Chapter 4019 Taiya

Less than half a month before and after, the feeling that can be given to Jiang Chen is that it seems to have been seen for a long time.

“You have time to cross.”

What Jiang Chen thought of, shocked.


“Where did you cross?”


Jiang Chen complexion big change, time passed through him is not without, but it is only the past, no future, even in his understanding, the future is impossible to cross, because it has not happened.

“Only I can travel through the future, or I see the future, just by personal experience.”

The night snow tone is full of self-confidence, and then I say that I get the magic of the gods and cultivation from the future.

Jiang Chen was shocked.

This ability is incomparable, if you see the future strong enemy in the future, now rush to kill it,

“The future is constantly changing. For example, when I tell you, the future changes will begin, but the only thing that remains unchanged is the dead, such as a stone and a mountain and a cultivation method.”

“Where did the magic you get from? Even if you can cross the future, a magical technique is placed in front of you.”

“If you kill a person who kills, you will naturally be able to get magic from her.”

“But in that case, is the future not already messed up?”

“The future is always changing. I just left a huge stone in the process of change. After the waves have calmed down, the time will be repeated and complete.”

Jiang Chen doesn’t know what to say.

His strength like Senior Sister doesn’t seem to need to fight with others, in line with people’s perception of God.

After all, that’s the time Divine Power.

“Don’t entangle these details, and the words can’t be clarified. If there is a chance in the future, I can take you through and through, then you can feel it.”

Then, the night snow told Jiang Chen about the gods and the magic.

The divine method is different from Jiang Chen’s imagination. It is not so complicated. It is very simple and straightforward. It is nothing more than adding Divine Power through Shenjing.

There is no such division as Heaven and Earth, or there is an attribute.

The strength of God’s realm is reflected in the magic. Different Divine Power’s manifestations of different formidable power are different, and the lethality is different.

In addition, the Scepter of God is a very powerful Divine Tool with the characteristics of the gods.

For example, Jiang Chen can display powerful formidable power without mastering the magic, let alone by magic.

The magic that brought him back from the night snow is just about fire!

This is the night snow specially prepared for him.

“Your innate talent is close to the fire, and you can rely on Reborn from the Ashes. Although it is a powerful swordsman, fire is your source.”

Jiang Chen nodded, intends to master the powerful magic of fire.

“Too clear day, you will hand it over to me, and you can safely face the sky.”

The night snow is not going to leave this time, I have to solve problems for him.

Before changing to it, Jiang Chen may have some concerns, but it is completely different now.

So he revoked the body.

Attention is returned to the upper heavens.

While waiting for Divine Slaughterer to arrange for a stronger person to come, look for the vein.

After his numerous discoveries of Flying Sword.

Get eight places where possible.

He started one after another to investigate.

At the same time, in a buffering world between Shangqingtian and Da Luotian, there are people who are paying close attention to Jiang Chen’s actions.

“If we continue this way, we will be finished. All the Crystal Stone will be taken away by him, and even the veins will be discovered by him.”

“His Array enchantment is very powerful. If you put something like the first sign at the vein, then as far as i’m concerned is not good news.”

“We have to get involved, it can’t be so indifferent.”

The strongest of the world is gathered together.

They are the team that Demon Dragon said, the team chosen by the gods of Sanqing.

They are all selected from Sanqingtian and then sent to Da Luotian for cultivation.

So they almost all stepped into the realm of God.

Logically speaking, on the occasion of the rise of the magic, they should be dispatched to host the overall situation, leading all Sect confrontation.

As a result, they ignited evil thoughts, thinking about using Jiang Chen to consume the magic power.

Just like the situation in the Qing Dynasty, Jiang Chen and the magical gods are opposite.

The same is true of the Taiqingtian that they expected.

Absolutely did not expect the Demon Dragon army to put them together.

Even with Jiang Chen’s temporary reconciliation, their plans were put to the fore, and they were gradually excluded.

Coupled with Jiang Chen’s collection of Crystal Stone, they finally couldn’t sit still.

Intended to take action, people on the side of the Qingtian, the first person to find is made by Goddess.

Goddess has been paying attention to Jiang Chen’s news since he was driven out of the demon valley. When he learned that Jiang Chen and Holy Light had fought, he couldn’t help but feel happy.

I didn’t think that the Demon Dragon Corps didn’t even get involved.

The situation she expected did not happen.

While she was complaining about Jiang Chen in her heart, a man in a robe suddenly appeared in front of her.

Goddess alerted the dark, but soon found that the breath on the other side was very similar to the god he was exposed to.

“My name is Taiya.”

The other party introduced himself.

Then Goddess learned about a force called Sanqing’s small world, which was the corps cultivated by his gods, just like the nature of the Demon Dragon.

Goddess was surprised and happy. Although she didn’t understand why she didn’t know before, she finally let her see hope and lamented that her god is not as incompetent as she thought, and there are other arrangements.

“So, are we going to attack Holy Land now?”

Goddess asked.

The man named Taiya shook his head first.

“We have to kill Jiang Chen first. You have been in the demon country for a while, tell me all about his information.”

Goddess couldn’t help but Jiang Jin, although not standing in a position, but also a neutral position, why should he be an enemy.

“You don’t have to ask, this is God’s will.”

Said the other party.

When she heard this, she was speechless and told her about her knowledge of Jiang Chen.

“In your opinion, does he have any weaknesses?”

Goddess thought about it very seriously, then shook his head.

Telling the other person Jiang Chen’s weakness may be there, but his strengths have long diluted it.

There is no fatal weakness, and the people around him, but his reverse scale, it is best not to touch when it is not necessary.

He does not say that it is Taiya. If Jiang Chen is there, he is very surprised.

(End of this chapter)

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