The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1201

The sewer in the royal court is simply a maze.

Not only is it staggered horizontally and vertically, the sewers are also obviously built in several sections, and the years are also different, with traces of patchwork, presumably a phenomenon caused by subsequent expansion. However, judging from the fact that the ground is even more level than some alleys, the maintenance of the underground waterways is quite complete. After all, this is also an escape route for some powerful people.

If they hadn’t had a map, they would have lost their way if there was no definite opportunity.

Previously, Sue Kirin and the others went up to the city first, and then searched for Mu Muqi’s residence by land, otherwise they might have to go around the murky heavens dark earth in the sewer to find their way.

But even if there is a map, there are still some undocumented trails and secretly thoughts. This is probably the result of unauthorized expansion by some powerful people.

Qin Shiyu and the others followed the map given by Mu Muqi and proceeded according to Sue Kirin’s exploration of the Spiritual Qi flow, searching for the eye of the spirit stream, and this Dragon Vein’s The gap is large enough and close enough to the target to ignite the so-called “fireworks” in Qin Shiyu’s mouth.

They turned left and right. Several times they almost came across the Northland soldiers who were hunting here, but fortunately, the existence of spell has repeatedly turned their heads.

──However, there are always unexpected situations.

Sue Kirin stopped suddenly, and this must not be due to a fork in the road.

Because the Spiritual Qi coming from the right has a higher concentration, it will be closer to the target when you look at the map on the right, so there is almost no need to hesitate, the right is the first choice.

Qi Qiqi and Qin Shiyu didn’t understand why Sue Kirin stopped suddenly, but it was certain that something they could not detect happened, so their expressions became serious.

“What’s wrong?” Qi Qiqi asked.

“…There is a strange breath.”

Sue Kirin raised his ears, and his eyes shone again.

“Strange breath?”

Qi Qiqi raised her eyebrows and followed her around. She didn’t perceive any strangeness, but all around faintly sounded the footsteps of the chasing soldiers from time to time, but she didn’t really approach here.

“Are you chasing soldiers?” Qin Shiyu asked cautiously.

“No…this is…” Sue Kirin frowned, widening his perception as far as possible, “They let the dog.”

“Is it a hound?”

Qin Shiyu twisted frowned, and Qi Qiqi gasped at the same time. They are able to move forward smoothly in the sewer without being noticed by the ability of spell to shield their breath, but these skills are aimed at people. The sense of smell of a dog is much better by people, even more how is a trained hunting dog.

Once they get close to a certain distance, the hounds should be able to smell them. In this way, their position will be exposed, and this is very fatal.


Sue Kirin took the lead and chose the fork on the right and ran forward. She ran faster and faster, and at last she flew by, and the wind pressure she brought opened the water in the canal, swaying it into two pieces and splashing it left and right. Qin Shiyu couldn’t keep up with this extreme speed, so Qi Qiqi could only sprint herself up.

“Turn left ahead!”

The sewers turn thousands of times and the mistakes are complicated. Sue Kirin relies on perception to move forward, while Qin Shiyu relies on Qi Qiqi’s light Little flame, concentrated attention completely on the map in his hand, pointing the direction for Sue Kirin.

Going forward for a certain distance, not knowing how to turn a few turns, Sue Kirin suddenly stopped with a “Yo!” Because of her sudden stop, the water in the canal was lifted up in the form of a water curtain and sprinkled on several people.

Because she stopped suddenly, Qi Qiqi couldn’t react. She paused and almost threw Qin Shiyu out of her arms. She turned her head in dissatisfaction, but Sue Kirin squinted and looked towards the other side in front.

“What’s wrong?”

“Someone is watching.”

Qin Shiyu was taken aback for a moment, “Watching?”

The arrests in Northland have always focused on hunting, not at all setting up checkpoints, which is also an important reason why Sue Kirin and the others can shuttle through the underground waterways as usual, but now it has changed.

For the reason, Qin Shiyu guessed that the other party highly suspected that he was hiding in the sewer. Otherwise, it would not be easy to set up some checkpoints in the complicated terrain of the sewer.

“Could it be that you found us?”

Sue Kirin looked at Qin Shiyu.

“Go back a little bit.” Qin Shiyu was looking thoughtful.

“There are dogs chasing behind.”

In Sue Kirin’s perception, the hounds are really chasing after the smell. Even with the protection of magical charms, the odor left behind still attracts their attention, showing that they are well trained.

