The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1204

“…Sue Kirin!”

Cang Rin immediately returned his gaze to the star point lightning and gritted his teeth. The sharp edge of the scimitar in her hand deflected, and Spiritual Qi was constantly being focused on, shining extremely sharply.

“It’s all one!”

With this sound, the lightning of the stars blooms in an instant, like stars show, the blue light stings people’s eyes, smudges them, and Everything is stained with different colors.

Thunder and lightning bloom like flowers.

It also shines like stars.

Then, it shrank in an instant and changed back to a light spot again.

──The point of light will pierce Cang Rin’s face.

The ink-colored long sword is dotted with dazzling cold glow. Sue Kirin is approaching Cang Rin in an instant, leaving a blue light trail in the air, as fast as thunder!

Simply sharp, purely fast, without any moves.

The so-called Grand Dao Reaches The Simple is such a thing.

Faced with this blow, Cang Lin waved the scimitar in his hand and slashed at the tip of the long sword.


The thunder burst, sparks flew.

The shock and light swallowed the silhouette of the two of them. The aftermath of the attack even penetrated to the top of the cavity, shaking off a large number of rock fragments, and also rippling the water of the spirit stream, stirring up waves after another .

The impact continued to raging in this space, and the soldiers of the North Kingdom fleeed, making a sound of embarrassment. The unfortunate one was directly blown up and thrown into the air by the impact, and was crushed by the big rock falling from the top.

Qiqiqi and White Wolf are also affected.

They tried their best to stabilize their figures, raising their eyes to pay attention to the people they cherished, but they couldn’t look at the silhouettes of the two in the rumbling electric lightning.

When the dust settles, people only see a silhouette running through the other side.

At that moment, everything was frozen like a picture frame.


Only silence and light are accompanying.

If Spiritual Qi light spots could not be used as lighting, Qin Shiyu simply couldn’t see everything in the spirit stream. Despite this, she kept her eyes wide open, but she still couldn’t see far away.

Even if it is watered again, I can’t see far away in the water.

Everything is twisted, which also proves that the water in the spirit stream is flowing. There must be many underground waterways leading to the outside world at the edge of the spirit stream.

In such a chaotic current, Qin Shiyu did his best to maintain the stability of his figure.

However, she still continued to swim deep in the spirit stream.

She must save the air in her lungs as much as possible, because once the air is exhausted, everything will fail. As long as she rises to breathe, I am afraid there will be no second chance.

Gradually, she saw the spiral vortex.

Vortex is glowing, and threw away a large number of high-concentration Spiritual Qi light clusters, which are scattered into a large number of fragments in the light, filling the lake. Due to the existence of vortex, the water flow in the spirit stream became more and more chaotic, and because vortex kept threw away the water, Qin Shiyu only felt that her body was being pushed back by the water, and she was moving more and more difficultly.

The speed slowed down, the air in the lungs was also limited, and there were chasing soldiers behind.

The soldiers of the North Kingdom who also dived into the spirit stream saw Qin Shiyu getting closer and anxiously raised their crossbows and fired at Qin Shiyu.

Because of the water pressure, these arrows did not fly as far as they were. They floated to the surface of the water under the effect of buoyancy, and failed to hit Qin Shiyu at all.

It’s just that Qin Shiyu’s speed slowed down.

If things go on like this, it will only be a matter of time before she gets caught up. And if she can’t reach the gap in the Dragon Vein before exhausting the oxygen in her lungs and attach a magic talisman, she will also have to lose.

It is no longer time to save, Qin Shiyu drives Spiritual Qi within the body and approached vortex vigorously.

As he approached further, the pressure increased. Qin Shiyu felt that he was under pressure within the body. Every time he exchanged his breath, he would exhale more air than expected.

──The swirling water even shaved his face, Qin Shiyu couldn’t open his eyes.

How to get in here! Qin Shiyu shouted in the heart, feeling Qi Qiqi was playing tricks on herself. Of course, Qi Qiqi was also impossible to play tricks on her at this major event, but she was the only one who could get out and dive into the water to destroy the Dragon Vein gap.

Yes, Qin Shiyu knows she is the only hope at the moment.

From now on, she regrets for the first time and regrets that she did not practice martial arts well, but this regret does not help. There was not much air left in her, her head began to feel a little dizzy, and the pressure of the water caused her head and ears to ache sharply.

She realized that her ears were bleeding, when she saw red fainting in the water before her eyes.

