The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1203

“…I was really underestimated.”

Sue Kirin and Cang Rin at the other end have already hit the sky.

Suddenly they are here, appearing there, suddenly left, suddenly right, every time a confrontation is agitated by a lot of Spiritual Qi, and spells are pouring out, the fight is inextricably difficult.

And Qi Qiqi again stalemate with White Wolf, so Qin Shiyu became the one alone.

Seeing that the prey was alone, the most important one, the eagle guards of the North Country immediately surrounded her, trying to capture her in one fell swoop.

However, Qin Shiyu is definitely not an obediently surrender person.

“Your Highness, be careful!”

Qi Qiqi struggled to get up and warned Qin Shiyu loudly. She couldn’t push White Wolf away in a short time. The opponent’s strength was too great, and the opponent was not content with only the mouth. The front paws also grabbed Qi Qiqi from time to time. She had to twist her body from time to time to avoid these claws.

Qin Shiyu did not want to get support at first.

Those eagle guards from the North thought that they would easily capture Qin Shiyu. Two of them took the lead in action. One left and the other outflanked Qin Shiyu, and two scimitars cut at her at the same time. .

Qin Shiyu took a deep breath, dodged the Number One Blade with a short body, and then grabbed the second knife with his bare hands. In fact, she was actually very reluctant. She was caught on the back of the knife and almost failed to clamp the knife.

She was in a cold sweat, thinking that if she survived, she would definitely regain her martial arts.

Yingwei tried to make time for the clamped knife, on the other hand, his companion turned the blade to cut Qin Shiyu again. Qin Shiyu instinctively grabbed the scimitar and lifted it up, just to block the blow. Then she kicked her right foot and kicked Yingwei’s belly, kicking him back several times. Step, snatched the scimitar in his hand.

She used the scimitar as a swordsman and slashed towards another companion of Yingwei.

The man didn’t expect Qin Shiyu to be good at martial arts, and was caught off guard by the right hand. He released the weapon in pain, and then Qin Shiyu stomped forward, burying his sight.

A blood stain appeared on his neck, and the eagle guard covered his wound in disbelief, but couldn’t stop the bleeding of blood, and fell weakly to the ground. Qin Shiyu ignored that he was stained with the opponent’s blood, and immediately turned the knife to resist the aid of the third eagle guard.

The remaining Eagle Guards also realized that Qin Shiyu is not someone who is easy to deal with, and dare not underestimate the enemy. They rushed up and stepped out of water splashes.

“Well welcome is not a good thing!”

Qin Shiyu’s forehead suddenly burst into cold sweat, she can’t handle so many people! But Qi Qiqi was entangled by White Wolf, and eagle guards were shooting at her, so I couldn’t count on it, and the battle between Sue Kirin and Cang Lin was even more intense, and she was in a state where she could not find time to support.

“His Royal Highness, please support for a while!”

Qi Qiqi moved in the air, avoiding the Spiritual Qi light flares from Yin Po’s mouth, and at the same time encouraging Qin Shi Don’t give up the rain easily.

“It’s easy!”

Qin Shiyu’s scimitar danced wildly, barely blocking the three people’s combined attack, but had no time to take care of the sudden crossbow arrows. There was an opening in her thigh instantly, and blood came out. Fortunately, the wound is not deep and does not affect the action.

Several people joined the siege.

Qin Shiyu intuitively felt that he was about to lose support, and then rolled to the side to hide after making a stab at it. She swears that she doesn’t know how long it has been so embarrassed.

Qin Shiyu stood up only after several eagle guards bite and slashed.

Qin Shiyu searched his mind about the martial arts skills he had learned, and at the crucial moment he fought back. Five knives slashed on her knives at the same time, and her figure was shaken by the penetration force. She had to use double knives to barely resist the strength of a few people.

At this moment, she was completely unguarded behind her back.

The two eagle guards grasped this point and pierced her back with a sharp blade. Qin Shiyu felt unable to resist, so he rolled away again, avoiding the attack of the seven knives.

Then, Huojuanliuyun.

A curtain of fire dropping from the sky swallowed the seven eagle guards. Qi Qiqi took the time to help, but because of this moment of distraction, she was hit by White Wolf, and she flew out and bounced several times on the lake of the spirit stream.

I don’t know what method she used. She stopped abruptly on the surface of the spirit stream as if walking on the ground, and threw away a few flames and shot at the white Wolf who was coming. The hair on White Wolf’s body seemed to resist fire, and it did not fear hard to come down and fell on Qi Qiqi’s position.

At the crucial moment, Qi Qiqi leaped to the side to make White Wolf pounce.

As a result, another rain of arrows came towards her, Qi Qiqi tapped her lips, the sword in her hand spun, curled up the spiral of flames and swept these arrows in, burning them all up.

