The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1199

There was silence.

It took a few seconds for Mu Muqi to show his smile, laughed, and clapped his palms.

“It is worthy of being evenly matched in Northern Domain and Imperial Teacher, Mu Muqi’s thoughts are all seen through by Your Highness.”

“Evenly matched?” Qin Shiyu Hey smiled, and said to himself, “If that’s the case, how can this palace end up like this?”

“His Royal Highness is just betting to lose that’s all.” Mu Muqi smiled lightly Say.

Qin Shiyu is also smiling.

“It seems that you know a lot.”

“The battle on the front line is important. As a minister of the North, you should naturally care about it.”

“You just I care about whether you can profit from it that’s all.” Qin Shiyu’s face was cold, “Although Mu Muqi is an official, he is more like a businessman. He likes fish in troubled waters and makes money from it-well, it’s still a good one. Actress. In those novels, Mu Mu Lord Qi is the treacherous ambitious.”

“His Royal Highness is too much to overestimate Mu Mu Qi.” Mu Mu Qi said after laughing.

“From a humble background, I had to play some tricks. If you don’t play some tricks, Mu Muqi will not live now.”

“It’s true, otherwise you would I won’t turn to this palace for help. Let this palace use the hidden power in the north to help you. For this reason, this palace has lost a lot… The palace didn’t expect that it’s the turn of the palace now. In trouble, Mu Mu Lord Qi wondered whether he wanted to push the palace out for profit, and wanted to squeeze the final value of the palace.”

Qin Shiyu did not have the consciousness of being in a difficult situation. , Still domineering, and even quite an anti-object-oriented feeling.

“On courage, Mu Muqi is consciously inferior…”

I don’t know if he is too lazy to argue anymore, I think it makes no sense, or I think I can speak my tongue. Not an opponent, Mu Muqi ended the argument with these words.

He raised his index finger of his right hand and leaned it against the sword edge resting on his neck. Tianli Sword is very sharp and cut his finger easily.

“Palace Master Qi, this sword can be removed, right.”

Qi Qiqi looked towards Qin Shiyu soliciting her opinion, and got a positive answer, so she moved the sky Leaving the sword away from the man’s neck, he did not relax any vigilance.

“Palace Master Qi, the person you should be on guard is not me, but outside. Cang Rin──Imperial Teacher is searching for you.”

“… I don’t like being kicked from behind.”

Qi Qiqi said coldly, her expression quite stern.

“Behind?” Mu Muqi sneered and turned his head to look at her, “When did I become your companion?”


Qiqi Qi is speechless for a while.

“Okay, elder sister, don’t bother with him. He just doesn’t want to waste time arguing, otherwise even the palace may not be able to speak his mouthful Qin Shiyu sighed, “Sit down, Mu Muqi, come and talk about our transaction.”

Mu Muqi was silent and expressionless.

Qin Shiyu didn’t look anxious, he leaned his legs leisurely, but was anxious Qi Qiqi, who was guarding the situation outside by the door, she looked left and right, and wanted to open several times. The sound urged Qin Shiyu, but was blocked by Qin Shiyu’s eyes.

It took about five or six minutes before Mu Muqi laughed.

He walked to the opposite side of Qin Shiyu and sat down.

This is actually a thing worthy of vigilance. Qin Shiyu’s martial arts is far from Mu Muqigao. If Mu Muqi harbors unruly attempts at this distance, she should be quite dangerous. .

However, there is a Grandmaster sleeping on the beam.

She snored all the time to warn Mumuqi not to go crazy.

“His Royal Highness Nine is really a giant amongst men, how can he be so calm until now?”

Mu Muqi first glanced at Sue Kirin and Qi Qiqi, and then a little admiringly Spoke up.

“What about if you are not calm?” Qin Shiyu narrowed his eyes, “At worst, I die.”

“Okay,” Mu Muqi clapped his palms, “I like His Royal Highness. Such an imposing manner.”

Then he turned his face straight, became serious and spoke again:

“Then, what does your Highness want from me?”

“No one, only a detailed map of the sewer that’s all.”

“oh?” Mu Muqi was a little surprised, and was almost disrupted by Qin Shiyu. “What an accident? Your Highness. I broke into the royal court, but wanted to find another exit from the sewer? Although there are several drainage places outside the royal court, His Royal Highness can use these waterways to escape from the royal court, but the Imperial Teacher must have expected it.”

” Probably, Cang Lin must have sealed all the outlets of these waterways.”

