The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder Chapter 1209

“Teacher, the weather outside is freezing cold, so let’s go ahead and talk about it.”

The upright character of Chang Sun Ling was also taught by Elderly, because we know Wei Yi’s character. He was afraid that his Revered Master would say something shocking, so he quickly invited the other person to say it.

“I thought about the teacher’s failure.”

Wei Yi finally realized that if he said something wrong here, he would probably hurt his students. He has his own ruler, and he is not afraid of the sky or the earth, but this is not a selfish reason.

“Let’s go.”

With another sigh, Wei Yi shook his head and said.

Long Sun Ling was considered sighed in relief, and Lianmen ordered his servants to prepare some entertainment, and then personally welcomed Wei Yi to get started. When he crossed the threshold, Changsun Ling noticed the coachman who was following his mentor.

That is a middle-aged man, he looks a bit older than the eldest Sun Ling.

Because he is wearing a hat, Changsun Ling can’t see his face clearly, but Xianyizhuang Academy will provide some famous masters with guards, Wei Yi is one of them.

“Master Changsun, is there anything important?”

Walking on the road, the driver noticed Changsun Ling’s sight.

Long Sun Ling did not become surprised, and smiled and replied:

“There is no major event, but this Sun is a curious hero that’s all.”

” oh?” Wei Yi pulled his gaze back from Zhang Wang, “Wei Han was sent by the academy to guard the old man. It is a good seedling.”

“Teacher, you are here again…”


Long Sun Ling smiled bitterly. He, the Teacher, will see others do what one loves to do, one is inspired to try it again, when he sees someone with some talents, and wants to teach each other academic knowledge. I still remember one time when Zhang Sunling followed Wei Yi to the countryside. He even saw a few children who had some talents and wanted to abduct them back home to teach them. He was almost driven away by the Fang Family.

“Mr. You are polite, but you can play two moves that’s all.”

“A strong man can play chess?”

Changsun Ling is a good chess player, I heard Wei Han Knowing how to play chess, he was surprised and his hands were a little itchy.

“Yes, I have met Master Shuji in my life, and she taught me to play chess.”

“The old man said Wei Han, you guy, why is such a superb chess skill, dare to love Master Shuji personally taught it!”

Wei Yi stared wide-eyed unhappily.

Wei Han was stunned for a moment, as if he had consciously failed to speak.

“Master has always wanted to talk to Master Shuji about knowledge, Wei Han does not want Master to know that Wei Han’s chess art originated from Master Shuji.”


Wei Yi browses knit, as if Wei Han wouldn’t let it go without saying it clearly.

“The Master will definitely pull Wei Han against him. Wei Han can’t stand this kind of toss, but I hope Master will forgive me.”

Long Sun Ling couldn’t help but to be handsome, because he was deep Zhi Wei Yi is that kind of temperament. He regards knowledge as fate, and Shuji is a legendary figure. It is not strange that he would want to talk to the other side.

“Ling’er, are you making fun of being a teacher?”

Wei Yi glared at Changsun Ling, who shook his head quickly.

Elderly is not actually the kind of willful troublemaker, he is somewhat measured. He didn’t care about it, instead he looked around all around.

“Not luxurious, but Ling’er’s mansion is a bit shabby.”

Long Sun Ling was stunned.

He is really upright, so he doesn’t have any gray income. Naturally, he can’t live extravagantly with only a meager salary. But at the same time, it’s also related to his obsession with his job. He doesn’t care about his family The layout is atmospheric.

“At any rate, it is also above the court. Don’t let the mansion be shabby… Naturally, these arrangements are not important, but it is a kind of respect. Respect for guests is also respect for yourself. “


Long Sun Ling blinked, but couldn’t deny the other party’s words.

“Teacher is reasonable, and Ling’er will pay more attention to it in the future.”

Several people have been talking about irrelevant miscellaneous matters, and they also talked about some things that happened in the world. Just saying that, they passed through the moon gate and came to Changsunling’s courtyard.

At the invitation of Sun Ling, they came to the meeting hall.

After Chang Sun Ling actively proposed several times, Wei Yi was a little reluctant to sit on the main seat, while the coachman stood beside him. The eldest Sun Ling took a seat in the second seat and called the maid to serve wine and food.

I haven’t had three drinks.

Only after taking a sip of wine, Wei Yi cut to the topic.

“It is said that Your Majesty has not been in court for three days. Is this true?”

“Didn’t expect to live in seclusion in the forest, Teacher, you still hear everything… …”

Zhang Sun Ling’s words didn’t mean any sarcasm, but he was fighting injustice that’s all for his Revered Master. Wei Yi is a former Imperial Tutor, who should have been a high-ranking authority, but because he spoke to the former Crown Prince and questioned Qin Yu, he was delegated.

In the end, he will return to the mountain forest without hope.

If he sat high in the seat of the Imperial Tutor, Your Majesty might not be so self-willed! Long Sun Ling felt a little pity.

“hmph, what do you hear from all directions?”

Wei Yi looked a little angry, “It is said that Your Majesty is ill and has not been in court for several days.”

“It is indeed true.”

Long Sun Ling also frowned.

