The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1206

“Ji, come and help me!”

Sue Kirin shouted.

The organ robe on her body glowed instantly, then turned into a ball of light and floated in front of Sue Kirin, finally sketching out the human form. After the light burst, the girl reappeared.

“Kirin, are you okay… I blame me for not protecting you.”

Tenji knelt in front of Sue Kirin, twitched her nose and said with a cry.

“Hey, why do you blame you!”

Sue Kirin rolled the eyes, not wanting Diana to think too much. She pointed to the scimitar stuck in her body, Tian Ji looked at it and panicked.

“This…what can I do about this!” She cried directly.

“Don’t cry, don’t cry, I will die if you cry again!”

Sue Kirin has no tears on his face, and Tianji’s face turned pale with fright, and his face turned blue.

“I…I don’t cry, I don’t cry, don’t die, Kirin!”

Sue Kirin sighed secretly.

“You will help me draw the knife later, I will fill the wound.”

Speaking, Sue Kirin took out a few charms from his sleeve. There is no damage to the internal organs, but the scimitar is stuck inside, and if one is not careful, it may cause heavy bleeding.

Tenji is not reliable, but Sue Kirin doesn’t have the relevant knowledge. It’s the same for everyone.

“Be steady, don’t panic,” Sue Kirin said.

Although Tianji is a little nervous and confused, she is still firmly nodded. She reached out and held the scimitar, tried to pull it out, and Sue Kirin let out a muffled cry.

She bit her lip as a result of her extreme restraint.

Seeing more blood flowing out, Tian Ji’s face suddenly turned pale. Sue Kirin wanted to comfort her, not wanting the scimitar to get stuck there. But it hurts too much, she is speechless.

“Xiao Ji, calm down, your hands are steady…Do you remember when you learned embroidery with me?”

It was Qi Qiqi who was distracted and encouraged the girl .

Tian Ji let out a “um”, wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes, and hung out a firm expression. She took several deep breaths, as if trying to extract the courage that was hidden deep in her body.

“Kirin, you hold back.”

Tenji did not wait for Sue Kirin to be nodded, so he pulled out the scimitar in one breath! Blood spurted from the wound in an instant, Sue Kirin yelled in pain, tears came out of the corner of his eyes, and his face turned pale in an instant.

“Kirin, are you okay?”

“Kirin, what’s the matter with you?”

Qiqiqi and Tianji asked caringly at the same time.

Tianji threw away the scimitar in her hand, and the scimitar fell to the ground with a clattering. The girl stretched out her hand to cover the bleeding wound from the Master.

“Don’t press!” Sue Kirin drank her loudly.

Tianji condensed his hands in horror, but saw Sue Kirin tap the magic talisman he just pulled out on the wound. The blood immediately dyed the magic talisman red, but then the lines on the magic talisman glowed with emerald green light, suppressing the blood.

Sue Kirin’s cheeks are paler.

However, with the effect of the magic talisman, there is no more bleeding there, and it is completely blocked by the magic talisman. When Qi Qiqi dealt with Qin Shiyu’s injury, Sue Kirin’s face had already returned to a lot of rosy.

With the help of Tianji, she once again came to Qin Shiyu’s side and leaned against him. Because Qi Qiqi lit the flame, Qin Shiyu’s body temperature recovered a lot after the heat source, but it was still not enough.

Is it just that there are more warmers here and there?

“The situation of His Highness Nine is not so good.” Qi Qiqi’s eyes were dim, quite worried.

Sue Kirin opened his mouth, and wanted to say a few words of fate, but after thinking about it, he felt that speaking might make the atmosphere more rigid, so he closed his mouth again.

“Xiaoji, look around to see if there is a way out.”

Sue Kirin told Tianji.

Tianji looked embarrassed, as if she didn’t want to leave Sue Kirin’s side, but she also understood the importance, and after a while, she agreed.

“Then I will go…” she said weakly.

“Go go, go back to Heavenly Jade Palace and buy you a small group of three-color dumplings.”

Sue Kirin handed out several charms to Dimensity for emergency.


In normal times, Tianji would definitely shout out excitedly, but at this moment she just forced a smile. Even this little girl knows that the situation at the moment is not optimistic.

If they can’t find a way out, they may be trapped here for a lifetime.

