Chapter 4034 turmoil!

Seeing that the night snow has been determined, Jiang Chen called the daughter over.

Let her look at the fate of the night snow.

The commander stated that her ability was affected by time and the strength of the target.

So I can’t see if the night snow can come back.

Jiang Chen is helpless sighed.

Finally realized the feelings of others worried about her.

But I thought I was going with Senior Sister, but it was not unacceptable.

Better than Senior Sister going to that time the temple is strong.

According to what the people of the temple had said before, bringing the Senior Sister to the past is not a simple cultivation, but brainwashing it as a tool for manipulating time.

He is also tired of letting Senior Sister continue to join stronger forces.

So two people decided to go to the chaotic era.

Because for people here, if you can come back smoothly, it will be less than two minutes.

Therefore, Jiang Chen does not need to be arranged, and can immediately leave.

At the same time, in Sanqingjie.

As Tai Yao thought, Taiya was resurrected.

It was also puzzled, and then I thought I was killed by Jiang Chen, and my expression was ugly.

After hearing that my Master summoned himself, I felt embarrassed, but I also had to rush to the past.

His disappearance was the one who was interrupted by Jiang Chen and finally saved by the gods.

Middle-aged man The face is as ugly as he is, asking him why the mission will fail.

“Just a little bit, the person with you can kill him as long as it works.”

Middle-aged man is annoyed, “There are these trashs in the sky.”

The person he said is naturally the master of Taiyao, and is now locked in the belly of the snake.

Did not play any role in the whole operation

This can’t blame him, but considering the situation they are facing now, it is natural to find someone to back the pot, and the sky is the most appropriate.

Suddenly his complexion changed, waved to make Taiya to talk.

Taiya saw the Master revealing an incomparable devout expression.

He knows that this is communicating with his own god.

“Get ready now and mobilize all the power to kill Jiang Chen’s nest.”

After the communication ended, the middle-aged person was incomparable and said awe.

Taiya was shocked.

As a party, Great Power, the whole body is moving.

The plan to deal with Jiang Chen and the night snow was decided after a long preparation.

It’s really incredible to suddenly send out all the power.

What about the foreign forces of Demon Dragon and the Qingtian and Yuqingtian?

He didn’t say much about the Master, because the gods did not reveal more information, but when he communicated with him, he was a little urgent.

At the same time, the Divine Slaughterer, the Heavenly Dao League and even the Demon Dragon Army entered an emergency, with a focus on Jiang Chen.

It seems that Jiang Chen touched the sensitive nerves of these gods.

Let them not wait and see, but to kill with Thunderclap.

When they learned that they had to act with each other, they were connected again.

The power of the three gods is united.

Even the Demon Dragon Army is just around the corner.

But in the end it was decided to wait and see.

At the same time, the mysterious power of Yu Qingtian also began to take action.

They did not rush to show up, but began to lay out.

So in the demon country of the endless desert.

The demons who came to Yuqingtian received a message.

“The demon god is about to face the most terrifying power siege.”

“We can’t help anything.”

“Not a help but a choice.”

The person who brought this news is the Heavenly Emperor.

It was a demon of the Terran, and there was no confrontation in the conflict with the Yuqing Tian Yao and Jiang Chen.

Therefore, after the establishment of the demon country, Jiang Chen was very important to him, and wanted to contain other demons.

Therefore, his status is very high, and the demon who was summoned did not dare to express his position in front of him.

Until they heard his last sentence, they only complexed slightly changed.

Listening to this meaning, this person who is heavily weighted by the demon god seems to be betraying.

“We are able to step into the realm of God, all relying on the demon god.”

One person reminded.

“But he led us to a higher level of struggle. Although we are holy, but they are as vulnerable as a baby, does it have any meaning? Everything is his single fight.” Said with a sneer.

“What do you mean?”

“Our way to live is to wait for Jiang Chen to make a bloody path among the gods, but do you think that is easy? The best way to rely on the already powerful god.”

The Forgotten Emperor said: “The God of our activities in Yuqingtian can make both Taiqingtian and Shangqingtian restraining fear. Now they throw olive branches, and we originally came from Yuqingtian.”

Here, the meaning is already obvious, and there are a total of six demons.

The eyes of the Forgotten Emperor flowed through them, revealing a dangerous atmosphere.

“Well, I have never been accustomed to Jiang Chen, a ascendant, have what skills and abilities can stand in front of us, I support you.”

Immediately, there was a beast that became a demon.

With these words, other demons have nodded, no matter whether they are willing or not, if they show unwillingness, they will definitely attract the murder.

Seeing this, Tian Forget is very satisfied, and took a deep look at the Tianhu Emperor.

This fellow is a tiger. It is very pride in normally. It is not close to outsiders. His relationship with him is not particularly good, but he did not expect to be his right hand at this festival.

“Then let’s get started. The power of the demon god’s headquarters is the demon king here. When we start the action, we start to lay out.”

it is good!

The people obeyed his instructions.

Then they started to work together.

The mission of Tianhuhuang is to sneak into the holy mountain.

Because it is not enough to win the demon country, the holy mountain is the core.

On the way to the demon country, the face of Tianhuhuang, who was appointed to reuse, became cold.

“My generation of demon repairs, in line with my heart, can you make the affair of the seller’s glory?”

Tianhu Huang thought in his heart that it was just to paralyze the enemy.

His reaction was very fast. He knew that when Jiang Chen was not present, if he directly opposed it, it would be dangerous. Instead of being as good as it should be, he would like to ask Jiang Chen.

He can’t talk about Jiang Chen loyal and devoted.

It is in recognition of the demon god.

Before and against Jiang Chen, it was just that they did not recognize Jiang Chen’s strength and did not recognize her as a demon.

But this time, he saw Jiang Chen fight for the Quartet, almost rivaling any of the strong, and gain the upper hand.

This is exactly the same as the original demon god.

Such talents are truly called demon gods.

It made his heart incomparable, but unfortunately he was not good at speech, and Jiang Chen returned to the demon country several times. He did not show his inner respect.

He entered the holy mountain and immediately found Xiaoqian, telling the affair that Tiandeng intends to betray.

Xiaoqian can communicate directly with Jiang Chen, so he reported the news.

(End of this chapter)

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