4023. 4017 Zhang Chenxi

Chapter 4017 Zhang Chenxi

The news that the Holy Light door was captured was quickly spread.

First caused an uproar in this Heavenly Paradise.

The large and small power ruled by the Holy Light Gate began to think carefully.

They pay close attention to the news from the Holy Light door.

After learning that Jiang Chen took over the Holy Light door and renamed it, the powers were privately linked.

Jiang Chen is inevitably killing most of the power of the Holy Light gate. Although he took over the immortal sect, he couldn’t care for such a big Heavenly Paradise.

He is likely to spend all his time managing these powers.

The return of the Holy Light door member strength is not enough.

They think about how to maximize their own interests. The most discussed is to contact another immortal sect, indicating allegiance, and then pulling between the two sides to obtain profits.

Present They found the nearest immortal sect as quickly as possible and immediately refused.

“You idiots want to courting death and don’t pull us.”

The people of these immortal sects are particularly violent, and they are particularly disdainful about their care.

Dare to engage these artists under the eyes of Jiang Chen is undoubtedly courting death.

This also gave these powers a warning. They didn’t dare to act blindly without thinking after they went back, waiting for Jiang Chen’s arrangement.

Jiang Chen didn’t have so much energy and thoughts on it. He just made a request and contributed a certain amount of Shenjing every month.

After that, he returned to the god empire.

Origin Qi, the emperor’s emperor, quickly recovered during this time, and those who fled here also returned.

The destroyed places in the city were quickly built.

In just a few days, the emperor restored the glory of Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen stayed in the Imperial Palace, close to the people of the gods.

He wants the gods and the Holy Light to be in opposition.

So he said to Fei Yun Princess, “To reach the position of the Holy Master as quickly as possible, then I will lead you to the realm of God.”

When the words came out, Fei Yun Princess was amazed.

The rest of the oracle empire is also a fanatic of the eyes, a few people who have reached the sacred teacher, face the look of hope, can not wait to Jiang Chen to finger to themselves, saying that they are already qualified.

“Your words need Shenjing, but I don’t want so many crystals.”

Jiang Chen said.

Hearing still needs Shen Jing, these people mourn in their hearts, but they are envious of Fei Yun Princess. Many men can’t wait for themselves to be a big beauty like jade.

Fei Yun Princess began to think about it, thinking that Jiang Chen is not interested in himself?

So should she behave?

With Jiang Chen present’s scenery, surely won’t take the initiative to force her to do something, and if she does not take the initiative, Jiang Chen may leave.

Struggling for a long time, Fei Yun Princess suddenly understood, is himself at the tip of the horn.

If the Holy Light asks her to marry the first emperor, she will feel offended.

Can present such a situation plus the power of Jiang Chen, which is completely cheaper for her.

So that night, she came to the palace where Jiang Chen was staying.


Jiang Chen is thinking about what to do next. When she sees her late night visit, she thinks she is going to discuss the important things.

Fei Yun Princess thought about it and didn’t know how to talk about it.

Seeing her like this, Jiang Chen suddenly realized and smiled.

“My expectation for you is to be able to manage the gods empire well, rather than putting your mind on it.”

He deliberately said to his face.

Fei Yun Princess Panasonic breathed, making her face flushed and fleeing at the fastest speed.

At the same time, the news that the Holy Light door was destroyed was still fermented in the Taiqingtian.

Some powers that Jiang Chen did not deal with, fortunately, said that taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune, thinking of those who offended Jiang Chen’s power, it will definitely be bad.

However, when they thought about it seriously, they discovered that the power that was against the enemy of Jiang Chen had already been eliminated. The Holy Light gate was the last battle.

“Is the local power of Taiqingtian, is it better than a flying up?”

Someone is not reconciled and shouting.

“Then let’s go, we won’t stop you from killing Jiang Chen, and make a name for yourself.”

Others did not argue about anything, but instead mocked it.

Hearing to be an enemy of Jiang Chen, the person who was not reconciled immediately dismissed, helplessly shake one’s head.

It is also funny to say that these people obviously have no hatred with Jiang Chen, but they don’t want to see this outsider too strong to cover up the limelight of everyone.

They can only hope that the gods can deal with Jiang Chen.

The Demon Dragon army did not say anything in the process.

After a while, the Holy Light Gate and the Imperial Empire gradually returned to order.

And with control over Heavenly Paradise, Jiang Chen got his own crystal.

He is going to leave, this Heavenly Paradise is far from the endless desert, and he is not suitable for layout here.

I have never thought of letting my influence spread all over the place, like present, which is already quite appropriate.

Just when Jiang Chen was going to leave, someone came to the Imperial Palace to find him. To be precise, it was a soldier to inform that there was a person who claimed to be his friend and had something to do.

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but wonder what kind of friends he would have in the oracle empire?

He remembered that he had just come to the Holy Light Gate of Heavenly Paradise to help a destroyed immortal sect against the black clothed army.

However, the other party is not a god empire.

Jiang Chen suddenly reacted. When he came to the shrine empire, he did meet several people at the fortress and led them to the emperor.

At this moment, the Imperial Palace is outside, Chen Xi and his friends are waiting for Jiang Chen here.

“Chen Xi, do you really know Jiang Chen?”

“Does he read this kindness?”

Her friends have expressed doubts, after all, the height of Jiang Chen present needs to be looked up to see.

At the beginning, it was just to lead the way for Jiang Chen. I still don’t remember that Chen Xi is not necessarily.

Chen Xi’s heart is also unfinished. It is very annoyed to the attitude of a friend’s suspicion. The most important thing is that she deliberately came here to prove that she and Jiang Chen know each other, but they have something to do.

Jiang Chen appeared without warning and smiled.

There are countless enemies, but he can help him so little, so he remembers everyone.

Chen Xi saw Jiang Chen not only come out to see himself, but also a smile on his face, could not help but be flattered.

The friend behind him determined that this was really Jiang Chen, the atmosphere did not dare to go out, can only use the out of the corner of his eyes to secretly look at him.

Chen Xi and his guests set a few words and said their purpose.

Her Family was also very prominent in the Imperial Capital.

However, before the death, and other citizens have fled, going to the distance.

This time, thanks to Jiang Chen, I was able to return to my home.

When I came back, I found that many of my family’s properties were actually swallowed up by others.

(End of this chapter)

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