the group of soldiers of the North Country that surrounded Qi Qiqi. The violent Spiritual Qi instantly swallowed a large number of soldiers, and the body was shattered by the light current.

Qi Qiqi was also pushed out by the aftermath of Jianguang.

She stabilized her posture in the air in time, drew her sword between the ground, and then jumped away again. Some soldiers were not afraid of the glare in front of them, holding a long spear, wielding a scimitar and supporting a bow and arrow, roaring towards Qi Qiqi.

“Don’t get in the way!”

Qiqi, who touched the ground again, was short, rushing on the ground, stepping on the fire and dragging the flames. Wielding her sword, she used her superb Sword Art to bounce off the stabbed long spear and the cut scimitar, and then set off the flames to shoot down those arrows.

Qi Qiqi rushed from left to right, shuttled continuously among the soldiers of the North Kingdom, drew a large arc into the light, and went around where Qin Shiyu was just now.

Her purpose is to rescue Qin Shiyu.

Facing the violently distorted sword light, the soldiers could not muster the courage to rush in, and could only blow their beard and stare at Qi Qiqi’s silhouette disappearing into the blue.

Fortunately, countless cracks suddenly appeared on the twisted sword light, and eventually it suddenly scattered like being squeezed from the inside, and then a long spear shot out suddenly, scraping a blue sword like a snowflake. Light fragments.

The long spear shot into the air, but was entangled in heavy lightning, and finally a girl wearing a black cloak followed it with her bare hands. The girl threw the long spear, and the long spear turned back and forth in the air before falling back into her hand.

“Give you back!”

The girl’s clear voice knocked from the air.

Several circles of blue lightning formed in front of her and the girl threw a long spear at the same time. The long spear accelerated explosively after passing through those circles, and there was no trace in an instant, leaving only a blue trajectory in the air, distorting the nearby space.

Then there was a roar.

The ground exploded into the sky with a mixture of sand and rock, and a large number of sand and rock fragments were mixed among the violent electric sols and raged all around. Many unfortunate soldiers from the North were caught in, and fell to the ground crying with grief and convulsions.

In the smoke and dust, a red shadow rushed out.

She was also wrapped in lightning, and her clothes were damaged in many places, revealing a lot of skin. But what made the northern soldiers’ eye socket cracked even more was that the opponent hugged Qin Shiyu in his arms.

The girl in the sky no longer stayed for a long time, and she began to dive down, looking like she was going to meet Qi Qiqi.

“Why are you still staying! Chase!”

A commander ordered.

The soldiers of the North Kingdom came back to their senses, and if they were able to ride a horse, they rode their horses, and ran on their legs and feet. They chased them and bite. At the same time, Cang Lin, who was entangled in the lightning, also pierced like an arrow from the dust filled with sand and rocks, chasing Qin Shiyu and the two who rescued her.

When they discovered that the three of them were actually fleeing towards the royal court, it was already when the other party was about to reach the royal court.

──Yes, yes.

The three of them crossed the city wall of the king’s court and plunged in without a trace.


Looking at the direction where the three of them disappeared, Cang Rin stopped in front of the city gate of the Wang Court.

The army behind her also stopped at the same time. Unlike Canglin, they will hit the city wall if they don’t stop.

“Imperial Teacher, this…”

Qingqi Commander came on his horse, looking blank. Cang Lin was also quite shocked, and didn’t expect that the other three would go straight to the palace. That was undoubtedly sending to death, Cang Lin had arranged and warned in the royal court.

In any case, the other party’s decision is still unexpected.

And this is obviously not Qin Shiyu’s plan, unless she has already planned the worst. Well, I have anticipated my failure early in the morning and have a plan to deal with it, otherwise the whole process will not be so smooth.

However, Cang Lin is more inclined to believe that this is a temporary divine light flashed by Sue Kirin or Qi Qiqi.

“Imperial Teacher…”

The commander called Cang Rin again, they all needed her order.

Cang Lin came back to his senses, first stroked the head of White Wolf beside his hand, then looked around the battlefield, thinking about countermeasures.

“Notify the ministries to intercept the defeated troops of the Chinese dynasty, and tell the chasers of the past that this army must be eaten. They are all elite soldiers, and Princess Ning is an important person. Her existence can become Very good bargaining chip. In addition, once again passed Ajislan, urged him to take Ninglan City, this time we have a huge mobilization, we can not get nothing.”

“Yes.” The commander noted down With this order, he called a lieutenant on the side and told him to pass on the various ministries. The lieutenant rode away quickly and conveyed Cang Rin’s order.

The soldiers of the North Kingdom quickly accepted the order to act.

“Imperial Teacher, in the royal court…”

“This seat has long been arranged,” Cang Rin does not underestimate the enemy,” But Sue Kirin is a spell, this seat Neither you nor you know where the limit of spell is, and the night is long and there are many dreams. After all, a Grandmaster hiding in the royal court cannot make people sleep peacefully.”

“Then we search in the city?”


Another infantry general made a suggestion with uncertainty, but Cang Rin hadn’t said anything yet, and the cavalry general rejected his proposal loudly.

“Absolutely no!”

“…” Cang Rin fell silent.

“Why not?”

“You rough man, don’t want to think about the current situation of the Imperial Teacher!” The cavalry general hate iron for not becoming steel scolded the opponent.

“The situation?”

The infantry general was dumbfounded.

He seems to be a type with a bad brain–no, it should be said that he is not very sensitive to these types of political stances. It took him more than ten seconds to understand it and make it. The expression suddenly realized.

“It seems that you also understand.”

The cavalry general sighed heavily, with a feeling of injustice.

