The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1207

The army has been on the road with high intensity for a long time, and the speed is indeed not very fast, but the speed of chasing the troops is still beyond the expectation of Princess Ning. In less than a quarter of an hour, the distance between the two sides was less than two miles. That is obviously a good soldier, otherwise it is impossible to move so quickly.

“This will be a tough battle!” Princess Ning’s expression was grim.

After a while, just when the distance between the two sides was about to enter the range of each other’s bow and arrow──

the sky fell.

As if countless stars are falling, a large number of white light arrows poured down and fell on the chaser of the northern country. The chasers of the Northland were beaten completely unprepared, and they were all shot down.

This wave of attacks is quite particular.

White Hikari aimed at the front end of the pursuit team. After a large number of Northland soldiers fell their arrows, they became a stumbling block for their companions behind. In an instant, the chasers of the North Kingdom were in chaos.

Then, the second wave arrow rain attack.

Princess Ning raised her eyes to find the source of the arrow, but she saw the pure white silhouette rushing through the air and rushing towards the army of thousands.

There are fish in the North Ming.

She recognized the helper.

The incredible scene appeared immediately.

I saw a fish in the North Ming constantly pouring arrows toward the chasing soldiers in the air, and the chasing soldiers of the northern kingdom fell one after another. Even if the northern side wanted to fight back, the bow and arrow in his hand could not reach the height of Beiming’s fish.

They can only be beaten unilaterally and cannot fight back.

Xie Xie Zhongqi and Heavenly Jade Palace disciples also cheered when they saw this. Beiming Youyu was sulking before they swept them away, and some even advocated turning around and fighting back.

Princess Ning was also fortunate in her heart.

Being Ming Yuzuo can pull away to help, you can know that the battle in Qinglun City has come to an end.

“His Royal Highness, let’s counterattack in the past!”

“His Royal Highness, we can’t just let the Northern Ming Dynasty fight alone!”

And so on The argument has been one after another.

In fact, Princess Ning wanted to order the counterattack to go back, but Beiming Youyu’s move was naturally to contain the army for them. If you really follow the impulse to counterattack and go back, you will be too demented.


That would be too frustrated.

Princess Ning gritted her teeth and hesitated for a while, then exhaled under the eager eyes of everyone.

“Send scouts to guard a radius of 20 miles. Before the enemy comes to help, we──”

Princess Ning took off the long spear hanging beside the horse and hung it on the gun The long-unexpanded military flag. She raised the flag high and let it fly.

“The generals listen to the order and follow me to wipe out the enemy!”

“──The order!”

The soldiers answered loudly, their voices excited The earth resounded across the sky.


The battle did not last long before it ended.

With the support of Beiming Youyu, the chasing troops were unable to form an army. The remote evil heavy cavalry only needs to form a formation, just like a bulldozer taking advantage of a heavy armor to advance. The chasing soldiers failed to organize an effective counterattack, and they were quickly defeated and fled.

Their initial craziness also disappeared.

After severely injuring the chasers and repelling them, Princess Ning instructed the soldiers to clean up the battlefield briefly. After counting the losses in this counterattack, only dozens of people were lost, most of which were injured. Regarding this, Princess Ning can only sigh. With the support of the Grandmaster, a battle seems to lose its rigor and become a trifling matter. This is why every country attaches great importance to the existence of the Grandmaster.

Because, Grandmaster is quite rare, and once it is put on the battlefield, it can exert formidable power beyond imagination.

If you insist on making an exception, perhaps only the Hua Dynasty is the exception. There are so many Grandmasters in Hua Dynasty, so the Imperial Court dare to attack Grandmasters. Going back a little bit, when there was only one Grandmaster in Beiming, how could the Imperial Court have any disrespect for Beiming.

But when Beiming Youyu lost her uniqueness, her experience was hard to be called a good one.

So, when she found a place to take a rest, Princess Ning watched Beiming fish slowly drifting down, her feelings were very complicated.

Some regrets, some unwillingness for the other side, and some sadness.

How should I speak to her? Princess Ning considered this question.

“──You shouldn’t look back.”

While thinking about it, there was a cold voice with a little blame.

Princess Ning looked up in surprise, but saw that Beiming Youyu had already walked in front of her.

“I have seen the respected seat of the North Ming.”

The princess Ning Yingying salutes the other side. The horses behind her seem to know that the people are noble, and there are fish nodded towards the north.

“Quite a spirituality horse.” Beiming Youyu lightly applauded.

“Thank you Beiming Zunzuo,” Princess Ning laughed politely, “Dare to ask Beiming Zunzuo, where is Qinglun…?”

Beijing has fish eyes slightly Converged, sighed.

“Everything is fine.”

Why do you show this expression again? Princess Ning had doubts.

“You shouldn’t have returned just now.” Beiming Youyu said again.

She has a plain face, and she doesn’t know whether she is happy or angry, but there is always some dissatisfaction.

“I think so too…” Princess Ning laughed helplessly, apologizing, “However, we ran for a long time, but returned without success… I felt sullen and unhappy.”


Beijing Youyu snorted, not knowing what it meant.

However, she then looked around at the thousands of soldiers present, and saw that although their faces were full of fatigue, they were smiling as happy as they were, and supporting each other.

“It’s true that I don’t vomit or feel happy.”

Bei Ming has a fish face and sadness, but the corner of his mouth is outlined with a faint smile. She seemed to think of something, the focus of her eyes slightly widened.

“Sue Kirin is not with you?” She then frowned and asked.


Princess Ning’s expression turned dark, her eyes inadvertently looked for Shui Yun’er, but she saw the girl standing among the soldiers, her face raised Looking far away, looked towards the north-where the northern court is located.

She seems to be waiting for the return of the missing people.

Bei Ming Youyu looked over silently, understood something, and sighed faintly.

“Are you still alive?” she asked.

Princess Ning was taken aback and laughed ugly. She finally shook her head as her answer, but felt that it might mean not quite clear, so she added:

“I don’t know yet.”

“It’s fine if you don’t die. “Beiming has fish exhales one breath saying like a relief.”

Princess Ning stared at the fox demon girl in front of her, and asked in a low voice with a little hesitation:

“Does the North Ming Lord think they will be safe?” “Who You know?” Beiming has fish shrugged, “But the scourge lives for thousands of years, Sue Kirin is not that easy to die…It is precisely because of such a firm belief that that person has not gone crazy, right.”

” Who?”

Bei Ming Youyu raised his chin, and Princess Ning looked over and saw Shui Yun’er, and she immediately understood.

“It would be fine if this is the case. After all, if she died here, I would– uh, please assume that I haven’t said it.”

Beiming has a fish “um” Screamed.

But, that doesn’t seem like knowing nothing.

“Does the Beiming Zunzu already know something?”

“Not important.”

Beijing Youyu answered Ning vaguely. The princess’s question. Facing Concubine Ning’s reluctance to speak again, Beiming Youyu turned her back silently without seeing her.

“It’s getting late. Let’s leave as soon as possible. The army is already on the way to meet the army. Don’t let them wait for a long time.”

“The army to meet?”

Princess Ning was stunned, didn’t expect Hua Dynasty would send troops to meet this lone army. Well, they are not fighting alone. Princess Ning’s eyes were closed, and some tears came out unconsciously on her eyes.

“It feels good to be greeted at home, doesn’t it?”

Bei Ming Youyu turned around, sketching a calm smile. Against the light, she seemed to be radiating light all over.

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