4027. Chapter 4021 Chapters

Chapter 4021 Chapter God

His scepter of God is a water attribute, a restrained fire attribute.

The result was caught by a fired hand and could not be broken.

With the force of Jiang Chen’s five fingers, this short blade has collapsed.

This can scare the woman, without the scepter of God, she must not be an opponent, so do everything I can to do Divine Technique.

But these are all in vain.

In the end, the short blade lost its divinity and finally melted away in the hands of Jiang Chen.

The woman realized that it was not good, and then looked at Jiang Chen, who was full of anger, and ran away.

As a result, Jiang Chen came to him in front of him, extending his right hand and pointing his finger on her forehead.

“I just need to use force, your brain will be penetrated.”

Jiang Chen said coldy.

“You want to die and live.”

Upon hearing this question, the woman originally wanted to argue with Jiang Chen, but felt the killing intent of Jiang Chen.

Knowing that your answer is wrong, you will be cruelly killed.

“I want to live.”

Then, Jiang Chen put the fire away and left a restraint on the other side.

Divine Sword of Fire re-presents his hand.

The woman looked at the scepter of God and wondered how it was combined with herself.

This is the way Jiang Chen came up after breaking through the Heavenly Dao League.

Because the people of Heavenly Dao League mistakenly thought that he was a Vulcan, he saw Divine Sword of the fire and let himself enter a powerful state.

He called it the state of Vulcan.

Unfortunately, the promotion brought by this state cannot be superimposed with the Void, otherwise it will be more powerful.

“Why say that I am a traitor to God.”

“You are a person who is flying up Supreme, and you should be responsible for confronting foreign invaders, but you are helping to abuse and turning away from the gods.”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Chen asked if the other god’s god was too clear, Holy Land, the one in the temple.

He does not belong to the followers of the other party, but he is the god chosen by the realm of God.

What does this mean?

Explain that Heaven is disappointed with this god, or has placed great hopes on Jiang Chen.

For those followers of the gods, Jiang Chen is naturally unforgivable, not to mention that he is still flying up.

“You have to correct your own ideas. Your God is not the only God.

The affair I have done is much stronger than the people you have hidden. To say three heavens, the one who is the least qualified to blame is yours. ”

The woman remained silent, but she was not moved by Jiang Chen, but was afraid of angering the other party when she argued with Jiang Chen, causing herself to be killed.

“present takes the bugs below, otherwise I will kill them all.”

Jiang Chen said.

“You have already shackled me, I don’t have that strength.”

“okay then.”

Jiang Chen nodded.

The woman thought that he was trying to unlock the imprisonment on his body.

I didn’t expect Jiang Chen to throw the Divine Sword of the fire directly into the forest, and once again ignited a raging fire.

The woman’s face was pale and her eyes revealed resentment.

“You don’t look at me like this, your situation may not be much better than them.”

Jiang Chen said.

This reminded the woman that she was present in the hands of Jiang Chen.

The power of life and death is in the hands of the other party.

So she couldn’t care about the situation of the bug below.

“My name is Taiyao. My Master is one of the three Qing army chiefs, God’s right hand.”

She hurriedly reported to her home that she would not be killed by Jiang Chen.

However, Jiang Chen is not present at what she said.

After the forest is burnt into scorched earth, you can see everything.

Jiang Chen spreads the Flying Sword everywhere, explores the fluctuations in energy under the ground, and burns a deep pit through the Monster Fire, constantly down.

“And slow.”

At this time, the woman suddenly opened her mouth and stopped him.

Jiang Chen Collapsed Monster Fire, looked over, if the woman couldn’t tell why, he didn’t mind shooting.

“There are the gods you are looking for under the ground, but there are also the gods we cultivate.”

The woman said: “If you release it, the gods will break out.

The lethality of the gods is not necessarily true to the true state of God. ”

In exchange for other people saying this, Jiang Chen certainly won’t believe it.

But he just saw each other’s means.

And those zerg in the mountains.

“Manipulating the Zerg is the mean of your three Qing army?”

The woman hesitated for a while and nodded slightly.

“Tell out the situation of your three Qing army, or you will be at your own risk.” Jiang Chen saw her concealed and rude.

The woman is not surprised that he will say this, organize the language for a while, and tell him the details of the Sanqing Army.

The Sanqing Army was the person chosen by God and was sent to the Da Luotian cultivation. Almost everyone reached the realm of God.

In addition, the three gods follow the gods not only one, there are three.

However, the gods of Shangqingtian and Yuqingtian developed in Da Luotian.

The three gods took turns sitting in the Holy Land of Taiqingtian.

Therefore, the Sanqing Army is divided into three teams because of the different gods they follow.

The woman belongs to the upper squad and is good at manipulating the zerg.

The layout of the sky is to cultivate the gods.

As for the plans of Taiqingtian and Yuqingtian, the woman did not know.

This is naturally half true half false.

“If there are gods below, why do you want to stop me, isn’t it better for me to be attacked by the gods?”

“The worm will have no difference attack, you are possible. At the time of the attack, take care of me.” The woman thought she had a reasonable reason.

Jiang Chen thought about it, or continued to summon Monster Fire, burning the earth.

The woman’s face is white, I don’t know if Jiang Chen is arrogant or clever.

There are indeed gods under the ground, not just one.

However, if the incubation has not been completed and it is interrupted in advance, it will be abandoned.

So she will stop Jiang Chen.

I don’t know if Jiang Chen is seeing her thoughts or is not present.

When Monster Fire can’t go any further, Jiang Chen knows he finds

He took the woman down to the tunnel.

There is also the heat wave burned by Monster Fire. The woman is very uncomfortable and feels that people are melting.

But as a prisoner, she is not eligible for treatment.

When the ground was closed, two people saw the unique blue rays of light, which was unique to Shenjing.

In addition, Jiang Chen also found a mine hole, many eggs attached to the Shenjing vein.

Seeing that the light is weak and strong, as if it will breathe.

“No wonder you don’t let me in.” Jiang Chen sneered.

The woman’s heartbeat speeds up, and she feels the killing intent that Jiang Chen said when he said this.

The lie was punctured and she was to bear the consequences.

Suddenly, her eye pointed out that there was movement of an egg.

A god worm broke out!

Very good !

The woman is very happy, the gods are finally fighting for strength, at this critical time success.

Although she is banned, the manipulation of the Zerg’s means is limited.


She immediately issued an order with the goal of Jiang Chen.

The formidable power of the god she knows.

Directly using the veins to cultivate, you can see how important this is.

(End of this chapter)

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