At the same time, she closed her eyes.

It’s so painful, and the eyeballs are about to explode, Qin Shiyu can only open his eyes from time to time to confirm his position from the curtain.

She is indeed leaning towards vortex, but so close, yet worlds apart.

The pressure was too great, and she kept pushing her out, Qin Shiyu took a lot of effort to move forward a little bit. Under the circumstances, the pursuers are getting closer and closer. Fortunately, those chasing soldiers will encounter the same difficulties.

Qin Shiyu forced herself to think as soon as possible how to enter the vortex spiral.

God may have heard her troubles.

──She was blown away suddenly.

The water in the spirit stream was disturbed, unable to stop the turbulence, Qin Shiyu’s figure shook with the turbulence, and then a shock suddenly pushed her from behind, pushing her towards the vortex of light .

This may be something you can’t ask for, but the shock was too big, pushing all the air in her lungs out of her back.

Qin Shiyu was like a bird being shot, his body turned wildly out of control. She only felt that the sky was spinning, but she couldn’t stabilize her figure, so she slammed into the vortex.

The high-density Spiritual Qi like a knife scratched her body.

The result of Qin Shiyu’s sorrow was a series of bubbles between his lips. Spiritual Qi made multiple openings up and down his body. The bright red flowing out was smudged in an instant, but it was vortexed in the next instant. Give it to pieces.

I don’t know the direction.

Forcibly resisting the pain of being squeezed by the water and Spiritual Qi, his mouth kept making strange noises like frogs being squashed, and Qin Shiyu put Spiritual Qi on his eyes as much as possible.

She eyes opened.

Under the pressure, Spiritual Qi and spring water instantly pressed into Qin Shiyu’s eyes. The pain in her eyes was so severe that she immediately closed her eyes again, but it was enough to confirm the direction in that startling glance.

She is right next to the Dragon Vein gap now. If the shock just now pushes her directly into the Spiritual Qi stream of Dragon Vein, she will be sent out of the Spirit stream directly by the Spiritual Qi stream, away from the Dragon Vein gap. There was no more air left in her lungs, and the pressure outside made her scream.

I can only move forward with pain.

Qin Shiyu felt it, and grasped the turn of vortex. She took advantage of the current situation and made a few consecutive turns, finally finding a chance to reach out and grab the sharp rock protruding from underneath.

The palm is scratched.

Qin Shiyu gritted his teeth to endure the sharp pain, grabbed the stone cone and pulled his body toward the bottom of the lake. A strong sense of suffocation surrounded her at the same time, and Qin Shiyu knew that his body had reached its limit.

It is already a race against time.

Qin Shiyu took out those magic charms and posted the first one on the edge of the Dragon Vein gap. She wants to cautiously prevent herself from being affected by the upward torrent, otherwise she might not be able to catch the bottom of the spring and be rushed out.

As if crawling, she grabbed the rock at the bottom of the lake to the other end of the Dragon Vein gap, and pasted a magic talisman. There are two remaining. Her face is already incredibly pale, and her head is dizzy.

Paste the third one.



There was a sharp pain behind her.

It turned out that not only she was pushed in, but also an eagle guard. She didn’t notice the existence of Eagle Guard, and letting the opponent go behind her was a knife. She didn’t know how deep the blade was cut, but felt that the spring water poured into her within the body, making her cold.

Qin Shiyu ignored the other party and continued to crawl to the fourth destination.

Because of the knife just now, the force of the recoil pushed the eagle guard out a little distance, so the second knife he slashed was only shallowly across Qin Shiyu’s back.

Blood smeared.

Qin Shiyu’s left hand was scratched because of his dizziness, and his whole body instantly deviated from the route. Then, another slash came from the back, and it struck her right foot.

The body is getting colder and colder.

However, Qin Shiyu was still unyielding, and she exhausted her last strength to grab the bottom of the lake again. There was still some distance from the target location, and Qin Shiyu decided to give up his life. She pulled the ground and pushed forward, her body slid out like a fish, and the blood from the wound on her body was dragged into a red wiping shadow.


Give me enough! Qin Shiyu tried his best to stretch out his right hand, slapped the magic talisman in his palm to the ground, and then was thrown away.

The four magic charms have been posted in the appropriate positions.

Qin Shiyu relaxed, but ran into the eagle guard. Fortunately, the opponent’s scimitar didn’t know when she flicked her hand, otherwise she might have hit a sharp knife.

