4026. Chapter 4020 mysterious woman

Chapter 4020 mysterious woman

Going to the sky.

Jiang Chen is checking out where he found after one after another.

When he came to the third place, he knew he was in the right place, and there were a lot of Zerg.

Zerg is a non-intelligent creature, and it is a creature that will not be destroyed in the pursuit of its own interests.

There is such a saying in Sanqingtian, as long as there is a place for zerg, it is Forbidden Land.

The Zerg’s power system is also different from other life, and has its own system.

For example, there is a kind of bug. As long as you take a bite, you can directly smash the defense of a sage, and quickly let it die.

Most Zerg attacks are like this, and it’s hard to prevent.

It’s like Jiang Chen’s previous eccentricities in the sacred mountains of Monster Race, which can ignore other people’s defenses.

In other words, Jiang Chen found a place where there is a lush mountain forest, and under this mountain forest, there are all kinds of Zerg.

At first he didn’t notice the anomaly, thinking it was the ordinary Zerg.

Until he saw a giant cow lying there, he was being bitten by countless ants.

Through the residual energy of the corpse, Jiang Chen concluded that this is a beast that can be shaped, and the strength is not low.

If it is an ordinary zerg, it can’t break the cowhide.

Therefore, Jiang Chen did not rush into the market, but spread his own Divine Sense. After the lack of wisdom, the Divine Sword of the fire was thrown in.

Divine Sword falls freely and is inserted in the land.

The movements that came out were alarming a lot of Zerg.

There are even Jiang Chen who have not discovered it.

A lush tree, those leaves are actually bugs.

After being alarmed, I flew to the sky.

Jiang Chen complexion slightly changed, no longer wasting time.

The Divine Sword of Fire released a raging fire that swept through the entire forest.

The mountain forest is very humid and there is a river passing through it.

So it is very difficult to catch fire, but the fire in the sword is not a general fire.

Let this mountain forest burn immediately, and countless Zerg are burned to death.

Jiang Chen stood in the sky, waiting for the fire to burn out, and then went underground to explore.

I never thought that the sky would be in the sky without warning.

And these rains are also unusual, pouring out his flames.

Jiang Chen immediately guessed that there was also a scepter of God in the rain that was there.

And it is related to water attribute.

When the fire in the forest was extinguished, a slim woman appeared in front of him.

“Who are you? Why are you burning my bugs?”

The other party asked.

“Your bug, can you still control the Zerg?”

Jiang Chen questioned.

The woman did not explain, just a wave of hand, there were a lot of bugs around her body.

Jiang Chen’s face is different. It is incredible that this person can communicate with the Zerg, and such ability cannot be underestimated.

“There is something I need under the ground of this forest. Your worms have resisted my way.

As the world knows, the Zerg is very dangerous. I naturally have to open the way through the fire. ”

“This place has the Lord, I am not entangled with you, you leave quickly.”

The woman listened to him saying that although his face was still very difficult to see, he did not have a hard time.

“I don’t know which Sect you are, I remember here is the land of nowhere.”

It’s not Heavenly Paradise, and no Sect is here.

“So I chose to raise my bugs here, this is my place.”

When the woman saw him, she refused to give up, and her tone was not very good.

“That would bother you to change your bugs to a place, here I am bound to get.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Do you have to be an enemy with me?” The woman was full of anger, and the Zerg in the sky became so eager to move.

“You don’t belong to any Sect, but you have a scepter of God. Why do you choose to raise your worm here? You should know it.

You are less playing dumb in front of me. I have the right to be the master in any place in the Qing Dynasty. ”

When I heard Jiang Chen’s words, the woman’s face was not natural.

Listening to the words behind, she taunted, “Your tone is really big enough, God is yours, who do you think you are?”

“My name is Jiang Chen, I don’t know if you have heard of it.”

“Jiang Chen ?!”

Unexpectedly, the woman heard that Jiang Chen’s name was incomparable.

“You are the Jiang Chen who betrayed God!!”

After the woman finished, these bugs in the sky were moved towards Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen coldened his face and opened the Void, plus the fire, very close to his ten meters.

But the woman did not give up, he threw a sharp edge.

This sharp attack came, and the fire was extinguished directly.

The bugs are also constantly moving forward.

Jiang Chen’s face changed slightly.

The woman who suddenly popped out was even stronger than any of the previous ones.

Compared with himself, Jiang Chen stepped out and Divine Sword, the fire in the forest, returned to his hands. With a big hand, the sword edge turned, Heaven and Earth turned into a melting pot, and all the bugs disappeared.

The other side’s blade was also repelled by Divine Sword.

“Water silence!”

At this moment, the woman even displayed the Divine Technique. After the Divine Sword hit the fire, the blade immediately exploded numerous water mists.

These water mists wrap the sword edge to extinguish the fire above.

“Are you stubborn?”

Jiang Chen was furious and knew that he was serious.

After getting the Divine Sword of fire, he has never used full strength.

Even before getting the divine ability, he has reservations.

His style must have a few tricks, and even terrifying means.

Present, Jiang Chen showed his hand to him.

I saw that he turned the Divine Sword of the fire in his hand and pierced it. This shocked the woman and did not understand what Jiang Chen was doing.

But she soon saw that Divine Sword entering Jiang Chen within the body did not cause a wound.

Divine Sword was immersed in his within the body, and then the sword was united, and Jiang Chen’s body was raging.

This kind of fire with dazzling Jinhui, if it is not a terrifying heat wave, will not make people feel that this is a blessing.

“What’s the use?!”

The woman reacted and strengthened her Divine Power, pushing her hand forward, and her god’s scepter once again prospered.

This mist has left ice in the air and surrounds Jiang Chen’s body.

However, what she did not expect was that Jiang Chen suddenly reached out and grabbed her sharp knife.

At this moment, the woman’s expression is like a ghost.

(End of this chapter)

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