4034. Chapter 4028 My inheritance

Chapter 4028 My inheritance

Jiang Chen knows that the enemy will definitely come.

But I don’t know who it is, it is not present.

Be completely prepared, no matter who the enemy is, full strength.

If the enemy’s realm is too strong, go back directly to the lower bound as you said.

Anyway, the boundaries between the upper and lower boundaries, he still does not believe that some people dare to go to the lower bounds to find him, in the case of strength is suppressed, it will not be his opponent.

He presents his Divine Technique at his best, not to mention that progress is very effective.

Because of the Divine Technique related to the fire attribute, it is almost tailored for him, not to mention that he has the powerful Monster Fire and the Divine Sword.

In the process, he even felt that his Reborn from the Ashes was about to break.

At present, he only has two chances to regenerate. Every time he re-requests, he will get higher and higher. It is not long before the last kill of the first emperor.

Present has this feeling is not easy.

Every time Reborn from the Ashes, it will bring about qualitative changes, like the last time Jiang Chen reached the real situation, when the world has not yet entered the realm of God.

So I still didn’t feel it. When people stepped into the realm of God, Jiang Chen found himself leading a holy place.

It can be seen how powerful it is. He always feels like he wants to be Heavenly God, and he is also related to Reborn from the Ashes.

Just don’t know which bad luck egg will become a victim.

Jiang Chen thought, he certainly can’t die in white.

I just don’t know who would be offending him at that time.


Suddenly, Jiang Chen complexion slightly changed.

I felt a little bit and found that the token of Zixia was crushed.

Jiang Chen’s eyes suddenly went cold, and the subconscious thought that someone wanted to use Zixia to tell himself.

“I hope you won’t regret it.”

Jiang Chen looks for the past directly along the token’s breath.

What he did not think was that Zixia had no enemies in his body.

He looked toward towards the spirits next to him, the latter also spread his hands and his expression was very helplessly.

“I am going to go to Da Luotian.”

Zixia said.

It turns out that with the many changes in Sanqingtian, Zixia feels that she can’t keep up, and intends to imitate Jiang Chen to run to other higher grades.

This is indeed the main thing that Jiang Chen has become stronger, but it is also accompanied by a strong danger.

He just wanted to remind the other person, but when he thought of others going to the higher world of High Grade, it was almost the same idea, so he dispelled the thought.

“These gods are also carrying, I heard that it is hard currency in Da Luotian.”

Jiang Chen handed him 100 million Shen Jing.

“What about mine?”

The spirit quickly said aside.

Jiang Chen is very curious, “Are you going to go up too?”

I don’t want to.

The spirits helplessly spread the hand, no doubt, Zixia forced him to go up.

“We are all from the Xuanhuang world, and have unique characteristics, can not be abandoned.” Zixia said.

If it is not because of Jiang Chen’s comparison, their age and achievements are excellent in incomparable in Sanqingtian.

There is no way, who makes Jiang Chen so powerful.

“The commander is the daughter of you and Ye Xue. It is the crystallization of the two most experts from the mysterious universe.”

Before leaving, Zixia suddenly said, “You should spend your time on training the next generation.”

This is something that was unexpected.

Because Zixia rarely said these private things to him.

It also shows that Jiang Chen has indeed neglected a lot in this regard.

This is not only the companion but the inheritance aspect.

Jiang Chen nodded.

After giving the spirit a hundred million Shenjing, I watched the two people leave.

He found the commander.

The commander is in the Luna, although he was betrayed last time, but he is only a Great Elder, so he is still here.

Jiang Chen suddenly appeared, of course, he was very happy.

However, when I saw Jiang Chen’s words and thoughts, she immediately understood the situation when she hit her present.

“How did you know that I was concerned about me? I know, you must say goodbye to Zixia Elder Sister?”

It was originally during this time that Si Ming and Zixia had contact with Xiao Zhao and others.

It is worth mentioning that he called Ling Uncle, called Zixia elder sister, to make the spirit very helplessly.

“My One Qi Transforms Three Purities can teach you.”

“Really? Is it not dangerous?”

The commander was shocked and happy.

Before Jiang Chen, there were also many artists, but I was afraid that when I gave it to my children, I would attract attention from others and bring disaster.

However, the case of present is different.

“You have your mother, who dares to treat you.”

Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile.

When the Secretary ordered this, it was also the reason.

Then I did not forget to tell Jiang Chen that Ye Xue found the Elder who betrayed the Luna, which was the one who wanted to take her, and handed it to the immortal sect.

Then Jiang Chen passed on One Qi Transforms Three Purities to him.

Then he returned to the lower bound.

Call Jiangnan and Mingxin, teach yourself the way to master, and point out the children’s cultivation.

“Hey, the lower bound is about to be conquered by me. When will I take me to the upper bound?”

Jiangnan asked.

The realm he presented has reached the Holy King, and in today’s lower bounds, it is indeed second to none.

Present He is equivalent to the spokesperson of father, who will be praised sincerely, and is the son of Jiang Chen.

Jiangnan is very proud of this. When Father was there, he didn’t have a chance to make a big difference.

During this time, I finally got what I wanted.

“I will take you up when I reach the Holy Division.”

Jiang Chen smiled and found White Spirit.

“big brother.”

The White Spirit is still as pure as it was at first, and Jiang Chen is very happy.

According to the world that present Jiang Chen knows, White Spirit belongs to the Orc, cultivation to human form.

And the road to be repaired is a demon repair.

In addition, White Spirit’s Slaughter feature, its strength is still above Jiangnan.

Jiang Chen gave him the inheritance of the demon god.

Logically speaking, White Spirit can’t cultivation the demon god’s inheritance for no reason, because it contains the god’s realm.

However, when Jiang Chen came last time, he had established a temple and spread Divine Power, so he has this qualification.

At Jiang Chen’s layout, guide yourself to follow.

It is also a strategy to unite to deal with his team.

They are planning to implement and the results have received good news.

That is Jiang Chen and is not present to go to the sky, but to come to Taiqingtian to see his daughter.

“It’s just going to be too clear.”

Taiya, who belongs to the position of Taiqingtian, immediately said.

“There is no first sign here, but there is his wife, Demon Dragon Army, the reason why and Jiang Chen, and the main reason is his wife.”

However, the people of Heavenly Dao League are strongly opposed.

“I have my own claim.”

However, Taiya has enough confidence.

Seeing him like this, other people have to give up and arrange it in the Taiqingtian.


Because Jiang Chen is going from Taiqingtian, it is also a present too clear when he comes up.

I have not waited for him to think about the next step and feel the danger.

(End of this chapter)

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