“It will be fine for a while.”

Maybe it was the movement during the emergency stop just now that attracted attention. There was a quiet comment from the northern soldiers guarding in front. I wonder if it will be. Sue Kirin felt that he shouldn’t stay here for a long time, but Qin Shiyu’s eyes were firm.


Sue Kirin took out a few charms, and again the three of them silhouetted to hide.

The three retreated to the wall, and the hounds must have left before they came here.

“The road is not wrong…”

With a handful of flames on the tip of Qi Qiqi’s index finger, Qin Shiyu carefully read the map in his hand.

“Are you sure this map is not wrong?” Sue Kirin asked suddenly.

“I also have a similar picture.”

Qin Shiyu replied without raising his head. Sue Kirin was dumbfounded at hearing this.

“Why did you go to that person’s house just now, and fight with him for so long?”

“I think your Royal Highness is trying to involve that person “

“In a word,” Qin Shiyu finally looked up at Sue Kirin from the map, “Look, the brain looks different, just different.”

“Yes, yes, yes, your intellectual pursuits are higher than me, am I the stupidest in the world?”

Sue Kirin rolled the eyes, Qin Shiyu took the map back into his arms.

“The direction is not wrong—wu!”

Half the time, Sue Kirin suddenly grabbed her arm and pulled her toward the middle of the canal. A sharp voice flicked the flames past her position just now, a bow and arrow from a chaser.

At this time, Qin Shiyu’s ears slightly heard the barking of the hound.

──It was discovered.

At the moment I realized this, more arrows came. Sue Kirin said annoyingly, “Hey!” With a wave of the right hand, the gust of wind blew the arrows and the flames above them.

Qin Shiyu lowered his head and looked towards the arrow that fell on his feet, and found that the cloth covered with fire oil was wrapped around it.

“It is for lighting,” she said.

“What the hell is it!” Sue Kirin stepped lightly, shaking the water in the canal. The water flew into the air and quickly condensed into an Icicle. Driven by Sue Kirin’s sleeve movement, it shot in the direction where the arrow came.

You can hear a lot of screams from the other side.

But at the same time──

“Here!” The soldiers roared loudly.

In the almost sealed space, the angry roar reverberated continuously, and then countless responses sounded, followed by a large number of dense footsteps. The opponent has locked the position of the three.

At the same time, several soldiers guarding the front also started to move.

Sue Kirin looked over and could see that they had set up their weapons to guard this side. However, with their eyesight, it should be impossible to see the exact location of the three in such a dim environment.

“Sooner or later, it is better to be preemptive.”

Sue Kirin tentatively explained that Qin Shiyu understood nodded.

“Before you get rid of them, let’s make a big fuss.” She said.

“Easy to handle.”

Sue Kirin laughed and whispered to Qi Qiqi: “Little Qi, Qin Family Jiuer will be handed over to you for protection.”

“Okay.” Qi Qiqi responded cautiously.

“Very good!” Sue Kirin snapped his fingers, “Then I will open the way!”


In the study, Mu Muqi Absent-mindedly flipping through his treasured collection. These books are from the Chinese dynasty and from the Western Regions, telling all kinds of things.

But he can’t read it all at the moment.

The only thing that filled his mind was what Qin Shiyu said. If the Northern King really died in the royal court, Cang Lin would definitely have an unshirkable responsibility. It was the war started by Cang Rin, the flames of war ignited, and her ineffective command, which allowed Qin Shiyu to penetrate to this moment and threaten the royal court. More importantly, she failed to intercept several people’s intrusion into the royal court ─ ─ if not If she does not fight well, the royal court will not be harmed, and the northern king will not die here.

So, everything can naturally become a reason to attack Cang Rin.

The question is, can this cause really bring down Cang Rin? Mu Muqi didn’t have full certainty, but as Qin Shiyu said, Cang Lin was already a kind of belief. As long as this belief was shaken, her status would have dropped a thousand zhang in one fall.

Maybe it can benefit, no matter how Mu Muqi thinks, he will only get the answer “don’t let slip an opportunity”.

“My lord.”

A knock on the door interrupted Mu Muqi’s thinking.

It is his coachman.

There seems to be a situation! Mu Muqi sighed and called the other party in. The coachman cautiously opened the concierge of the book door and stepped into the study.

