The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1196

“Mu Mu Lord Qi, I heard that recently your daughter often yelled to practice martial arts, saying not to be a civil servant like Mu Mu Lord Qi, you and you, saying that this is a shame…This incident has caused a whole city Everybody knows! Hey, Mu Mu Lord Qi, this is really difficult for you, there is a daughter who doesn’t understand her… Even if these all are true, they won’t be known to the whole city, making people laugh! “

Bau took a sip of the tea served by the maid, and said this pretending to be helpless and sympathetic, but the corners of his slightly raised mouth had betrayed what he really meant. It’s nothing more than making fun of Mu Muqi that’s all.

“The little girl doesn’t change things and makes a joke to make everyone laugh, but the little girl is still young and doesn’t understand it is excusable, but even my wife occasionally talks about it…” Mu Muqi is very Sighed troublesomely, “I’m already an adult, and if I don’t know what to do, this is the real joke.”

“Isn’t it!”

Bau said loudly He laughed, and the other military officers sitting behind him also laughed.

“So, Lord Bau and the others rarely do nothing?”

Suddenly a civil official said.

The military officers hearing this suddenly froze with smiles, and then they realized that Mu Muqi’s remarks just now were insinuations, implying that they are not sensible. You must know that they are also adults!

“Mumuqi, you──!”

Bau’s face flushed with anger, and his cheeks twitched. Mumuqi frowned pretendingly and looked back:

“General Bau, why are you staring at me so fiercely? Did I offend you?”

“You I was cursing just now–“

Bau rushed out in anger, but halfway through, he realized that he couldn’t get started. He failed to grasp the opponent’s handle, and if he really questioned him, he would be a check in.

“It seems that Mumu Lord Qi really raised a group of good dogs!”

He can only use the civilian official just now to make use of it.

“I did raise a few dogs in the yard to take care of the nursing home. After all, the law and order in the royal court is not very good now. I always have to keep an eye on it… General Bau, if something happens to my house in the future , I also hope that General Bau can make it easier to come as soon as possible.”

Mumuzi easily resolved Bau’s ridicule and at the same time hinted that the other party was not able to discern things. Bau is the general who is in charge of the security of the royal court. He said that the royal court was not well cured, so he meant that Bau’s ability was insufficient.

“Are you talking about my lack of ability?”

Bau slapped his legs and stood up directly.

“How did General Bau come to this conclusion? It’s just that the Imperial Teacher led the troops recently, and some Xiaoxiao took this opportunity to commit crimes that’s all. Master Bau must have also increased the pressure, I naturally understand It’s not easy for Master Bau.”

This time, the matter became more serious.

In the past, the court’s law and order was good, and it was entirely dependent on the reputation of the Imperial Teacher, and had nothing to do with Bau – as long as you use your brain a little bit, you can understand what Mu Muqi meant to him.

Bau’s face was red and blue with anger, making people wonder if he would vomit blood from anger.

When the civilian officials saw this, they laughed again, feeling that Bau had come out again and embarrassed, asking for trouble. This is not the first time this kind of confrontation has happened, and each time it ended in Bau failure. Other civil officials may still be afraid of Bau’s military power and dare not refute. Bau may have misunderstood from it, thinking that he has a three-inch tongue, but it is another time to meet Mumuqi who is not afraid of him. It’s up.

“What are you laughing at!”

It’s probably a fly into a rage out of humiliation. Suddenly someone slap the table and stand up from those military officers, glaring at these civilian officers. . Seeing that the military officer was in trouble, the civilian officials suddenly shut up and did not laugh.

Just when the military officer thought that the civilian officials were scared──

“As officials in the same country, such infighting, what are you doing? Are you afraid of others laughing? Is there any dissatisfaction, big You can go out and decide, don’t be embarrassed in front of this king!”

The middle-aged man who appeared at the same time as this scolding.

He slowly walked out from the back of the hall, dressed in precious fur, sat sideways on the White Tiger skin, and propped up one foot.

North King-Su He.

“I have seen the king.”

When people saw that their king had finally arrived, they quickly stood up and paid respect to him – they put their hands on their chests, their heads slightly lowered.

Su He’s eyes are as sharp as an eagle, and he sweeps slowly and forcefully over less than ten trusted ministers in total.

“So you still have this king in your eyes?” When he speaks, the beard on his chin will move. “Make trouble in the temple, giving tit for tat, this is to put this king in your eyes. Is it?”

Bau and Mumuzi lowered their heads at the same time in a tacit understanding.

“Please punish the king!” They spoke almost simultaneously.

