4028. Chapter 4022 Chapter Slaughter Scepter

Chapter 4022 Slaughter Scepter

Therefore, the attack power of the gods is absolutely good.

The birth of the god is like a bee, as big as a fist, and a pair of eyes occupy half of the head.

Surrounded by a layer of red rays of light.

After the woman gave the order, the gods first felt confused, and then moved towards Jiang Chen to kill.

However, when approaching Jiang Chen, the insect stopped again.

And circle around Jiang Chen.

Then in a very peaceful state, the body is turned to Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen is a little nervous, like an ordinary person facing a bee, but he does not act blindly without thinking because he found jealousy.

Soon, the worm put his head in his chest.

And he felt a wave in the soul, as if the bug was talking to himself.

From this, you can feel the other person’s dependence on himself.

Jiang Chen didn’t understand that the women around me didn’t understand either.

Then she recognized that the attribute of the worm was a fire.

Inmediately, she felt deeply helplessly, all the gods have different attributes, why is the bug of a fire attribute born?

The character of Jiang Chen is there, and everything related to fire will be close to him.

However, the woman ignores the point that the reason why will be the fire of this fire is born.

The reason is that Jiang Chen’s Monster Fire was just burned, providing energy to help the gods hatch success.

So the gods will be close to Jiang Chen and see him as their parents.

Of course, this is not the kind of affection between life, because Zerg life does not have these emotions.

More precisely, this bug has a deep dependence on Jiang Chen.

“Kill her!”

Jiang Chen was in contact with the worm for a while, and then the first purpose of trying to communicate was to kill.

The nature to kill is a woman, except for Jiang Chen, only her.

The woman is not surprised by this. She was just preparing to face the death’s, but when she arrived, she felt the deep helplessness and fear, and the attachment to the world.

Then she seemed to be tied up by a bee.

Then the body was burned to ashes, and even a scream could not be made.

Jiang Chen is also very surprised by such forformable power.

In addition, he also felt that this god will continue to grow.

On the other side, the world of the Three Qing Army.

Taiyao cred out in surprise, he seems to have done a Nightmare, and then around and found that he did not die.

“What happened just now? Is it a Nightmare?”

Unrealistic thoughts flashed past, and then I thought about what the reason was.

It wasn’t my own true body that was killed by Jiang Chen.

The problem is that she didn’t find herself not a true body.

Explain that her memory has been erased for a while.

This kind of mean she knows that only Master can know, but she is curious about what this purpose is.

“If I don’t use such a mean, are you already dead? The fairest thing is that you can only die once, but under my method you will be born again, and then grow up in error.”

Her Master appeared out of thin air and saw her inner thoughts.

The woman was speechless and recalled her contact with Jiang Chen. The biggest mistake was that she did not expect Jiang Chen to merge with Divine Sword.

She told her Master about the passing of Jiang Chen.

Her Master, the main force of the Sanqing Army, is called the god’s right hand, which means that she is the right arm of the god, but the real god.

She asked the Master to kill Jiang Chen.

However, her Master shook his head and said that he did not have to worry, because someone would come to deal with Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen present The idea of ​​playing Shen Jing, plus the number of people he had offended before, will be killed immediately.

“How about reclaiming eggs?”

Master shook his head, indicating that it was already late, and if it was too late, it would definitely be shot.

However, Taiyao has his own ideas. She was accused by Jiang Chen of these people who watched the fire across the bank and took advantage of the fishermen.

Present Hearing the Master’s arrangement, think carefully, it does have some truth, but she does not dare to disobey the Master.

Under the veins, Jiang Chen eliminated all other worms that had not been hatched through the Monster Fire.

The other bugs are just as obedient as the one just.

His mind was placed on top of this vein, and as he thought, this vein would produce Shenjing himself.

However, it is impossible to move here.

If Jiang Chen wants to develop, he must send people.

This is not difficult.

He started to arrange the Barrier here, and then he will be transferred after security.

During this period, he felt what he looked up and looked towards the sky.

The person who was caught by Jiang Chen and told the Jiang Chen Divine Slaughterer at the first time came.

“Why can you feel it?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“Divine Slaughterer will have a unique murderous spirit, I can feel it, and the person who came this time must be a true god.”

“Your President was also a real god before.”

“That’s not the same.”

The night shadow told him that the previous President was the same as Jiang Chen, and it was a pseudo-reality.

It is an absolute advantage in the face of the Holy Spirit, but in the face of the true true state of God, it will be sanctioned.

And the nighttime the reason why will feel so soon, because he found the scepter of God.

This means that the person who came here got the scepter of Divine Slaughterer.

This is a very terrifying affair.

Slaughter is on the verge of a sudden, and will be killed if he is not careful.

The night shadow present has no retreat, if Jiang Chen present is dead. It is not good for him.

Jiang Chen is starting to look forward to it.

However, Divine Slaughterer did not directly move towards him because he stayed at the source gate.

The first sign of Yuantianmen is here, and almost no one wants to play with him here.

Everyone in the sky knows this.

Divine Slaughterer will go straight to the veins.

It seems that they have been paying close attention to Jiang Chen’s actions and finally can’t stand it.

“Jiang Chen, I really don’t know how to thank you.”

When they arrived, Jiang Chen also arranged Barrier and Array here.

The person headed by is very terrifying.

But it was a smile, because he harvested a vein.

When the Demon Dragon army invaded the sky, it occupied the Holy Land for the first time. The reason lies in the following veins. The upper side of the sky is no exception, but the veins are hidden and they have not been found.

The result was discovered by Jiang Chen’s numerous searches of the Flying Sword carpet.

They are like sharks that smell blood, and they immediately come over.

“Do you think this is your good fortune?”

Jiang Chen looked at each other.

(End of this chapter)

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