White Wolf pounced once again, and swung his sharp claw horizontally. Qi Qiqi passed by, and pulled it quickly into the air again, using the long sword as the pen and the flame as the ink to draw a huge base circle in the air.

“Seventh of Thunderflame Dragon!”

The violent Fire Dragon formed in the circle, biting at White Wolf who pounced on her again. White Wolf had nowhere to borrow in the air, and collided with Fire Dragon. It groaned, its body bent up, and fell into the spirit stream, exploding a large splash of water.

Qi Qiqi, who finally got rid of the White Wolf, drew a flame-colored solitary line in the air, wrapped the flame and stepped on the wind, like a flame-colored meteor crashing toward Qin Shiyu’s place.

Some of the eagle guards besieging Qin Shiyu noticed Qi Qiqi’s arrival and immediately gave a loud warning. The eagle guards retreated quickly, but were still hit by the flame waves that Qi Qiqi set off when she landed on the ground, and her clothes suddenly ignited in many places.

They screamed and fell to the ground, rolling on the ground, trying to extinguish the flames on their bodies.

“His Royal Highness, do you know how to water?”

Qi Qiqi held a sword in front of Qin Shiyu, her sharp red eyes fixed on the enemy in front of him, warning them not to act without authorization .

As long as it doesn’t take long, there will be more soldiers and martial artists from the North, and the situation will be even worse, so we must act as soon as possible because it is not suitable to stay here.

“I will.” Qin Shiyu replied, understanding Qi Qiqi’s meaning at the same time, “You want me to destroy the gap in Dragon Vein-the spirit stream eye?”


“But I don’t have that kind of power.”

“Kirin has.”

Qiqiqi laughed and stretched out her left hand sideways. She had a few magical charms painted with red lines on a black background, and she didn’t know where she got them.

“This is the sky thunder talisman. His Royal Highness only needs to place them all around the Dragon Vein ──!”

In the middle of the conversation, a large number of arrows came. It turned out that the soldiers from the North Kingdom had found the ropes and used them to climb down the hollow. They just hit the ground and just aim at the enemy indiscriminately as a round of shooting, regardless of whether they will hurt their companions.


The soldiers of the Northland set up a long spear, holding a scimitar, and rushing here desperately. The eagle guards are not idle either, forming an offensive formation and approaching here.

What’s more terrible is that there is a huge wolf shadow breaking out of the water in the spirit stream.

“His Royal Highness, go, I’ll stop here for you!”

Qi Qiqi’s face sank, and she urged coldly.

Qin Shiyu was stunned, took the magic talisman, turned his head and ran to the center of the spirit stream. Before devoting herself to the spirit stream, she looked back at Qi Qiqi and Sue Kirin, who was fighting with Canglin in the sky, and then at the growing number of people in the north.

“Take care.” she yelled.

Qiqiqi turned her head and gave her a smile.

Qin Shiyu took a deep breath silently, then leaped forward like a fish, leaped into the spirit stream to swim deep. Due to the spiritual Qi relationship, Qin Shiyu will not lose sight of his fingers in the spirit stream.

In spite of this, she still can’t see the bottom of the spirit stream.

You can only rely on intuition and perception! Qin Shiyu gritted his teeth and dived deep like a dragon in the water.


Sue Kirin was kicked out.

She accidentally hit Cang Rin’s kick in her belly, and the strength of her penetration made her irresistibly hit the wall at one end of the cavity, and sank deep, leaving only her thoughts Huiyuan’s location.

The bones and hair screamed, as if they were about to break in the next moment.

She exhaled all the air within the body, her breath was mixed with some blood, and her mouth was full of the smell of iron. The blood flowing into her lungs made her almost breathless.

Even so, she still has no chance to breathe.

Cang Rin took the opportunity to chase, and in a blink of an eye, he slashed out the scimitar in his hand and pulled out a violent blade light. Sue Kirin gritted his teeth and raised the right hand sword to resist, the blade light slashed on the sword and pressed her into the wall again.

She is basically trapped here, and there is almost no room to move.

Cang Rin’s scimitar pulled back, not stalemate with Sue Kirin’s sword. In the next moment, a knife net looked towards the girl.

‘Hold on. ‘

Cang’s voice came in my mind.

Even without her, Sue Kirin knows. She restrained the scorching sensation in her right arm, and swung a sword to extreme speed, blocking the slashing blows of the violent storm.

Every time the sword and the sword confront each other, Sue Kirin’s body sinks a few inches into the wall.

If this continues, she will be deeply embedded in the wall, and the wall will become her coffin. Sue Kirin knew that he had to find a way to get out of the siege.

“fuck off!”