Return to the underground waterway? Who knows where it will be rushed? Break through the ground? Who knows how thick the shell of this hole is? Tianji knew that the top priority was to find a way out, which also meant that Qin Shiyu could get better treatment.

Moreover, their disappearance will definitely cause some commotion.

Tianji patted her cheeks, cheered herself up, and then walked deep without hesitation. Her back was quickly buried in the darkness, but then there was fire again, presumably because she ignited the charm.

As a result, there are only Sue Kirin, Qi Qiqi and Qin Shiyu who are unconscious.

“Hey, I am starving to death…”

Sue Kirin sighed and sat down, but from the corner of his eyes he glanced at Qin Shiyu, always paying attention to her situation.

Qi Qiqi looked sad, and then she remembered that her arm injury had not been dealt with. She tore off her remaining sleeves, and as a result a lot of messy things fell out of it. Sue Kirin was dumbfounded at the pile of debris and didn’t know how the other party hid these things inside.

“Help me!”

Qi Qiqi noticed Sue Kirin’s gaze, her cheeks couldn’t help but blush, she was naturally aware of Sue Kirin’s thoughts. Sue Kirin didn’t say much, climbed over and picked up the medicine bottle Qi Qiqi had put aside.

There is still a small amount of medicine powder in it, which is barely enough.

“You hurt…” Sue Kirin looked at Qi Qiqi’s left hand with a bit of heartache, “Does it hurt?”

“It hurts, you are really Talking nonsense!”

Qiqiqi shrugged her nose and said unhappily. Sue Kirin blinked, then sighed again.

“We really had a lifetime of unlucky luck…”

Since coming to this World, Sue Kirin has been in trouble. Of course, Qi Qiqi is the same, and there are others. As if this World is a world full of tribulations.

Yes, this is indeed a world full of tribulations.

But there is no lack of warmth, just like the two people beside each other at this moment. At this moment, I can only wait. Sue Kirin looked at the wound again, and was about to find a topic to break the long wait, when he saw a red floating in the corner of his eyes. Sue Kirin was stunned when he looked over.

“hey hey hey, what are you doing?” She was so frightened that she folded her hands in front of her.

“What do you mean!”

Qi Qiqi blushed and cursed, and then continued to take off her clothes. Her eyes flashed wildly, but she still pretended to say: “Your Royal Highness is not warm enough, don’t I keep her clothes warm? Really, what are you thinking about! It’s impolite!”

Sue Kirin didn’t know how to react for a while, and gave a dazed “Uh!”

Qi Qiqi has taken off her coat completely, leaving only her close-fitting clothes hung on her body, revealing her nice and curvy figure-of course, she still has something on her chest… well, Yima Pingchuan.

Nor can it be said that there are two small hills on the plain.

“What are you looking at!”

Qi Qiqi was stared at by Sue Kirin uncomfortably, and she grinned fiercely. Sue Kirin coughed quickly and turned his head, but then took off his clothes.

The two sets of clothes are covered on Qin Shiyu, in order to save her more heat.

The two almost naked, leaning back to back with each other, sitting with pillows behind Qin Shiyu’s head lying flat, feeling the heat from each other’s backs.

“Can we go out?” Qi Qiqi was a little uneasy.

“It must be possible. The scourge has survived for thousands of years. My scourge still has a baa!”

Sue Kirin answered half helplessly and half jokingly, Qi Qiqi sideways He glared at her, turned his head and buried his head in his knees.

“Should it be over? This should be the last, right?” she asked blankly.


Sue Kirin was silent.

She knows what Qi Qiqi means.

“──I don’t know.” She shook her head, “But unfortunately, it will not always be with you. Times change, everything is circulating, and no one will have bad luck forever.”

Qiqiqi did not respond, only the sound of breathing floated.

“When this is over, I want to go back to Heavenly Jade Palace to rest for a while.”

“Hey, it’s not like what you can say.” Sue Kirin chuckled With.

“What…” Qi Qiqi pursed her mouth hidden in her knees, “No one wants to be tired, everyone wants to live the life they want every day… I am no exception, I am also a Well, ordinary person.”

“Ordinary person?” Sue Kirin regurgitated.

If a martial artist cannot be regarded as an ordinary person, then why can farmers and fishermen be counted? Is it because of the power? It can only be said that people are involuntarily in the arena.

