The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1202


The loud muffled sound mixed with peeling rocks pressed from above, and the air was disturbed.

“Kirin, someone is breaking the ground!” Qi Qiqi reminded loudly.

“I know!”

Sue Kirin has captured the majestic breath on the ground. Canglin is here.

It’s really difficult! Sue Kirin raised the cloak on his body, and a few magic charms flew out and stuck to the wall in front of him. The lines on the magic talisman ignited and glowed with light.

As long as a short period of time, this wall will be shattered in the explosion.

But there was another explosion-like sound.

Behind the three of them, there was a big broken stone falling. The stone fell in the channel and exploded a lot of sparks. At the same time, a silhouette fell from the top. At the moment of landing, the arrow shot out like an arrow. The cold glow in the hand takes Sue Kirin’s back straight.

“Kirin!” Qi Qiqi reminded in surprise.

Sue Kirin also felt the killing intent pierced from the back, and his left hand pulled out Li Qiankun from under the robe and cut it back. The sound of Jin Ge was harsh, long sword and long spear violently collided, exploding a lot of sparks, reflecting the faces of the three present.

At the same time, the wall suddenly shattered under the action of the magic talisman.

Qi Qiqi didn’t need Sue Kirin’s command, she ran forward with Qin Shiyu, but after crossing the broken wall, she stopped suddenly.

The sword in the left hand and the long spear fought fiercely, with bursts of energy and sparks. Sue Kirin fought and retreated. After taking the time to look back and see that the two of them were motionless, he suddenly asked :

“Why don’t you move anymore?”

“Kirin, there is no way ahead!”

Qi Qiqi shouted and answered suddenly, Qin Shiyu’s face also It becomes difficult to look.

No way? Sue Kirin stayed for a while, and there was an extra wound on his arm. The pain prompted her to refocus her attention on the woman in front of her, blocking the long spear from the opponent.

The white hair was shaking, shaking out a faint silver glow.

Sue Kirin within the body Spiritual Qi is disturbed by the harsh realm, and the cycle becomes intermittent. Of course, this discontinuity is only a moment, and has little effect on the use of Sue Kirin’s Spiritual Qi, but the casting efficiency outside the body will be greatly reduced.

Behind Cang Rin, a large number of silhouettes leaped down, shaking up water splashes after another.

It’s reinforcements.

Among them, there is also a huge wolf shadow. Its fall directly blew up a lot of water in the ditch and wet all the people present.

“Grab them!”

The morale of the soldiers in the North Kingdom was soaring, presumably because they finally grabbed the tails of the three of them, and swept away the depressive anger before. They immediately surrounded the three of them and pulled out their weapons.

Although these people are not to be afraid of, whether it is Sue Kirin or Qi Qiqi, they can do one-to-many, and even Qin Shiyu should be able to beat a few of them, but the problem is that they are in a narrow In the sewer, there is no room for display.

If the opponent uses a crossbow in such a dense space, it is enough to cause significant pressure on them.

How can there be no way? Sue Kirin was thinking about this while resisting Cang Rin’s attack. Of course, unless she stepped forward to see the situation there with her own eyes, she didn’t know what Qi Qiqi said there was no way.


Sue Kirin didn’t want to get entangled with Cang Rin more.

As the core of the organ robe, Tianji naturally has the ability to drive the organ robe itself. After Sue Kirin’s shout, Tianji consciously drove the mechanism to release the magic talisman.

A lot of magic charms fell on the ground.

When Cang Lin saw this, she knew that the spell was coming soon. She stretched out her left foot and swept the ground vigorously, and the swaying wind pressure swept these charms towards Qi Qiqi’s direction.


Sue Kirin knocked on his mouth, peeked into the organ robe with his left hand, and found out a mechanical crossbow, venting the entire arrow at Canglin. A box of crossbow arrows.

Cang Rin pulled out a scimitar, and within such a short distance, she used a saber to bounce off all the crossbow arrows that might touch her, but her clothes were still scratched by arrows in many places open.

Even after a collision, the force of the bounced crossbow arrows is still full, shooting into the wall and the ground and the ceiling, while the remaining inaccurate crossbow arrows are shot at the soldiers behind Cang Rin , A series of sorrows also exploded.

Cang Rin thought that he had dismantled Bending Arrow’s attack.

At least before Sue Kirin yelled that word aloud, yes.


Sue Kirin gave an order, and the corner of Cang Rin’s eyes suddenly caught the light. Blue lines suddenly appeared on the body of the crossbow arrows stuck in the ceiling in the wall and in the ground.

Then, explode.