With the two leaders, other officials naturally followed immediately. For a time, these people seemed to be shamelessly meeting the old folks and elders.

“hmph, only then will you be so united, how can I save the king?”

Su He does not eat this set.

If they are really conscious, they should do well before they arrive. The military attache and the civil servants looked face to face, knowing that their king was a little dissatisfied.

In the end, one person came forward.

It is Mu Muzi.

“This is indeed not what the ministers should be waiting for, we must take it as a warning.” Without giving Suh any time to speak, Mu Muqi asked solemnly, “This time the king calls us here. , I don’t know why?”

These ten are almost all the core ministers of the North Kingdom.

But there is one thing in common, that is, they are all of the king’s faction, not of the Canglin faction. Just like this, Su He’s intention to summon them is already obvious.

“Presumably you all know that the king’s dear Imperial Teacher used almost all of the king’s forces to attack the Chinese dynasty. He also formed an alliance with the Western Regions and the Bharata who didn’t know where he was. The power of the Three Kingdoms took the Hua Dynasty, but the king recently heard that the Peacock Prince of Bharatiya died in battle and was defeated like a mountain, and the Western Regions were plot against by the Dog Emperor of the Hua Dynasty, and fell into a situation of infighting…Three Kingdoms The alliance has lost the second one. Do you think there is still a chance to win this battle?”

“The King, Imperial Teacher, this is a raid that has achieved great results and has already occupied the second of the three lines of defense in the Northern Domain. , There is still a chance to win.”

Bau came out to speak first.

Although he is a kingly faction, he is also a member of the army. If Cang Rin can win the Hua Dynasty this time, the army will be meritorious, and he will naturally be honored. “oh?” Su He propped up his head and stared at Bau diagonally, “Bau, do you think Cang Rin still has a chance to win?”

“I dare not say about winning Hua Chao, but It is still possible to win the Northern Domain.”

Mu Muqi also echoed.

“Aiya, even Mu Muqi thinks so, it seems that my dear Imperial Teacher is trusted for his ability…”

Su He heavily sighed, Then the conversation turned, and his voice became dull.

“But this is the Imperial Teacher who suddenly returned with thousands of Qingqi yesterday. He wanted to get his military power from the commanders of the two large battalions guarding the royal court. At the same time, he entered the officer late at night. Asked me for Wang Tingwei’s transfer right!”

“What happened?” Bau was startled.

If what Su He said is true, it means that Wang Ting is almost completely under Cang Rin’s control. As long as she has that meaning, she can bring troops in at any time where they are.

Without Wang Tingwei, this imperial city will only be left with the Ligers under Bau.

Although the Liger tribe has a stronger battle strength than Wang Tingwei, but the number is only a thousand, how can it withstand the pressure of the army? But the problem lies in—

“Dare to ask the king, why did you agree to the request of the Imperial Teacher?”

Mu Muqi asked the doubts of everyone.

Giving all the forces of Wang Tingwei and the two large camps to Cang Rin, that undoubtedly exposed himself, and Su He would not be so stupid.

“This king is thinking that if Cang Rin is really offensive, wouldn’t it end if Cang Rin’s poke on him last night? In this king’s court, Cang Rin would take his place. There are many people there, aren’t they?”

Su He said mockingly.

Cang Rin was a great minister of the three kings of the North Kingdom, and he was also a great minister before his father died, but he has always been quite afraid of deterring the Imperial Teacher. Gong Gao Zhenzhu also holds Supreme’s power, which is respected by the people and has a heavy right to speak. Although there is a lack of power in saying this, Su He knows that if Cang Rin wants to rebel, it’s all minutes.

Maybe Cang Lin has no objection now, but what about tomorrow? What about the day after tomorrow?

No one can give the answer, not even Cang Rin knows it. How many people claim that they will never do certain things, but in the end they do it? There are so many things that Sukh had to guard against and had to take certain actions.

“Dare to ask the king, the Imperial Teacher turned back overnight, and he wanted to go to war for the king, what is it?”

Mu Muqi asked suspiciously, this is also something else People’s doubts.

“Sit down first.” Seeing that the ten people are indeed an eyesore, Su He waved his hand casually.

People knelt back and fell on their knees, and Su He said again:

“You guys, just pretend to be the best. This is the king’s people. You might as well let go of some things. Let’s say… I’ve always treated people in the North with boldness, when did they become a mother-in-law like you?”

After that, Su He shook the head, a little disappointed.

“In fact, some of you must have heard the wind about this matter.” He went on to say so.

