Chapter 4024 Nail!

The man realized that it was not good, and he was about to distance himself from Jiang Chen. As a result, his body disappeared and Jiang Chen disappeared.

It was pulled into the time and space of Jiang Chen.

Although Jiang Chen still does not master the magic of time and space, he is the realm of God.

In Vulcan’s state, he can’t combine with the void and Sword Dao, but it doesn’t affect his space Divine Power.

In his domain, the man looked a little flustered because he found that the space was constantly changing.

Like an invisible sharp knife, the space is divided into two halves, and then moved left and right. He wants to kill Jiang Chen. The result is halfway, and the space is moved to another place, out of thin air. Jiang Chen is separated.

“Similarly, I haven’t killed the enemy through the gods for a long time.”

The man thought that he had to leave the space of Jiang Chen, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable, but just before his thoughts turned, Jiang Chen had already come to him.

The man fled to the side as quickly as possible, and as a result he apparently escaped Jiang Chen’s fist but was still hit.

His defense was broken before that, so the punch was a solid wound.

“Divine Slaughterer is coming!” the man yelled.

Jiang Chen was shocked and thought he was going to summon Divine Slaughterer and found that the other person was opening his own domain.

His Divine will face his Divine Slaughterer.

So I called Divine Slaughterer.

Seeing that the gods are formed, the man just wants to breathe a sigh of relief, and finds that time goes backwards, and the formed god domain returns to the original origin.

He immediately discovered that this was the time Jiang Chen was around.

“This is impossible!” He jumped wildly.

I have to admit that some of the terrifying that Jiang Chen has done.

Entering into other people’s realms, latecomers can also display their own divine domain. In most cases, the latecomers are dominant, but now Jiang Chen is out, completely crushing others and depriving others of the means of displaying the gods.

Jiang Chen continued to attack and killed him alive.

The man also angered and tried his best to fight Jiang Chen.

I have to admit that he is still very strong. Although he is in the domain of Jiang Chen, he still has no small harm to Jiang Chen by his own tenacity.

At the same time, he also paid a price.


The man who is almost dead ends suddenly smiles.

“You are still too tender.”

When the voice fell, the space that was supposed to move was stuck there.

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but see.

In the face of enemy attacks, he will move the space directly and let it go.

This time is the same, the other side suddenly came, with the hand of God, to give him a good look.

Therefore, Jiang Chen will remove the other person, but it will not work.

Jiang Chen fixed his eyes and found that the other side was nailed to each other by four nails to fix the space.

Although the nail can last for a limited time, it also gave him time.

After the man finished speaking, he spit forward, and then there was a nail nailed to Jiang Chen’s chest.

During the time, Jiang Chen had a feeling of electric shock, which made him shocked. He wouldn’t have anything to do with thunder and lightning bombardment, but this time he was numb and lost power.

Then the man took a shot and shot his body.

Then the time domain disappeared and Jiang Chen’s body disappeared, leaving only a Divine Sword of fire to go in the direction of Jiang Chen’s deity.

The man burst into a foul language, and he paid a big price, but he just killed a body.

“let’s go!”

His current situation is not optimistic, he has to leave here as quickly as possible.

However, the deity of Jiang Chen was killed.

The man’s face is ugly, and this method is really unreasonable.

Let’s try it out first, then sum up the lesson.

The man knows that if two people continue to shoot, even if he is in a state of prosperity, he cannot compete against each other.

Not to mention that you are now seriously injured.

So he retired behind the members of the Tian Ge.

More than a dozen Tian Ge stood up, and they all worked hard to make a shot on Jiang Chen.

Sword robbery!

Jiang Chen directly concentrates his Flying Sword on these people and then enters Vulcan himself.

Jiang Chen’s ability to traverse the space makes it impossible for these Tian Ge to withstand it.

Despite this, there are four members who are guarded by men and cover him to escape.

The situation has moved towards the direction of Jiang Chen.

If at this time, Jiang Chen also has the same hands as Tian Ge, it will definitely have the upper hand.

Unfortunately, he can only fight alone.

At the same time, the movements that have been made here have already alerted the Heavenly Dao League.

The people who Heavenly Dao sent to deal with Jiang Chen are also a small team.

Seeing this situation, they asked about their Captain.

“They don’t intend to bring us to swallow this vein, what is the need to take it?

If he dies, Divine Slaughterer will send a stronger power, and by that time, we can save a lot of effort with it. ”

However, his Captain also has selfish calculations.

It is not that their enemies are Jiang Chen, they will disregard the interests, regardless of gains and losses, directly to Jiang Chen.

“Divine Slaughterer save me!”

The man panicked, and if he was killed by Jiang Chen’s trick in the war, he might be better.

But now he is being chased by Jiang Chen, he is really reluctant.

The people he brought could not stop Jiang Chen.

After one after another broke through the four guards who guarded him, Jiang Chen stopped him.

“What is your ability, do you have your own wheel?” the man snarled.

Jiang Chen smiled.

Do you have your magical skills, and are you not allowed to have alternative means?

“Fortunately, I only have one body now, or I will take two turns, you must not collapse.”

Hearing this, the man did not know what to say.

In the face of Jiang Chen’s approach, he was so painful that he had no defense against the high temperatures brought by Jiang Chen and he began to burn.

Finally, as Jiang Chen grabbed his neck, the demon fire swept through her body and burned it to ashes. .

At this point, Divine Slaughterer’s attack is coming to an end.

“Captain, Jiang Chen’s body has been consumed, do you want us to? This is a vein.”

The people of Heavenly Dao League are getting ready to move.

The people at Divine Slaughterer did everything they could to kill Jiang Chen, but it was only one, and there is one now.

Their Captain is hesitant.

Think carefully, you are assisted, your strength is not comparable to Divine Slaughterer, not to mention Jiang Chen’s anyway, there is no loss.

Let him dispel the thoughts in his heart.

Jiang Chen, here, recalls the fighting, especially the means by which men kill their own bodies, which makes him very concerned.

“It is indeed a good opponent, you should ask his name.” Jiang Chen has some regrets.

Then look at the night shadow next to towards.

“I am now the Initial Stage, why don’t you just send the Real Stage’s Late Stage to kill me?”

This problem makes the night shadow do not know how to explain.

It is not impossible to explain, but it is not easy to explain. He vomits for a while before giving instructions to the reason.

(End of this chapter)

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