The four sides of the sewer were shattered by the explosion, and a lot of rocks fell. One spray after another burst out, and the sewer began to collapse due to the explosion. The soldiers of the North Country panicked and rushed to dodge the stones.

don’t let slip an opportunity! Sue Kirin took a deep breath and his belly bulged. The inhalation lasted for a while, and one could not help but wonder how her petite body sucked so much air.

After a short pause, Sue Kirin spit out all the air in his stomach.

──She vomited a strong wind.

Like a storm blowing in the sewer, a flood-like gale blew Cang Rin and everything behind her. Cang Rin was pushed out.

She turned around and stabbed a long spear in the air and plunged into the ground to stabilize her body, but the northern soldiers behind her were not so lucky. They were blown away for a certain distance and fell into the canal.

Cang Rin, who was forced to stretch a distance, wanted to approach the past again, but the sewer finally couldn’t hold on now. The top of it collapsed and a lot of rocks blocked the front.


Cang Lin looked at the gravel in front of her for a while.


Sue Kirin knows how long a cave-in will not stop Cang Rin.

As long as the other party exerts a little effort, it is not difficult to smash these piles of rubble, so after she finally found a gap, she immediately turned around and jumped towards Qi Qiqi.

The soldiers of the Northland who had doubled over there were knocked down to the ground by Qi Qiqi.

“Why is there no way?”

Sue Kirin asked immediately after landing.

Qi Qiqi didn’t know how to answer, she made a look of hesitation, and the initiative to answer naturally fell on Qin Shiyu.

“There is a deep pit ahead.”

“A deep pit?”

Sue Kirin frowned and walked straight ahead.

There was another dull crash in the back. Don’t ask, it must be the sound of Cang Rin breaking the stone.

“This…” Without taking a few steps, Sue Kirin came to the end and came to a certain edge. The end of the sewer is a place like a water reservoir, and the water here is falling from above, but this is not the point.

The point is that further forward is a huge space, a void with no bottom.

However, there are gusts of wind blowing in the abyss, and white spots of light can also be seen faintly floating.

──The wind is full of strong Spiritual Qi.

“Below is the spirit stream!” Sue Kirin eyes shined.

As soon as her words fell, the landslide that blocked Cang Rin was suddenly cleared, and Cang Rin flew from the other side like an arrow. She threw the long spear in her hand and shot it at Sue Kirin’s back.

“Hold your breath!”

Sue Kirin turned his head and threw the short gun in his hand. The long and short guns collided in the air, each deviating from the ray, and each plunged into one wall.

Then, Sue Kirin grabbed Qi Qiqi’s right wrist with his free left hand and pulled her to jump down. Since Qi Qiqi had grasped Qin Shiyu’s hand, Qin Shiyu also disappeared into the sewer.

“Don’t want to escape…”

Cang Rin came to the edge, glanced at the abyss below, and jumped down. After the soldiers of the North Kingdom arrived, they looked at the bottomless abyss blankly. Some who couldn’t hold their feet fell straight down, and disappeared into the darkness with a long scream.

“Hurry up and find the rope!”

A commander gave a loud order, and several soldiers turned around and went to stretch the rope.

Among them, the eagle guards did not wait for the arrival of the rope, and jumped down one after another, but they were along the wall, using a machete at intervals to insert into the wall to slow down their fall. Then he drew his sword and went down.

The ordinary soldiers looked stunned.

Perhaps it is the illusion caused by the dark relationship. The abyss is unexpectedly not deep. At most, it is ten feet of perseverance. The first Sue Kirin who jumped down is already in the end.

Qi Qiqi and Qin Shiyu are close behind.

The ground is uneven, but there is a high concentration of Spiritual Qi precipitating deep in it ── it has reached the level of faint light.

The spirit stream must be here!

Sue Kirin thought, looking around, fixed his eyes on the front center. There was a faint rushing sound of water waves, and she leaped over there without saying a word.

Qi Qiqi and Qin Shiyu immediately followed.

Sure enough, it was a spirit stream, and Sue Kirin landed and stepped into the water. She just fell on the edge of the spirit stream. After looking a little, I can see that there is a fountain-like part in the center of the spirit stream. The spring surface bulges, but it does not spurt out like a fountain.

That is where the Dragon Vein Spiritual Qi gushes out at the bottom of the spirit stream lake.

As long as the gap is enlarged, and then the Dragon Vein under the huge might spell strikes is used, then the Spiritual Qi eruption that is stimulated can definitely destroy the palace.

But there is a prerequisite──

“Cang Rin, don’t you think you are annoying?”

Sue Kirin turned around, Cang Rin has already Standing at the end of her sight, a machete showing off one’s ability in her hand. Behind the Imperial Teacher of the Northern Kingdom, the silhouette of Yingwei of the Northern Kingdom appeared in Lu Zhu. And White Wolf Silver Soul.

