Chapter 4025 New System

Big Luotian.

This is a very vast world, far beyond the world of any party Jiang Chen has ever been to.

The vastness here is not only the geographical area, but also the space world.

Numerous small world connections are here, and it is the gathering place of Wanjie.

The geomorphology of this world cannot be simply divided by the southeast and northwest.

There are large and small temples on this land.

There is a god inhabited in these temples.

At this time, in the temple of Divine Slaughterer, the atmosphere will condense into ice.

The man wearing the black robe in the hall bowed his head and said nothing, the terrifying killing intent in the air.

Just now they received a message that the Tian Ge team was destroyed.

Divine Slaughterer also sacrificed power in the sky.

At this time, only the other teams can be dispatched and the personnel can be dispatched. This will disrupt the overall plan.

Because in the layout of Divine Slaughterer, it is not just a clear day.

In a short time, Divine Slaughterer can’t pull people through, or the whole situation will be chaotic.

“Who are you willing to go?”

Divine Slaughterer’s voice went down in the great hall.

The people in the hall are Captain of a small team.

Heavenly punishment, Tianhua, Tianjian squad and so on.

The people of these squads did not say that from all aspects of the information, this Jiang Chen is not good to deal with, and if they took the task, it would be a trouble.

It will be punished by Divine Slaughterer when it is not completed.

Divine Slaughterer is even more annoyed when he sees his virtue, but there is no way.

On the side of Jiang Chen, he learned more information from the night shadow.

Divine Slaughterer is not the one who does not want to send the true state of the Late Stage.

But because the people of the real stage of the Late Stage are fighting for the big Luotian.

The five teams responsible for the big Luotian are in the Initial Stage.

Jiang Chen’s greatest value, coupled with this vein, is not worthy of the real stage of the Late Stage.

There is only one vein here in the Qing Dynasty, but in Da Luotian, the number of veins is much larger and the scale is also large. It is a place where many gods must fight.

Jiang Chen probably heard the other person’s meaning, which means that he is not qualified.


Jiang Chen laughs and doesn’t speak, he likes such an opponent. Then he continued to be in this vein, arranging the enchantment and Array, and fighting for early promote strength.

The war was not 100% sure, and there was a crisis.

Soon, the first enchantment was arranged, but he did not stop, and then placed the second road, to engrave the first character here, not to ask for 100% formidable power.

Even if there is one third is enough.

He handed the task of arranging the first pass to the deity of the body, to the bottom of the vein, where the Crystal Stone is worth a lot, and the need to dig means a lot of manpower.

Jiang Chen does not need to use these Crystal Stones for sale, so he is directly cultivating under the veins.

He intends to further advance his own magical promote.

Because the time to get the magic is shorter, I just didn’t play the full formidable power.

The name of the god that Senior Sister brought to him was called the Ten Party Fire.

There are ten styles.

Jiang Chen just showed two styles.

The more you get to the back, the bigger the formidable power.

In addition, Jiang Chen will use the sword as early as possible to display the magic.

The Vulcan state is only a helpless move in his current state.

A little too wasteful.

If he holds the Divine Sword of fire, then opens the void and then kills the enemy through magic, it is the perfect state.


The news that Divine Slaughterer will fail will also come.

The woman who lost in Jiang Chen’s hand was convinced.

I did not expect that Jiang Chen would have reservations when she was against her.

And to deal with Divine Slaughterer, there is no let the insects shot, indicating enough confidence.

His Master is angry than his admiration.

“Why the people of Heavenly Dao League don’t shoot, Divine Slaughterer will have won such a big chance.”

He was accused of anger, but completely forgot that he and Heavenly Dao were not a faction at all.

Seeing the master’s impatience, the woman’s respect for him was alleviated in the unconsciously.

She thinks again what Jiang Chen said before, compared with Jiang Chen, who is really confronting the forces from Da Luotian.

“Master, let’s get out, fight Jiang Chen and show your power to the world.”

The woman is loudly said.

t Her Master is on the air, hearing him, and angered: “Now the shot is not stupid like the previous behavior? Divine Slaughterer will not be willing to give up.”

“But the Crystal Stone in the vein is consumed by her.”

“I know!”

Master is angry.

He didn’t know about it, but he had no other way.

The woman’s complexity is slightly changed, she actually wants to let her master shoot, because as the god’s right arm.

The Master is the Middle Stage of the true state.

It is a wise choice to deal with Jiang Chen. Otherwise, if Jiang Chen reaches Middle Stage, isn’t it more difficult to deal with?

She actually didn’t think about her own master’s concerns.

If the shot fails, the Master will be condemned and his status will be shaken.

This is what he does not allow.

His position and power could not be shaken by Jiang Chen, and he did not know that it would be more difficult to deal with Jiang Chen’s rise.

But he would rather wait later than if he had a problem now.

When Jiang Chen is really strong, he will be spread to the entire Sanqingtian, and he will also relieve a lot of pressure.

“Why is this fellow flying to the sky?”

He complained in his heart.

When Jiang Chen confronted the foreign forces from Da Luotian, Shang Qingtian was also developing in an orderly manner.

They contributed their own Crystal Stone as requested by Jiang Chen.

Unlike the Demon Dragon army, the lions open their mouths, but in a range that every force can accept.

After getting Crystal Stone, Jiang Chen will teach them how to step into the realm of God.

It is worth mentioning that if Shenming enters the realm of God, then Jiang Chen is their god.

As for what will be harvested from it, the people he has met so far have not been able to tell him, so Jiang Chen holds expectations.

At present, the affair that Jiang Chen has to do is to reach the true state without using the Divine Sword of fire.

Only by accomplishing this goal can he use the Divine Sword of Fire to perform his magic.

By that time, his own combat power will rise a lot.

As for Sword Dao, Jiang Chen can only put it aside for a while, and he really doesn’t have enough time to promote Sword Dao to the level of magic.

The Divine Sword of Fire uses magical powers, which is completely different from the Sword Dao he masters.

But it is not to say that the Flying Sword is completely abandoned, but the focus is on the Divine Sword, the demon fire, and the void.

(End of this chapter)

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