The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1198

When something happened suddenly, the meeting could only be cancelled halfway.

Su He did not leave them to continue discussing how to deal with Cang Rin. Hearing the news that Cang Rin led troops into the city, he was no longer in the mood to discuss that. After all, his rights were compressed again.

Presumably, it won’t be long before the “nominal” king of the North will explode.

Mu Mu thought together, this is also a good thing. The battle between the two tigers must have a wound, and he can sit back and enjoy it. Well, he was never loyal to anyone, he was only loyal to himself.

With an attitude of watching the theater, Mu Muqi walked out of the palace king. His carriage has been waiting here for a long time. In addition to the civilian officials who left with him, there were also those military attachés. Because Bau had important tasks, he mounted his horse and quickly set off to the destination after he left the palace gate, and he did not say hello to Mu Muqi.

So too, after all, he was ashamed in front of Suh.

When the military attaches saw Bau, they didn’t greet Mumuqi, but they also mounted and left without saying a word. The civil servants said goodbye to each other before they got on their own carriage.

“…the rice bucket.”

Mu Muqi watched these people leave, standing next to his carriage and sneered. The Wang faction is very weak in the North. Most of the people who are willing to stand on the side of the North King are the kind of powerful and powerful, but they are not much more capable in terms of ability.

Instead, most of the imperial teachers are capable people.

Imperial Teacher has run Northern Domain for a long time and is deeply rooted. Some people even say that she is the real Northern King. This shows how important the Cang Rin forces are.

However, the only way to bring down Canglin is the King of North.

This time may be a rare opportunity. Mu Muqi couldn’t help but raised his mouth and got into his carriage. The coachman asked him why he was so happy, but he only replied that he had some happy things.

Then the coachman drove back to the mansion.

As can be expected, the streets are in chaos. A large number of Wang Tingwei and Bau’s men ran between the streets, investigating the situation from house to house. It seems that an enemy has broken in.

“Master, have you heard of it?”

The driver outside the driver’s seat suddenly called.

Mu Muqi closed his eyes and rested, un’ed one after another to show his doubts.

“I heard that Emperor Ji of the Hua Dynasty broke into the royal court and brought a Grandmaster.”

It seems that Wang Tingwei’s ability to keep secrets is really not flattering, Mu Mu Think together. The elite soldiers are concentrated under Cang Lin, and the soldiers under the Northern King are this kind of mob, speaking of which is also funny.

“Emperor Ji of Hua Dynasty Nine has always been famous and courageous.”

“Yes, but no one thought she would lead people into the royal court! Really A hero of the female middle school!”

“Why, do you want to be a Chinese again?” Mu Muqi asked jokingly.


You can imagine the coachman scratching his head awkwardly, “Although the little one has a half-Chinese bloodline, he was born in Northland, so he is naturally a Northlander Now.”

“You don’t hate those who look down on you, call you a bastard and then abuse you…”

Mu Muqi sighed.

“Isn’t there someone who is as sensible as you, the owner?” the coachman said gratefully.

Unlike the very tolerant Hua Dynasty, Northland is more or less proud and xenophobic. In fact, some Chinese people are very welcome in Northland. The Northlanders took martial arts as honor. They felt that each of these Chinese people refined in manner was very weak, but they didn’t want the Northland to have been suppressed by the Chinese dynasty for many years and lost the affairs of the Chinese dynasty.

“Master, Alma-sama often comes to inquire about your movements recently…”

“hmph,” Mumuqi said disdainfully, “the wall is thinking about it every day If you want to quit, you can just send it casually.”

“But Young Lady seems to like him very much. The small one is too blatant.”

The coachman said embarrassingly.

“…My daughter likes martial arts, and Alma is a highly skilled in martial arts. It’s not a strange thing that she would want to be close to him… Alma also sees this One point, I want to borrow my daughter to get close to me…”

“Young Lady is still young. It’s disgusting for Alma-sama to use Young Lady like this…”

Speaking unhappily, it can be seen that he is really loyal to the Mumuqi family. This is actually understandable, because when he was facing death, it was Mu Muqi who saved him and gave him a place to stay.

