The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1205

Shui Yun’er also saw the beam of light rising into the sky in the distance.

Little Ancestor Master, you… she froze her mind and expression as if she had noticed something. However, this was quickly replaced by crying.

She did not cry.

Because she still believes that the girl should be fine. She didn’t know exactly what happened at the other end, but that violent beam of light should be an explosion of Dragon Vein.

Dragon Vein rarely erupts naturally, and there is a high probability that it is artificially inspired.

And the bearing is in the direction of the throne.

“Zhen’er──Girl Shui, that’s…”

Princess Ning approached her horse and asked Shui Yun’er questioningly, as if she would know the answer.

“I don’t know…” Shui Yuner replied in a low voice, lowering his eyes.

The chasing soldiers who were clinging to the back also noticed the ray of light soaring into the sky, and they fell into panic. Taking this opportunity, Princess Ning ordered the army to leave quickly, even though she didn’t know what accident happened over there.

The chasers of the North clearly didn’t know whether to continue pursuing or not, and they didn’t move for a while. Concubine Ning took the opportunity to instruct the army to move forward in a hurry, with the intention of getting rid of the chasing troops of the North in one fell swoop.

After they ran for nearly ten miles, the soldiers of the North reacted and sent some soldiers to chase, while the rest of the troops retreated.

Presumably there must be a major event.

Princess Ning and Shui Yun’er are worried about the safety of Sue Kirin and the others, but they can’t return – now it’s undoubtedly to die. They can’t categorically issue this order and ask a large group of people to follow. To die.


“Princess Ning, I’ll go back and have a look.”

Shui Yuner left this sentence and turned around to leave Here. “Wait!” Princess Ning stopped her, reaching out and grabbing Shui Yun’er’s arm.

“Shui Yuner──No, Zhen’er, what can you do even if you go back?”

Shui Yuner bit her lips unwillingly.

“I may not be able to do anything when I go back… But, are we really going to abandon them? I can’t do this kind of thing.”

Shui Yuner shook off Princess Ning’s hand and rode his horse back to the direction of the court. If she was only returning on a single ride, she might be able to avoid the chasers breaking through the encirclement with her high mobility, and return to the Wang Court to find out.

But at the same time, this is also unwise.

Wang Ting is absolutely guarded at this moment, Shui Yuner is very likely to fall into the hands of others, and her identity must never fall into the hands of others. It’s not that Bei Guo will use her as a bargaining chip, Princess Ning is afraid of her husband’s censure.

Wang Ning has always had a good relationship with the former Crown Prince. If she knew that he let the former Crown Prince’s widow go to death, he would definitely be angry. Moreover, Princess Ning herself has several points of goodwill towards the former Crown Prince.

“Really, how come these Juniors are causing me trouble?”

Princess Ning tut fiercely.

She instructed the lieutenant next to her to lead the army first, and then she also rode her horse back to chase Shui Yun’er. She didn’t have any intention to return to the royal court again, she just went to bring Shui Yun’er back that’s all.

Shui Yun’er noticed the sound of horseshoes approaching behind her, and when she turned her head, she saw that Princess Ning had been chasing her close, and she was surprised. However, she seemed to be aware of something, showing a vigilant color, and quickly tried to get rid of Princess Ning.

“Stop for me! Zhen’er!”

Seeing Shui Yuner running faster and faster, Princess Ning shouted anxiously. The chasing soldiers at the other end also realized the situation here, and separated a small team to approach them.

Shui Yuner ignored Princess Ning.

“Damn,” Princess Ning scolded angrily, “Is there enough willfulness?”

After finishing speaking, she immediately jumped up and swept towards Shui Yun’er. Shui Yun’er looked back and saw, a curtain of water wafted between her sleeves. Concubine Ning sighed and smashed the water curtain with a palm, and fell behind Shui Yun’er.

Princess Ning grabbed the reins and took over the horses from Shui Yun’er.

“Princess Ning, please let me go!”

Shui Yuner protested solemnly and tried to struggle. However, Concubine Ning just pressed one hand on her back, and she felt that her whole body was soft and she couldn’t get any strength.

──The acupuncture points are controlled.

Shui Yun’er was limp in Princess Ning’s arms, and she took this opportunity to control the horse to turn around with one hand. After a slow shot, a lot of arrows fell on where they were originally. If they were to slow down, they would definitely be shot as porcupines.