She forced the Spiritual Qi within the body to speed up, and the surface of the body exploded with dazzling lightning. The electric solitary strikes randomly ejected in four directions, then intertwined into a net and expanded in one breath.

Cang Rin’s scimitar was the first to be affected.

The knife bounced back, pulling Cang Rin’s body to the back. Sue Kirin took the opportunity to kick it, but Cang Lin grabbed it with his left hand.

“Don’t grab some things!”

Sue Kirin shouted loudly, and suddenly there was a burst of thin ice on his slender feet. Cang Rin frowned and shrank his hands, and as a result Icicles appeared on the ice. If Cang Rin shrinks more slowly, these Icicles may pierce the palm of his hand.

However, these Icicles burst into pieces in the next instant.

A large number of diamond stardust-like icy debris filled between the two, rolling out a vortex. Vortex more than doubled in a blink of an eye, Cang Rin retreated with a sense of instinct.

Then, an ice-colored aurora shot out of the vortex!

Cang Rin flashed to the side, but his left arm was still affected by the aftermath of the aurora, and was instantly frozen. She smashed the ice covering her hands with great fortune, and then saw a large number of fire arrows shooting at herself.


Cang Rin’s machete revolved and turned like a windmill to block the dense flames. However, the more violent flame dragon took shape again in an instant, tumbling and rushing towards her.

The water vapor in the atmosphere is evaporated, forming a white mist-like air mass.

Fire Dragon passed through it, entangled the tobacco and bit towards Cang Rin. Cang Rin twisted the blade wordlessly, cut out the blade light and slashed the flame dragon in two segments, but saw the scattered flaming chips regroup strangely in the air.

Dozens of flame guns shot out in the air.

Cang Rin whirled and cut out dozens of blade dao light and slashed these flame guns, but he couldn’t see Sue Kirin’s silhouette in the flames.

The girl has broken away from the hollow wall.

Where did it go? Canglin glanced across the audience like electricity, looking for the silhouette of the missing girl.

Underneath, White Wolf Yin Po and Qi Qiqi are fighting each other.

With its huge body, and the Spiritual Qi blessing that rivals the Heavenly Realm, White Wolf has the overwhelming power to smash a solid stone with every attack, even if it is in the Heavenly Realm, it will never Feel good.

However, Qi Qiqi cannot be hurt.

The girl avoided White Wolf’s attack and counterattacked with her extremely flexible posture and brilliant fighting skills, but at the same time the hair on White Wolf’s body was incredibly firm, neither water nor fire can approach, Even if Qi Qiqi cuts it with a sword or burns it with fire, she can only leave a shallow mark on White Wolf’s body.

These injuries are quite insignificant for the powerful White Wolf.

Unless Qi Qiqi can perform an attack with sufficient formidable power, Qi Qiqi should not have the attack power that severely wounds White Wolf, and Yingwei and the soldiers of the North Kingdom do not allow Qi Qiqi to have that free time.

The battle of one wolf and one man has fallen into a certain stalemate state, and no one can do anything about it.

Qin Shiyu’s silhouette is gone.

Cang Rin was frowned, moving his gaze to look for, but found some soldiers and eagle guards stopped by the spirit stream. When Cang Lin saw that some people continued to walk towards the center of the spring and dived in, he realized that Qin Shiyu had already dived into the spirit stream.


Cang Rin can guess the other party’s purpose.

Sue Kirin is unwilling to fight Cang Rin, why not Cang Rin, she must stop the next thing. Since Sue Kirin is missing now, Cang Rin directly turned around and swooped down the spirit stream.

Saved by attacking the enemy, Canglin is not afraid that Sue Kirin will not show up.

If she really doesn’t show up, this is exactly what Cang Rin meant.


Cang Rin suddenly noticed the abnormality and stopped abruptly on the surface of the spirit stream.

The spirit stream that was originally calm suddenly saw a lot of ups and downs, as if something was rolling under the lake.

Smelling the smell of danger, Cang Rin instinctively drew back away. In the next second, the spirit stream under the blue erupted, and the water rushed into the sky, with a large number of Icicles mixed in it. Cang Rin shrank up and crossed his arms to protect him. The surface was covered with compressed Spiritual Qi, forming a wall-like barrier to resist the attacks of the Icicle group.

Suddenly, Cang Rin saw a star-like lightning.

It’s really only a little bit big, mixed between the water splash and Icicle. If you don’t look closely, you won’t find that little blue brilliance, and Cangling can only find that strange light by accident.

Cang Rin didn’t delve into the idea of ​​and so on, because it must be an attack from Sue Kirin.

However, even if he wanted to avoid the light for a while, Cang Lin was shocked to realize that he did not know when he had been trapped in a hollow icicle. It must be the result of the sudden freezing of the current that just stirred.

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