Although Qin Yu does not practice martial arts, but his health has not been much problem, but three days ago suddenly fell ill, to the point where he could not go to the top ─ ─ no, there was a faint There was something wrong with Qin Yu, who had been facing up earlier, and had frequent signs of dizziness. Three days ago, it was spits out mouthful of blood, which made him fall ill.

The country cannot be ruleless for a day, but the Hua Dynasty should be under the rulerlessness and can operate as usual… But Your Majesty only fell ill for three days, and the whole government will be in chaos──” Wei Yi slammed the handrail, “What style is this? “

Long Sun Ling deeply agrees and echoes his Revered Master’s words.

“Your Majesty is so powerful…”

When power is highly concentrated, Many officials will not dare to act without authorization, and Qin Yu is a jovial person. Who knows that a self-righteous decision will anger Qin Yu.

So when Qin Yu fell, the government turned out to be There are various problems.

Chang Sunling also hates the inaction of these people, and does not know how many times he has written to them, and he has also persuaded Qin Yu to directly explain the problems. If he is not a censer, I was removed by Qin Yu a long time ago.

I feel powerless, this is the best portrayal of Changsun Ling.

“Evil! “

Why doesn’t Wei Yi understand the way? He laughed back and slapped the armrest again.


“Ling’er, do you know what exactly is Your Majesty? “

After all, there is still a relationship between teachers and students, Wei Yi still pays attention to Qin Yu’s body. The eldest grandson shook the head, and replied briefly:

“I don’t know yet. “

“Don’t know? “Wei Yi frowned, “Where are the doctors from the Taiyuan Hospital?” “

“Teacher, this responsibility is not in the imperial hospital…” Long Sun Ling said with a bitter face, “The imperial doctors of the imperial hospital are busy looking up all kinds of allusions, but Just can’t find out what kind of disease Your Majesty is…It is said that the imperial doctor can only prescribe some conservative and tranquilizing medicine to Your Majesty. “

“What about the effect?” “

Long Sun Ling shook his head again.

“Funny! “

dong! Wei Yi clenched his fist and hit the coffee table next to his hand. The wine cup placed on it was knocked over, spilling a table of drinks. Chang Sunling leaned back in the chair tiredly, Watching my Teacher’s actions.

“Ling’er has worked hard in the past few days. “

Wei Yi said with some heartache.

As an imperial historian, Zhang Sunling has the responsibility of supervising hundreds of officials. This responsibility is much heavier when Qin Yu fell ill. .

“Teacher does not have to worry about where his duties are. “

Long Sun Ling said gratefully.

Then, the topic returned to Qin Yu’s physical condition.

“Have you seen the doctor? “

“Already invited, but everyone is at a loss. Imperial Capital and famous doctors around you have consulted Your Majesty, and were also called to the Imperial Hospital to discuss countermeasures with the doctors. “

“Still no clue? “

Long Sun Ling shook his head again.

“…” Wei Yi seemed to be a lot older for a moment, “The battle between the West and the Martial Demon Realm was finally won. As a result, Your Majesty fell ill…Fortune and misfortune depend on each other, and the ancients sincerely don’t deceive me! “

“──Is it a disease? “

This voice is like the sound of dripping water in the silence and darkness. It intervenes abruptly and surprisingly between the two.

Wei Yi and Changsun Ling both reveal themselves. With a shocked expression, looked towards the coachman standing aside. The two opened their mouths, among them, Sun Ling stood up directly, walked in front of Wei Han, and grabbed his shoulder.

He used a lot of strength, almost lifting Wei Han up.

“What did you say? He asked.

“Lord Sun, let go first. “

Wei Han said neither too fast nor too slow, and his eyes fell on the opponent’s hand. Only then did Chang Sun Ling realize that he was acting inappropriately, and said sorry and walked away.


Wei Han helped the hat that fell away.

“Your Majesty has always been healthy, but suddenly fell down-of course, it is possible to fall ill, but at the same time there may be other the reason? “

“Other reasons? “Wei Yi raised her eyebrows.

In fact, the answer is very clear, but they are afraid to say it easily, because that simple word is very involved.

” It’s poison. “

Wei Han does not have any taboos, he has the usual boldness of people in the rivers and lakes.

“Poison?” Long Sun Ling was lost in despair, and slowly retreated like a walking corpse. , Slumped on a chair, “…If it is poison…who poisoned it? No, it won’t be poison…Who can poison Your Majesty…Is anyone trying to take the position? “

Chang Lingsun muttered to himself.

“Ling’er, calm down. “

Wei Yi sat back in her seat, but his expression was terrifying.

“Wei Han, as far as you know──”

“Master Some chronic poisons can make the poisoned person look like they are suffering from a strange disease, but these poisons are slow and fierce, and once the poison occurs, it will quickly kill others. “

“Ling’er, what do you think?” “

Zhang Sunling seemed to be stuck in some kind of contemplation, without any response, so Wei Yi called him several times.

“Teacher, you call me? “

“The old man asked you, what do you think?” “Wei Yi asked again.