Shui Yuner was silent.

However, Princess Ning knew that the other party was definitely not willing to do this.

“You have to live well.”

Princess Ning let out a soft voice to persuade.

Behind them is the magnificent army with thousands of men and horses. This is not the time to talk about this.

“…” Shui Yun’er bitterly laughed, “Can’t I even choose to die? Could it be…”

“You can die, but you must remember one How did you survive.”

The words of Princess Ning resounded like a bell, echoing in Shui Yun’er’s mind, the reverberation humming. Yes, Shui Yuner’s survival is based on many sacrifices. Nangong Family whole family was slaughtered because of her existence.

She often tells herself that she only survived for revenge.

──However, she has forgotten that she deserves to live well, because those who die for this want her to live well. Their only request is to hope she can live well.

Not necessarily in the identity of Emperor Ji, and not necessarily in the identity of an ordinary person.

As long as she is alive, she can choose the way she loves, but this definitely does not include death.

“Also, if you die once you return, how should I explain to your Master?”

Seeing Shui Yun’er’s expression loosened, Princess Ning quickly softened Sheng continued, hoping she could change her mind.

She shouldn’t have said that.


“But, the little Master…” Shui Yuner gritted his teeth.

Sue Kirin Qi Qiqi and Qin Shiyu do not know their lives or deaths, and they may be in a certain dangerous situation. How can she stay out of the situation and stand by? How can she survive if she suffers several people because of her inaction?

“Auntie, I can live to the present thanks to the acceptance of the young Ancestor Master!”

“…What do you call me?”

Princess Ning for a while Dumbfounded.

“You are my aunt… aren’t you?” Shui Yuner said with a wry smile. Her expression is quite complicated, and she presumably doesn’t want to reveal her lost identity, but now she is controlled by Princess Ning, she can only persuade the other party to do what she wants.

“Your cunning temperament is really like your mother.”

Princess Ning let out a long cry.

“My mother?” Shui Yuner was stunned.

She doesn’t really remember the appearance of her own mother, but according to other people’s words, she doesn’t look too much like her.

There are not many impressions left.

She wanted to ask Princess Ning what kind of person her mother was, but now is definitely not a good time. She put all her mind on thinking about how to get off.

“You really are a stubborn!”

Until Shui Yun’er has any action, Princess Ning has already spoken first. Shui Yun’er was stunned, and looked back, only to see a hand knife hit quickly, just on the back of her neck.

“Auntie, you…”

Shui Yun’er widened her eyes in disbelief.

But in the next second, her eyes lost their brilliance and focus again, and she fell softly into Princess Ning’s arms.

“It seems that even after so many experiences, you are still more human than me, which is really a mockery.”

Looking at the girl in her arms, Princess Ning single-handed Controlling the horse, stretched out the remaining hand and dialed the hair on the girl’s cheek. Even if it was stained with no stains, her hair was still as clean as transparent water.

Princess Ning rode a horse to get rid of the chasing soldiers behind.

Fortunately, the horse is a good horse, otherwise the two will be overtaken by the ride.

“Go, move forward in a hurry, and return to the Hua Dynasty!”

Back to the front of the team, Princess Ning ordered again. The lieutenant on the side was once hesitant to speak, as if he had something to say, but in the end he chose to shut up.

The chasers of the North Kingdom are still biting behind.


At first there was only silence in that place.

Only the occasional sound of drops of water and the sound of water waves washing the shore can prevent you from being completely indulged here. This is probably an underground lake, or it may be a molten cave.

But in any case, this is definitely a place where individuals are indifferent. There is no anger, there is no sound of any creature, only darkness is filling this place.

Then, there is the oh la la sound coming out of the water.

The little silhouette emerged from the water. She embraced another girl who was in a coma, and another girl appeared next to her.

They looked around, seeming to be looking for the shore and confirming where they are, but because there is no light, they can’t see that the shore is not far away.

But soon there will be light.

At that glance, it was a handful of flames lit up by Qi Qiqi’s fingertips. With the fire, Sue Kirin and Qi Qiqi quickly recognized the direction of the shore. They jumped up and landed on the shore.

“Little Qi, make a fire!”

Sue Kirin took off Qin Shiyu’s look pale robes, and while instructing Qi Qiqi, he directly gave Qin Shiyu the clothes on his chest Tear it apart, revealing the white skin and the two bumps underneath.