“In that case, why does Your Highness need a map of the sewers?”

Qin Shiyu laughed Without words.

Mu Muqi knew that the other party hadn’t revealed more meaning, so he picked up the teapot next to him and offered himself and Qin Shiyu a cup of tea.

“Although this tea is cold, it still tastes good. I am ashamed, I can only use such herbal tea to entertain His Royal Highness.”

“If you are not revenge for the original book If the palace only entertains you with flatbreads, this palace feels no harm.”

Qin Shiyu smiled deliberately and implicitly, as if he was hiding something.

Mu Muqi once showed an expression of recalling the past.

“Is there a difference?”

“The nature is different.” Qin Shiyu answered with a smile.

Mu Muqi did not get more information during the confrontation at this time. Qin Shiyu not one drop of water can leak out. Between the two staring at each other, he only felt that Qin Shiyu’s eyes were With a certain light shining, Qin Shiyu deliberately restrained the light in that eye, but still made Mu Muqi dizzy.

She is planning something of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering, Mu Muqi has such a strong hunch.

“His Majesty Nine, what are you going to do?”

Throwing aside the twists and turns, Mu Muqi leaned forward slightly and shook his hands on the table. asked bluntly.

“You and I know the heart that you want to take the place of Canglin,” Qin Shiyu said.

Mu Muqi is frowned, what he expects is not the other side to reveal his shortness. He raised the teacup to his mouth, but put it down without taking a sip.

“If His Royal Highness Nine has been ridiculing Mu Muqi, Mu Muqi feels that there is no need to talk about it anymore.”

Qin Shiyu was just smiling, and his smile reflected The lights made her lips look shining. She took a sigh of relief neither too fast nor too slow, revealing an unfinished rhyme.

“Tea is good tea, but if there is no good tea set, no matter how good the tea is, it will not make good.”

She have hidden meaning, this is Mu Muqi’s first One idea. “His Royal Highness, if you have something, you might as well speak up.” Mu Muqi expressed interest.

Qin Shiyu’s silence is longer than expected.

It’s not like hesitating, nor is it like deliberately selling off. What really caught her eyebrows was a deep examination. She was examining Mumuzi.

“A useless northern king, and the dignitaries who surround him–Mu Mu Lord Qi is hard to support by himself.”

Now Mu Mu Qi is silent. Up.

Mu Muqi is ambitious, and it is by fair means or foul, but there is a big mountain in front of him, an adult named Canglin. He wants to remove it at all costs, but he has been unable to do so.

Qin Shiyu burst into a bright smile.

“The Northern King is not a good sword and can’t hurt Cang Rin. Cang Rin will never fall because of the people’s heart.”

Mu Muqi remained silent.

However, Qin Shiyu did not go on. Mu Muqi looked uncomfortable, because the other party deliberately sold off, he must answer the conversation and the other party’s expectation, then the other party will continue.

“Does the Nine Lords have a clever plan?”

“There is no clever plan in this palace, but there is probably one direction. It depends on whether Lord Qi dare. “

Dare you dare.

These three words that seem to be provocative, put out in Qin Shiyu’s mouth, are a consideration of as it should be by rights. That was not a provocation, because Mu Muqi knew the boldness of Qin Shiyu’s strategic thinking. Everything she did was extremely bold, and there was even a gambling element in it. If it is done, it will be a good harvest; if it is lost, it will be lost.

“How sure is the Nine Highness?”

Mu Muqi didn’t ask about the plan, but skipped it and asked about the success rate.

“Look at how much Mu Mu Lord Qi is capable of.” Qin Shiyu’s answer was also quite vague.

As if being trapped in an endless loop again, the two tried to test each other again. Only one of them can give up those corners, and this conversation can continue. However, Mu Muqi was the only one who could give in.

Yes, the dominant power has fallen into Qin Shiyu’s hands.

And the other party can be so confident, because it releases a very attractive bait. Mu Muqi’s face was contemplative, watching his fluctuating expression show that there was a round of celestial struggle.

“The Nine Palaces, as always, is coveted…”

The man leaned against the chair as if he was losing strength.

“Hey!” Qin Shiyu put his hands on the table, folded his palms against his chin, his beautiful lips propped up the sweet arc, beautiful and delicious, “You mean my palace People, or the proposal of this palace?”

“Whether it is a person or a proposal is rare in the world…”

Mu Muqi smiled bitterly and shook his head, “Like your highness You are such an exceptionally intelligent beauty, you really love and hate you.

