The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1208

It was a disaster.

Perhaps it is bad luck.

The whole palace collapsed completely, and the ground in the center completely collapsed to form a big pit like an abyss, but as long as you stand on the edge and look down, you will not look back at the abyss.

It is light.

It is a turbulent light stream, enough to destroy all the violent light that shatters everything, but it is also the gentle light that breeds all the creatures of this World.

Everything has its pros and cons, and so does the Spiritual Qi flow in Dragon Vein.

The capitals of all countries are basically built on Dragon Vein. This is because the places where Dragon Vein flows through fiercely distributed are abundant land.

Yes, the pros and cons are often within one thought.

But from now on, although the capital of the North Kingdom was built on a piece of rich soil, it gained the blessings of incomparable, but this piece of rich soil eventually destroyed it all.

──No, it should be Qin Shiyu who ruined all of this.

When this idea just started, Cang Rin shook his head and threw it away. It was probably herself who really ruined all this. Thinking of this, she suddenly clenched her fist.

She has no idea how long she has not felt a surging emotion so clearly.

It is anger.

It is also remorse, and it is also a weak paleness.

“Master Cangrin…”

Some hesitation and weak voice came from behind. Cang Lin turned his head back in response, but the general was taken aback, shaking back a few steps.

Cang Rin was taken aback for a moment, only a few seconds later, he saw the hideous and hideous face reflected in the opponent’s eyes. She stretched out her hand and stroked her cheek, confirming the outline of the facial features at the moment, wanting to see if she really showed that expression.

In fact, she doesn’t have much concept anymore.

Even in her heart, there are few emotional fluctuations, let alone on her face. She doesn’t remember the outline of each expression. She tried her best to suppress those scorching feelings that rolled in her stomach.

“…What’s the matter?”

Although she has tried her best to restrain her, her voice is still a little unstable.

The generals have experienced big storms anyway, and soon calmed down.

“Suhe, Your Majesty, I am afraid already…”

Although he had expected it a long time ago, Cang Lin couldn’t help but feel tight. Although the Northern King Sukh is not a capable person, he is still the Monarch of the entire Country. He died in this disaster, and the entire country will definitely be shaken.

“Where is the person sent by this seat?” she asked.

At first, Cang Lin also sent someone to notify Su He to leave here, but it seemed that Su He did not leave at all.

“I didn’t find it.”


Meaning that he was also dead in the Imperial Palace, or he did not arrive at the Imperial Palace at all What? Cang Lin didn’t have a case either, but at this point it was meaningless to investigate the matter itself.

It is not easy to find out.

The whole place has been razed to the ground. How do I check? This land…I don’t know how many die without a whole corpse were buried in this ruin.

However, it is worth warning.

If someone really hinders her from sending out and tells Su He to leave–then things are not simple, but Cang Rin’s heart is more or less clear.

Yes, Northland is not united.

Her existence is enough to become a thorn in the eyes of many people, and many people have never targeted her. Her prestige power is too heavy, if it weren’t for Su He’s death in it, she would even doubt whether it was the hand of the Northern King. In the past, Sukh has not only acted out of fear of her once.

And Mu Muqi and the others.

Bau has been killed in this disaster, and many ministers around the Imperial Palace have been involved. Some of them were seriously injured, and even more dead. Just counting these dead is not a simple matter.

Yes, the management of the entire Northern Dynasty has been hit hard.

It is no longer possible to maintain the southern front, so Mumuqi’s order to withdraw troops and return to defense is a wise decision, but Canglin does not want to abandon the rare city, so she has to maintain those as much as possible. The dominion of the townspeople.

However, if the operation of Northland is not restored as soon as possible, the counter-offensive of the Chinese dynasty may become unstoppable.

──The situation is not good.

Why did the whole battle turn around in such a short moment? Cang Lin gritted his teeth and pondered this question. Just a simple opportunity is enough to convert everything.

But why is this opportunity always in the hands of the opponent?

Cang Rin looked up at the sky.

The sky is gloomy with dark clouds, as if it is going to rain at any time.

“…Are you watching?”

Cang Lin asked in a low voice.

There is no answer.

“…I won’t ask you why you are so unfair, but why are you just looking at each other?”

It is still a question.

But as before, there is still no answer.

