Chapter 4027 Combination

“void !”

Jiang Chen screams, the void is open, and the strongest space Divine Power is used here, combined with the demon god, indestructible.

“Fire is coming!”

Jiang Chen took the Divine Sword of the fire in his hand.

The whole person enters the excellent state of attack and defense.

Then, Jiang Chen, through the Divine Power of the fire in his own sea, cooperated with the demon fire to display the magic through the Divine Sword of the fire.

Under Sword Dao’s formidable power, the impact of the demon fire is stronger and the fire is more rapid.


Then, Jiang Chen was loudly shouted and did not waste his Thunderclap attribute.

Time is void to generate electricity.

Void Hegemonic body is accompanied by a strong Thunderclap.

These Thunderclaps are not only able to combine with voids, enhance their defenses, but also promote, making them powerfully destructive.

Jiang Chen suddenly has a thought, showing a sword robbery.

This in itself is his move to apply the scam to Sword Dao.

Only this time did not use thousands of Flying Swords together.

Instead, it broke out through the Divine Sword of Fire.

Heaven and Earth The melting of the furnace into a fire and lightning, destroying the dead.

One Sword is drawn out, and the clouds in the sky are scattered and washed.

The movement of this One Sword was alarming throughout the Qing Dynasty. At this moment, the Great Power of the Qing Dynasty paid close attention to Jiang Chen.

It’s just freak!

I felt that Jiang Chen was getting stronger again, and the people in the sky were shocked. This speed was too terrifying.

Jiang Chen’s strength is undoubtedly rare compared to most of the true state of the Initial Stage.

The team of Heavenly Dao League has been lurking in the dark, paying close attention to Jiang Chen.

Waiting for Divine Slaughterer to send more reliable teammates.

As a result, I didn’t think that the people at Divine Slaughterer would be late, but Jiang Chen’s strength is getting stronger.

However, Heavenly Dao League and Divine Slaughterer will be different.

Divine Slaughterer will only develop in the sky, and the Heavenly Dao League is different.

The Heavenly Dao League in Taiqingtian, not only that, but also the mysterious Yuqingtian.

The task of dealing with Jiang Chen fell on Heavenly Dao League.

It is because Jiang Chen grabbed the curse from the sky.

The situation is now different. The little Captain thinks that he should deal with him in conjunction with the power of Taiqingtian.

Thinking of this, the Captain came to Taiqingtian and found the Heavenly Dao League here.

Heavenly Dao League Headquarters have not been destroyed by Jiang Chen, they are also as neutral as the Demon Dragon Army, and they benefit from the right and left.

Captain is from the big Luotian, so the attitude of the Heavenly Dao League is very respectful.

The Alliance Lord personally met him and the two met.

“Faughan, are you not responsible for the sky? How come you are interested? Is it because the problem has been solved?”

The two know each other, but now the strength gap is there, so the words of the Alliance Lord are respectful.

“Don’t mention it, you will calculate such a trouble to the sky, the power there is weak.” Fayou complained.

“Not solved yet?”

Alliance Lord is also very familiar with Jiang Chen. They also planned to unite the various Sect layouts in the Holy Land against Jiang Chen, but at the last minute, they were destroyed by the Demon Dragon.

“The Tiange team of Divine Slaughterer will be destroyed.”

Fayou revealed a message and suddenly shocked the Alliance Lord.

Alliance Lord knows that Jiang Chen has wiped out the Holy Light door.

However, the Holy Light Gate is a group of Holy Stages.

It was put together by the Demon Dragon army, so it will be killed by it.

Now that the Tiange team has been killed, it is different.

“We must also send an army like the Demon Dragon Army.”

“But our defense is as powerful as the Demon Dragon.”

Alliance Lord is very helpless.

The god behind the Demon Dragon army is much stronger than them, sending an army directly.

Their actions are based on one team.

“In any case, let us know the information. Otherwise, we can’t finish the task by relying on us. We can only watch him immersively swallow the crystal.”

Fayou said that he would not be alone.

Therefore, the Alliance Lord reported to the above, after the layer of transfer, and the discussion between the upper layers, affair moved towards the development of the law.

The original law is to gather the power of Heavenly Dao League.

They did it, but Heavenly Dao League took the lessons of the past and found a helper, that is, the Qing Army.

“Is they willing to work with us?”

The law is quite an accident.

The Sanqing Army is very resistant to these foreigners.

“haha, they are also screaming at Jiang Chen’s affair, and I am embarrassed to pull down my face and come to us. We show a little bit of will, they start with impatient.” The Alliance Lord is proud.

Thus, a meeting was held in a meson world.

Jiang Chen knows and people who don’t know are gathered here.

Including the last Asian who found Goddess.

He represents the Sanqing Army on the side of Taiqingtian.

And the Taiyao and her Master who support the worms, the representative is the Qing army of the Qing Dynasty.

In the upper Qing Dynasty, the emotional downcast here, lack of confidence, because they did not deal with Jiang Chen in time, to raise such a disaster.

Although they argued that if Jiang Chen was flying to the sky, it would cause the same situation, but no one accepted it.

The three-way people gathered together.

Taiyao’s Master, the true state of Middle Stage.

The man named Tai Ya is also a true stage Middle Stage.

He is the same age as Taiyao, but he can reach the Middle Stage, indicating that he is genius, and he can see it from his pride performance.

“Are you Heavenly Dao League not sending a Middle Stage?” asked Taiya.

The Heavenly Dao ally is only the Initial Stage Peak.

“We are mainly assisting, helping you to restrain Jiang Chen’s Array and enchantment, even his first character, we also have a way to invalidate it in a short time.

Otherwise, if you want to deal with Jiang Chen in the Qing Dynasty, it is undoubtedly a delusion. ”

The law clarifies.

The helper of two real stages of Middle Stage, this is what he is willing to see.

“Without your restraint on his first character, we can’t do it?” Taiya said with a sneer.

“Jiang Chen first shot the first emperor of the Holy Light door with the first pass, separated by this big realm.

He is like a sword that won’t be sheathed. Before he kills him, he will definitely make people flow into the river. ”

Heavenly Dao Alliance Alliance Lord reminded.

Taiya coldly snorted, dissatisfied with this statement, but did not show anything.

“How is the vein?”

They seem to have seen the mission complete.

“See who has more power.”

With this in mind, everyone is tacit.

This is obviously going to be a bit of a hindrance afterwards.

How to divide specifically, or look at the strength, the so-called output, but it is a statement that is arguing at the time.

Tai Yao’s face was awkward, and San Qingjun cooperated with the Shenming team she did not agree with to deal with Jiang Chen.

It is ridiculous to think of her accusation of Jiang Chen.

(End of this chapter)

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