“You’re praised. “Qin Shiyu can deal with it freely.

Mu Muqi overlapped and covered his hands, placed in front of him like an arch bridge, his expression was serious again, and his posture was restored.

“The map of the sewers I am It can be easily obtained, and it is very detailed and complete. “

“Include some secretly thought? “

“Include some secretly thoughts. “

“Very good. “

Qin Shiyu leaned back and leaned completely on the chair. For such a complicated sewer, anyone would set up some secretly thought and other functional structures in it, otherwise it would be a little wasted It may be unnecessary to make the best use of the material, but for those who are aloof and remote, their life is always the first consideration.

The secretly thought darkroom in the sewer is their way of survival.

“Mu Mu Lord Qi has been operating for many years, and it is not in vain. “Qin Shiyu approves.

“His Royal Highness is ridiculing me?” “

Mu Muqi looked miserable.

“It’s up to you. “Qin Shiyu smiled sweetly.

Mu Muqi laughed heartily, in contrast to the previous decline. He seemed to have accepted the fact that he was defeated in the negotiation, so he smiled.


He stood up and walked around behind Qin Shiyu.

There are shelves for him to store things. He picked up one of the vases that seemed to be used for display and pulled out the inside He stretched out his hand and drew it out.

Finally, a folded parchment was placed in front of Qin Shiyu.

“Does the Nine Your Highness need to inspect the goods first? “

“Nature. “

Qin Shiyu is welcome, and opened the parchment. It depicts extremely complex lines and some fairly clear signs.

Well, it is from the Wangting sewers. The map is correct.

Qin Shiyu wanted to fold the parchment back into his sleeve, but Mu Muqi grabbed Qin Shiyu’s wrist. Suddenly, Mu Muqi I feel a little careless, this thing shouldn’t be shown to Qin Shiyu first.

“Your Highness! “

Qi Qiqi whispered in exclamation, and walked quickly, but was stopped by Qin Shiyu’s eyes.

“His Royal Highness, paying with one hand and delivering with one hand is a deal. The way. “

“Oh, but my house in the Hua Dynasty always trades by face. “

“This is not Hua Dynasty. “

Seeing Mu Muqi’s Mu Su face, Qin Shiyu giggled twice.

“If this palace wants to take this map, you can’t stop it. “She said with her eyes half-opened, and there was a strange light in the slit of her eyes. Her words were like a command, and Qi Qiqi immediately swung her sword on Mu Muqi’s neck.

“didn’t expect His Royal Highness also did such an indiscriminate move. “

Mu Muqi’s expression became cold.

When I saw this, Qin Shiyu was nodded as satisfied.

“Mu Mu Lord Qi is not anxious, It is also advantageous for you to gain power in this house. Just looking at this point, my palace and you can be regarded as allies-well, although this relationship is not very strong. “

Leaving the faint smile on his face, Qin Shiyu raised his legs, raised his face slightly, and lowered his eyes to look at Mu Muqi.

“Even if it is Ling Your head-headed Imperial Teacher also needs to kneel down when he meets this palace, but you dare to be rude to this palace at first. It’s not too much for this palace to scare you a little bit, right? “

Although she is smiling, she is serious. Even in this case, she is still insulted. This is the rumored Ding Guo Ji Qin Shiyu ─ ─ the Emperor Ji of a country.

Mu Muqi was speechless for a while.

“Okay, get back to business. “

Qin Shiyu quickly changed his attitude and smiled again.

“Since the Northern King is not a good sword, he does not need to be regarded as a sword anymore. Make it easy. The sword that can’t pierce death is at best decoration that’s all. “

“Decoration? “

Mu Muqi frowned.

“Well, it may not be appropriate. “

Qin Shiyu tilted her head, her gaze floated upward, as if thinking about a more suitable description. It took two or three seconds before her gaze fell back. “Well, maybe it’s a rare treasure. ──Precious orphans are more suitable. “

This is what Qin Shiyu finally thought of.

“What does the Nine Highness mean?” “Mu Muqi is about to be stunned by Qin Shiyu.

“A fragile treasure must be well protected, and Cang Rin is naturally responsible-no, she is even more responsible than anyone else. It’s important to come, especially now. “

Mu Muqi listened in silence. After Qin Shiyu finished speaking, he thought for a few seconds, and suddenly reacted, revealing a shocked expression.

“Your Highness means , Do not borrow the North King, but destroy the North King? “His voice is trembling.

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