Qin Shiyu has a big bruise on his chest, and there are small holes everywhere. But it may be because of being soaked in cold water for too long. The blood has stopped, but at the same time her body is terrifying.

Qi Qiqi was also injured, but it was much lighter than Qin Shiyu.

She heard Sue Kirin’s order and immediately turned over and lit a flame. There is a lack of fuel, so she can only take out a few magic charms and arrange them with Qin Shiyu as the center, and then ignite them with flames.

In an instant, a corner of this space was illuminated.

This should be an underground cavern. You can see a large number of irregular stalactites hanging upside down on the top, like a large number of long spears hanging upside down. The terrain is quite complicated, but no creatures can be seen, only a small amount of moss. exist.

The stalactites must be carefully guarded, Qi Qiqi thought, and turned her eyes back to Qin Shiyu. Sue Kirin was treating her, and the light of green enveloped her.

“How is the situation?”

Qi Qiqi asked anxiously. There was a long blood stain on her left hand, still dripping blood. It was the scar caused by White Wolf’s front paw. .

“Not optimistic.”

Sue Kirin shook the head, biting his lower lip.

Qin Shiyu was injured all over his body, and within the body was also crushed due to the huge pressure of Dragon Vein, and there were many small scars on the body surface, of which the back injury was the most serious , Among the three cuts in total, one of them is already deeply visible.

Yes, this Emperor Ji Qin Shiyu has hovered in front of the gates of hell.

Sue Kirin did not dare to squeeze her physical potential too much, and could only try to heal some serious injuries.

Although this treatment was uncomfortable, Qin Shiyu did not respond and was deeply unconscious. If it weren’t for the slight breathing, Sue Kirin might have misunderstood that she was dead.

“I’ll take care of other wounds.”

Qi Qiqi took out a small medicine bottle from the remaining right sleeve.

Sue Kirin was still focusing on treating Qin Shiyu, but she couldn’t help being dumbfounded when she saw Qi Qiqi’s movement out of her eyes. Even after such a fierce battle on her sleeves, still something is there? If it weren’t for this kind of occasion, Sue Kirin would definitely have to make complaints.

Qi Qiqi took over the treatment of those small wounds.

Heavenly Jade’s good medicine is very easy to deal with such small wounds. Even if the wound on the back is matched with other medicines and bandages, if it is handled properly, it should be manageable.

The problem is Qin Shiyu’s physical fitness.

Sue Kirin’s treatment ended first. She was panting hu hu and caused her abdomen to collapse to the ground. Qi Qiqi glanced at her for a while, and faintly felt that something was wrong, so she quickly looked back.

“Kirin, your injury!”

Qi Qiqi’s eyes widened, and Sue Kirin was reflected in it with a machete stuck in her belly.

It’s Cang Rin’s knife.

In the last conflict with Cang Rin just now, Sue Kirin seemed to be injured too. The scimitar was stuck deep in her belly, and blood was gushing out of Danger Land from the knife edge. , Dyed her clothes red.

When she was in the water, she must have lost a lot of blood.

Qi Qiqi put down the work at hand and decided to help Sue Kirin handle the scimitar first. After all, Qin Shiyu’s most serious injury has been initially healed under Sue Kirin’s treatment.

“No need.”

Sue Kirin stopped Qi Qiqi and raised his chin to Qin Shiyu.

“I can’t die. You can help Qin Shiyu treat the wound first… If she can’t stand it, neither you nor I can escape responsibility.” “But…”

“Hey, go now.” Sue Kirin urged softly.

Qi Qiqi glanced at Sue Kirin’s wound again, her eyes full of worries, but she still obediently obeyed Sue Kirin’s meaning and devoted herself to Qin Shiyu’s treatment again.

“After that, this fellow Qin Shiyu must give me an official position.”

Sue Kirin sighed.

Naturally, she didn’t want to be an official, she just wanted the salary that’s all, but for that, she had to fix the injury on her stomach first.

“Cang Rin is really tough, next time I see her, I must fiercely beat her…”

Sue Kirin panted and said hu hu, but remembered again He also gave Cang Rin a sword in his right chest, and finally his mind was balanced.

For this, she also lost Li Qiankun because it was stuck in Cang Rin’s chest.

On the other hand, the core of Dimensity has been transferred to the organ robe, otherwise Sue Kirin may not only lose a handful of Li Qiankun this time.

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