4029. 4023 chapter great batte Tian Ge

Chapter 4023 great batte Tian Ge

This is a man with a cold face, and his appearance and temperament are not characterized by age.

It is like a sword without a sheath.

Looked towards Jiang Chen’s eyes, but also indifferent and ruthless.

Obviously, I have a strong confidence, even if I have a certain understanding of Jiang Chen.

According to the night shadow, the other party is the real true state, with the power of God to come over.

However, I did not see the people of Heavenly Dao League.

It stands to reason that the other party will act together.

Then, Jiang Chen thought of a possibility.

That is, the other party is not willing to let the Heavenly Dao League participate.

Present is not so much about dealing with Jiang Chen, but rather the idea of ​​playing this vein.

In the face of such temptation, how can you allow others to come and share a piece of it?

“I will give you a chance, present to leave here.”

What the other party said also confirmed this.

They want to win this vein as quickly as possible.

As for killing Jiang Chen, you can put it aside.

Anyway, Jiang Chen can’t run anymore.

“What do you think?”

Jiang Chen asked.

The other side thought about the information about Jiang Chen, shook his shoulders and said nothing.

In the next second, he waved his hand and flicked out a cold glow from his sleeve.

Looking at it carefully, it turned out to be a nail.

Jiang Chen slammed and had a feeling of being nailed to Heaven and Earth.

Even when he was teleported, he felt the muddy water.

This nail looks unremarkable, but in reality it is the entire space.

If you hit the target, then Jiang Chen can’t escape.

“Is this the scepter of God?”

Jiang Chen thought, but it was not the same as the Divine Slaughterer he learned.

“You haven’t shown that I have used the Scepter of God from the beginning, and I don’t think I need it from start to finish.”

The Divine Slaughterer will say.

The people standing behind him were smirking on their faces, and they prevented others from coming over and messing up, not participating in it.

Jiang Chen didn’t think that at the point of present, there were people who dared to look down on themselves.

Of course, he also has to admit that the other’s mean is really strong, because that nail is not just one.

The other side stood there and the nails, like his Flying Sword, kept coming out.

Jiang Chen had to go directly into the Vulcan state.

Pierce the Divine Sword of the fire into the body.

Then a pair of eyes are burning, and the surrounding space temperature is incomparable.

When the nail was shot, it turned out to be melting. When it came to him, it did not have forformable power.

This means is beyond the expectations of Divine Slaughterer.

Because the fire god state Jiang Chen has only been used.

“Although you don’t have the Divine Technique, you can make yourself a Divine Technique in this way. It’s also subtle. It’s no wonder that you can toss from side to side. The idea is Heavenly Horse.”

This person swayed as he spoke, “You deserve me to be serious, remember my name…”

However, he had not had time to name himself, and Jiang Chen suddenly flew to his front and punched out with a punch.

“Nobody cares who you are.”

In the face of fire fists, killer evaded, and a flame ignited in the body, but was resisted by his own defense.

At the same time, Jiang Chen true body came to this place with the night shadow, watching from a distance.

The reason why brought the night shadow, naturally let him reveal the information.

The night shadows are also very interesting, observing the people of Divine Slaughterer and telling their messages.

“It is Tian Ge!”

He told Jiang Chen

Tian Ge is not the name of a person.

It is the identity of this group.

The strongest power that belongs to Divine Slaughterer.

As for the man who is fighting with Jiang Chen, he is not known, because the status is not high enough, impossible to know everyone.

However, from the reaction of others, it is obviously the well known figure in Tian Ge.

The weapon used was a nail, and once it was hit, Divine Immortal was not saved.

There are several variations in the use of nails, and present is just one of them.

Jiang Chen is with the man great batte.

Entering the state of Vulcan, Jiang Chen is the real true god expert.

So the advantage of the other realm does not suppress how much.

Coupled with the power of Monster Fire, Jiang Chen has the upper hand.

But considering that there are more than a dozen people in Tian Ge, the situation seems to be unclear to Jiang Chen.

It’s no wonder that the other person didn’t come with the people of Heavenly Dao League.

However, the man is beginning to worry.

Although he seems to have a big advantage.

“End this boring battle.”

He took out the Divine Slaughterer’s Scepter of God.

What makes outside people’s expectations is that this is not a sharp weapon.

Instead, a pair of gloves.

The night saw the pair of gloves and said quickly, “This is the hand of Divine Slaughterer. Once put on the gloves, the Divine Technique formidable power will be swollen.”

His voice has not yet fallen, and the man has shown his Divine Technique.


Once Divine Technique was exhibited, Jiang Chen’s Vulcan status was immediately affected.

The released murderous spirit can actually smash Monster Fire.

The man punched it, it was unstoppable, and it was able to destroy everything in the world. Even if it was absolutely defense, it could not be dealt with.

Jiang Chen If it is a passive defense, even if the Void is superimposed on the Vulcan state, it may not be able to hold it.

So he does not intend to defend, but direct shots.

Also show a Divine Technique.

“Fire fist!”

As soon as Divine Technique was performed, the arrogance that Jiang Chen had been suppressed was soaring, and all the Monster Fire condensed on his fist.

The last two true gods turned out to be fists in a fist, and the collision came together.

“This turns out to be Divine Technique, how is it possible?”

The man’s complexity is slightly changed, and the oncoming Monster Fire feels like he is about to suffocate.

This is the contest of Divine Technique, so no one has any advantage.

Jiang Chen’s fire was significantly louder.

I don’t know if Divine Slaughterer’s blow can take the fire and kill Jiang Chen!

Everyone waited and waited, and the fists came together very quickly.

The most dazzling still is Jiang Chen’s Monster Fire, which broke out at once and shrouded two people.

In the center of the sea of ​​fire, you can also feel a violent storm.

The fire that covered everyone’s sight did not last long, and soon disappeared.

Divine Slaughterer’s Tian Ge saw his captain’s difficult situation, the defense was blown up, and he suffered an irresistible Monster Fire.

In the same way, Jiang Chen’s chest was pierced through a blood hole, which looked shocking, but he did not fall down.

On the contrary, in the eyes of the other side, this blood hole is recovering.

“How can it be?”

Men’s complexityion changed.

He should sever most of Jiang Chen’s life.

“Before you were guilty of the space I had, I was caught off guard, so you didn’t find another point, that is, my vitality is also very terrifying.

At the same time, my Divine Power is not a fire. ”

The last sentence is accompanied by Jiang Chen’s mysterious smile.

(End of this chapter)

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