“The Hua Dynasty has a saying, when in the world, one cannot move freely, we are in the political arena, let alone not in the arena? Whether we want to or not, we will always be involved. .”

Mu Muqi can see clearly.

The male lion will throw the cub into the pit. This is to make the cub stronger, so he does not intend to give his daughter too much protection.

Along the way, the coachman eagerly discussed some things with Mumuzi.

Although he is only driving a car, he is actually Mu Muqi’s left and right hands, helping Mu Muqi do a lot of things, whether he can see the light or not.

Their discussion did not last long.

Mu Muqi belonged to a high-ranking minister, and the mansion was naturally not far from the palace. After turning a corner at the corner of the street, they had already arrived at the mansion.

Mu Muqi got out of the car, and the gate of the mansion opened at the same time.

He walked into the mansion almost without any stay.

The design of the mansion in Northland is not completely imitated by the Chinese dynasty. It is also mixed with some western colors, and the garden decoration is a bit nondescript. This is because they copied it bluntly and did not join themselves at all. The thoughts of the people were changed.

Mu Muqi really doesn’t like this kind of blunt copying. He had long ago expressed opinions about his own house, but he shot a good shot. If he was too lonely, he would attract the attention of others. He must have a lot of inconveniences in his actions.

He doesn’t want to be that ostentatious person.

The coachman drove him to the door of the yard and resigned himself. Several nurses saw that Mu Muqi had returned, and saluted him in an upright posture. These nursing homes are all knight-errants of the North. Since Mumuqi is a thorn in the eyes of the military, he did not use those veterans who retired from the army as guards like others.

Mu Muqi thought about dealing with Cang Rin’s abdomen, and walked to his study unconsciously. He originally planned to return to the room to rest. The only fault is that he thinks things are too absorbed.

“It’s really going to fall out of hair…” Mu Muqi whispered annoyedly. When he was about to turn around and return to the room, the corner of his eye caught a trace of unusualness.

The door seems to have been opened.

Mu Muqi’s study is forbidden for others to enter without authorization. At the same time, in order to prevent people from breaking the rules, when he enters and leaves the study, there is a small piece of paper in the crack of the door. As long as someone opens the door, the piece of paper will fall.

And that piece of paper is not at all on the door crack at the moment.

This means that someone has entered his study without authorization, and generally speaking, only his daughter in the entire mansion can be so bold.

But, what if it is someone outside the house?

Mu Muqi pulled out his scimitar, held his breath, and narrowed his eyes. Although he is a civil servant, he is a martial artist like the preface, and he is a martial artist, and ordinary people are definitely not his opponents.

“Atamu?” He pretended to shout calmly.

If it were his daughter, even if she deliberately did not respond to him, she would definitely be shocked, but there was no movement inside. From this, Mu Muqi knew that the person who entered his room without permission was not his daughter.

In this way, who are you?

A person from Bau? Or is it someone from Alma? Or is it someone from Suh? The probability is too much, and Mu Muqi has no clue for a while.

However, there is another probability ──

In normal times, he would definitely not think of this probability, because it is a secret he hid. But now it’s another matter.

He tapped rhythmically on the door of the room long and short.

That is some kind of secret sign.

If the other party understands the signal and responds, then Mumuqi has to act more secretly. He waited for a second or two, but there was still no movement inside.

It doesn’t seem to be the “probability”.

He frowned, feeling that things were getting weird when things went bad, and when he was considering whether to call someone–

The door suddenly opened.

A sword pierced out of it with lightning speed, Mu Muqi was too late to react, and the sword was put on his neck.


very fast sword! He held his breath.

Here is back to the sun, and behind the narrow door is a gloomy darkness, filled with muddy darkness, as if as long as it is dragged in, it will never be able to reproduce in the world, like an abyss .

Among them, two bright red beads gradually emerged.

Like two beacon lights hanging in the air, the bright red is full of oppression, as if the brilliance of red will gush out from it at the next moment, submerging Mu Muqi.

“… Is it Mumuzi? Alumbo?”

Full of penetrating power, but soft voice came from it.

The voice is very thin and very thin, with a faint fragrance, but it speaks authentic Chinese. Mu Muqi was taken aback for a moment, and replied in bad Chinese dialect:

“I am.”