“Master Canglin…”

When the general saw Canglin questioning the sky again and again, he suddenly felt a little sad. He was also a little unwilling, because he was able to capture most of the Northern Domain of the Chinese Dynasty with difficulty, but in the end he lost the royal court and his own king.

Which link went wrong? The generals didn’t understand either.

How can he understand a question that Cang Rin can’t even understand? After all, Cang Rin was the smartest person in the entire Northern Kingdom. If they had to find an answer, they were too unfortunate, the general thought.

But this is also the most unwilling answer!


The sound that suddenly broke into my mind interrupted the two people’s thinking, and the general took the lead to look back and looked towards the place where a large number of dense footsteps sounded.

“Imperial Teacher, you really are here.”

The headed one stopped behind them, looking towards the two of them with a faint gloom.

“Mumu Lord Qi, what do you mean?”

Looking at the group of soldiers who followed Mumuqi and raised a large number of archers and crossbows aiming at this side , The general asked in surprise.

“Nothing, everything is due to the imperial teacher. Naturally, the imperial teacher will have to bear a little responsibility.”

Mu Muqi took over. Come and say respectfully.

However, compared to his light tone, the soldiers behind him are not joking.

“… Mu Muqi, it seems that I used to look down on you a little bit too much.”

“Imperial Teacher just kept focusing on places far away, but not here. That’s all in me. You are too focused on your sight, so you ignore all around. Don’t be too focused on only one place.” It is true, Cang Lin is too focused on one thing.

But in this way, the focus is indeed seen clearly, but everything else is ignored. This may be one of the reasons for her defeat.

“Want to take this opportunity to get rid of this seat?”

“Why?” Mu Muqi shook his head and denied Cang Lin’s guess, “I have what skills and abilities Can you get rid of the Imperial Teacher? It’s just that, you may need to calm down and give Northland an explanation. So, I would like to ask you to hand over your military power first, and then go with Mu Muqi and me.”


“Su He, Your Majesty, died in this dispute you provoked…”

Cang Rin sighed quietly.

“I see.” She loosened her clenched fist.

It really needs an explanation. Whether it is for Beiguo or for herself, Cang Rin may need some time to think about the failure of this time.

Mu Muqi? Her eyes shone uncertainly.

“Imperial Teacher, you…”

The general is frowned in dissatisfaction, but this is by no means aimed at Cang Rin, but at Mu Muqi and behind him Of soldiers.

“Don’t act rashly.”

Cang Lin left this sentence and walked in the direction of Mu Muqi.

Mu Muqi raised the corners of his mouth, as if his chances of winning were in hand.

“But you are too distracting.”

These words sounded when Canglin walked to Mu Muqi’s side, and Mu Muqi looked up in surprise–he didn’t know. What happened, everything happened too fast.

He only heard the screams of the soldiers.


Mu Muqi slowly lowered his head, but saw that there was a hole in his chest for some time, where the blood was flowing out. He raised his head again, a little blood stained Cang Rin’s cheek.

He doesn’t know what happened.

Before he understood, he saw only a flash of light. When the world turned around, he saw his body.


His head fell to the ground.

“Mu Muqi, since Your Majesty is not here, I don’t have to give you face anymore.”

Cang Rin looked down at Mu Muqi’s landing head and eyes coldly. There are no emotional fluctuations. She has always only needed to explain to herself, and Mumuqi does not have that qualification at all.

For these people who are greedy for power, Cang Rin has never looked straight at it.

Not before.

Not even now.

“You stopped this Majesty’s, right?”

What evidence do you have? Mu Muqi wanted to respond to the other party’s doubts in this way, but found himself speechless. It took him some time to realize that he had separated.

Fear welled up.

But I did not expect that Cang Rin, who has always been intellectual and rational, would create such an unwise thing.

“Weird?” Cang Lin sneeered, covering half of his cheek with one hand, “The reason why this seat fails is that it is too emotional.”

” You…”

Mu Muqi can only utter this word.

His eyes darkened in the next second, losing their brilliance. There was no more blood flowing out of the fracture of the neck, and another important minister from the North died here.

But the difference is that he died in Cang Rin’s hands.

──No, maybe the people who died recently died indirectly in Cang Rin’s hands.

“Through this seat order, now Your Majesty is dead, will be temporarily regent by this seat!”

