4035. Chapter 4029 chapter god’s pride

Chapter 4029 Chapter of God Pride

Jiang Chen found his own sky and the space was locked.

He can no longer directly teleport, this kind of means can only be mastered by the talents of Heavenly Dao League.

He was curious as to why the people of Heavenly Dao League did not appear when Divine Slaughterer was last.

The result is to find yourself at this juncture.

Just when he wondered why the Heavenly Dao League would be stupid.

I saw the silhouette of the Sanqing Army.

The reason why is determined to be the Sanqing Army because they have the woman he killed last time.

Jiang Chen is very puzzled, is the other party not killed by him? How did this survive?

However, he did not pay attention to it, and looked at these people.

“You shouldn’t be dealing with me in too clear days. Don’t you think this is too stupid?”

When he said this, his eyes looked toward towards Taiyao’s Master, because the realm and age of the other party were the biggest, so I thought that this group was dominated by each other.

Unexpectedly, standing up to respond to her is a person next to you.

It is Taiya.

“You could have done a lot, but you have chosen a wrong way. You have seen our gods, but they have not expressed any respect.”

He actually knows Jiang Chen’s affair under Holy Land.

“This is interesting. In any case, the magic stone in Holy Land was destroyed by me. If it is not, your god has already lost, and you still have a face in front of me to say this.”

Jiang Chen taunts.

Although he did it at the time, he wanted to make the gods and gods stand against each other and fight for time.

But the good guys also helped the other side. As a result, these three Qing army did not appreciate it, but also regarded him as the enemy.

He and the Sanqing Army first contacted, or that Taiyao.

Taiyao was the only one who heard Jiang Chen’s words and his face changed.

The other three Qing army showed disdain for what Jiang Chen said.

Jiang Chen knows that this is the Sanqing Army’s shot, there is no careless.

Because the Sanqing Army is used against all foreign invaders.

Their strength is bound to be stronger.

Like Divine Slaughterer and Fashen in the sky, and Demon Dragon in his side.

If the Sanqing Army is not strong enough, it has already fallen under such an offensive.

But they didn’t turn to Jiang Chen, turned it into their own power, and killed it to ensure their status.

They started with the help of Jiang Chen to consume the power of outsiders.

They did, and Divine Slaughterer and Heavenly Dao lost a lot of money in his hands.

However, there is a saying that raising tigers can not wait for Jiang Chen to completely solve Divine Slaughterer, otherwise it will be beyond the scope of his response.

“Get it done.”

Taiya did not say too much with Jiang Chen, and she took the lead in taking the shot.

From the top of Jiang Chen’s head, it falls like a sun, and it carries its own fire.

He is actually good at fire attributes.

And there is also a close match with Jiang Chen.

The air pressure brought by his impact makes the air violently transpire.

When he went to Jiang Chen, the terrifying fire was already shining in the eyes of Jiang Chen.

This shows that his attack has provoked Jiang Chen’s own defense.

This is still not produced before the collision, enough to illustrate its forformable power.

I also let Jiang Chen see the power of the Middle Stage.

He was still thinking about why the real stage of the Late Stage did not appear, he thought that he could do skip a grade to challenge as before.

Seeing the real true level of Middle Stage, he knows that the gods’ realm’s skip a grade to challenge is not so easy affair.

Having said that, he started the Void tyrant, holding the Divine Sword of the fire, and immediately had a sharp edge to open the opponent’s attack, the sword edge in the hand to the top, overbearing Taiya had to stop urgently.

He still doesn’t want to be too crazy and Jiang Chen desperately.

So just to probe a fire, this fire wave is very little damage to Jiang Chen.

At the same time, Taiyao asked why his master did not even take the shot.

Master shook his head, this time it was not that he wanted to wait and see, but for a reason.

That is, Taiya does not allow him to shoot.

Taiya is the pride of our three Qing army. It has been very uncomfortable for him to deal with a person. If it is not because Jiang Chen has a Law Body and a space mean, he will never agree.

In the case of present, unless Jiang Chen uses Law Body.

Otherwise, the shot will make it unhappy.

After hearing this, Taiyao shook his head helplessly. She was killed by Jiang Chen, so she deeply understood the truth.

But he thought of some rumors about Taiya, but he also felt reasonable.

Taiya is the most expert of their younger generation wearing military uniforms.

It is the descendant of the Heavenly God master of Taiqing.

And it is favored by the gods.

There are three gods in the body of Tai Ya, that is, three Divine Artifacts are handed over to her alone.

At this moment, Taiya took out his first scepter of God.

That is a sword.

At first glance, he has many similarities with Jiang Chen. The same is fire, the same is used with this sword.

“You shouldn’t use a sword. You can play a different advantage with any other weapon, but if you hold a sword, you are destined to fail.”

Jiang Chen said.

The Thai of Pride’s words, of course, is full of anger, but his style is definitely not a matter of arrogance. He wants to attack Jiang Chen.

But after the two men got together, he found that Jiang Chen’s words were not false.

Although he used this sword, there was no advantage in front of Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen seemed to see the ruler.

There is no way for an attack that the sword can use.

Sword robbery!

Jiang Chen pursued the trend and wanted to show him the usage of the strongest sword.

This sword is a combination of Jiang Chen’s many aspects, although it is not a divine ability, but its formidable power is even larger than the divine ability.

A lightning bolt went out, fast and fierce.

Locked in Taiya and hit it directly, thunder and lightning contained a strong edge, followed by the explosion of Monster Fire.

Stop Taiya directly.

His own defense was bombarded with a gap, and even the body was still smoking blue smoke, and the skin was looming.

Day in the sky Taiyao and her Master did not discuss it, secretly anxious.

The master, known as the god’s right hand, intends to shoot.

But when Taiya waved his hand, he stopped him.

In the dark, the band leader of the barrier and Array couldn’t help but complain, thinking that it was an idiot.

Didn’t the lessons learned from the Tiange team have not learned the lesson? !

The pride of these people is really inexplicable.

As a follower of Divine Slaughterer, Slaughter-based, he really does not understand the idea of ​​Taiya present.

Do you have to do everything you can to kill people? What are you doing?

(End of this chapter)

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