The girl’s eyes Obviously, I glanced back, as if seeking the opinion of someone hiding in the dark. Her eyes quickly turned back, and she whispered carefully and ordered:

“Give me the knife in your hand.”

Mu Muqi was taken aback for a while, The angle of the woman here should be that she can’t see her machete. But the opponent’s strength must be higher than his own, it should be the heavenly realm in the rumor.

While thinking, he took off his scabbard, then put the scabbard into the scabbard and handed it to the woman wordlessly.

“Come in.”

After the woman took the scimitar, she withdrew her sword and said to Mumuqi.

While thinking that the other party is really anti-guest, Mu Muqi walked in with his hand. As soon as he entered the study, the door was closed from behind, and he fell into a situation where he could barely reach out.

“Is this His Royal Highness the Nine?” He raised his own question into the darkness.

“It’s me.”

A response came from the darkness. Mu Muqi shifted his gaze based on feeling, and the silhouette of the other party was faintly visible.

In order to keep the study secret, there are curtains hung in front of the windows of his study to block out the sunlight, but there is still a fish that escaped the net. These a fish that escaped the net landed on the long hair at the end of his sight, shining brightly.

“…It turns out that His Royal Highness really broke into the royal court.”

Mu Muqi sighed, then stretched his hand to the side and asked:

“Can I light the lamp?”


There was a short pause.

“Yes.” After about four or five seconds, the answer finally came.

Mu Muzi nodded, went to the direction of the window, picked up the ignition tool, and lit the oil lamp there.

In an instant, the room was brighter, but it was still a bit dim.

With these ignited flames, Mu Muqi looked all around again. The beautiful girl who answered the door just now was standing by the door, seeming to be guarding everything around her.

The Ding Guoji named shakes the whole world sat behind his usual desk with a pale face. Even if it has been wiped, there are still some blood stains on the corners of her mouth, and it must be a serious injury.

There are only two people.

However, there should be three pairs of people in the rumors.

“Dare to ask your Royal Highness, where is the Grandmaster?”

He respectfully saluted Qin Shiyu, using the standard etiquette of the Hua Dynasty. Qin Shiyu examined his eyes and suddenly raised his chin upward.


Is it on it? Mu Muqi looked up.

A girl lay on the beam and fell asleep, with a black cat in her arms, her long black hair hanging down like a silk curtain.

She slept soundly, and even small bubbles blew out of her nose.


Should I say that it is a bold person? Mumuzi didn’t expect that this Grandmaster could sleep well in such a critical situation, but he didn’t know how tired the other party was.

“Zong Master was injured?”

Mu Muqi saw the girl’s right hand hanging down and was heavily entangled by the white cloth, revealing a faint blood stain, so he turned around and asked Qin Shiyu.

“Cang Rin bites tightly.”

Qin Shiyu’s response was just a few simple words, and his voice sounded a little weak.

“It seems that His Royal Highness Nine is also injured…” At the same time, Mu Muqi’s eyes flashed with complicated light.


Qin Shiyu caught these Xu changes and sighed disappointedly. As if it were some kind of secret sign, a sword was once again fastened on Mu Muqi’s neck.

“A few years earlier, my palace even talked to you about drinking and talking, saying that they would help you bring down Cang Rin, but over the years, not only did you not make any major progress, but you also seemed to be a little strange, forgetting The love of the old days.” “His Royal Highness joked.” Mu Muqi smiled and shook the head, “If Mu Muqi didn’t remember the old love, this place would have been heavily surrounded by Canglin and her soldiers.”

“Mu Mu Lord Qi is also talking and laughing.”

Qin Shiyu raised his slender feet, but suddenly coughed a few times. She steadied her cough and then stared at the man with a strong look.

“Mu Mu Lord Qi is a wise man and a cunning fox. You just want to see if there is any value in this palace that’s all.”

Mu Muqi is first I was taken aback, but then showed an expression of approval, and Qin Shiyu continued to say:

“You see that the palace is injured, and the’Yinyang Carp’ is wounded on the body, betraying the palace It is possible that the sun has set behind the western hills and came to you for help just struggling on whilst at death’s door…Of course, you have not made any decision yet, because you are still thinking about whether this palace is still worthwhile.”

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