The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1200

“It is not advisable for a general name to defeat Cang Rin. As a kind of faith, she is deeply rooted in people’s hearts. In fact, no matter what the North Kingdom has experienced during her years, the core part is still as stable as Mount Tai, so people regard her as the Guardian God, the messenger of the longevity heaven, but if she not only let the uninvited guest from this palace break into the royal court this time, but if she didn’t protect her well enough to lead to the death of the northern king, you say What will happen?”

Mu Muqi was silent.

It’s not that he doesn’t know the answer, it is precisely because he knows the answer that he will be silent.

“Once a firm belief is shaken, it will be crushed unexpectedly quickly.”

Qin Shiyu’s words are like songs, and the words are deep and heavy, which is like a poem. In a word, it is like a ripple caused by a heavy stone thrown into the lake.

Mu Muqi was doused.

“It is both strong and equally weak. This is the so-called faith!”

Qin Shiyu’s smile fell into the candlelight, and he fainted. There was a deep silence. The wind that didn’t know where it came from shook the light of the candlelight, and the sound of the swaying flame pierced the ears in the silence, repeatedly.

“His Royal Highness intends to use the sewer to sneak into the palace?”

For a long time, Mu Muqi broke the silence.

He asked this question purely out of curiosity.

“Where does this palace give you the illusion of killing the northern king.”


Qin Shiyu’s answer is called Mu again Mu Qi was speechless.

As a result, Qin Shiyu covered his mouth and smiled again.

“Why do you have to sneak into the palace to kill the North King?”


Mu Muqi was not angry because of being teased, curiosity at the moment Overwhelming.

“The palace just needs to light a fire.” Qin Shiyu’s answer was still incomplete.

Mu Muqi was obviously dissatisfied with the answer and frowned.

Then it happened.

Noisy sounds came from outside.

“Military masters, this is Mu Mu Lord Qi’s courtyard. How can you trespass?”

It was Mu Muqi’s driver’s voice, he was anxious and angry.

“fuck off!” The muffled collision sounded, “A minion would dare to stop us?”

Immediately afterwards, a lot of footsteps approached here.


Mu Muqi stood up with a gloomy expression, opened the door and looked out, you can see the heavy silhouette outside the moon gate. It seemed that they were the people responsible for hunting down Qin Shiyu. After they walked into the moon gate, they dispersed again. A rough estimate is about ten people.

In a place he can’t see, those people must have turned the whole place upside down.

“It seems that Mu Mu Lord Qi’s situation is really bad…”

Qin Shiyu’s ridicule came from behind, Mu Muqi clenched his fist slightly, His cheek twitched. In normal times, he shouldn’t have such an agitated reaction, but he happened to be in front of Qin Shiyu. He just lost to the other party in the negotiation.

But he can’t attack.

If someone sees Qin Shiyu here secretly meeting with him, he will not be washed away.

“I’ll delay the time. His Royal Highness and the two will leave as soon as possible.”

He turned around and said, only to find that Qin Shiyu had stood up and stood with Qi Qiqi We arrived together, and the girl who had slept on the beam had long since disappeared, and she didn’t know where she was going.

“Then, please take care of Mu Mu Lord Qi.”

Qin Shiyu bowed to Mu Mu Qi Yingying.

Then, under the escort of Qi Qiqi, she quickly walked to the front of Mumuqi’s study. Qin Shiyu fumbled on it for a while, pressed a certain mechanism, and the bookshelf instantly moved aside, revealing a bottomless narrow path.


Mu Muqi’s eyes widened with incredible disbelief.

How did she know where the secretly thought is? His question is only this.

“Thanks to Mu Mu Lord Qi’s map being sufficiently detailed!”

Qin Shiyu laughed happily.

Abandoning these words, she no longer stayed for a long time, and disappeared directly into the narrow path. With the activation of the mechanism again, Mu Muqi was speechless for a while at the sound of the narrow pass.

He shouldn’t have any intersection with Qin Shiyu.


It’s raining.

Sleet and sleet, and the wind is getting colder.

Sue Kirin took the lead and landed in an alley. Qin Shiyu came into this alley with the help of Qi Qiqi. There are still many people to-and-fro outside, as if the entire royal court is moving, searching for the three uninvited guests Sue Kirin.

From time to time, the light of torch flashed at the entrance of the alley. Rain and snow fell on the three people and wet their clothes.

Qin Shiyu coughed again, and his body was wobbly. I am afraid that the injury that had not been completely recovered was affected again.