Cang Rin’s gaze slowly scanned the group of soldiers in front of him. She touched her chest, and the layers of white cloth tightly wrapped there were blackened with blood. That was the wound left by Sue Kirin. If she stabbed a little bit deeper, she wouldn’t be able to stand still.

“If anyone dissatisfied, make a decision.”

The voice of the Imperial Teacher of the North Kingdom echoed in the ruins, echoing in the ears of the group of slowly retreating soldiers. It echoed in the head of the general behind her.

“Yes!” The general Shan Teng knelt down, frantic on his face.

“Qin Shiyu, I won’t do anything in this life, so I will spend all my energy on you and the Hua Chao behind you.”

The rain finally started to fall. .

In spite of this, the rain curtain still couldn’t hide the frightening light shining in Cang Rin’s eyes.


A carriage parked in front of the doctor’s house.

The coachman got off the carriage and knocked on the door of the Yushi doctor’s mansion. A janitor came out to answer the door, and the coachman handed out a greeting note.

I don’t know who came.

After a while, Sun Ling, the eldest doctor of the censorship, came out to meet him in person. This middle-aged man is of high authority, with the hands of Yushitai, and has the responsibility of supervising a hundred officials and picking up the impeachment of a hundred officials. Although he is only an official position of Grade 3, due to his special power, officials are very jealous of him.

And he is also known in the Imperial Court for his integrity, never flattering anyone.

He will come out to greet someone in person, which means that the person deserves his respect, or the status is too high, so that he has to go out to meet and show respect.

“Long Sun Ling has seen the Teacher!”

“Ling’er?” A surprised voice came from behind the curtain, “Why did you come out to meet? The old man is just a jobless person at the moment People…”

When the door curtain was opened, long silver frost-like hair floated out.

white hair and youthful face.

Even though the protruding cheeks are already covered with traces of wind and frost, they still have the shadow of majestic appearance when they were young. Elderly came out of the carriage gracefully and fell to the ground with the help of the coachman.

He is probably in his sixties or seventies.

Although his body is thin, he is still strong, and his silver white hair is combed to the left and right, revealing the wrinkled forehead underneath, and his eyes are still full of expression.

Only from this point of view, he has a more restrained imposing manner than Chang Sun Ling.

“One day as a master master for a lifetime, the teacher is here, no matter what status the student is, he should go out to welcome him.”

“Ling’er is in a high position But it is not irritable or floating, but it has not failed the old man’s teachings.”

Elderly stroked her long beard and said.

“But it doesn’t need to be humble or overbearing.” But then he said softly.

“Yes.” Long Sun Ling answered solemnly.

“Ling’er has repeatedly done her job in the court and performed her duties. You don’t need to whisper to anyone. Although the old man once taught for you, you don’t know how to put your posture too low.”

Elderly sighed again, her expression a bit lonely.

“Compared with Ling’er’s activity, old man, the old fogey of the hidden deep forest…oh!”

Thousands of words turn into a sigh.

But if the mind and body were truly hidden, he would not appear here today, and there would be no such lament. “Teacher trains thousands of students to benefit the world…Teacher’s students are all over the world, and they perform their duties, but they are an indispensable and important manpower for the Hua Dynasty. In this way, Teacher can stand up.”

“However, the old man is a good teacher, but he can’t protect his students. He also taught a thankless wretch…old man take the side of the evil-doer, crime deserving ten thousand deaths.”

Changsun Ling turn pale with fright.

“Teacher, please be careful!” He said aloud, then lowered his voice and approached Elderly and said, “Teacher, be careful that there are ears in the walls.”

“There are ears in the walls?”

Elderly raised his sleeves and held up his hands.

“What about the old man? Although the old man has no power or power, but the old man is righteous all his life, and his students are all over the world, what can he do with the old man? At the worst, I am thankful That’s all in the world.”

Chang Sunling has a headache.

The Elderly name shakes the whole world in front of me is not because of high strength, but because of him as a teacher who has bred countless capable people and strangers.

──Wei Yi.

The person who knows astronomy from the top, and the geography from the bottom, the famous teacher who all Scholars in the world greet, is also the former Crown Prince Imperial Tutor, the former Imperial Tutor, Qin Xian and Qin Yu and even Qin Ju have learned His school is a famous teacher among the famous teachers.

The eldest Sun Ling was also used to Elderly’s school, and was one of his proud students.

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