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Time is passing by in the power of each party.

Jiang Chen madly plundered Shen Jing, in order to change.

The crystals he collected quickly exceeded the level of his own cultivation and accumulated a lot of wealth.

But if wealth is not used to exchange valuable things, then it makes no sense.

According to the night shadow, Jiang Chen knows that in the big Luotian, Shenjing is a hard currency, and can buy all kinds of things.

For example, Primal Chaos Divine Weapon.

Before the epoch era, the various heavens had not yet formed a present situation, and Primal Chaos was everywhere.

Ancient life exists in various forms, and there are also natural weapons and Magic Treasure.

These Primal Chaos Divine Weapon formidable power is endless and can be self-cultivation.

Primal Chaos Divine Weapon can’t be built again.

It was handed down from the era before the epoch.

The number is limited, less than one hundred.

According to the meaning of the night shadow, this vein of the Qingtiantian, if excavated, can be exchanged for a Primal Chaos Divine Weapon.

“real or fake?”

Jiang Chen was shocked.

Because he listened to the other description of Primal Chaos Divine Weapon, it was a big killer, in the hands of the emperor.

I never thought that I was qualified to own.

“The value of the veins is very large, especially the three veins of Sanqingtian are pure.

It is very likely that the crystal of Top Grade will be born. ”

The night shadow told him.

The veins and Jiang Chen think of digging stones and different veins, more like a world full of opportunities.

The trading of the veins is not the result of Jiang Chen digging out the ore, but giving the entire vein to the ground.

Jiang Chen estimates that if this is the case, the place where the veins are located may form the sea.

He temporarily dismissed this idea.

Let the night shadow continue to talk about the weapons under the Primal Chaos Divine Weapon.

Then there is the Divine Artifact he knows.

Also known as the Scepter of God, only the Supreme Treasure that Heavenly God above the real world can refine.

The formidable power contained in it, Jiang Chen also realized.

As for the difference between Divine Artifact, it depends on which god is refining it.

In Da Luotian, the gods are also divided into three or six, and so on.

Although Da Luotian is a whole world, because under the influence of the gods, every area seems to be a world.

In general, the world is divided into three regions.

Lower, middle, and upper.

Except for the gods that Jiang Chen deals with, they all come from the next Heaven Domain.

“There are only three of the three clear days, three veins, why aren’t the powerful gods of Da Luotian not occupied?”

“But there are countless three clear days.”

The night shadow tells him about the complete world.

First of all, Jiang Chen’s original Nine Heavens Realm is the last of the 9th Heavenly Layer.

The Xuanhuang World is the origin of life in the Xuanhuang universe.

The splendid civilizations in the Xuanhuang universe are all from the Xuanhuang world.

Above the Xuanhuang universe, Jiang Chen stepped into the yin and yang, including the middle boundary.

These are all broken and changed.

After the restoration of Taiwangtian, the Xuanhuang world has become a certain region of the world.

Tai Huang Tian is in the lower bound, there are more than 20 identical lower bounds.

On top of it, it is three clear days.

Sanqingtian connects Da Luotian to form a complete universe.

The people of Sanqingtian are the highest and most broad-spectrum for Da Luotian, and they condense the essence of Sanqingtian.

In many legends, there is also a Yujing Mountain in Da Luotian, which is the core.

“Supreme for three days, all of them are polar.” There is even a saying.

These are not wrong, but they will not think of it, like the form of San Qingtian is not only them.

In other words, there are countless three clear days, connected to the big Luotian.

The Great Luotian is the end of the heavens.

The three clear days he is in are just a small world.

Jiang Chen was shocked by this, but when you think about it carefully, it seems that there is not much difference with him.

Jiang Chen waved his hand and gestured to the topic, and continued to introduce the affair that Da Luotian deserves his attention.

But this range is very wide, because the big Luotian is too big, and the night shadows are only one-sided.

So he doesn’t know what to say.

“Then tell me about God again.”

Above the Holy Spirit, it is the true God, and later is Heavenly God, the Big Heavenly God, and the Emperor.

The night shadow brows tightly.

Didn’t these Jiang Chen know before?

“What are the conditions for becoming Heavenly God? Or is it enough to have enough crystals?” Jiang Chen asked.

The night shadow suddenly realized, and it was a little shocked. Without fully entering the true state of God, I began to think of becoming Heavenly God.

“If you have a follower of the gods, you need to kill your own gods and you can reach Heavenly God.

In addition, we must explore ourselves, develop ourselves, and be able to accommodate more of ourselves.

First of all, you need to have Divine Sea, which needs to condense the human body power. ”

“What is the source power?”

“It’s the essence of itself, combined with Divine Power’s constant opening in the body.

In fact, I don’t need to say that when I am advance by leaps and bounds, I naturally feel this.

I also don’t quite understand because I haven’t reached that realm yet. ”

It’s just that the holy god realm, he wants to explain to Jiang Chen how to reach Heavenly God, it is a bit reluctant.

“Where is your Divine Slaughterer going?”

Jiang Chen asked the last question, and the night shadow was a glimpse. After confirming the problem of Jiang Chen, he was shocked.

This is to want to fight back.

Already not reconciled in the passive waiting for the sky?

The night shadow thought about it, and told him how to get to Da Luotian.

Because of the relationship, if he wants to go up, he will present the present Divine Slaughterer.

Divine Slaughterer’s expert is more than just an Initial Stage.

He whispered a reminder that Gui Chen would be stupid.

Jiang Chen asked that these are all prepared for the future, and of course, present will not do that.

Also past for a while.

With this vein, Jiang Chen can truly enter the true state without relying on the Divine Sword of fire.

Prior to this, Jiang Chen expressed doubts about the true and false realities.

Can be presented after he really reached, only to find out why this realm name is called this does have this reason.

Because a person enters the realm of God, it is the Holy Spirit.

But because I haven’t experienced the mystery of God’s realm before, there is still an illusion when I reach Peak.

Only by breaking the truth and seeking truth can we completely reach the true state of God.

The biggest difference is that the infinite source of Jiang Chen within the body is turned into the Divine Sea called Night Shadow.

His Divine Power is also a steady flow.

It includes the various Divine Powers he has mastered before.

Located in this Divine Sea, let him use it.

Although it is still the most powerful space Divine Power, it can be combined with Primal Chaos’ Divine Power rules.

Just like using one alone before, it is a fake true state.

(End of this chapter)

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