She paled again.

──No, her face has always been pale, she was just covered by the dim candlelight that’s all.

Sue Kirin has cured her internal injuries, but the bones cannot be connected in a short while. Sue Kirin has no relevant experience. It is always impossible to pick them up? Once the connection is not good, it will be a big trouble.

“It’s a bit cold.”

Qin Shiyu tightened the cloak on his body.

The sleet weather is often cold and humid, and the biting cold can penetrate clothes. Qi Qiqi was a little worried, but still reached out to put her hand on Qin Shiyu’s shoulder, and sent her some Spiritual Qi. Qi Qiqi’s Spiritual Qi Five Elements is a fire, which can relieve this cold body.

“What are you going to do?”

Sue Kirin was alerting every move in the alley and asked Qin Shiyu. Qi Qiqi can take care of Qin Shiyu’s body, and her main responsibility is to ensure the safety of the two.

“Sewer.” Qin Shiyu said after breathing slightly.

“The sewers?” Sue Kirin raised his eyebrows. “Are you really planning to go into the royal court to assassinate the Northern King?”

It seems that she was resting on the beam just now, but in fact she was still He was extremely vigilant about all around, and even listened to the conversation between Qin Shiyu and Mu Muqi.

“Your Highness, this is not a good way…” Qi Qiqi also opposes it.

“Then what do you say? Sue Kirin.”

Qin Shiyu asked Sue Kirin back.

“…Of course it is to escape.”

“Where to escape?”

“You──!” Sue Kirin raised up and trembled with anger. His finger pointed to Qin Shiyu, “If it weren’t for you, could we fall into such a predicament?”

“I know I owe you too much.” Qin Shiyu smiled ugly.

Sue Kirin didn’t expect the other party would suddenly apologize, and suddenly he was slightly taken aback. But she was not moved either, but frowned unhappily.

“Didn’t you think that I would feel relieved again by saying that?” “Kirin!” Qi Qiqi saw the bad omen, and stopped talking, “Now is not the time to care about this kind of thing!” “

Sue Kirin remain unmoved, but seriously looked towards Qi Qiqi.

“Little Qi, it is this time that I should care more about it.”

Qiqiqi was taken aback. Sue Kirin seldom takes this seriously, but once she gets serious, she Most of them were right, and Qi Qiqi knew this, so she gave in.

“Qin Shiyu, we have been helping you all the time, being led by your nose…I don’t know how many times I got in danger.”

“Help me?”

Qin Shiyu laughed out loud, “I also want to live only for myself…”

Sue Kirin was speechless for a while.

Qin Shiyu did not once involve himself in that kind of predicament and trouble because of private affairs, and even made several attempts to mediate in the Imperial Court and Wu Family.

All of a sudden, Sue Kirin seemed to lose his position.

Yes, it is a word called “Da Yi” that binds the people present-no, maybe it’s simpler, they just don’t want to see that the country is ruined and they are paying that’s all.

Sue Kirin sighed.

Some things, she has to be bound by justice.

“So, what are you going to do? Really enter the palace to assassinate the northern king?”


Qin Shiyu shook the head,” I disdain to assassinate these actions without any technical content.”

Sue Kirin suddenly wanted to notice that Qin Shiyu didn’t use her own professions, which also meant that she had put down Princess. The shelf is out.

“Then you are going to talk about it, I’ll listen carefully.” Sue Kirin hugged his chest.

“Any city has one thing in common.”

Qin Shiyu gave obviously only half of the answer, which seemed to be a sell-off.

“What do you have in common?”

Sue Kirin frowned and asked, Qi Qiqi beside her stared as if thinking of something.

“The capital of a country must always be good in Feng Shui?”

“Feng Shui?”

Sue Kirin seems to be aware of something, she also has related Knowledge, although I don’t know much, and Feng Shui is closely related to the trends of Dragon Vein and Spiritual Qi.

Huh, is it closely related to Dragon Vein? Sue Kirin’s mind is divine light flashed.

“Wait, don’t you think–“

“Do you remember the firework that repelled Jialan when you were still in the sky?” Qin Shi Yu smiled, “Don’t you think it’s fun to put a big firework in advance for our victory?”


On Wangting Avenue, Cang Rin sat on the White Wolf, receiving news from all directions.

So far, Sue Kirin and the others have not been searched yet.