“If you don’t run around like mice, there is no need for this seat to bite.”

Cang Rin’s voice is cold.

She must have given some instructions, and the eagle guards of the north country dispersed with a light movement, double-teaming to Sue Kirin and the other three. They also carry the crossbow in their hands, and the scimitar is also a sharp blade out of the ordinary.

“Little Qi, I will hold them back later, you guys find a way to explode the Dragon Vein…”

Sue Kirin must be unable to get out.

She not only has to withstand the pressure from Cang Rin, but also deal with those Eagle Guards and the White Wolf who only has the strength to match the heavens. It is simply impossible for her to have any gap to destroy the Dragon Vein.

Cang Rin didn’t even give Sue Kirin the time to hear Qi Qiqi answer.


Sue Kirin caught the silver shadow in a blink of an eye, and the long sword in his hand slashed forward like electricity.

Keng──! Sparks suddenly appeared, brightening their faces.

The water of the spirit stream exploded centered on Sue Kirin’s feet, and then was shattered by a frantic sword light and gun shadow. The two fought in close quarters again, and in an instant they fought dozens of times, and there was a strong wind after another, declaring that idlers should not approach without permission.

Qi Qiqi also knows that the situation is critical.

But even if she wanted to turn around neatly, there was still Qin Shiyu. She didn’t know if she should take Qin Shiyu to the bottom of the spirit stream.

And the other party will not give them more opportunities to discuss.

In the moment Sue Kirin and Cang Lin met, Yingwei and White Wolf focused on Qi Qiqi and Qin Shiyu. They acted immediately, drew their weapons and attacked them.

White Wolf touched the ground and ran wildly towards Qi Qiqi. Qi Qiqi waved the Tianli Sword, dragging a curtain of fire. But White Wolf was not afraid at all, and rammed into the fire curtain and passed through.

“…Where is the wolf!”

Qi Qiqi was a little self-warming, pulling Qin Shiyu to the side to hide. White Wolf hit the spirit stream with one head, and a lot of water splashed and fell heavily on the two of them like rain.

At this time, a few scimitars cut through the drops of water, and cut at Qi Qiqi without having tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex.

“Your Majesty, please be careful!”

Qi Qiqi picked a sharp blade in her hand, flicked a scimitar, and blocked another, and at the same time, her left hand printed out With a palm, hit the knife of another scimitar and knock it away.

In a blink of an eye, she resolved the attack of the three scimitars.

Next, she kicked the ground and slid back for a certain distance, and the two scimitars glided in front of her. Several eagles and guards were unable to attack, so they organized the next wave of attack again. The five scimitars quickly turned back and attacked Qi Qiqi again from different directions, sealing all her retreats.

Qiqiqi has no intention to retire.

The sword speed to the pinnacle in her hand, accompanied by a series of five metal collision sounds, all five scimitars were bounced off by one sword. Qi Qiqi took this opportunity to take a step forward, and a spin palm was printed on the belly of an eagle guard in front of her, and the revolving force stirred up the clothing and skin of the eagle guard, and then “peng” produced a strong impact.

Eagle Guard groaned, spinning the bullet and flying out, knocking down several companions in succession.

Qi Qiqi slashed to the right with a horizontal sword, cutting across the chest of another eagle guard accurately, drawing a long bloodstain. With blood splashing, her left palm was printed on the body of the third eagle guard, and a large flame was actually shot. The third eagle guard was immediately burned with flames, and the scimitar fell to the ground. He wanted to extinguish the flames on his body with both hands, but accidentally hit his companion, and the flame spread over.

In just an instant, Qi Qiqi solved the four of them.

Only one of the five people who attacked first was left, but even if Qi Qiqi wanted to solve it, the opponent’s arrow rain came first. She swung the Heavenly Sword again and set off a large swath of Arrows from the Spiritual Qi impact bomb.

She used the sword to deal with those a fish that escaped the net, and then retreated to Qin Shiyu’s side.

“Give me a weapon.”

Qin Shiyu said.

She seems dissatisfied with the fact that she can only be sheltered by others, and wants to seek weapons to protect herself. Qi Qiqi was nodded, but suddenly hit Qin Shiyu with a palm, sending her away from where she was.

Qin Shiyu just stood firm, looking towards her as a tsunami-like rice sky and huge waves.

The strength of Lang is not strong, but she still wets her. She glanced intently, but saw Qi Qiqi was pressed to the ground by White Wolf, and stuck the opponent’s mouth with a sword.

It seems that White Wolf suddenly pounced on him just now, Qi Qiqi will push her away.

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