“I want to open a store in the future, every time I lie on the counter, waiting for customers. When I am free, I will find something to do, go shopping when I have time, open a store if I want to open a store, I don’t want to open a store I closed the store…”

Qi Qiqi whispered her little-known wish.

Sue Kirin was also stunned for the first time when she heard that she still had this wish, but she couldn’t help but imagine that scene in her mind. Well, that is indeed a stable enough life.

People are very strange.

If you are born in stability, you long for some extraordinary experiences, but once you experience more, you want to return to stability.

It’s really a contradiction, isn’t it? Sue Kirin laughed badly.

“I’ll count the money for you then!” Sue Kirin laughed.

“You, wishful thinking!” Qi Qiqi said softly, “you are only worthy of miscellaneous work!”

“What! I am also a Grandmaster anyway!”

“Is it an old and disrespectful Grandmaster?”

The two quarreled.

Even if you are in the dark, as long as you are with each other, it may be a piece of paradise.


Princess Ning feels that she and the army are like a mouse, just running around.

Northland didn’t know what kind of blow it had suffered, and wanted to put them to death like crazy. Undoubtedly, they should have been hostile by the North when they came, but those chasing soldiers and ambushes seemed to be crazy, and rushed up with red eyes when they saw them.

Their eyes are full of vengeance, and they have no reason at all.

In this way, it adds to their pressure.

I don’t know how many cavalry has been lost along the way. Princess Ning’s entire group is under great pressure and can only walk along a secluded route, but still has several ambushes.

Fortunately, due to the vast territory and sparse population of the North Country, it would be difficult for the North Country to organize a large army, otherwise this cavalry would have died in the North Country. But this is not the way to go on in the long run. After three days of journey, they are still some distance away from the border of the Hua Dynasty.

Although supplies are still sufficient, the physical strength of the soldiers is the biggest problem.

It was a long-distance raid and a few winds and snows, and now it is necessary to escape desperately. This kind of fatigue and mental stress is not a joke, it is enough to crush anyone.

Now I feel more uneasy.

Uneasy about being able to return home smoothly.

There is also self-blame.

Qin Shiyu’s self-blame for failing to protect well, for failing to play a role.

There are also doubts.

I walked so far, but failed. Is there something wrong with me? These feelings continue to accumulate and precipitate, which affects people’s hearts and becomes a heavy burden, which will crush these soldiers at any time.

The worst part is that Princess Ning has no spare time to comfort and encourage these soldiers.

On the other hand, she has to take into account Shui Yuner’s mood. The girl who had been forcibly taken away from her had awakened earlier, but she has remained silent until now and has not continued her wayward fight. But who knows what lurks in the calm? Princess Ning had a lot of energy to pay attention to her, and there was no more energy left.

Well, Princess Ning must have reached the limit.

──They have all reached their limit.

The road ahead is still long, but their feet are already useless. That’s probably the case for them.

However, God does not pity them.

Suddenly a rider quickly chased behind the army and went straight to the side of Princess Ning. He is a member of the scout troops responsible for guarding the rear and behind the palace.


Seeing the scout’s dignified face, Princess Ning’s heart suddenly sank.

“Are you chasing soldiers?”

“It’s a large army, about five thousand people.”

Princess Ning thought to herself, it’s time to come .

Rao is how vast and sparsely populated in Northland, it is unable to organize large forces to hunt, and can only use small groups of troops to chase its own side, but after repeated encounters, Northland has a general idea of ​​its own position The confirmation, so it is only a matter of time before our side encounters the North Country’s chasing troops. If you can really hope that you will encounter a large army again when you reach the border of Hua Dynasty! Princess Ning smiled bitterly.

“Let the order go on, speed up! At the same time prepare for battle!” She promptly gave instructions.

Once it is dragged here, it’s all over.

Princess Ning is still determined to accelerate her departure, but she can’t be prepared for battle, otherwise once she is overtaken, she will be beaten completely unprepared.

In an unexpected situation, the soldiers pull yourself together.

But judging from their movements, they are indeed quite tired, and their movements are slower than before.

Princess Ning is sad in her heart, but there is no good way.

If it is really destined to hide here, it is probably a good thing, at least this can be considered and die on the battlefield! This thought suddenly came to her mind, and she shook her head quickly to throw it away.

“What are you thinking?” She slapped herself.

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