4039. Chapter 4033 Chapter Primal Chaos Era

Chapter 4033 Primal Chaos Era

On the other hand, Ye Xue gradually recovered Divine Power with the help of Jiang Chen.

“Junior Brother, we teamed up.”

Ye Xue said coldy.

“it is good.”

The hands of two people are held together, and then they condense out the realm of time and space.

Under the guidance of Ye Xue, attack the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man is ugly, not only because Ye Xue recovered, but also because he received the other side of the message.

Taiya action failed!

He also does not need to stay here again.

Coldly snorted, gazing over Jiang Chen and Ye Xue, began to open the distance.

In his opinion, he wants to retreat from the body is affair without any suspense.

However, he saw himself pulling away and was about to leave.

As a result, I suddenly found myself at a distance from Jiang Chen and Ye Xue and did not change at the beginning.

In the next second, the environment changed, and I was in a place where the rays of light flew.

The middle-aged man jerked because he realized a serious affair.

Your own god is being consumed quickly!

“you guys!!”

Middle-aged man glared at the two people in front of him.

I saw the ferocious expression on Jiang Chen and Ye Xue’s face, and then I went back to my mouth.

He began to do his best and even asked God for help.

With his own ability, he could not leave this domain.

Jiang Chen represents the strongest space Divine Power, and Ye Xue is the strongest time Divine Power.

The space-time domain that he formed, he could not stand it.

At this juncture, an alien power began to invade.

It’s like an invisible blade, you have to cut the time and river.

Jiang Chen immediately guessed that it was the gods behind the opponent.

“It seems that this fellow is not in a low position in the Sanqing Army, and it is worthy of the gods.”

The hand of the god has already come in, and the middle-aged man is taken away.

This is not another hand grabbing Jiang Chen and Ye Xue.

This is different from what Jiang Chen knows, and the gods cannot easily take it.

Present Look at this, it is to save their own people, and to punish Jiang Chen and Ye Xue.

The power of the gods is far beyond the reach of two people. Ye Xue immediately stopped attacking the middle-aged man and left with Jiang Chen.

Then, Jiang Chen’s true body and Law Body are gathered together.

Return to the source gate of Shangqingtian with the fastest speed.

Only here is absolute security.

Ye Xue, although recovered from Divine Power, will take some time.

Jiang Chen Law Body brings back his daughter.

Although this time they seized victort, but the two people are very heavy.

Looking back at the whole process, the crisis continues to emerge.

Jiang Chen is trying his best to win.

“This is too passive.”

Jiang Chen said the problem.

Although he was prepared to cope with the challenge, he couldn’t stand the power of the parties. He used to be Divine Slaughterer, and present was the joint action of Heavenly Dao Union Lord.

The tiger will fight, not to mention his wife’s daughter is here, a little unexpected, that is, the eternal, and the results he achieved seem to be nothing to the enemy.

Because he learned from the mouth of Taiyao that the person named Taiya is likely to rise again.

Jiang Chen even wants to go to the Sanqing Army.

However, its strength is still lacking.

Then Jiang Chen thought of the affair of the Temple of Time.

According to Ye Xue’s description, it is just a gathering of people who are good at Divine Power, and then they live with real gods, maintain the so-called time order, and punish those who disturb the time.

It sounds like devotion to righteousness that inspires reverence, but seriously, the so-called disciplinary action is just to enhance the influence of the means.

The bad news is that the Temple of Time is far more than any of the gods he is currently dealing with.

That is the Divine Level power.

“The next time I can’t have such good luck.”

Seeing Jiang Chen’s hesitant color, Ye Xue said, “Don’t let me time the temple again, even if it strengthens my strength, I don’t want to be in this different way.

We can no longer rely on others, and we must become stronger through our strength. ”

Jiang Chen is very serious, nodded. Since Ye Xue said this, he naturally would not ask the other party to go to the Temple of Time.

Can be presented as a dilemma that needs to be broken.

“I have a way.”

Ye Xue has his own idea

“We went back to cultivation.”

When I heard this, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but see what happened when he returned to past.

What they lack is an environment.

Back to the past three clear days, the situation is static, not as good as present.

However, Ye Xue’s next words really surprised him.

The past they want to return is not hundreds of thousands of years ago, nor before a epoch, but back to all epochs.

Heaven and Earth were first opened.

Also known as the Primal Chaos era.

At the beginning of Primal Chaos, there were many forms in many records.

But Jiang Chen never thought that he would go there in person.

“Isn’t the effect caused too much?” Jiang Chen knows that going back to past has changed the historical consequences.

The changes brought about may make people in a world no longer exist.

However, Ye Xue shook his head, and the reason why would be so proposed, naturally has research.

He told Jiang Chen that there was no division of the heavens in the Primal Chaos era before the epoch.

Later, the great explosion occurred in the Primal Chaos era, thus forming various heavens.

There was no connection before and after the explosion.

The explosion is an inevitable affair.

The affair that occurred in the Primal Chaos era before the explosion had little impact on future generations.

Ye Xue the reason why This is definitely because her time Divine Power has seen a lot of things.

“If you are sure, let’s go.”

Jiang Chen is unconditional trust for her own Senior Sister.

Ye Xue nodded, and immediately planned to go.

However, Jiang Chen was shocked and he planned to do a lot of preparation work.

During his time of leaving, he must also guarantee the source of heaven and the endless demon country.

However, Ye Xue smiled and told him that after passing back, it would not be a minute before or after.

Jiang Chen was pleasantly surprised and then had some concerns.

“Will such a reverse heaven mean?”

So he seriously asked Ye Xue to let her not deceived herself.

Ye Xue thought about it and told him the truth.

Crossing like this at no cost is impossible. Can be tolerated within the range.

“How serious is it,” said Jiang Chen solemn.

“If I can’t breakthrough, I won’t be able to come back,” Ye Xue said.

Upon hearing this, Jiang Chen said that he refused to go back.

However, Ye Xue repeatedly promised that the Primal Chaos era can stay for a long time.

Wait until the breakdown comes back.

Jiang Chen was still worried, and Ye Xue was angry with him for the first time.

“If you don’t go, I have to go to the temple of time. I have to fight for it. I can’t always make you desperate!”

(End of this chapter)

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