A dazzling white lightning emerged from the surface of the charm.

Several magical charms are connected with each other in electric isolation, a huge array is instantly formed, bursting out more white lightning. The torrent of Spiritual Qi became messy under the action of the sky thunder, and it ejected randomly in all directions.

One of the diversions hit the head of the eagle guard behind Qin Shiyu, scraping his head away with no difficulty. Qin Shiyu allowed his body to sway from the left to the right with the turbulence, as if tossed it to others. She couldn’t use any strength anymore, she could only slightly squinted her eyes to watch the white light grow stronger.

Under the strikes of the sky thunder, the stone layer on the edge of the Dragon Vein gap was cracked and shattered.

As a result, the gap is enlarged, and more Spiritual Qi rushes out of the Dragon Vein, breaking the edge of the gap. The gap is getting bigger and bigger, but an inexplicable pulling force is generated, dragging Qin Shiyu towards the gap.

Once she falls in the gap of the spirit vein, she will definitely scattered ashes and dispersed smoke in a blink of an eye.

However, even if she wants to resist, she has no strength anymore. In this way, she was quickly pulled towards the gap of Dragon Vein.

Really unwilling, she thought.

But it doesn’t matter anymore, right? At least it can hold the royal court perish together, this can be considered a kind of thick funeral. The only regret is probably that I can’t hide in the Northern Domain that I have been guarding for a long time.

His vision is getting blurred, and his consciousness is getting drowsy.

The strong sense of suffocation and weakness has wrapped her heavily, penetrated her body and soul, and caused death.

“──gu lu gu lu gu gu gu Lu.”

The moment before the consciousness was interrupted, I heard a funny cry.

She turned her gaze, only to see a small dark figure constantly approaching her. She couldn’t recognize who it was, but the other party did approach at extreme speed, grabbed her hand just before her body fell into the Dragon Vein, and dragged her back from the edge of death.

She fell into a warm embrace.

Then, the Dragon Vein that finally collapsed burst out an extremely dazzling Spiritual Qi frenzy, engulfing her and the person behind her.

──Everything disappears in the light.


Mu Muqi silently looked at the Spiritual Qi light stream rising into the sky.

The clouds were dissipated by the beam of light, and the beam of light shot into the sky, as if it was going to penetrate the slanting sun in the sky. The legendary bow and arrow shot down by the sun must be this kind of light flow.

The palace has disappeared in the violent current, but the violent light current seems to be dissatisfied, and it is gradually spreading, even covering all the buildings around the palace.

“Mu Mu Lord Qi, get out of here quickly!”

The coachman came to Mu Muqi’s side and urged him to leave, but Mu Muqi did not respond. The light flow from the other side It stopped spreading, and finally the edge stopped two streets away from Mu Muqi’s mansion.

Although the edge did not touch the Mu Muqi Mansion, the side of the mansion closest to the light flow has been hit by the bursts of impact generated by the light beam, and the aftermath even swayed over, blowing Mu Muqi’s figure There was a swing.

──Destructive formidable power.

Under this formidable power raging, the palace must have been bode ill rather than well, and the northern king not at all left the palace because the person who Canglin sent to ask him to leave is dead. In the hands of Mumuqi’s subordinates.

“Go get ready.”

Mu Muqi expressionless looked at the beam of light and called the coachman. His hands were already tightly clenched into fists, and there was ecstasy in his heart. As long as these mistakes are put on Cang Rin’s head, even if she is an Imperial Teacher of a country, she must be held responsible, and it is the government who leaves the North Country.

In order to promote all of this, Mumuzi can no longer waste time here.

“Go, gather all the surviving officials.”

Mu Muqi can see that the Prime Minister’s Mansion is also scattered ashes and dispersed smoke in the light. At the moment when the head of civil servants died, his second-in-command was the highest civil servant leader, and all the senior officials of the military attache were not in the city because of the war, so Mumuqi is now the most powerful Owner.

“At the same time, everyone is ordered to notify the army fighting outside, tell them that my king is dead, and order them all to withdraw and return to defense. In addition, I will write you a secret letter later, and you will send someone to personally Send it to General Arislan.”

He has been preparing for all this for a long time, and finally can come in handy at this time.

“It’s success or failure, it’s here!”

Mu Muqi stretched out his hand to the sky, and then clenched it all at once.

He must seize this time opportunity.

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