“…Your Majesty’s position has always been firm. “Long Sun Ling wrung his brows very tightly, almost to the point where he could pinch the mosquitoes to death, “If it is poisonous, who did it?” “

“I do have an idea. “

Wei Han hugged his chest against the wall and looked towards the two through the white breath.

“What? “Long Sun Ling looked up and looked towards him.

“Your Majesty has been in the position for too long, and the position of Crown Prince has not been set for a long time…I think with the wisdom of two people, I should be able to understand what I am talking about. Right? Although this kind of event is not common in dynasties, it is not uncommon. “

“Speak carefully! “

The grandson Ling stayed for a few seconds, and then shouted out with hindsight.

Wei Han shrugged, saying “This is my guess after all” again. Shut your mouth. Changsun Ling glared at him fiercely, and then lost all his strength and buried him in his place.

“Ling’er, Wei Han is right. He is in the arena and knows that many methods are beyond our imagination. Reading ten thousand li is worse than taking ten thousand li. Wei Han is the one who walks that ten thousand li. We can’t easily”

Wei Yi is on Wei Han’s side.

Elderly Sun Ling stared at his mentor incredulously.

“Remember to teach you for your teacher, don’t rule out any probability, even if that probability is so unreasonable and impossible in your eyes. “

paused, Wei Yi saw that Changsun Ling was trapped in looking thoughtful, and then continued:

“Of course, it doesn’t necessarily mean that someone has poisoned it, but what if? Your Majesty’s life is very important. You must not kill Your Majesty because of carelessness and believe oneself infallible. “

That’s true, Changsun Ling listened.

He then stood up and took care of his clothes.

“Students now immediately Just go to the hospital and ask them to check if Your Majesty is poisoned. “

Wei Yi was nodded and agreed to Changsun Ling’s decision.

“While it’s too late, go ahead. “

Long Sun Ling smiled gratefully, then called out and asked the servants to prepare the carriage for themselves, and then apologized to Wei Yi again:

“Please also Teacher We forgive the students for not being able to entertain you Teacher with all their hearts “

“It’s okay,” Wei Yi waved his hand indifferently, “Go ahead.” “

Long Sun Ling turned around and walked quickly to the hall.

Then, the bell rang.

It was dull as if there was a thunderbolt falling in the distance. But the clear bell sounded from far away.

“This is! “

Not only the grandson Ling stopped in shock, but Wei Yi also stood up in horror, so strong that he even knocked down the chair behind him.

“Aiya, ah, This is really…”

Wei Han pressed his hat lower, and the shadow covered his entire face.

Next, there was the second bell. Sound.


The deep and long sound tore through the gloomy night, but it could not disperse the dark clouds in the sky. Changsun Ling and Wei Yi, who walked over quickly, looked at the same time Where the sound originated, Imperial Capital and even Huaquan’s supreme power center.

Yes, Hua Dynasty’s Imperial Palace.

The third bell sounds. Imperial Capital is proud of it. The Imperial Capital of Beijing is all infiltrated by the bell, every corner is violated by the bell, and the people living in it are also shaken by the bell.

The dull bell sound is like traveling from the ground. Come, as if to announce that all beings are annihilated.

Everything in the world seems to end in this bell. This is such a solemn and heart-shaking bell.


Fourth sound.

The declared thing called death knell has been sounded four times.

There is always an Imperial Family Or when the important figure dies, the death knell in the Imperial Palace will be sounded, and the number of times it is struck also means the identity of the person who died.

So, before it stops, people only There is waiting.

For some reason, both Changsun Ling and Wei Yi have a vague sense of evil, but under the shock of the bell, their thoughts are all shattered and unable to think.

This may be the only lucky thing.

Boom──! Fifth sound.

People count the sounds of death knell.

As long as Zhang Sunling lowers his sight a little, he can probably see that people have stopped their work and are listening carefully to the cry of the death bell.

What they can’t see There are probably countless listeners gathered in the big mansions on the streets, and even in the palaces. There will never be a single moment for everyone in the Imperial Capital to look at the same place at the same time.


The sixth ring sounds.

The death knell is still not exhausted, as if it will ring forever.

However, it will not ring forever . It has an upper limit and can only ring nine times at most.


The seventh tone.

The expressions of Wei Yi and Changsun Ling gradually Turns white, has lost his blood, and the anxiety in my heart has reached a certain limit and is about to overflow. The bell seems to be ringing in them In his heart, it pressed on the shoulders of the two like lead.

They are almost crushed.


There was another deep and long sound.

Wei Yi was the first to bear the heavy pressure, and stumbled to the side. He reached out in time to support the door frame so that he would not fall directly to the ground. Wei Han immediately stepped forward to support him.

Waiting is often difficult,

The situation of Sun Ling is not much better, and his face is terrifying.



The final bell rang. It was the ninth, and it was also the last to crush Changsun Ling.

Changsun Ling directly sat down on the ground.

It’s the same as suffocating. He doesn’t know if he is still breathing. The same goes for Wei Yi beside him.

Nine tones.

This means that there is only one thing. The death knell has not sounded nine times for many years.

Because nine sounds mean the sky has fallen.

──The nine consecutive sounds announcing the death of the Chinese Imperial Emperor resounded throughout the entire Imperial Capital on this day.

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