The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1197

Su He didn’t know if he could see through Mu Muqi’s thoughts, but excitedly urged him to say:

“Come on, Mu Muqi, let’s talk about what your preliminary case is ──”

“My lord, there is someone outside who wants to see the lord. It was sent by the north gatekeeper of Wang Ting, saying that there is an urgent matter to meet with the lord!”

Someone interrupted Suh’s words.

Su He returned to his seat rather disappointedly, “Why is this North goalkeeper so ignorant?” He whispered.

Next, he allowed the person to come in.

A soldier walked in cautiously, one-knee kneels behind the ten officers. From Su He’s perspective, he can barely see his face. He is a fairly young soldier.

“My lord, the north gatekeeper asked the young man to inform you that the Imperial Teacher asked to lead troops into the city to search for Emperor Ji of the Hua Dynasty!”

As soon as this statement came out, in the hall People suddenly fell into silence.

They gradually widened their eyes, making it clear that they had failed to react at the first time.

Such is the same.

“What did you say?” Su He wrinkled his frowned, his hands wrapped around his right ear, “You said that the Imperial Teacher asked to lead troops to search for Emperor Ji of Hua Chao? Is this a new joke?”

He looked incredible.

“Yes, Imperial Teacher claimed that Emperor Ji of Hua Dynasty had entered the royal court. She said that Emperor Ji of Hua Dynasty was accompanied by a martial artist and a Grandmaster. She was extremely dangerous. I asked the king to make an exception to let foreign soldiers enter the city to throw and search, and…” The young soldier hesitated for a while before continuing, “And said that this is not something the existing forces in the royal court can handle.”


Su He laughed out loud.

“Look, this king has handed over most of the military power to the Imperial Teacher, but the Emperor Ji of Hua Dynasty still broke into the palace… You said, how big is Emperor Ji? It’s good to be able to do it!”

The soldier was still kneeling there, waiting for an order, but Su He didn’t know if it was true or not and joked.

“My lord, what are you going to do?”

This time Bau stepped up and asked.

“Bau, do you have a way to deal with a Grandmaster?”

“This…” Bau holds an army in his hand, but he has to deal with a very mobile in the royal court , The existence of extremely destructive power, still not much sure. This is different from an open plain, which has a lot of obstacles.

At the same time, this is the royal court. Although it is our own base camp, it will be quite constrained if we go to war with the enemy. Bau really has no way to deal with it.

“Look, see, see, see, it’s the imperial teacher of this king!”

Su He is coldly snorted, obviously very dissatisfied. Since Bau can’t deal with Emperor Ji of the Hua Dynasty, does he have any other options besides letting Cang Lin advance into the Jian? Sometimes, it is not that he does not want to choose, but that he has no choice.

The entire North Kingdom is relying on Canglin, and Su He has to admit that he also has many places to rely on each other, and this is where he is even more unhappy.

“How many foreign soldiers does the Imperial Teacher bring in?”

Mu Muqi broke the silence and asked aloud.

“Imperial Teacher said that as long as five hundred is enough, she needs to be like an arm.” The soldier who came to pass the message replied.

“Only five hundred?”

Su He’s face was taken aback, but Mu Muqi said to him:

“Imperial Teacher is here Avoid suspicion.”

“Hey, she is still a little conscious…but this is not necessarily a good thing. A dog will jump the wall in a hurry, even more how the opponent is a wolf.”

Sukh tsk tsk said twice, then stood up again and waved his hand impatiently.

“Go, go, open the door and let her bring in the foreign soldiers.”

He relieved.

I was still talking about how to deal with the cold things, but now it is easy to make an exception for the other party. Su He’s move is quite a have no desire to improve.

“My lord, you──” Bau stood up in surprise.

Su He sighed helplessly and swayed half-deadly.

“If she has that meaning, you won’t be able to stop one hundred of them.”

After that, he looked towards the soldier again, unquestioningly went down to Wang Ling:


“That’s it, go and tell the North goalkeeper!”

Su He greeted Bau.

“Go, check if what she said is true, and send someone to follow!”

Well, it doesn’t seem to be have no desire to improve, it’s just helpless that’s all.



Qiqiqi is already clumsy at words.

The channel is assembled after trimming by the rocks of similar size, and the drainage canals shuttle through it. These passages are as high as several meters, Qi Qiqi looked up, and could not even hear the sound of the street.

It can be seen how deep and thick the sewer is.

