4022. Chapter 4016 chapter 600 million Shenjing

Chapter 4016 chapter 600 million Shenjing

The misfortune of the oracle empire is related to Jiang Chen, and it is somewhat far-fetched.

Jiang Chen did not borrow the power of the god empire to deal with the first emperor.

It was the first emperor who presented their god empire.

The Holy Light door can be completely ignored and directly penalized.

Most people complained about their injustice, but they were unable to change, so they angered Jiang Chen.

Like the little girl just now, it is the best explanation.

These fully grown people use their reason to tell themselves that Gui Chen is a cowardly act, but can’t help but blame.

I can’t help but think that without Jiang Chen, this will not happen.

Gradually, they didn’t want to have anything to do with Jiang Chen.

Last time Jiang Chen came out to present the god empire and said that he was going to deal with the Holy Light door.

The result is also a people’s big seeking fame, the status quo of the gods empire has not changed at all.

Now, Jiang Chen tells them that they will change the shrine empire. Isn’t that a joke?

It is not difficult that these people will react like this.

Most importantly, they think that Jiang Chen is not realistic.

If it is true, they are of course willing to see it.

However, the last time Jiang Chen hit the Holy Light door, it was only resisted by the sect master and several Elders. Their Xianzhu did not shoot.

Present How long is this past, Jiang Chen is to say that the people of the six gods are killed by him, which is too exaggerated.

Fei Yun Princess looked at these people and didn’t know what to say.

“Half-day time is not difficult to wait, we are here to wait and see.”

When the people planned to leave, they led the General helplessly sighed from Army.

Anyway, come here, just need to wait a long time and what is difficult?

“I went to the Holy Light Gate to see.”

Others volunteered to go to the Holy Light door to see the situation.

However, this person has not started to act, and the news of flying immortal sect has finally passed.

There are many ways to spread the message.

The Imperial Preceptor of the Imperial Empire suddenly received a letter.

He was cried out in surprise and then told the people present with excitement.

“real or fake?!”

This time, the people of the oracle empire can’t sit still.

Each and everyone is thrilled, and if it is true, it will no longer be suppressed by the Holy Light door.

Coupled with the sanctuary of Jiang Chen, they will be able to regroup and return to the Peak period.

Suddenly, a path of gaze looked towards Fei Yun Princess.

Fei Yun Princess is also happy, but it is somewhat puzzled by these people watching.

“Your Majesty, what is your relationship with Jiang Chen?”

The Imperial Preceptor asked cautiously.

During the time when Jiang Chen ran to deal with the holy gate, he also deliberately came to an empire, found Fei Yun Princess, and promised.

Considering two people, a man and a woman, they couldn’t help but think again and again.

Of course they are not trying to get Jiang Chen to be their own Emperor.

Instead, I want Fei Yun Princess to be pregnant with Jiang Chen’s child, and then the child inherits the empire, which is almost the perfect situation.

Seeing these people’s thoughts, Fei Yun was angry and annoyed, and felt deeply helplessly.

Her blessings can be the woman of Jiang Chen.

She hasn’t seen Ye Xue, it is a woman who fits all the fantasy of fairy.

Go back to Jiang Chen.

The Holy Light door has almost become a ruin, and all those who have resistance to power have fallen to the ground, dead or alive.

“Before you were planning to catch my daughter, right?”

Jiang Chen braved the fierce heat wave, as if to melt the earth, and the people in front of him were very uncomfortable. They only felt that the water in the body had evaporated.

Ray Elder was swept in his eyes and his heart trembled.

“This is the command Sect gave me, and I have no choice. It doesn’t matter to private hatred.” Ray Elder pleaded with him.

“I do not think so.”

Jiang Chen thought about it, killing it directly with a sword, and scared the three Great Elder shivering with cold.

“Jiang Chen, don’t be proud, wait for our sect master to come back and you will be finished, tell you.”

Rain Elder growled, he was more sturdy than Ray Elder, looking at the ruined Holy Light door, and his heart was bleeding.

The Holy Light door, which has stood for a long time, has never been like this.

He still doesn’t know that his sect master has been killed. He thinks that Jiang Chen is relying on the true body and the Raw Body. He is not prepared to kill them and wants to pull them into the back of the cushion.

“This idea is good. If you deal with his Great Power in the future, you can use it.”

Jiang Chen understood what he meant and thought it was nodded.

Rain Elder was puzzled, and then heard that Jiang Chen said that the six gods of realm had been killed, and they were abandoned by the Demon Dragon army.

“Impossible! I don’t believe it! You must be nonsense.”

“You don’t believe it? I am not intending to do it.”

Jiang Chen shook his shoulders and took his life.

The other two Great Elders shook up the mountain and wondered if Jiang Chen had any killings.

Between the wind and the light, take away the lives of others.

“Lord, Holy Light has occupied Heavenly Paradise for a long time. If you destroy us, the whole Heavenly Paradise will fall into chaos, and you don’t have enough people to control it. It’s better to let us go, we will work for you.”

Wind Elder began to pray and said to surrender.

“The problem is that my true body is going to be killed by the people of your six gods.

If you say this, you are not afraid to wait for them to come back and have no room to survive. ”

I heard Jiang Chen say that the wind Elder is unmanned.

“Cheat you, the six gods of realm have been killed.”

Who knows that Jiang Chen’s words are a turn.

Wind Elder immediately sighed, just about to speak, and the result was killed by Jiang Chen.

At this point wind and rain thunder and lightning four Elder only the last one, the Elder face bitter, the first three people beg for mercy, threatening intimidation, and express allegiance.

The results were all killed, and he seemed to have nothing to say, closing his eyes and waiting for the death’s arrival.

“It’s up to you, the Holy Light door has since been renamed the three-door, you manage it temporarily.”

I didn’t expect Jiang Chen to plan to kill him.

Electric Elder is dumbfounded. What is the situation?

He and Jiang Chen did not personally confess, how did he survive for no reason, and also benefited?

Looking at the three corpses next to him, he is more strange.

“Also ask the Lord to instruct, I promise to finish.” Electric Elder responded quickly, immediately.

“Shen Jing.”

Just now, Elder, who had vowed to make a fuss, suffered bitterly. They born six realms of the gods, spending 600 million gods and hollowing out their homes.

Originally, I thought of relying on the six gods of realm, making great achievements, sweeping too clear, and building a supreme hegemony.

As a result, six people ran into Jiang Chen.

Six hundred million gods fly out of the smoke, white and cheap Demon Dragon army.

(End of this chapter)

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