Actually, Cang Rin didn’t expect these people to catch each other’s tail, because with the support of spell, Sue Kirin should have a way to cover the breath and silhouette of the three. She just put pressure on the three people that’s all in the air.

And, what if?

Another thing worth pondering is that Ajislan’s battle report really stated that Sue Kirin was in Ninglan City, so how could she appear here? From Cang Rin’s point of view, Sue Kirin is the real one here, and the one from Ninglan City-only Yu Yao can pretend to be Sue Kirin.

In order to achieve his goal, Qin Shiyu was almost considerate. Once this idea came up, Cang Lin couldn’t help thinking, thinking about whether things would be revealed would also be part of Qin Shiyu’s plan.

“Imperial Teacher, there is still no news!”

A Small Captain one-knee kneels stood in front of Cang Rin and reported the truth.


Cang Rin ignored him because it was already expected. No response was received, and the Small Captain didn’t know whether to stand up.

“Don’t continue searching?”

Until the cavalry general kicked him, this allowed Shi Ran to stand up and continue to devote himself to the search. The scale of Wang Ting is not small. Even if you search house by house, you don’t know how long it will take, let alone a Grandmaster. Maybe your front foot has just searched a place, and the opponent’s back foot sneaked in there and continued to hide. This is not as simple as cats and mice, they are undoubtedly looking for needles in a haystack.

“Imperial Teacher, it’s not a way to go on like this.”

The cavalry generals are not without worry, “This is an exception. Those Civilian Court Officials and Wang faction will definitely find ways Wearing a hat for you. It’s not a way to drag it on for a long time.”

“…never united.”

Cang Lin muttered.

The cavalry general thought he had heard it wrong, and was stunned for a while, but then he hung up with a sad expression. He understands what Cang Rin blurted out.

The infantry general also came over.

“Where did those three guys hide? Will they still escape?” he complained to himself.

“Hua Dynasty’s’Yin and Yang Carp’ is the spell Grandmaster. What’s weird even if it can burrow? Don’t complain here. If you have time, complain here, it is better to search!”

The cavalry general condemned the infantry cavalry leader.

The infantry general hearing this smiled and turned around to return to the task of commanding soldiers to search.

“Hold on──”

Unexpectedly, Cang Lin stopped him.

“Imperial Teacher?”

The infantry general thought that Cang Rin was blaming himself, and was startled. After hesitating for a long time, he turned his head, but saw Cang Rin’s indifference. A little thoughtful color appeared on his face.

“What did you just say?” Cang Lin asked briefly.


The infantry general is staying again.

“I said that the three of them are it possible that they will escape…what’s the matter Problem? Lord Imperial Teacher. “

Before answering, he hesitated for a full three seconds. At the end, he asked with a weak expression. He seemed really afraid of being punished.

“Go, get the map of the sewer. “

Cang Rin took off his personal token and handed it to the cavalry general.

“The sewer? “The cavalry general was stunned. “Does the Imperial Teacher think that the three of them are hiding in the sewer?” “

Cang Rin didn’t answer. He urged the two generals to quickly get the map of the sewers. They looked at each other, and finally the cavalry generals turned on their horses and went to the place where the most detailed sewers were kept.

“Imperial Teacher, what about me? “

The soldier general asked anxiously, not wanting to lag behind.

“Take the soldiers to the sewers and seal all the intersections… in groups of five people, all in Put a pot on your body…”

“The pot? “

The infantry general is unknown.

“As long as someone falls, the sound of the pot knocking on the ground can attract attention. “

“so that’s how it is. “

The infantry general touched the back of his head awkwardly.

“Imperial Teacher, how do you know that they are hiding in the sewer?” “They did not intend to hide. “

Cang Rin’s expression is a bit ugly, but I don’t intend to explain it in detail.

“Send someone to pass on Your Majesty to let him leave the palace. “She gave the order directly.

“Let Your Majesty leave the palace? “

“The palace is not safe. “

The soldier general is very hesitant, and hesitates:

“But…I am not qualified to meet your Highness! “

“Look for Leba to be with you. “

Lebanai is the chief official of this city. He is qualified to meet the northern king directly.

“Okay. “

The infantry general sensed the dignity of Cang Rin, so he didn’t go into the cause, so he took the order. He asked for a horse from a cavalry, turned on his horse and rushed to the government hall. .

“…If it is really as I expected, Qin Shiyu will have to get rid of it. “

Cang Rin clenched his fists and stared at the other end of the street, gaze as if a torch is like a sword.

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