There is only water echoing here. Recently, it seems like not at all, the sound flowing in the channel is like a stream draining, but it reverberates in this limited space and is very noisy.

“The sewer is always the top priority of a city.”

Leaning on the wall, Qin Shiyu said with a corner of his mouth.

Without sewers, a city will be easily destroyed-one rain is enough to destroy a city, so even the Throne of the North has sewers. Of course, the establishment of the royal court and the layout of the sewers are much more difficult than in the Hua Dynasty.

In spite of this, Wang Ting still completed the complicated but perfect sewer construction.

Among them, not only the technology of the Hua Dynasty, but also the technology of the Western Regions, and some other countries’ technology are used. It is precisely because of learning from each other and being good at absorbing that this throne can be established.

For this reason, the North Kingdom seems to have dug out several man-made lakes with a huge area outside the royal court for drainage.

Even if it is not neat, the city wall is of varying heights, and even the buildings are nondescript. Wang Court is still a city magnificent enough to be called a miracle.

It is also the most proud capital in Northland.

──Qin Shiyu has never felt that Wang Ting is a great city like now.

“It is a great help to be a great city…”

Qin Shiyu said mockingly.

The fight with Canglin just now was really too overestimate one’s capabilities. She covered the wound on her belly, her breathing has not been relieved yet, and after another escape, she finally came here. ──She just sat down not very long.

“Isn’t it safe here?”

Looking in one of the directions of the sewer, Sue Kirin’s eyes lit with a faint light. I don’t know how long this sewer is, and it’s bottomless.

However, there is wind.

Not ordinary wind.

There is a high concentration of Spiritual Qi blowing along the sewer, maybe there is a spirit stream nearby. “Cang Rin saw us rushing into the royal court. Once they searched, this sewer should be the top priority… After all, what kind of ditch rat likes to hide in this kind of place…”

“Old Mouse?!”

Qi Qiqi was startled, her body stiffened suddenly. Yes, she is afraid of creatures like mice, which is why she has a white board.

However, the whiteboard simply can’t catch mice.


Sue Kirin sighed, but the environment of this sewer can’t be called how good. The water flowing in the channel is also mixed with several kinds of sewage.

I didn’t know if it was trying to fool her, a mouse ran by her feet. She was frowned and sighed again before she held back not kicking the mouse.

The mouse seemed to pass by Qi Qiqi’s feet. She almost screamed in fright, but she covered her mouth in time and swallowed the scream back.

“It’s really not a place to stay for a long time, but it’s still safe for the time being before the deadline. The branch here is too complicated. Even if thousands of troops are used, it will take some time to search here. That’s it.”

Qin Shiyu unexpectedly calmed down.

In this case, you can only stay calm. Fortunately, she promptly made the order to rush into the royal court, and the three of them could get a little respite. Although I don’t know how long this respite can last.

“It’s true.”

The place where Qi Qiqi is standing is closer to a corner. When she looks at it, she can see countless branches of the sewer. The sewer itself is like a maze.

“What should I do next?”

Yes, they got a respite, but at the same time, they also went deep into the tiger’s den, almost desperate. Sue Kirin felt that the future was difficult. Annoyed for a while.

“If we flee, we will definitely be entangled by Canglin now.”

Qin Shiyu must have noticed Sue Kirin’s boredom and explained something deliberately. Sue Kirin also knew that the other party was right, so he scratched his head helplessly.

“Help one to help the palace.”

Qin Shiyu finished speaking, and coughed violently again. Sue Kirin and Qi Qiqi secretly clenched their hearts, and at the same time stepped closer.

“His Royal Highness, are you okay?”

Qi Qiqi got down on one-knee kneels and leaned in front of Qin Shiyu and asked with concern. Her hair was a bit long, so she wrapped a bunch of side hair behind her ears, and at the same time stretched out her other hand to caress her back.

“Suffering some injuries…”

The cough eased slightly, Qin Shiyu said somewhat mockingly. She couldn’t remember how long she hadn’t suffered such a serious injury, and hadn’t experienced this kind of pain for a long time.

“Let’s take a look.”

Sue Kirin knelt down beside Qi Qiqi with an unbearable expression. The cloak on her was dragged on the ground and spread out. Qi Qiqi took the initiative to move her away to make room.

“…Lighten up.” Qin Shiyu said ugly.

“I got it.”