Because of the curtain, the study is much darker than the outside. It took the coachman some time to get used to it, and his eyes fell on Mu Muqi. He walked over, put his hand on his chest diagonally in front of the desk, and saluted Mu Muqi.

“Is there a situation?”

“Yes.” The coachman suppressed his voice, “Imperial Teacher sent someone to the palace, I don’t know what happened.”


Is Cang Rin aware of it? Mu Muqi complexion turned cold, thinking that Cang Rin really lived up to her name.

“Mu Mu Lord Qi, what should I do?”

The coachman didn’t know that Mu Muqi and Qin Shiyu met, and even more impossible to know the deal among them, but Mu Muqi asked him and his men to pay attention to the movement between Cang Rin and the palace-as long as you think down here, it is not difficult to find Mu Muqi has his own plan.

“Send someone to kill that person.”

Mu Muqi did not hesitate long before giving his order.


For Mumuzi’s order, the coachman was a little surprised, but he took the order without much hesitation and turned his head and walked out.

“His Royal Highness, I hope you can bet this time.”

The room returned to silence again.

Mu Muqi took a word of prayer, and it sounded quietly in it.



“I’m burning! Quick! Quickly save me!”

” Here! Shoot with arrows, shoot with arrows!”

The screams echoed one after another, announcing the downfall of the soldiers of the North Kingdom.

The five people guarding the front could not stop Sue Kirin from moving forward.

Under the command of Qin Shiyu, Sue Kirin took the lead to clear the way, and several people swiftly shuttled through the sewer. They kept rushing to the underground of the royal palace according to the map.

However, after approaching the palace underground, the slowly winding sewer becomes more complicated. There are many more branch roads that are not recorded on the map, and there are some gates. these all are measures to prevent those with unruly attempts from invading the palace through the sewer.

These sluices cannot withstand Sue Kirin.

“It’s a dead end!”

Sue Kirin stopped suddenly, his voice a little impatient. There was no way forward, and Sue Kirin couldn’t help kicking the wall. After Qi Qiqi and Qin Shiyu stopped, their faces also showed anxiety.

“Is this map really reliable?”

Sue Kirin didn’t go the wrong way, everything was in accordance with Qin Shiyu’s instructions. However, they rushed all the way and did not rule out that Qin Shiyu made a mistake.


Qin Shiyu checked the map again to determine if there were any errors in the route.

After she confirmed the waterway where her side was, she could see that the waterway could continue forward. Sue Kirin said that the road ahead was a dead end. With Qin Shiyu’s eyesight, he couldn’t see whether the other side was really as Sue Kirin said, but it probably couldn’t be wrong.

The sound of footsteps came from behind again, and the people from the North rushed forward.

Being able to act quickly in such a complicated sewer, even Qin Shiyu guessed with his feet, he knew that Cang Lin had laid a lot of manpower here. Does Cang Rin really anticipate her purpose? She couldn’t help being a little irritable.

“Go and have a look first.”

Nevertheless, Qin Shiyu made this decision.

“It will be blocked.”

Sue Kirin naturally also noticed the approach of the hunting dogs and the northern horses.

“I know!” Qin Shiyu’s voice was a little high, “But if this map is unreliable, we will circle around here that’s all!”


Sue Kirin tapped his mouth boredly.

They set off again and ran to the end of the road. Sure enough, it was a dead end. A wall stood there, blocking the way.

Qin Shiyu snorted and stepped forward, past Sue Kirin.

She extends the hand and strokes the wall lightly, seeming to confirm whether her eyes are hallucinating. The wall does exist, and the touch sent back is moist and cold.

Next, she reached out and knocked.

The echo that came back was a bit strange, the wall seemed to be hollow.

“Sue Kirin.”

Qin Shiyu turned around and called Sue Kirin. Sue Kirin also noticed the abnormality of the wall and walked over and knocked on the wall. She listened carefully, and her brow twitched.

“The wall is not hollow, but there are other spaces behind it!”

In other words, the map in Qin Shiyu’s hands is strictly speaking, it’s not wrong, it’s just that a new one was added here. The wall blocked the way, and as long as you carefully observe the channel, it is not difficult to find that there is still water flowing from the other side of the wall.

“Probably a disguise.” Qin Shiyu looked towards side Sue Kirin, “Break the wall.”


Sue Kirin quickly agreed .

Then she suddenly looked up towards the top.

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