Chapter 4018 Ming Wang

The reason is that Chen’s original patron, that is, a general of the oracle empire, was killed in the previous turmoil.

Those who lost their backing are naturally arrogant, and Chen Xi, who is unwilling to heart, thinks of Jiang Chen and looks for him with a try.

Because I had dealt with Jiang Chen along the way.

Knowing that even if Jiang Chen refuses to see himself, he will not blame.

“Nothing, I will go and talk to them.” Jiang Chen readily agreed, it is not difficult.

At this time, a young girl ran to Zhangxi.

It is said that those who have swallowed their family property have already killed their ancestral home!

Upon hearing this, Chen Xi was anxious, and then poured all his hopes on Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen did not hesitate to signal him to lead the way and planned to go there in person.

Suddenly, Chen Xi was relieved.

Several people came to Chenxi’s home as quickly as possible, and they saw a lot of soldiers outside.

At the gate, a young man armed with a knife, facing the two generals, did not let them in.

“Do you really want to courting death?”

The realm of the two generals is much higher than the youth.

There is a fierce light in the eyes, and I don’t mind Slaughter.

The young man is Chen’s younger brother, Chen Nan.

Looking at the two people in front of me, I was unwilling.

“Why do you use this unbridled to snatch my property?” Chen Nan said angrily.

You have abandoned the house of the imperial family and the family has long been confiscated.

“It’s not just our family that flees, even the two of you are the same.”

“Let’s talk nonsense here. If you leave now, your family can still save your life. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

The generals of tall and sturdy made the ultimatum.

Chen Nan gnashing teeth is not willing to face.

His parents reluctantly called him back, and he was going to give up all this and not fight for it.

However, Chen Nan couldn’t swallow this breath, and screamed, and rushed out with the knife in his hand.

“courting death !”

The patience of the two generals was exhausted and they were killed directly.

Seeing that blood was on the spot, Jiang Chen came out, and the invisible power directly gave the two people a shock.

The two generals slammed into the wall and left two deep pits.


They struggled to get up and glared over.

“We are the people of Ming Wang, that is the holy teacher realm!”

After determining the difference in strength, I immediately moved out of my back.

Jiang Chen thought for a while, the name he had heard.

What he did not expect was that the two men did not recognize themselves.

“Then let you know the king.” Jiang Chen put a word and waved two people to fly out.

Such a powerful strength shocked the two generals and dispelled the idea of ​​bringing people into it.

“You are here, I will inform the King.”

One of them said.

Their Ming Wang has the power of the sage, which is an indispensable power for the empire.

They still don’t believe how strong a small Chen family can come.

The King of Ming knew the news and did not take it seriously.

“How do you do things?”

On the contrary, he is very dissatisfied. “Can’t one family get it?”

“Marquis, everything went well, but the man suddenly took a break and directly flew me, leaving no room, no way.”

The generals are bitter, and then they are smart and work hard. There is no way to face people who are stronger than themselves.

Ming Wang Shen Shen for a while, his two men are only holy kings, the Holy King Peak or the Holy Emperor can fly, not how strong that person.

“I will go there in person.”

Thus, Ming Wang took the people and rushed over.

On the Chen family side, Chen Xi introduced Jiang Chen to his family.

I heard that Jiang Chen, the family that was worried about it, was incomparable and calm.

Will Jiang Chen appear in their home?

No matter what kind of enemy you come in, it is not a problem.

Chen Nan is gearing up and thinking of people who bully themselves outside, and can’t wait to export.

However, he saw that Jiang Chen did not move and did not dare to act rashly.

Soon, there was movement outside, and the generals waiting outside for a long time came in.

“Chen’s family, you collude with foreign enemies, and there is nothing wrong with sin!”

The two generals rushed in, screaming at the same time, staring at Jiang Chen.

Soon, Ming Wang strode over the meteor, and under the command of the generals, he also saw Jiang Chen with a smile on his face.

During the time, the king of the Ming Dynasty was unmanned and scared his legs.


The generals around me are quite puzzled, thinking what is wrong with this?

Ming Wang roared, punched and punched, power was unreserved, and they were labeled as serious injuries.

“grown ups.”

Ming Dynasty was accompanied by Jiang Chen kneel down, and immediately wanted to kill the general family.

Now, at this festival, I still don’t know Jiang Chen!

It’s damn to drag him down!

In fact, Jiang Chen did not give them too much time to identify and directly called out.

“You are ambitious with a Marquis plundering other people’s assets.”

Jiang Chen said.

Ming Wang’s heart was tight, although he said that he was casual, but he knew the terrifying of Jiang Chen.

“If you know that Chen is related to adults, even if you give me 10,000 courage, I dare not do that.”

Ming Wang did not defend, did not make excuses, directly admit a mistake, pray for forgiveness.

Seeing him, Jiang Chen, who originally wanted One Sword to kill, was hesitant.

“What do you say?”

He handed the decision to Chen.

When Chen Jia asked him for help, he couldn’t kill all the kings of Ming Dynasty.

“Returning the family property, never again.”

The attitude of Chen’s people is also very clear, and they don’t want to be born or not.

“No problem, no problem.”

Ming Wang promised to come down and promised to compensate Chen.

At this point, this matter has come to an end.

The problem that made Chen Xi’s troubles solved was solved in this way. In less than ten minutes, Jiang Chen did not make any shots.

Let her sigh the importance of strength.

After fixing these trivial matters, Jiang Chen returned to the endless desert.

This trip allowed him to get a lot of crystals, plus the one prepared by flying immortal sect, over 100 million.

This is a request from the Demon Dragon Army.

Now, Jiang Chen is going to figure out how much these Shenjing can help God’s realm.

According to what everyone expected, Shenjing is the key to the realm of the promote god.

The way is naturally as before, refining absorption.

When Jiang Chen found that he absorbed a certain crystal, the whole person was in an active state.

Its own power is boiling and begins to connect with the rules in Heaven and Earth.

But soon he felt uncomfortable and he was out of control.

He found that Shen Jing’s power needs to be guided, but he didn’t know the method.

Just like people need a variety of gods to cultivation.

There is also a cultivating about the realm of God, but I don’t know what the name is.

It was at this time that the night snow came to him. After the last separation, she said that she was going to find the magic.

(End of this chapter)

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