“Our king is not unsuspecting the Imperial Teacher. The Imperial Teacher has great prestige and power. As a king, he will never have no doubts about the Imperial Teacher. If The Lord Imperial Teacher claimed that the three had broken into the royal court and led soldiers to enter…We are foreign soldiers. Since ancient times, the royal court can only allow the soldiers of our king to enter!”

” But…but this is not unprecedented!” The infantry general retorted.

“Yes, but it also depends on who led the soldiers. If you were a monarch, and the one who led the soldiers into the royal court was your most feared person, what would you think? Even if he didn’t How do you think, it’s hard to say whether those Civilian Court Officials will seize this handle.”

“This…why make it so complicated? All for the Northland…”


The infantry general was puzzled.

“If you can understand, you won’t be in this position forever.”

“Aren’t you the same?”

“I just disdain Fight!”

Some cavalry generals fly into a rage out of humiliation, biting their necks to retort. In fact, he is half-knowledgeable, and he listens to others saying that’s all.

However, this does not hinder the legitimacy of his remarks.

The Northern King does not have unconditional trust in Cang Rin, and where and which group of forces the master of high power is placed in it is also very suitable. Cang Lin has experienced three generations of Northern Kings, and the accumulated credit over the years is higher than any one, and he is already in a state of no reward.

This time, regardless of whether Cang Rin wins or loses, her position will become very subtle.

If you win, what can the North King reward her? You can only reward one who has been disarmed and returned to the field, otherwise, should he give up his position to Cang Rin? Not to mention losing, some people will definitely catch the incident and violently attack Cang Rin.

Well, there should be no one who dares to act rashly in the place where Yi Canglin is in the Northland–unless the North King instructs him behind.

──Cang Rin is really difficult.

Although there are thousands of royal guards in the royal court, the personal soldiers of the Northern King, most of these guards are the children of nobles and the nephews of certain tribes. It is difficult to say how many battle strengths there are.

However, if you lead soldiers into the royal court, you may be charged with an unreasonable charge of treason.

This is definitely a dilemma.

If Qin Shiyu is a real forerunner and expected that Cang Rin might catch the worm, would she have already noticed the difficulty of Cang Rin’s position? In the battle itself, Cang Lin had already gambled on everything, and finally let the Northern King order troops.

“What should be done?”

The cavalry general realized that he and his colleagues had to explore more, and the final decision was still Cang Rin. They didn’t have time to discuss more. After he raised this question, the infantry generals looked at Cang Rin together.

“If the Imperial Teacher was willing to give up the Eagle Guard, the situation might be better…”

The famous general then sighed helplessly.

Indeed, the Northern King had hinted a few months ago that Canglin would give up the Eagle Guard, and let this elite soldier trained by her personally be brought under the control of his cronies. If Cang Rin could agree to the request of the Northern King at that time, her position might be better at the moment.

The problem is that war with the Chinese dynasty is imminent, and it will be a taboo to change the battlefield immediately. Once Cang Rin handed over the Eagle Guard, how to gain loyalty and tame this elite can cause many problems. At the beginning, Cang Rin remained silent until this point was scrupulous about how long it lasted.

“The situation is urgent, and it is helpless to bring troops in. Go, you will organize two hundred troops to follow me into the city, and then I will let a hundred eagle guards follow.”

“But will the goalkeeper allow it?” The cavalry general hesitated.

“I will speak in person.”

Cang Rin left this sentence, which means that there is no need to discuss it anymore, so I decided to do so.


Mu Muqi knelt and sat on the cave.

He is majestic and powerful, and his muscles are tight as a rock. Compared with the other men who are kneeling here, he is like one of them. The most outstanding one.

This spacious hall was built completely in accordance with the system of the Chinese dynasty, and the decorations and furnishings were imitated quite well, but no matter what, they did not completely follow the appearance of the Chinese dynasty. People are kneeling on the low couch after another, not sitting on the chair like Hua Chao.

Perhaps there is a kind of braveness among them.

Yes, your things are good, but there are some shortcomings in them, so we changed them when we used them-well, probably this is the feeling.

In fact, this is a manifestation of inferiority, Mu Muqi is thinking.

“Speaking of which Mumu Lord Qi is here too.”

A mocking voice came from the entrance of the hall, and a man in a uniform walked in. His figure is equally majestic and powerful, but slightly inferior to Mumuzi.

“General Bau.”

Mumuzi was nodded to the visitor, and expressionless greeted him. The man named Bau sneered, walked to the empty cave next to Mumuzi and knelt down.

It is worth mentioning that Mu Muqi is actually a civil official. Regardless of his figure, he is not actually a muscular and simple-minded man. Of course, he did have outstanding martial arts in line formation and personal martial arts, but he was still a civilian.

──”There are so many people in Northland who can beat and be good, and I am not the only one, but there are very few people in Northland who can literate and govern. If I don’t come forward, how can Northland behave? What?”

This was his firm answer when the Northern King asked him why he abandoned the army and joined the military. The Northern King was also very pleased with this, and he used Mumuzi very much. Mu Muqi’s ability to occupy the current high position is not unrelated to that sentence at the time.

At the same time, his sentence also offended the military.

──What do you mean by this sentence? Does it mean that the military is insignificant to Northland?

This is the argument held by the military.

The ultimate result of this is that Mumuqi is still being targeted by the military factions. If Canglin hadn’t intervened in the middle, the military would definitely have taken drastic actions. Of course, there are also reasons why Mu Muqi often antagonizes the military. Under the leadership of Mu Muqi, the status of civil servants suppressed by military attaches is gradually rising.

Bau called him so bitterly just now because of these relationships.

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