Sue Kirin answered casually, and then stretched out his hands and pressed Qin Shiyu’s abdomen to check her. Even if Sue Kirin had lightened his hands and feet, it still touched Qin Shiyu’s sore spots. Not only did the pain cause tears in the corners of her eyes, her face was also distorted.

But Sue Kirin has no plans to stop.

“Some blood stasis, and a few broken bones…”

After speaking, Sue Kirin’s hand showed a green light, which seemed to be the end of the examination. , Transferred to the treatment program.

“You are also bold, and you are holding a sword to fight Cang Rin… Don’t you know how to write dead words?”

Qin Shiyu’s breath is a little messy, this is The side effect of rapid wound healing. The other side effect was that Qin Shiyu twisted his body uncontrollably. When the wound heals quickly, it is very itchy. The itching is like thousands of ants crawling on the wound.

Want to divert a little attention, Qin Shiyu smiled bitterly and replied:

“If it weren’t for this palace to delay a little time, how could it be possible for you to come…”

“Did you know that I would be here?”

Sue Kirin asked angrily.

“Because you are a soft-hearted ghost…” Qin Shiyu laughed happily.


Sue Kirin is inexplicably big in the earth fire, and always feels like he is being led away by his nose. She didn’t like this feeling very much, but at this time, Qin Shiyu spoke in a tone that seemed to be reminiscing:

“Because you are from the Heavenly Jade Palace.”


Qin Shiyu corrected the statement just now.

Sue Kirin and Qi Qiqi replied, and Qin Shiyu showed a rather complicated expression-a mixed expression of unwillingness to ridicule and a little admiration.

“Sometimes, you are more reliable than anyone else – yes, it is much more reliable than those who only care about plot against their own interests.”

Qin Shiyu When he came over, he stared at them expressionlessly.

“Because you have a firm belief.”

What is this guy talking about? Sue Kirin and Qi Qiqi looked at each other and saw the helplessness in each other’s eyes.


The treatment did not last long before it ended.

Qin Shiyu’s injuries are not at all multiple, and he has practiced martial arts, and his physique is stronger than ordinary people, so the treatment is not as laborious as expected. Changing to an ordinary person, fighting Cang Rin in this way, I’m afraid he would have fractured his whole body long ago.

“…Thanks.” Qin Shiyu rarely thanked him frankly.

Sue Kirin was stunned by surprise.

It was the first time she heard Qin Shiyu’s sincere thanks.

“Yoyo, Her Highness the Princess who didn’t expect aloof and remote will also thank you…” She said sarcastically.

“Sometimes my palace cannot express it, but there are some things that my palace knows a little bit.”

Qin Shiyu stood up on the wall.

At this time, multiple footsteps came from the other end, as if chasing soldiers arrived.

Qin Shiyu snorted, biting his nails: “Come on, it seems that luck is not at all on our side… It comes faster than expected.”

“What should I do?”

Sue Kirin narrowed his eyes and looked towards the source of the sound. From the detection to the breath, there were about dozens of people coming, and Cang Lin did not follow them.

“It would be very easy to knock them down, but the movement caused will definitely attract Cang Rin, and it will be troublesome.”

Don’t look at what Sue Kirin said. It didn’t matter, she had already shed cold sweat on her forehead.

Qi Qiqi went one step further, having already drawn out her sword, guarding the sound source.

“…” Qin Shiyu thought about it. The footsteps are getting closer and closer, you can see the faint light and the other party’s conversation can be faintly heard. The contact between the two parties must not take long.

“Uh, it’s really annoying.”

After Sue Kirin finished speaking, he took out a few charms from under his robe, as if he wanted to take the initiative. As a result, Qin Shiyu grabbed her hand.

“Don’t act rashly.”

“…Do you have a way?” Sue Kirin frowned and asked her.

“Well,” Qin Shiyu’s eyes flashed with uncertain light, as if he had not made up his mind yet, but he had already set the direction, “Can you hide us first? We have one Where you can go, but in the opposite direction-if I remember correctly.”

“If I remember correctly…?”

Sue Kirin sighed.

Apart from listening to Qin Shiyu’s opinions, there are no other methods anymore. The only thing she can be sure of is that Qin Shiyu is much better than her, no matter whether it is brain or some kind of power.

“I see.”

After she finished speaking, she shook out a few magic charms in her hand.

The magical charms form a Formation, completely concealing their breath and silhouette. Although there is no way to cheat Cang Rin’s degree, it is more than enough to deal with these mobs.

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