4036. Chapter 4030 Time Temple

Chapter 4030 Time Temple

At the same time, Luna Palace.

Although the Sanqing Army is very covert, it also allows Heavenly Dao to lay out the general Barrier.

However, this is not the eyes of the commander.

She knew for the first time that the old man was besieged and immediately found Ye Xue.

“What do people in Sanqingtian think?”

Ye Xue complained that he was going to patronize.

San Qingtian and Jiang Chen are a position. They don’t want to be consistent with the outside world. Instead, they point their swords to their own people.

There is only one possibility.

That is, the Sanqing Army has enough confidence to recover Sanqingtian.

So Jiang Chen became an obstacle.

Ye Xue doesn’t have the ability to go where Jiang Chen wants to go, but it’s all too clear, and it won’t take long.

However, she just left the Luna.

Suddenly found something, the face of the solemn standing in place.

After a while, a palace was out of the present.

The palace gate opened from the inside and came out of three people.

Everyone’s breath is mysterious and powerful.

Ye Xue felt pressure for the first time after being selected by the gods.

This shows that the Divine Power of these three people are also time related!

“We are the temple of time.”

The other party indicates identity, and the headed woman introduces herself.

Her name is this autumn.

Because Ye Xue awakens Power of Time, she wants to take her past.

“present is not available.”

Ye Xue refused strongly and didn’t want to waste time. “present my world is in danger.”

“In the face of time, everything is not important.”

“Do you include your loved ones?”

He Xue sneered at hearing this.

“After 10,000 years, what are the relatives? It’s just a blink of an eye for us.”

“Don’t you still feel it? Compared to these people, they fight for the Quartet. We are the real gods and the only units that prove their existence.

Therefore, the Temple of Time must guarantee the Ordinary order of the various worlds and punish those who travel through time and space. ”

Said a man next to the woman.

“Anyone who has passed through time will disturb the collapse and destruction of a world and cannot be forgiven.”

Said the woman.

“I don’t have time to argue with you.”

“Your husband disturbs time and space, we look at your face, you can not punish him, but you can’t let you shoot again.”

Hear this, Ye Xue reveals anger and looks at the three people carefully.

“You can see that I don’t punish my husband for my sake. It means that the unforgivable non-existence of your voice is nothing more than the establishment of your prestige by power.”

She is ironic.

This is the perspective of what she and Jiang Chen are learning together.

Even the three people in the temple did not realize it.

However, she was quite annoyed when she heard that she was disrespectful of the time temple.

Plus Ye Xue doesn’t want to talk to them any more, it’s straightforward.

The two men around this autumn immediately shot.

“Don’t hurt her life,” she ordered.

However, she immediately found herself thinking more.

Ye Xue escaped with time Divine Power, and her people are equally good at it, with a confidence interception.

However, when they thought they had done it, they found that Ye Xue disappeared.


Not to mention them, even this autumn is also a bright spot.

Ye Xue After leaving the time of the temple, continue to travel.

“The third reason, the reason why dare to shoot Jiang Chen in Taiqingtian, must be linked to the time temple, tell them my existence, hateful!”

Ye Xue’s face is rare to show anger.

Because she knew that the Temple of Time would take her toughness to take her away.

In the name of time, as the messenger of time.

In fact, in the dialogue just now, she can understand the position of the Temple of Time.

It is also known to maintain the duration of time.

But how is it?

When she was thinking of her in the Xuanhuang world, she was separated from Jiang Chen because Ice Spirit Race was obstructed.

Later I experienced the same affair repeatedly.

For example, she was taken to Taiqingtian before.

Jiang Chen was also joking last time, saying that she had to go to Da Luotian power again.

However, she does not want to be like that again.

Not willing to separate from Jiang Chen and daughter.

More importantly, Jiang Chen present is facing a strong enemy of all parties, she must stay!

The Temple of Time refused to give up.

Not waiting for her to arrive, the palace reappeared.

This time, she directly covered her and made her enter the palace.

This is a scepter of God!

The scepter of God created by the time god!

Ye Xue is in a tight heart.

Look at the three people who appear in front of you.

“You force me to leave like this. If my husband died in it, do you think I will still work for you?” Ye Xue said.

“It is not effectiveness. This is our mission. In the face of time, everything is nothing.”

You will be sad for a while, but you will not be sad forever.

When you understand everything, you will naturally fulfill your mission.

Time is everything! ”

This autumn, his face is frenzied and his eyes are firm.

Ye Xue understands that such people are the most terrifying, wholeheartedly trusting one thing.

“Just this time.”

Ye Xue can’t do without seeing it here.

I thought that the other party would agree, after all, she has always been valued by all parties.

However, this year I shook my head.

Soon after, Ye Xue feels that the palace is moving.

I am leaving the sky.

Her Junior Brother is still dangerous!

Her daughter still doesn’t know where she is going!

Don’t even have a saying!

Ye Xue The cold eyes reveal the hate.

Soon after, the endless chills swept out and frozen the entire palace.

“what are you doing?”

This autumn’s eyes revealed incredible.

Gradually, she was still panicked in her eyes.

“This is impossible!”

The palace stopped, as if it was frozen in time, including three of them.

“So terrifying Power of Time?!” Three people were also frozen into ice sculpture.

In the end, everything shattered.

Ye Xue felt a sense of falling. After stopping, she found herself returning to the sky and sighing.

Just as she was going to save Jiang Chen, she found that Divine Power was exhausted.

“I didn’t expect it to be so perfect.”

The most terrifying is that Ye Xue found himself being stared again.

Not the so-called time temple.

It is the Sanqing Army!

“Everything is a conspiracy, and the three clear days are in the layout!”

Ye Xue suddenly realized that it was like understanding all of a sudden.

It seems that San Qingtian, who has no way to be Jiang Chen toss from side to side, has been secretly planning.

There was no action because the goal was not only Jiang Chen but also Ye Xue.

Only when the time to deal with two people can occur at the same time will it be done.

It is also the reason why Taiya must work in Taiqingtian.

(End of this chapter)

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