The officials present were silent for a while.

“It is indeed heard. It is said that Emperor Ji of the Hua Dynasty, Qin Shiyu, led a lone army to go deep, and the Imperial Teacher came back to intercept them.”

Only Mu Mu Qi admitted frankly that he did receive the news beforehand.

If he admits it, other officials can naturally be silent and silent, and this is probably one of the reasons why Suh attaches great importance to Mumuzi.

“As the king thinks, this Emperor Ji of the Hua Dynasty is really courageous, and he has gone deep into this with a lone army. You said, if our Imperial Teacher did not find out in time, we would have to be beaten. It’s bloody, isn’t it? Look, our Imperial Teacher is really good.”

“What is the king worrying about?”

Mu Muqi is in Suh Fortunately, the overtone was heard in the speech.

“It’s just that the Hua Dynasty Emperor Ji came too in time.”

“Hua Dynasty Emperor Ji took the Grandmaster into the royal court, the Imperial Teacher had to return to defense, and I’m going to leave the military power… The king is worried, all this is a game?”

Mu Muqi’s eyes are light flashed, and he makes amazing guesses. Hearing this, the military attache present aroused a commotion.

“…Hey, this is what you said, Mu Muqi, but the king hasn’t said it.”

“Yes.” Mu Muqi took all the responsibility on him .

“Mu Mu Lord Qi, you are too horrible! The Imperial Teacher doesn’t have to spend so much time even if you want to rebel!”

At this time, Bau was a military attache The representative put forward opinions.

“Bau, do you mean this king is worthless in front of the Imperial Teacher?” Su He made a bad joke.

“The general will not dare!”

Bau was taken aback.

Even the princes faction will help Canglin speak, which shows what status that woman has in the northern kingdom.

“What is my king going to do?”

“I just don’t know what to do, I need you… Otherwise, if the king knows everything, I still need you? “

Close one eye, Su He sighed helplessly, but he was actually sarcastic.

“The king is right.” Mu Muqi apologized.

Next, he pondered, as if already thinking about countermeasures. Bau looked dumbfounded at the pair of emperors and ministers back and forth, and suddenly felt that he could not speak. He often feels a little redundant.

“The king is nothing more than three things.”

Mu Muqi put up three fingers, and Bau looked sideways.

Su He put on an expression of interest, and said frivolously:

“The information is like a god, the Imperial Teacher, and he is thoughtful about what Mu Muqi said. Come on, Mu Muqi, see if you can guess the king’s mind this time.”

“The minister just said it straight.”

Mu Muqi stood up The body, after saluting Su He again, said in a soft and accented tone with a strong and focused tone:

“This is how the Imperial Teacher repelled the Hua Chao Emperor Ji, how to immediately retract the guard The power of the elite soldiers in the royal court, and if the Imperial Teacher returns in a triumph, how to deal with the issue of rewards, and the three things of reclaiming the military power that’s all.”

“ha ha ha!” Su He sat up , Laughed out loud, and clapped his palms, “Mu Muqi who knows me too! Look, you see! You often think that Mu Muqi is reusable, and his psychology is a little unbalanced, but he doesn’t follow Mu Muqi’s way. , Can guess the king’s thoughts, and solve his worries!”

Seeing Suhe admiring Mumuqi, Bau and the military officers couldn’t help but look hard. As the civil servants were headed by Mu Muqi, they felt the same honor, and even their chests stood up a lot. “So according to Mu Muqi’s view, how should the king solve these three troubles?”

“Rong Chen has to go back and think more about this matter. Although the minister has some problems, he will add Thinking, I think there should be something wrong, and more adjustments are needed, so──”

“Oh oh oh! As expected, Mu Muqi has not only guessed the king’s mind, but also This king thought of the preliminary countermeasures. This king sees that Mu Muqi is the next Imperial Teacher!”

Su He stood up, paced back and forth in front of his seat, and clapped his hands. The civil servants heard that the sense of glory on their faces suddenly became stronger, while the military officers’ expressions were even more ugly, especially Bau.

However, only Mu Muqi was smiling.

Su He’s approval just now was a naked apology! He said that Mu Muqi would be the next Imperial Teacher, and how deep he is now that he is taboo against the blue, is there still room for another “Imperial Teacher” to appear? Mu Muqi is still useful for the time being, but after Cang Lin loses power, Mu Muqi will also be beaten into the cold palace due to his death. It is good to return to the field after disarming, and Su He may even order him to be killed to eliminate the trouble.

Mu Muqi likes falling in a ice hole and strengthens a certain determination.

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